Uniq Poet – Red Pill Radio (broadcast #5)

Life in it’s unconcious state is nothing but
pure struggle Struggle for survival, we all trapped in this
bubble Struggle for identity, power and position
Only to leave it all behind when death pays a visit So the biggest lesson of higher learning is: Non-attachment and non-permanence
Cause right before I die and my ego crumbles I’d rather surrender myself instead of struggle
Everything I believe in is a story that I made up Including this philosophy I’m jotting in this paper I am what I believe and I believe in something greater
So fuck Utsaha and Uniq, I’m synonymous to the maker
woah, that’s my spiritual ego telling me that i’m worthy
saying fuck rap i’d rather publish a book when i’m thirty
Call it the Loner’s Bible, the modern day Geeta
Quaran of my mind, my own Tripataka Another fake fuck desguised as a baba
Trapped in my inflated ego, till the day that I die HEHE HAHA, GUGU GAGA This mumbo-jumbo I call spiritual poetry has
a value of nada As long as i’m controlled by the ego I know
that i’m doomed Meanwhile the internet tryna convince me to
do psychedelic shrooms That’s when another entity enters the room
Serves me food for my thought like I was waiting For my plate with a fork and a spoon Afno bato chin natra haraulas bhai Koi chaina yaha tero haat samaunalai
Saitaan bhetlas feri bhagwan lai khojda Ani andakaar le chopda kheri daraulas bhai
Kalpana le matra tero ya mahal bandaina Karma bhanda thulo kunai pani dharma chaina
Samaye le kasailai ni parkhadaina Bageko khola feri kaile farkadaina
Tesro akha kholne kramma Chirlas feri arko banawoti bhramma
Sabthok bujna lai euta jiwan jamma Hatar bho chinna Bishnu, Shiva, Brahmma
LSD ani chyau Jhyap huda kheri moj feri utrepachi jhyau
Ananta yo leela ekai choti thuprida Manasik jhadapakhala ra amilo dhyau
Now, lemme show you a better way Meditate and watch your soul as it levitates
Beyond the gross and intellect Become an inner architect
Connect to the internet Of the super-consciousness
Until you find that you’re blessed Silence your mind for the bliss
You don’t need any substances To climb up to the crest
I look at what you doing And say what nonsense is this? You don’t need chemical or herb
To talk to the GOD inside your head!

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