UH Manoa's Poetry Slam 2018

hi my name is Renee bings I'm one of the event coordinators for the Campus Center board activities council and we just came from holding our Manoa poetry slam contest for the fall 2018 semester start you know for fresh iron press and not a wrinkle to declare its official my flower print for plane to a lot Spirit we believe that previous wiser but are we really wiser and which is green wash every time we speak up and being hushed who tall is the color of my colonizers who forced your language and religion unto my ancestors made us all Christians and they raised our culture now we are so intertwined that I can't separate your memory from mine so yeah you can go ahead and hack me off of the knee and you can go ahead and bend my fingers back into my arm so that I can't write my own history and you can hang me from a noose at my eyes and ears bleed them bleed with my memory and I will show myself back together every single time and I will rise [Applause] my students they really look forward to this program or this event each and every year because they know that they can come and speak their minds in a comfortable space and they know what they're not gonna be judged to know that the audience is really just there to listen to what they have to say which is really amazing

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