Two Soldiers [Poem]

To join the army, that was their dream. To enlist together, an unbeatable team. Their minds were made up, no room for doubt. Once training was complete then they shipped out. The men stood high in all their might, ready for the greatest fight. The generals gave the order to fire, the guns to the troops would never tire. The soldiers charged with furious eyes, victory in battle would be their prize. Shouting and screaming the noise grew louder, ‘What is this, some strange yellow powder?’ They realized it was toxic but still went through, ‘Oh my god!’ now there’s only two. The soldiers still continued to run, wild-eyed and laughing they saw this as fun. Their doom was at hand but they cared not, forging forward as their weapons grew hot. Discarding their rifles they unsheathed their knives, ready to sacrifice their purposeful lives. Outnumbered and outgunned the soldiers saw, but still they entered the enemies’ maw. Their foe was speechless, such bravery shown. These were two soldiers who would not die alone. Embracing their fate they ran as one, an explosion of bullets and then they were gone. So let us not forget the message of these men, that knowing their future they’d still do it all again. To give one’s life in the service of a cause, to fight for freedom and to end all wars. The legacy of heroes is that they all fall, let us salute so say we all!

2 thoughts on “Two Soldiers [Poem]

  1. It was an honour to write this poem, dedicated to all those who selflessly sacrificed their lives so that we may live. We must never forget what those in the past, the present and the future have and will do for Humanity. You have my undying respect and gratitude.

  2. Great combination of sound and words. A tear formed in my eye on listening to this. All can agree that we should never forget the sacrifice the many, and the few willingly made to ensure others did not have to. Here's hoping some element of peace continues for a time.

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