Tutorial: Assembling Your Novel Analysis Packet

and real quick we wanted to say what goes inside of a novel analysis packet what we mean by a novel analysis packet Jonathan yeah so when you download one of our resources from teachers pay teachers from our store created for learning you'll find a file in this is a giant zip file and in the file you'll find one that's labeled one – start here and the novel's name so it should be right at the top of the folder it's called start here because that's where you should start open it up and you'll find a list of the resources the calendar map of everything that you're going to do like a guide that you could do it as um and it is which is a suggested guide yeah do it adjust it to however you need to do and then in that it says novel print out novel analysis packet so people have wondered what that was so what that is is it also knows it follows all of the other resources that we've included for you to use in your classroom I've used them in my classroom and they work really really well for student guided resources so print them out whichever ones whichever ones you think your students were able to use think about how much time you have and what level your students are and then you as the teacher decide which of those would work best for your students and then go through and print them out I'll print out the pre reading bias the plot the conflict the figurative language the vocabulary quizzes the scent maybe there's a symbols one in there whatever ones I think I have time for during that four or six or seven week unit and depending on what level of my students are I'll put those in there and so you decide print those out give them to your students and then you guide them through that analysis as they read the novel and so it sounds like the student is responsible for their packet and the completion of their packet by the end of the novel yep and some or or at points in it if you want to do small checkpoints like we've were halfway through the novel and we we spent two days this week doing figurative language so figurative language is due Friday whatever you want to do you put in the due dates but then what I would do is if I did that I would grade the figurative language in the middle of the packet but they would still keep it or maybe I put it in the gradebook and then they would still keep it and they would turning the whole thing at the end however it fits your classroom management works best sounds good Thanks if you have any other questions put them in the comments and while I answer them

8 thoughts on “Tutorial: Assembling Your Novel Analysis Packet

  1. I have loved the packet for Esperanza and hope to find more from you. thank you!

  2. How do you grade it but let them keep the packets? Do you run around with a laptop quickly throwing in grades as they work or do you just make a list of those who didn't finish it? Just trying to figure out how I let them keep the packet together but still grade once a week or something as we go along.

  3. I just don't see the zip file anywhere. Can you guide me to it?

  4. I just bought your F451 packet. It's amazing. I'm trying to do it all online, and I wish you had put text response boxes in your vocabulary and figurative language slides! For the digital version, how did you envision students completing this portion of their "digital" packet?

  5. Thank you for explaining your unit setup–I'm so excited to start using the resources I purchased for Fahrenheit 451, especially anything related to figurative language and building my students up to writing. And the PowerPoints are great!

  6. I cannot open the google earth tour for Number the Stars. It says it is a KMZ file and it will not open. What am I doing wrong? Can you help?

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