35 thoughts on “UNIQ POET – 1994 (Official Music Video)

  1. Bro I enjoy all your songs, but make more English songs bcoz u have a lot of international viewers and ur super talented and continue what ur doing👍👍

  2. brackets []
    vibes on

    it's been a long time I feel this way about something…

  3. I fucks with this keep doing your thing Uniq Poet. Much Love from Dallas, Tx,👌🏿💪🏿💯💯

  4. here the real shit is going on you are dam dop uniq big fan .

  5. 3 generation's

    1. Ice cube – Today was a good day

    2. J. Cole – Everybody dies

    3. #Uniq Bhai – 1994

  6. Keep rapping. Bro don’t stop keep doing it . I can already see you going platinum . Sooon . Just please don’t stop . You killing it day in day out . Your are the only one I have seen so far from nepal who has that world star vibe. you will definitely go international . With no doubt . God bless . Keep rapping in English

  7. Straight section 80 kendrick lamar vibes g Keep doing your shit its rappers like you that are makin nepali hiphop fans prowd

  8. If I got an option uniq is my pick Laure u ain't a rapper ur a fucking dick.kando jasto mug superraga.

  9. My fav part about you is when you throw your P's and B's so hard…keep up the hip hop in tip top..uniJC

  10. Barz like Kendrick flow like jcole ..

    Always love for uniq….

  11. Feel like "american hiphop"
    ทั้งบีท ซาวด์ วีดีโอ การตัดต่อ ไรม์. อือหืม. ดริ้งลีนเข้าไปแล้วมานั่งฟังโคตรฟีล
    From Thailand bro👏👆

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