Understand classic literature faster!

welcome back to love your pencil com I want to show you about something that's really cool if you want to understand more of what you read when it comes to the classics so if you click on this this link right here understand classic literature if you click on read more you're going to get this great list of almost 300 pieces of classic literature and the cool thing is that there is a link here called simplified for each one and if you click it it takes you to an easier version of the literature on a website called reward if I calm and Roberta 5.com is a new website that simplifies English and makes everything easier to read and gives you a new way to learn new words and there's more information about that on another video on our site you can just look on the video child or just the other way to learn more about it if you go to the home page just click on this link here and you'll learn more about it but going back to this here's a list of classic literature there's a quick demo let's say you want to read The Count of Monte Cristo and all you do is click on the simplified version it takes you to the reward if I calm website and that fast it takes all of the hard words and it's simplified them every time there was a difficult word it takes it and it and it simplifies it it makes it easier so there are thousands and thousands and thousands of words in this piece of literature that has been that have been simplified and so I just wanted to give you that quick demo what you ought to do if you want to understand more of what you read with the classics go to this link go to the understand classic literature link click on these simplified buttons and you will see easier versions that should make it much much easier to understand what it is that you're reading and I hope this helps you understand more of what you read and I will see you again in another video

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