Uganda's Best Poet

the beauty was of sight of chemicals in a debate experiment so I will have to participate and a white precipitate is what what anticipation Osuna developer one Caracas una my mind could not keep track called this is from one side to another happened so soon I must [Applause] No thankee to prove that's what a lot stro to people with and i charges everything to squeeze if more important beings would I generate some replication is the right to many in town but many across town underprivileged to a few materially it is not only the role of the government let us generate meant a generation where is teacher asked more than high school teachers we do so we often been standing failure won't stop aasaiya are not even simple I think

4 thoughts on “Uganda's Best Poet

  1. Good work brother! this is a nice one dear, the sky is more than the limit.

  2. Woooooow Mai ka Fwend
    Is it a lov composition

    Mitch I lov de lines Bambi

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