UN report: Saudi crown prince linked to murder of Jamal Khashoggi

for a six-month investigation into the killing of Jamaal Khashoggi a Washington Post columnist the UN's investigator Agnes Kalmar published her fate of Saudi Arabia was responsible for the execution of kesaji Kalmar also pointed the finger at Mohammed bin Salman the crown prince who had did not the focus has been on who has ordered the killing I do not have evidence ordered the killing what I do have is evidence suggesting that the responsibilities of high-level officials may be engaged and therefore is requiring further investigation in particular for a variety of reasons the first one is that the people directly implicated in the murder reported to him Kalmar also called for sanctions against the crown prince as well Turkish officials have welcomed the report Turkish Foreign Minister made which officially tweeted that he strongly endorsed calamites recommendations to hold those responsible accountable Ankara had carried out a thorough investigation following the murder of coast Raja and it claimed to have a recording of the moments he had been killed the proposal was rejected by Saudi Arabia where eleven suspects are on trial Adel al-jubeir Saudi Arabia's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs hitting that it contained contradictions and baseless allegations in November Saudi prosecutors had stated that khashoggi had in fact been killed inside the quarry had been dismembered and disposed of however they claimed it was the result of a rope operation on cardboard with precision in Istanbul

6 thoughts on “UN report: Saudi crown prince linked to murder of Jamal Khashoggi

  1. USA, Britain, Canada and all the other Western countries don't care because it's not Iran or Venezuela.

  2. The CCP and PLA maggots linked to the murder of Tiananmen Square massacre protesters.

  3. So, It's okay for UN to not report on USA murdered millions of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria counting… and now Iran. And they even put those behind bars who try to expose there war crimes. Ex: Julian Assange

  4. Who gives a rats about this guy. He was stupid because he blithely walked into the wolf's lair and was eaten.

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