UNIQ POET – HUMBLE. (Freestyle)

All of you listeners
You gotta listen Bitch! be humble, sit down. Bitch! be humble, sit down. Bitch! be humble, sit down. I wanna do this rap shit till i die
But life’s a bitch, bitch dont kill my vibe Nobody this hot hiphop is alive
Put that on my mama ima retire a rap god Hey! a lil brother from the himalayas
I be winning the game even if I didnt play it
Too easy im bored where’s the competition We doing big shit, u bitches mind ya bidness
I can smell you weak hoes politicin’ You acting real when we talk but you prolly
snitchin’ And when I find it out ima find ya house
And they gon’ find it out that your body missin’ n I ain’t kiddin’
Feeling like i got a bit of Yama in me So ima retaliate if you come against me
Yo’ bitch is nasty nigga not u My brother it’s a cold world..Hacchiu
Someone tell Mr. Chaudary to sponsor me Fuck the fake man the real’s where the profit
be Now I aint hating boy do ya thing
But let the people decide who’s the real king Coz the king don’t show off, the king stay
real The king connect to the people, know how they
feel The king don’t sell his soul for money or
fame Don’t worry, the king is back, y’al know my
name Be humble!

100 thoughts on “UNIQ POET – HUMBLE. (Freestyle)

  1. Is it only me or anybody else there who think uniq poet exactly looks like kendrick lamar?

  2. Nepali King Kunta !!!! i think you should stick to Nepali language though ….coz there is Kendrick for Humble …. you are a Nepali DNA. You should keep Nepali in your DNA .

  3. awesome song
    and i don't know why the real talent and skill isn't appreciated in nepal
    in fact in this whole world

  4. Why Uniq is so underrated till now 😢😢😢… I wish some day we could see millions of views brother….

  5. kna yesto ignore garya hola… views ni chaina, like ni chaina… he is too dope.. kunnnai din nepal ko mancheh le bujlaan ki… too sick dope

  6. Unik Poet is better than anyone in Nephop!! Too bad he never got the recognition he deserves!!

  7. this song makes me want to sit on the tv and watch the couch !!
    lit asf 🔥🔥🔥

  8. You Guys Are Driving A Nepali Music In Very Different But Nice Pattern. Good Luck Folks

  9. I really hope it reaches to Kung fu Kenny , I'm sure he will feel honoured , man .. u really did justified the track and the main thing on it was even you did this track for the same reason (so was k dot) ..I feel it bro .. winter is coming to nephop !
    Hail John snow !!
    Amazing bruh

  10. I use to listen his song/rap about prevaling rape issue but can't find it anymore. Does anyone know about that song?

  11. This is some reaal rap shit …..but why so underrated…love u poet…better than every other wanna be rappers

  12. I grew up listening to Hiphop music and I’m 41. I’ve personally met many of my old school homies during concerts.Imagine that. I love old school rappers like Snoop,Dre,Biggie, 2pac. This new kid -uniq , is another addition to my list.

  13. is this the copy version of kendrick lemar's humble ?? whole videos and concept look like the same . #just_curious

  14. 1:07 "ur bitch is nasty, xxx not u" help me with the lyrics here. what did he say there???

  15. No one is best then uniq in nepal. And One day he will make nepali hiphop famouse in world hiphop history. And i believe in this shit

  16. Yama dai ho King mugi .
    Please don't forget it
    Don't make me angry 😠.
    Please understand my vibe
    Soob la dai lae vhulyo hijo dai hunda yb King yb King garnya manxe aaja dai nahuda Mai ho raja. Garna painxa ra ?

    SOK jastai aru dope song drop vayo vanee aajai half torri ghr farkinxa KTM Bata ….

    Once again
    Nepal ma rap ko eautai King Theo
    Ra sadai uskai rahana parxa…

  17. Only rapper that can take Nephop into international level🕉️🚀

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