U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith Talks About Science and Poetry

do you see a possibility or do you know if this has already happened where AI artificial intelligence writing poetry and blending humans with AI and what might the future portrait look like if you yeah I think there are people who are interested in that I have colleagues at Princeton who are teaching some classes around those questions and the literature you know from the literary perspective and many years ago I had a mentor who's a German poet who in the I think 70s invented a machine that wrote poems so yeah I think it's happening I I like actual intelligence what would you ask that I was thinking that the the the first thing I ever heard of like that was a software program that could write songs and you hear it and it sounds just like a you know pop song they follow the and though the algorithms of pop music and they can recreate that right poetry is better than pop music it doesn't have algorithms right so it's gonna be a little bit more complicated for them to to get the hustle that we do down I mean maybe by the time that artificial intelligence realizes that it has spiritual crises that's right before it takes over the arrow and then we're in Terminator 3

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