UA Poetry Writing the Community

In the fall and spring of each year the Poetry Center places professional writers and local K through 8 classrooms to lead creative writing workshops. It kind of makes the space for language to be play in the classroom in a way that might not always happen in a traditional English or traditional literature class. And it all kind of connects together really well when Wren is in there. I’m still able to reinforce some of the things we’re working on, you know including the title, putting a period at the end of a complete thought. These poets and writers bring innovative contemporary literature and foundational writing techniques to your school. And we check in on a weekly basis where I run by what ideas I have with him. I share what I’m seeing from the poems and it’s been a really wonderful collaborative relationship. She brings the new ideas different ideas and I see them act it out play it out in front of me. And while she’s working with my kids I have light bulbs going off. I think it’s the greatest thing that we’ve ever had in this classroom.

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  1. I love it when poets give back to the community. I wish I was there so I could join in.

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