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y'all was going our welcome to premiered well we are a leave at the temple of boom on match day at number two that's a day we've got shark city's t way to poet taking us man your boss now pop that became through last year's Academy series it was picked off a piece soldier for this season at ey the poet had an impressive bow in Africa match day one they could have the last show looking food first win on the shot horrors new rebuild Jackson over to myself in the pit let's see how this one goes yo premiere battles backstage you away days we are in leaves a temple of burnishing winners make some fucking before we go to any announcement just want to say rest in peace to Pete Cashmore and absolutely essential be set on the right hand side making his debut in premiere that's all we free round 90 seconds t way will the flippity salad are for starting round 1 round 1 adapt or let's go must do you wanna kids maverick and t wider port was fuckin shite i didn't rien we all seen him die on the pier were poor performance talking in his writing was basic and then he was outside after the clash all open his emotions trying to contain him and try to hide away the pain and sufferin from the rest of the world like 1 ton of more bearded what aliens because I'm not snipped like a planks are not here but but I heard a few my tell me that they saw you crying outside on the pavement 9 and it's raining and it work – it was his maverick mentioned your mum and why she didn't try and be as yeah not people up to brawl up t on the streets like dry your eyes [Applause] eeeh you just cunt you mentally bottlers not fucking try another port was fuckin shite I didn't we all see him die on the D report Performics talking in his writing was bitching then he was outside after the clash all the police emotions trying to contain him and hide away the pain and suffering from the West rest of the world like Guantanamo bearded no I don't wanna near nîmes because I'm not sneak like a beta not Hipple but I know a few might have told me they saw you crying outside on the pavement man setting up the gun looking like the night and it's reeling when it won't cause maverick it worked as you lost the class it was cuz maverick mentioned your mum and why she didn't try and raise you and people on the streets like dry your eyes mate I know it's hard to take that your mum didn't try to win pre-issued she wish to die [Applause] she wished you guiding the cradle she tried to escape like she was in Thailand and got sentenced to life from there Jill cty was dropping tears just like I have to fierce him cuz I didn't want to write punches for you why the fuck should I've whisked him this clutch I nearly decided against it I might have fucked her that take it like abuse from a stranger cuz I'd rather go hitchhiking through here's your blindfold and a naked life savings on one roll of the dice there are nine of an it hits I'd rather do max and the deal shift at the same time every week for the rest of my life to get beard zilch I'd love to tell them all that t wife's sick he's the greatest but a Pia Tory on your doorstep because I'll be lying to the thesis see I'd rather spend all day watching Jeremy Kyle smoking spice they might rank for this Fiji your whiskey oh look I guess I'm just like your mum cuz I didn't want to give up my time for the baby for the mob it's like the Kray twins yes senior shite you are broth it doesn't mean you're good cuz you've got cause signed by a pro so yes karma will shorty you like to the core pull the wool over his eyes this guy is a joke cuz you play tricks on yourself then pull the wool over your now pull over in the balaclava looking like you got caught trying to rob a bank with a banana see you are you are not my copper mug your week see this Fenian vest learn it's good old British hospitality when he battles here cuz you always CT get served at times ever wanted a street value well this is not what the kid man went DARPA asked for a street Butler he was honorable pigments he's a blatant racist and he ain't had a but since he made the statement so he needs to face this you're an ignorant cunt and jaws for that bullshit on Facebook I hope every Street bot learning and fingers are mommy let's fucking he's a Chelsea fan from the Northeast watch him try and backtrack but I heard the only reason he doesn't support Sunderland it's cuz they nicknamed the black cat she's oh I don't like me coming up on you kid the fuck you gonna do what the fuck you gonna do geez doesn't matter if your chassis or so until until your toy tonight you get to pick a new team see go away I'm fuckin with a choice man so fuck it let's not talk about your life then now fuck is going on with our life man 20 yards looking like a 50 year old AIDS infected migrant jesus fucking AIDS infected migrant see normally I'm a bit like liberal but tonight I got some other plans because I was all for supporting refugees till I heard they were coming out a sundaland but walked on the wall what what sure no I saw your gaff I've been like a vex you I saw your whole racist family what it's like to be seeking refuge kid I I kick your fucking headed you get notions fucking dead them cuz I'm talking for your baby nice some pay for a bedroom who thinks I'm sound till he finds out it's got laid now Oh Steve why trouble youto is raising a peace see the thoughts of anyone you save no Pete end of the day I'm still a say kid from the east telling any legal and I would listen give me somebody on that round to where it gets even hotter cos I boss the Irish like the British Parliament did I'll never lose like the missus in an argument you see Rivers was the new champ when I was gonna target him cuz he's not that sick now there's no presence man you've got a gift and we could pull up lids and seals the sharpest this but if we do his father College cuz I'll leave his head if I top the wig so if I stare at rivers and he don't move from the spot then he'll die they're like narcissus cuz I'm reflection its death if we have across the Styx but instead of rivers I get given this lanky pot of piss covered in spots and zits sure he adopted him there must drop the kid now his squad stuck with him we're not hogs enough to give well I guess it's common for a troubled youth to struggle when he joins the new family that fostered him pool [Applause] she always guns free shushes clusters girl we as fat last with the club I should put something on her I don't mean a cup I mean a jack implants cuz she's always got a new clutch she gives birth to her pussy that's why you always looked like you were dragged in by a cup and if she's in the back streets it's once man shall not burn out quicker than Manny Pacquiao runs her fast and if he was a bad man their leg would have slapped us for that matter fucked just like when your mom was up the Duff with you five men took the DNA test and all of them came back matched is your dad it's gone his mom was a suck she's clusters go we have fat mass with the clutter should put something on ever thought meaning yeah I mean a jacket and punt she gave birth to a pussy that's why you always looked like you were dragged in by the cat she's in the back streets it's once munching look when out faster than Manny Pacquiao runs a fuss if he was a fat man the lag would have slapped us for that matter of fact just like when your mom was up the Duff review five men took the DNA test and they all come back match did your dad look just because you gun bang in a flat just because you were conceived from a gun bang and a flat doesn't mean that you gangbang are you mad you're not a gangster Lud you're a skinny little twink and no one gives a fuck about you like a shitty village where you live till you either port a key silly little kid whose liver system shit little prick in his belly crying like a bitch about his mummy how can an see he's got skill ease the wackest I'm amazed I'm over rated this flooded some debate in the talent because you had a debatable with Yanis [Applause] no no chill chill chill to not do you have any idea of fucking bad days that's worse than chasin dragons our box and lasses I've never seen a new little toy and but I rap before that match was not a classic fire it wasn't lit so I can see what a pair of you through funnies try and gusset and when you pop there you will stood there under bare pressure because you've stood there in a tight strike Topshop tee and jeans looking like a fucking hairdresser and when you badly CC you look more like the one that wears dresses nor figure of speech I'm not kidding T if it weren't for the introductions you're that much of a queen she's that much of a geese I didn't know which one with T wide upon which one was Lizzy see you little freak you'll meet people here at this sport you'll piss them off like when selmak funds when they injure score you don't premiere battles or even stuff you shouldn't be on this stage at all they said T was ready last ironic that I'm hungry he's getting cooked on these lips up north see you're not my cup of your little mug you're weak see this thing in best learners good old British hospitality when he battles here cuz you always see T at time it's noise [Applause] fucking room to the Academy yeah but all bullshit the meaner saddens me bro fuck early this strategy of bringing up my mother but I fucking caught you and that's a fact not an act I actually hate English cunts man I come here with pride on my back to fucking kill every single one so fucking I'm gonna tell you like this you are a repay diaper you always will be another fucking Road man you're just a fucking retail facts fuck this Bartman do now unfortunately we have to cancel this battle straight after the settle realm as Islands t why the poet decided to withdraw himself from the competition this isn't normally our battles end up and it isn't something we walk continue to see a premiere vowels so dad picks over W and advances through to my stay three with Montreal I'll pick it up all three points in today's lunch Oh make sure you click Subscribe leave a comment let us know what you think do you are cty to poet back at premier bowels and who do you want to see DARPA taking on next underneath mad drama click like yeah

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