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– Hey, Spain lovers, you’re in Madrid, and you wanna eat the best tapas, and I don’t blame you. Well, you’ve come to the right place. This city is fantastic for eating. I’m in Ibiza, a neighborhood just outside the tourist center, and this is where I believe the best tapas bars are, in the city. We’re gonna hit five
fantastic tapas bars today, and they’re all within a
couple of blocks of each other, which means that this area is perfect for the tapas crawl of your dreams. (“Habanera” from Bizet’s Carmen) I’m James Blick,
co-founder of Devour Tours, and this channel is all about helping you explore Spain, like a local. And today, I’m joined
by a special guest star, my wife.
– Hi, how are you? I’m Yolanda, I’m a flamenco
tour guide here in Madrid, and I’m so excited to be showing you the best places to eat
tapas here in Madrid. – Well, Yolanda, or Yoly as we call her, is, as you say, born here, so she’s the perfect person to join us and teach us a few things
about eating tapas in Madrid. Shall we go?
– Yeah let’s do it! – Let’s do it! First bar, Lacatapa. This place is amazing for the quality. The seafood, the meats, the tapas, and also its wine list,
phenomenal wine list. What I love about the
places in this neighborhood, is it’s quite a wealthy neighborhood, and so you can get amazing
wines by the glass, you can taste wines from all over Spain, and also the quality of the tapas, is a little higher than
a lot of the places in the tourist center, which is only just a ten minute walk away. Cheers, baby, salud!
– Cheers, salud! – First up, a mountain
of uber fresh seafood from the Spanish coast,
done in a ceviche style. Plump prawns, octopus, mussels, wow! So much freshness, so much
flavor, a little bit of, little heat from the aji, beautiful. – [Yoly] Look at that, yum.
– [James] Yum. – [James] You’re the expert.
– Mm. Just like my mother’s.
– [James] Really? So what’s in there?
– Really nice. – It’s potato, and truffle. – Fresh stingray,
prepared in an escabeche, which is an ancient and very
Spanish vinegar preparation. Escabeche marinades are
packed with paprika, carrot, vinegar, peppercorns,
garlic, bay leaves and more. So good, I love escabeche. It’s tight on your mouth, it’s sharp. It’s so delicious, and it’s
slightly warm, the stingray. This is an incredible dish. Miguelangel has suggested
that we don’t drink cava with this dish, it doesn’t go. He’s served us another drink, sherry. It’s really early, it’s
only 12:30 in the morning. Sherry is one of the
most spectacular wines that you will ever discover, in the world. And people just don’t know about it, they think it’s the sweet stuff, but no. You have to come here,
you have to try this, you have to try this combination, alright. We need to hit the next bar, let’s go. Okay, next stop, La Monteria, this place has been open since 1963, famous for its game meats. (diners conversing in foreign language) Rioja this time, we’ve changed to the red. (James speaking in foreign language) Look at how that partridge
just falls off the bone, wow. Perfectly cooked, slowly cooked. Such a dense, rich flavor, wow. And combining that density with
the freshness of the salad, and the bite of the radish. – [Yoly] Are you gonna leave some for me? – Okay, this one we need
bread with, it’s venison that’s been stewed, more
comfort food, in a ragout. That sauce, is rich and sweet. So tender, such a wonderful gamey flavor. I’ve probably got venison
in my teeth, sorry if I do. I’ll wash it down, looking good? Okay, we’ve been to two
more traditional places, now we’re going super
modern, well, super modern, we’re going to Kulto, this place came out in the New York Times recently. Wey, have to pull, not push, ay! Okay, so I love this place, with its beautiful open kitchen behind us, you can see all the action, and they’ve got three
tapas coming out for us, they have suggested we
pair it with sherry, more sherry, obviously sherry, I can tell, rightly so is their moda,
as we say in Spanish. – I reckon, yeah, totally,
becoming really trendy, you know, why not, I mean,
it’s an incredible wine. – More than being trendy,
also being rediscovered, – Yeah.
– You know? And, given the value it deserves. – So cheers.
– Finally. – We have a manzanilla,
– Yeah, Salud to sherry. – from Sanlucar, little sip. This is so romantic, we
should do this more often. (speaking in foreign language) Okay, so we have a
classic, tortita camarones, done in a different style, this is a very traditional
dish from Cadiz, but it’s the little fried
shrimp on a lettuce leaf, and there’s a Vietnamese sauce here, I can see red onion there, I
can see sesame seeds, alright. – [Yoly] Wow, messy but yummy, yeah? – Mouthful, of southern Spain, of little fried shrimps, they’re crispy, they’re like, I love these little things they have so much flavor
and they’re so small. In Cadiz you can, they
sell them in little cones in the street where you can
eat them with your hands. And they’re sitting in a
little lettuce kind of, cradle. – Sorry about that, guys. – [James] Not easy, right? (speaking in foreign language) Okay so we’ve got a satay,
of tuna, of red tuna. Atun rojo, which is very
typical for the south of Spain. Pull it off, and stick it in our mouth. This is messy eating, which I like, I love messy eating, okay, I’m going in. Wish me luck! Perfect satay sauce, nutty, and combined with a tender tuna, that is practically, well, it’s cooked on the
outside, raw on the inside. (speaking in foreign language) Mexico, and Italy come together, in this small tapa, which is like, it’s delicious, the bread is crunchy, the frijoles are perfectly stewed, and that delicious
meat, you can see there, it’s so full of flavor from all the, what we call (says
Spanish word) in Spanish, all the bits and pieces,
the lips and hooves that, people are starting to use
these parts of the pig again, the snout, the trotters,
the God knows what. And so they should,
because we can’t just focus on the prime cuts, because that
is totally not sustainable. We’ve got two more to go,
– Oh God, we’re going to La Castela, this place, here we are,
is one of our favorites, as you know, it’s always heaving, impossible to get space,
– Love this place. – Aah, look at it in here! This is Andres, he’s
our man in La Castela, he’s the man you have to ask
for when you come in here ’cause it is hard to get a spot in here, it’s always heaving,
(speaking in foreign language) It’s always heaving in the bar so you have to kind of like, use your tapas bar tactics to get a spot, as Yoly just did for us,
– Yes. – You’re a natural,
– Elbows out, you know – Elbows out
– You need to go for it. You know? Don’t be shy.
– Exactly. And the food here is a mixture of seafood, meats, again, great
wine, I love this place. – Hello! – Okay so this is one
of my favorite dishes in all the world, it’s langostinos
that have been grilled, and with chick peas,
and these chick peas are in a delicious sauce that
just tastes of langostino. It’s unbelievable. This is a combination that if you hear it you be like, what are you talking about? But when you taste it it just makes sense. – It doesn’t really
matter how stuffed I am, there’s always room for
this dish, it’s amazing, I’m always so excited to
come here to La Castela, to have this dish. – The holy grail of Spanish
food, I sometimes think, rabo de toro, bull’s tail stew, and it should be such that it just kind of falls away from the bone
like this, look at that. It’s like, nights by the
fire, it’s a warm cozy bed. This is true true cozy cooking. So good. How’re you feeling? – I’m so full!
– We must toast! We have hit four places,
we have one to go, and this place is pretty special, so hang on, strap in. Two wines from Madrid,
Madrid is a wine region, believe it or not. Guys, it’s scallop time, it always comes, and this is scallops,
with a ponzu dressing, and on a algae in tempura,
with your fingers, it’s four o’clock, it’s finger time. Crunch, of the tempura, the softness of the scallop, this is like, I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming. Artichoke confit, ham, a ham jus, and an aioli made from almonds, I mean, it’s like a poem. Alright. Wow. Artichokes are one of the
most wonderful things, invented by God, like on the seventh day, He did not rest, He made artichokes, and He also made ham,
and He also made almonds. And they were all put
together in this dish, and it is amazing. Rabbit ribs, with
beautiful little bits of, fried garlic, wow, okay, rabbit ribs. I don’t think I’ve had
rabbit ribs before have you? – [Yoly] I don’t think so either. – No? – [Yoly] Get any? – Yeah, really good. There’s something that,
you just don’t wanna stop, you wanna keep nibbling on these guys, poor rabbits, do you
remember Watership Down? Guys, we’re drinking Madrid wine, I think it’s important to note that. Big shout out to the wines of Madrid, not a lot of people know
that the capital of Spain is a wine region and we
have wonderful wines, check out these wines
when you’re in these bars, when you come on this little tapas route. Tell me in the comments below
what your favorite tapas bar is in Madrid, I love
reading your comments, I love answering your questions, we have a wonderful community
of Spain lovers here on this YouTube channel. And if you’re not a member
of the community yet then subscribe, just
click that little button down there below, subscribe to my channel and join us, as I help
you guys explore Spain like a local, salud!
– Salud, come and visit guys! – Exactly, well said,
Yoly, come and visit! – Yes.
– Cheers!

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