Über das Packen • Poetry Slam von Lars Ruppel • St. Johann in Tirol #meinYapadu

A Poetry Slam by Lars Ruppel Off the cabinet, you old suitcase! You have stayed there way too long! All the postcards we`ve been sent! Enough, I say, this can`t go on! Now it`s us, who gets to travel Marching confidently towards our luck! Let the postman keep on ringing I promise you, I won`t be back! When I say „never“, I mean „two weeks“ Feels like forever and a day I`m as ready as can be and longing for this holiday! What to take? What could I miss? They have everything I need My suitcase filled with farewells And with reunions that I seek One long held resolution And the book, that`s still unread The treasure map of wisdom For moments that`ll lie ahead A watch that can`t tell time A calendar without one page Important notes for the next meeting That won`t be taking place I pack my restless breath, so calmness it regains My passion for this life, to once again inflame. My eyes hungry for pictures longing for the greatest spots My legs that will carry me to the highest mountain tops Two fat smiles on my lips One for sunshine, one for rain And an anchor, cause I´m floating through the lightness of my being A „Yapadu!“, that I will shout Anytime, just for the crack when my old life forgets about me and I fall into luck`s lap Longing takes up the most space Sets off humming in my heart By now it`s Salzachgeier-size, so finally this journey starts With the suitcase in my hands I leave everything behind I only take along light luggage On my way to finally find – true happiness.

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