Universe Size Comparison 3D

Ceres, 950 km The Moon, 3500 km Callisto, 4800 km Mercury, 4900 km Mars, 6800 km Venus, 12000 Earth, 13000 km (You are Here) Kepler 22b, 30000 km Neptune, 50000 km Uranus, 51000 km Saturn, 120 000 km Jupiter, 140 000 km Proxima Centauri, 200 000 km The Sun, 1.4 Million km Sirius A, 2.5 Millions km Vega, 3.8 Millions km Arcturus, 36 Millions km Rigel, 97 Millions km Betelgeuse, 1.3 Billion km Vy Canis Majoris, 2 Billions km Uy Scuti 2.4 Billions km The Black hole Ngc 1277, 60 000 000 000 km The Black hole Ton 618, 400 000 000 000 km Cat’s Eye Nebula, 0.250 Light Years Helix Nebula, 3 Light Years Orion Nebula, 24 Light Years Omega Centauri, 150 Light Years Small Macellanic Cloud, 7 000 Light Years The Milky Way, 100 000 Light Years IC 1101, 6 000 000 Light Years Bootes Void, 250 000 000 Light Years *Slapping sound* The Universe, 150 000 000 000 Light Years

100 thoughts on “Universe Size Comparison 3D

  1. And just when you were thinking this brain-nukking video is finally over…..

    get some space from universe,picture get 10 times bigger….

    "One person living in new york in year of 176576 playing with his universe simulation"…..

  2. this video shows that we are nothing in this universe. but still we managed to got all this data from the tiny earth itself. lol

  3. 3:53 so it basically took the light speed all my life to circle the Orion Nebula.. this is just amazing..
    This video is for everyone who thinks any other kind of life form doesn't exist.
    Speed of light in Vacuum is about 300,000 Km/sec

  4. В это.. Это надо знать, и многое другое тоже, например анекдоты

  5. I believe the universe is endless. It's infinite and goes on forever and ever. But we can attribute certain measurements to the observable universe.

  6. People who understand earth is nothing in front of universe from this video . Like

  7. The Universe In A Nutshell
    Ceres: I'm the largest object in the asteroid belt, larger than any of the asteroids, (yet I'm the smallest of these objects standing beside me)
    The Moon: I protecc my Master from bad times, I'ma satellite! I was once a piece of the Earth when we were made.. My name is actually Luna…. But everyone calls me Moon!
    [Edit] Callisto: I'm a child Of Jupiter
    Mercury: I'm the hottest, older than my siblings, but smaller than my family ;-;
    Mars: Humans living on Earth Think that I could be inhabitable, they're planning to make me inhabitable when Earth is too crowded!
    Venus: I'm nearly the same size as Earth, but I'm not too sure if I can harbor life…. What's strange is my day is 117 Earth days(A year) and Earth's day is 24hrs!!!
    Earth: You live here, I wonder why Do I have so much Humans(Also other life lives on me!) They tend to pollute,overpopulate, and take over me(The heck?!) I might not be the only planet that contains life in this gigantic universe..
    Kepler22b: Just an extrasolar planet that is in the habitable zone of kepler-22(A star that I orbit)
    Neptune: I have the wildest and strangest weather of all planets in the SS.. You don't want to live here b/c it's very unpleasant
    Uranus: Everyone makes jokes out of my name…. Why tho??
    Saturn: I have over 150+ moons and I have the prettiest rings… I'm a gaseous but I have a very stunning appearance
    Jupiter: I'm the biggest planet in the SS and I have deadly storms…. More deadlier than Earth and Neptune combined!
    Proxima centauri: Hoi I am a smol low mass star, I'm nearest to the sun and Earth!
    The sun: I'm so hot and bright… Like a star(I am one ofc) I will be watching over my planets until I turn into a red giant in 5 billion years… I hope reincarnation isn't real on Earth…
    Sirius A: I'm also known as the Dog star,(I am the brightest star in Earth's night sky.. I'm Sirius!!)
    Vega: My name is so relevant! OwO As if its almost spelled like "Vegan" or "Vegas"
    Arcturus: I'm the 4th brightest star in the night sky, I look simular to the sun..
    Rigel: Hi I am the brightest and biggest star in Orion,and(I look like the inside of a dragon fruit)I'm outshone by Betelguese(WTH Dude?!)
    Betelguese: Brighter and bigger than 'Rigel' … I will run out of fuel, collapse under my own weight and go supernova(Rigel would be glad…)
    VY Canis Majoris: Imma red hypergiant!!!
    UY Scuti: I'm the bigger and brighter star than all of you stars!

  8. We are nothing and never were we are just a microcoscopic spec in the exsistence of universe n everything outside

  9. All of these are just under the first Heaven. There are seven heavens. Each taking 500 years to reach the other. And Allah's throne extends over the heavens and the earth. all the universes combined in size to the throne of the Almight is basically non existent. And still humans are arrogant.Our pride and ego make us deny revolutions. We go for our desires and depend on our knowledge despite all of the messengers of Allah that have come with revelations. A guide for humanity and majority of us still deny and rely on our own humanly knowledge.

  10. I give you 100,000,1820000
    And more than that happppppppy

  11. No somos absolutamente nada ….. Somos el átomo de un grano de arena compactado por 1000.000.000.000

  12. It's a bit selfish to imagine that we're the only thinking living beings in this universe. Are we that special? Or there's something else that makes us special. Something to think about.

  13. Visual observation is not just covering entire universe. There are more dimension, element, state than what we see on screen.

  14. سبحان الخالق جل جلاله سبحانك ربي ماقدرناك حق قدرك

  15. Insane how more than most planets are riddled with craters but earth is untouched

  16. The Universe: 150,000,000,000 light years
    The Overlord: Hold my dark matter

  17. Wow Harry. Beau vidéo sur l'univers et les grosseurs😮 j'en revenait pas. Merci de nous avoir partager cela😘

  18. Realize how lucky we are? And we keep DESTROYING the only planet we have Currently

  19. I love watching these videos because it reminds how tiny and insignificant I am. It motivates me to get off my ass and enjoy my second in this gigantic universe

  20. The video is getting more and more inaccurate in terms of light years each minute passing by…

  21. This is the proof : "god" doesn't exist, this is much more complicated than thoses poor believers thinks.

  22. This goes to show the possibilities in the universe. We are literally not even a fraction of the smallest percentage. Nigga 🤯

  23. Hi sry its been a year so I maaaaay be a bit late, but, how did we find these magnificent things out in our universe? Its astounding how we did this! And all I'm asking is, How did we do this?

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