Uniweb Interview Show Invades Writers' Row

hey it's writers row where we talk about the writing community all things writing including the business side the creative side and the funny side and on this episode uniweb interview show has a very special guest yes has invaded our show I'm taking over but we'll get to that in a second first off I'm DC right hammer one of your hosts that you're familiar with and I am also joined by King huckster David gain yeah your other host yes and our very special guest for this episode is Matthew Whiteside I had you all fools Oh him and his long con I thought it was somebody else from interweb interview show wait uniweb and her future screwed it up how you doing Matt you were thrown off by Matt's disguise yeah I'm sorry I terrified you oh I'm doing great man I spent all day acting like a goofball with my kids and then carried it over to here yeah right I don't really ever turn it off to be honest with you you get the energy for all that you know it's funny that's actually part of some of the stuff I'm writing like I'm so lazy now all right like I'm 33 but like I was down I was I was at the mall yesterday her not yesterday the other day I was on an escalator going down sitting on it drinking an energy drink and I was just like I didn't know how I was gonna go on like it was my idea to go to the mall and go for a walk because I'm like I've lived like a 75 year old man but I don't know like people think I have a lot of energy but they only see me in spurts of like our or interviews the rest of the time I'm like a slug and you're just recharging and gathering energy I'm gathering spirits human spirit some spirit bombing all that sounds exhausting it is okay so I totally interrupt your introduction of mad so now let's know it's matte white side it's the matte white side it's the guy who's interviewed everybody in the world I mean David and myself that's part of how we got to know Matt and you know we just kind of we all have been friends ever since and we wanted to bring that on his show has done so much for the writing community and you know it just makes sense we have a show he has a show let's let's bring them together so the whole show we really wanted to talk about Matt's journey like how did he become this perceived ball of energy who has no energy perceive you perceive him and like what so I know too busy talking you're trying to do this good intro for Matt and Matt just like I want to talk no I really want to start at the beginning how did you feel when you were born Matt I felt very wet and and cold you set yourself up for this when you asked Matt how he felt when he was born he's going to give you that answer well that's the best answer from the beginning we were I believe we all were the uniweb from the beginning I if you believe in the Big Bang Theory we all were one dense form of matter we were all the exact same things spinning in some nothingness that nobody knew but it was just some glowing hot ball of shit right it exploded and it turned into skyping each other if you think about it right like what the hell I think we're all connected in that way and we're just we're trying to come back to that point like we know subconsciously that's who we are and we're literally like our subconscious is doing it in such a way that it created machines to connect us an Internet Skype like all these different things to connect us because we all already connected and it's like we know this so is that why you call it the you know web show yeah it's where all people become one people that was my initial tagline because I literally believe that we're all connected in this that's why I'm all about like promoting other people's stuff like I don't even like talking about my books like I know they're gonna do well eventually but that's like that's so small in the the whole picture of what I'm doing I you I did when I first started this journey I thought it was the pinnacle for sure I was like I'm gonna be the number one writer in the world I'm gonna be the I still have my goal list it's got all those goals on there I still have my tracking sheet of like the top-selling authors of all time with William Shakespeare on top and then me like with like 70 books sold he's got 4.5 billion I'm like I'm coming for you bill you're mine but so much has changed in such a short period of time to where it's like oh that's all gonna be fine there's so much more you know there's so much more how much of a period of time I'm curious honestly like so I've only been on Twitter flakes six months like I wrote the I wrote the novella dead heart and then trim Foster in the Council of 10 after I wrote trim Foster in the Council of 10 that was seriously like an awakening for me because that character goes through a journey where he realizes that he has an unlimited potential to do anything he doesn't he doesn't grasp it until like I take the science fiction angle and the superpower it's like okay it's shoved in his face and there's a galactic force going after him for his power but it's like all human beings have this ability to do anything and everything they want and it's like I was saying before we started recording that anxiety is like thank God for anxiety now like if I can find a way to push into the uncomfortableness of life and like use anxiety as a weapon to sharpen me as opposed to like a dagger to stab me and I can be I can be whatever I want to be its just how willing am I to be open to what the universe is gonna give to me because it's like whether we believe it or not man we are receptors like I can't not receive if I walk outside on a sunny day I'm gonna get burnt if I'm not careful like best because my skin will receive the Sun like I have to be willing to give back as much as possible the more I give the more I am able to receive it's just up to me like I always talk about like breathing if I don't let the air out I can't take another one in you know I got it just keep on breathing okay you gave I gotta unpack it for the next 20 minutes okay so how long have you been how long have you felt this way like how long have you been really like diving into this part of their journey over the last six months or has this been building up over a couple of years yeah it's it's been a lifetime honestly it's I've been searching my entire life like I was a very depressed kid I was extremely overweight bullied tormented like I was one of five kids but I was I wasn't liked at home like my brother and sisters hated me the kids at school didn't like me I was always on this journey to find something and I make this joke that I was a very depressed kid like i strictly took sit down showers as a child that's how depressed I was like if if you've ever been depressed you know what a sit down shower you like yeah this is thing like my whole life has been that but since getting sober the doors have unlocked because I'm actually working without numbing myself and that's where the anxiety piece comes in and like I'm not running away from those feelings anymore I'm running towards them and I'm realizing that they were just an illusion the entire time but that shit scared cuz it feels so real like my mind eludes itself incredibly well like I was right I was going on rafting down the river the other day and this family was behind me on this on these tubes and they were looking off into the woods and my first thought was and they were like looking at something I don't know what it was and my thought was oh my god there's a sniper up there like swear to god in my house like there's a sniper up there and I have my paddle in my hand and with instead of telling sherry hey I think there's a sniper in the woods my bears to say this I took my paddle and I moved it in front of my face like in my mind I knew this was like that's a crazy thought Matt but my mind was like but what if there is a sniper up there you don't like it was telling me like giving me that fear of there's there's somebody gonna kill you and that's always been real and that snipers like curses he put an oar in front of his face go through the wood darn it you kids and that crazy dog that's a that all sounds insane but it's it's for me to say that I've I've been deluded like I've been insane my whole life I've allowed my mind in the fear of what isn't real to keep me from so much there like now gonna move every time I see a fear I go towards it and go through it it's like the the doors explode open for whatever it is it's amazing what do you mean by that so you lean into the fear and good things happen out of or everything again good things happen man like people show up like I was saying before I didn't even have social media before I wrote the book and I didn't want to get back on social media but I just decided to do it I figured I had to do it if I wanted because I mean I thought Turin Foster was a very important story what I knew it was for me and I wanted other people to read it but what happened was as soon as I started putting myself out there like you guys showed up the writing community showed up people like I I was laughed out of the Writing Center in college because my grammar was so terrible like the lady who was supposed to be helping me just laughed at me I was like a screw you this isn't helpful but I so I still hold a tough spot in my heart for like people who are too hard on grammar cuz I get it but I also don't think it should stop anyone from writing but like everyone showed up in my life you know like everyone twittered like and then doing the interview show everyone showed up in my life and somebody who'd had no clue what he was doing about writing was talking to some of the greatest like you guys are amazing writers and you've been doing it your whole life and like these people who are incredible artists and I'm talking to you and learning from you and getting to gain all this knowledge and like apply it to my craft now and like be a part of that group it was like the coolest thing and then so when I when I decided okay I wanted to step into my next fear of acting and doing stand-up comedy I was like I just have to trust that people will show up along the way because I had no clue what to do and literally like people started showing up like I was telling you before we started recording a guy went to college with has been doing stand-up for nine years I just so happened to run into him at a stand-up show that I just so happened to go to because I was like I need because I signed up for open mic and I was like I need to go watch as much stand as possible – like desensitize myself he was performing he made a joke about the college and I was like wait a second and then not only that but he teaches writing comedy and he also does a show like I do where he interviews other comics about doing stand-up in mastering stand-up it's called hot breath with Joe bars and it was like the craziest thing he was doing something so similar to what I was doing but like seeing that I'm like alright I'm on I have to be aware of these situations people show up you know in our lives and that happens with all of us it's just like holy crap so how long have you felt that attitude then of you know you show up people will show up as well not long not long at all I mean seriously since like maybe six seven months really but it's been identifying itself over and over and over again I couldn't do it if I wasn't sober like it none of this would be possible I hadn't gotten sober if I hadn't the first time somebody showed up for me was in sobriety or for my sobriety like when I couldn't get out of bed when I wanted to just end it all I had friends I had a friend that showed up for me you know I had somebody I could I met at a meeting I my sponsor at a meeting and then these people just started slowly falling into my life and it's like if I you know I talk about the universe God whatever there's a poem called the million masks of God where we all go back into the green room and we take off our masks kind of deal and we realized that you know we're all part of this big thing but that's it Mike we're all just gonna have a big laugh at the end of it and Mike realize that we're all here to help each other we're all here for each other and we're all here for life like to experience life in all the different ways that we experience life because I can experience life the way Matt does DC experiences the way DC does David experiences wait David does and that's just and what a beautiful thing right and then we get to like cross streams and pee all over each other this is getting too serious I gotta bring you guys I saw your faces you guys were like oh my god of course it went to pee so so I I told I prepared everyone that there's wild cards in this episode because madness so I'm gonna give you gonna give it I'm gonna lobby one the serious question pineapple on pizza yes or no hell yeah oh yeah I'll leave it if but it's there but it's not my first choice how about pine trees on pizza yes or no can i that's a pass for me got one pass yeah I can't see I can't come up with a scenario where it works so fair enough all right move on to your serious question I just had to sneak that in there well thank you no Hawaiian pizzas my favorite pizza Canadian bacon Canadian bacon you mean ham ham yeah I was gonna say or ham whatever well you're Canadian I had to I had to give you a shout-out bro but I did hear that there's it like a uniqueness to the Canadian bacon the waves from Canada something yeah is different from Canada that's what it is okay I got to tell you I was going for a run this is tell side note I was going to run the other day and I swear I saw a beaver that was just like a little little guy sitting in the grass eatin eating the grass and it was amazing and it was a very Canadian experience and I had to share that right now broke oh hey look over there eh that's an odd Canadian I don't know you're gonna have to work on that for your stand-up and I got to work on so many different things man okay so I want to know tell me what are your books about what's yours onra that you write in I would guess a fantasy delusion that's the I write an absolutely is there like you you're a very spiritual person you have some some interesting thoughts there so is that showing up in the writing oh yeah yeah okay absolutely my first two books are absolutely this story of dying and being born again like my the story dead heart is about a the son of Sir Lancelot who gets killed in battle with a magical sword that turns him into a undead super zombie okay okay he's he gets killed like okay he has this is he's a super zombie so he's not like some lame zombie they just stumbles around he he'll mess you up but he doesn't have any legs his legs got cut off in battle so that's part of it it's a humor it's more it's like Monty Python it's total like silliness it's it's it's a quick read it's only like 16,000 words it's like 67 66 pages or whatever but he has to fight he has to find his purpose again I could because he was a son of Sir Lancelot he was the youngest night ever and all of a sudden he's this undead monster that nobody wants anymore his dad doesn't want him around King Arthur one thinks he's a joke like he's got to find his place and he goes on this quest to kill a dragon and he finds his place and it's it's a it was it was really cool to write that I didn't I didn't mean for that to happen by the way I write completely stream of consciousness when I write yeah sounds like you're writing to the bone on that one yeah but the Trent foster happen the same way man I totally stream of consciousness I didn't was I wasn't like I had an idea then I want it actually started out I wanted it to be like a replica story but then I was like nice to like what's the Blade Runner or whatever yeah so it didn't turn out to be that but the character again is suffering in the beginning of the story from who he thought he was supposed to be and that whole idea has to be absolutely smashed to where he finds himself you know some tragic things happen in his life and out of his darkest moments come his most incredible gifts and I believe that's true of everybody like I've realized that in my life the worst the things that I thought were my curse is like being out alcoholic like growing up you know being bullied all the time like my dad leaving all this kind of stuff like being extremely poor doing some very bad things my I thought were the worst things are in fact the greatest gifts in the entire world because it means that I'm able to help somebody else who's suffering and like I never don't have something I can give because I have all of that and I keep acquiring more of that because I'm an imperfect person you know well and so I've started giving with the indie author spotlight last year and I thought like you just find people people find you and you connect and you help people out and you move on you don't necessarily you know you're not like looking for anything else it's just like give me this moment to really spotlight someone and as a result like people see you doing these things and they sort of gravitate towards you and so I guess I want to kind of take it to the beginning like where did you get that confidence to start recording yourself with writers and how how has that sort of benefited you you know not not that you were doing it for that but how is that kind of come back around and helped you out so the idea just came to me because I wanted to start a YouTube channel because when I first got when I got on Twitter it was it was fully selfish it was to promote my work it was and I was running around like a huckster like mr. King huckster and I thought this sucks I know my book is good I shouldn't be chasing people around because like whatever you know I don't want to and I talk about this a lot I don't want to any I don't want anybody to feel like I'm forcing them to watch me or read anything like please for the love of God if you don't like watching what I'm doing or reading what I'm writing don't like I don't want that at all you know like that's that's ridiculous I'm doing it all for hopefully enjoyment but I thought and this is the something the program taught me is to be of service how can I be of service to other writers I have no it was honestly like I didn't know what I was doing I got kind of pissed off like there's so many of us out there with these stories and we all have our hands up and nobody can see us because it's just a sea of hands I was like well maybe I can just start a channel and start talking from the people and give them a platform to tell their story and it just came from that and heck yeah I mean it's like it's been amazing like people have actually read my book and have liked it which is great that's all I wanted but it's gotten a lot more more eyes on it because of it which is wonderful but the connections the friendships like I'm the thing I'm most proud of honest to god man is like the group's the like subgroups and what and stuff the people who have connected because of the show and like who are reading each other's books hey Mike holy shit man that's amazing you know I guess that's a little more that are just like I can't even keep up with what's going on with all the groups that have met through you right yes I know it's insane and that's the beauty of it because I know in like I don't have to be connect I don't have to be like best friends with everybody because we're not all like that right we're not all the we don't all connect on that same level but the whole idea is everybody's story has merit because there's somebody else who can identify with some point like you were talking on the last show DC about some of the stuff you went through you know in your journey that is so important I feel like the when we share our vulnerabilities that's the only time people can really grasp on to us and say I identify with this and they can almost tether themselves to you in that way in making that connection back that's where God is that's where that's where like spirituality the universe that's where all of humanity comes together and that's that's that's it man like that's the thing right there for me at least I love that well yeah and specifically to that like these secrets we have these traumas the scars the things that like have brought us into adulthood and like now they're just part of us a lot of stuff we hide them we run from them we pretend they're not there and it gets to a point especially when you're on a very public you know outlet like YouTube that you want people to know you're being genuine you want people to know this is who I am this is this is where I've come from and you know I I think when you bare it all it is a show of strength it's taking your scars and and basically saying that it means you survived it means that you got another day that's what a scar is it hurts you know it hurt at one time it might still hurt you still might have some work to do for it but it means that you have another chance and so yeah yeah absolutely because I use the analogy of like a broken leg like nobody when they break their leg is like yes my bone is gonna be so much stronger in a couple of weeks you know when you're in that pain you're just like son of a bitch like I'll never be happy again my leg hurts like I can't think of anything besides the pain but when you have somebody else who's like dude I broke my leg like you know six months ago and I'm okay you're like oh you can start taking a breath and if you can take a breath you might be able to take a couple of breaths and then you might be able to get through that day without like cutting your leg off whatever I like doing something insane because you're good because of the pain you think will never leave you you know and that's I think that's what it is it's like how can we help each other get to another day another experience because like I said that's what we're all trying to just experience life I mean I don't know what's I don't know what comes after this I don't know what happened before like you told me about how I felt when I was born wet and cold I have no clue what I was like before that moment like before I was brought into this earth so I'm pretty sure I'm just like I need to figure out how to experience whatever's going on here as fully as possible and like enjoy it with as many people as possible which brings me to my next wildcard tearing up and ready to go my god if you could live forever how often would you wear clothes oh all the time I've got weird nipples man on YouTube I think we just learned something about each other I think we just formed a club description of this video jealous of the guys they can just like I'm not necessarily like so conscious about my body but my nipples for sure okay can I ask you what is wrong with your nipples that you're just we're not even wrong what makes you self-conscious about caring for David I told you I used to be a really fat kid no this is some breaking news here I used to have breasts as a child I had surgery when I was younger I got okay mastiha cuz I was like I was like 300 pounds when I was like I don't know 12 or something and I had some massive honkers and so like the nipples grew along with those are we best friends yet didn't know I was gonna get that out of the living forever who wants to see me with my shirt off now it's in my it's it's part of my stand-up routine though so I'm just I feel like especially doing stand-up I'm gonna have to be vulnerable as shit so cuz nobody you know I don't care I've gotten over myself enough to that's another thing man Mike I can't have an ego and get up there or get on here and like be this guy because I won't last a week right because everyone's like look at this freaking idiot I'm like I know I am I have to know that I'm an idiot you know I think we all have to know to some extent we're friggin idiots we're just trying to have fun it's like okay get over yourself go do something you know there's so many one-liners from this episode I love there's some really good truthful one-liners out of this episode man okay okay there are I agree Matt's self-help book right now well if you've read any of my blog like that that blog I did every single morning for like eight months there's some I've got to go back in there and categorize at all but it's it's so my I'm gonna turn it oh that's that's gonna be a book I just have to like go back at some point do it because that's eight months worth of you know like that's over a hundred thousand words for sure on that blogger is that one seeking purpose today calm on my website okay we'll put a link in the description cool thank you down below down below where Matt's nipples are wait if they're really that low no I mean they're like they're their normal height now it used to be much longer silly don't you DC said you one day you said you wanted to be serious you want to be wild and crazy' for the last part of the show oh I mean give them give us a wild crazy wild card crazy wild card I don't well alright well that started wearing a wig and licking a sword so you got us in if I'm sorry if there's any chance to be weird III know I make it hard on other people to like have a good time they're like how the fuck am I supposed to like what am I supposed to do with this guy so when you do an interview I gotta ask this one cuz I know how our interview went it was supposed to be testing the mics and then we talked for an hour and then we did the interview and then we talked another hour it was like such a long interview yeah so when you do an interview do you kind of set it up early on before the camera rolls to kind of get yourself out there so they know what to expect from you know do they know what they're getting into I think no I don't think a lot of them do unless they've watched the show and honestly it depends on the person like I like to just go with the room I think a good conversation you have to go with the room you know if you're getting if you're getting feedback of like somebody who's very standoffish I like to I like to try to break the ice with them to make them feel comfortable as much as possible because the show is inevitably about them not me it just it really depends like I've had conversation I've had two hour like I mean like I said we've talked for two hours I think me and DC's was over 50 minutes of the record record time was over 50 minutes I've done some to our interviews it's really just like whatever you want to do like if it's going well let's keep talking you know I'm a fun boy boy all right wild card puppies or kittens pick one and why I'm going for the crazy ones where is that publisher kittens both why can't we have both together I wanna I wanna state clearly that mad condemned kittens who are you gonna condemn David you hate kittens how can you hate kittens oh I hope the burning don't hate I don't hate any living thing or I'm just I'm you know I got to go with the puppies what about mosquitos you don't you like mosquitos I guess they're like food for some things right yeah they are actually they spread so much disease yeah but they've also created dinosaurs for Jurassic Park so whatever yeah come on one use your brain DC oh you've done for that summer without mosquitoes we would have not watched dinosaurs poop we've gotten a couple of them right out of it they're not all good but like oh it didn't have the mosquitos so we wouldn't have any of that I mean we got a Jeff Goldblum to I think that like rocketed is correct sexy Jeff Gould sexy yeah that's true that's me doing the sexy Jeff I got 75 percent transaction or conversion rate Jeff Goldblum because can de do you know what mosquitoes lifespan is it's like a day or something isn't it no it's four months what yeah do you in all that time look it up dude because me and sherry we're talking about insects for some because we have these we have very deep conversations about like cherries your partner my girlfriend girlfriends okay she's my dog I talk to her all the time we talk about mosquitoes and whatnot she doesn't watch anything I do anymore she's like I've heard my family has not even showing any interest in this show dude so I did my my stand-up and my first joke was for my mom I said I sit on stage I wrote this joke for my mom and she loved because I told her it she loved what she hated it but she loved it because I I wrote it and it was uh can I say it yeah you want to is it naughty is it that bad it's just so sexist but it's it's only it's funny because my mom is like the least like she's you know straight-up feminist and like she was like Oh Matt you're so bad this is like I don't know if I cut it just before the punch line that's what I did I know everyone wouldn't do the punch line that's what I didn't say okay no that is this on the on your Twitter though yeah that's that one but okay no I cut it before the punch line Oh so here's another thing like I want like having an opinion like having perspective and being funny are two things one thing I'm worried about is the whole PC movement thing like I'm I'm I love everybody I think everyone has a right to you know do whatever the hell they want it just it's worrisome in comedy when people are get offended when you're obviously telling a joke where I think comedy is so great because it opens the channels of conversation for everything and that's what it was in the beginning it's like and they've done research on comedy like time plus tragedy equals comedy like the longer something like the longer something's happened it was bad and it was an evolutionary trait that has helped us move on from terrible things in our life you know it's like something to help us and we're like getting so butthurt about it I hate that good I'm sorry no I was just gonna offer so no I give where you're coming from right so without a joke and half the audience is offended half the audience my laugh and yeah what I think if you're gonna get big with comedy you kind of have to take both right you don't they're not stopping you from telling the jokes they're just criticizing you for telling them and some people actually like them which is gonna further your career and so you kind of have to take both right you can't have the good without the rest Canada please can you know yeah you know you're a hundred percent right I think that's where a big fear of mine is because I am a hundred percent of people pleaser to like that's been one of my biggest traits like I always like my family didn't like me growing up okay so if you think about that I got one in my family to like me obviously I wanted other kids they liked me obviously so I'm a huge people pleaser I have these opinions and I think Tommy's a great way to do it I am terrified though that like I'm gonna shut these other people out when all I really won't want to do is just make people laugh you know but the intent is I think make I think if we can laugh at what we find so horrendous about ourselves and we realize how small it is they're like you're a woman or you're gay or you're black or whatever like this whatever the thing is that is offensive right some people if we can just realize that we're all just human beings experiencing this thing and those are just like these small little things that shouldn't I know they do but I'm saying that they shouldn't play a part they shouldn't be such a hampering thing and we could just laugh about it and poke fun at each other and just become friends like I I the people who pick on me the most now are my friends like we tear each other apart you can do that with your friends though and that's what I'm saying like if you become friends with other cultures and religions and sexes whatever we can tear each other apart because we love each other it's because we're having fun with each other because we know at the end of the day it's just a mask it's just something we're doing and we're all human beings you know that's my thing that's what I'm that's what I think it's like we're all the same guy have no issue with any other thing I think stereotypes are hilarious I do I know that people can be offended by him so I don't like openly just go attack I'm like I don't attack anybody but I think that we can all laugh with each other I think we can come closer together by like stop thinking so much of ourselves does that make sense and I had to learn that the hard way like I had to learn that by destroying myself over and over again and like being destroyed by other people and thinking words were so important and so powerful and so painful and realizing it's just like it's all it's like pull back like a thousand feet and look how small we are in the picture of things right and just like it's not it's not that big a deal as all I'm trying to say Wow wildcard baby it's I mean we're running out of time Matt I think you got a hard journey ahead of you I understand your opinion I don't I don't think it's gonna be all rainbows and sunshine and people are gonna accept you but if that's what you want to do I think it's like everything else you lean into your fear like you were saying give it a go and you learn from it you move on so so that that's kind of where I'm at I you know we don't we don't see eye to eye perfectly on that but I don't you know you do you and we'll see where it happens I mean I like I like you you're you're good guy so topic right it's like cut to commercial down No so you know like my take on a comedy no it's it's the the PC culture I think that I think it goes both ways actually in a case that people don't want to laugh at stereotypes and like I think there was a period of 15 years where people did laugh a lot at stereotypes because they were satirized they were turned into jokes that for years were actually oppressive and offensively used to pigeonhole people and to actually marginalize people and then there was a period of 15 years where the satire was let's make fun of that marginalizing of people and now we've gotten to a point where it's not satire anymore and people aren't even laughing at the satire of the marginalization and so I think now we've gotten to a point where it's been actually flipped in my opinion and when you call someone out on stereotyping or potentially being racist or sexist or things like that we're getting to the point now where it's that's the offensive thing that's it's offensive to call people that and that's the PC I'm worried about well that's what I'm saying it's all absolutely ridiculous we're all we're all flipped upside down and backwards nobody has a clue which way is up as I'm saying I'm pointing out the absolute absurdity of it is what I mean it's absolutely absurd well you're you're absurd that you you can't use the stereotypes you're upset that you can use the stereotypes as material in your joke you can use it but people are gonna be upset about it and I don't I'm not like mad that they're gonna be upset about it it's just I know that it's going to offend people I just wish it would I wish I could connect people in the way that laughter is supposed to you know that we don't need we should we don't all have to be hurt by everything you don't mean yeah I think one one person's candy is another person's poison you know you kind of look at it that if you give that candy to of someone with diabetes because I'm going to run this analogy and as a damn ground it becomes a poison you know whereas something is like oh I'm gonna have this cool piece of candy and I'm good and so I think that kind of perspective and if you can't connect to them with your comedy you need to show them somehow that you actually have good intent I think that's what people are worried about these days is that they don't know who has good intent and who doesn't I think the right part yeah it is because and that's the thing like if you if you're if you're saying one thing and doing another right like go to your actions telling me right yeah and that's and that's a huge thing obviously but I think pointing to the absurdity of it all the micro transgressions just how sensitive everything is it's it's just I think it's funny how it's how sensitive it all is you know because just coming from a bigger picture it's like we're all the same like it's absurd that we think that because you know somebody likes guys or somebody likes girls or whatever it is it's like we're different it's like that's stupid we're all the same in the absurdity is I'm making fun of one you know like that you have big nipples or whatever it is i gets absurd we're the same person we're the same you know what I mean that's the absurdity of it no I I think we agree with that I think the problem with it is is that we haven't had the same experiences as people that and it doesn't mean that anybody's is worse I think the problem comes in when you have what some would describe as a systemic a whole system that is actually going against them versus yeah I was poor growing up and I made it but I don't compare those two because I wasn't poor because of my skin color I was poor because of where my family lived and where I grew up and some of the choices my family made before me but I wasn't like disenfranchised because of who I was born and I think other people feel that is their experience and stereotypes have some that up in a very quick and dirty way to some extent and joking about those stereotypes and leveraging them basically says that there it invalidates their experience sure and I think the the biggest thing here is is talking from the point of your experience with those stereotypes not like saying I am I I am those theories I very like I know what it's like to be a black person I know it's like to be a woman or whatever it is my experience with those stereotypes and if it's if it's through my lens I mean that's what all comedy is it's through the lens of the comedian themselves of how they see the world then makes the difference if I'm telling a joke from the perspective of a black person well I've never been a black person before you know or you know a woman or any of that so I I have no ground to stand on but it's all it's all the same of being like what's your perspective how do you see the world how are these stereotypes affecting me like I've got a joke about white privilege and like I don't get white privilege I mean I get it white privilege I get it like is personally I get the white privilege I just don't understand it like because white people think I'm stupid but other white guys think I'm dumb like I don't get it from other white people I don't get white privilege from other white people you know so that's what I'm saying it's like from my perspective of it right and I'll just go back because we have gone along on this episode however long hey you do you Matt I know you're good at heart I know you do things with good intent we've we've established that on the show I I think this is gonna be a tough journey for you and I think you're gonna lean into it and I think you're gonna do good things so thanks I really believe that I really do I think we don't have to see eye to eye that's the other side of it yeah we don't have to and we could be civil about it in this in this scenario so yeah I think the biggest thing is making connections and just being allowed to have a conversation about everything cuz that's the point of pointing any differences out is let's talk about it why am i offended by your difference why should I be right like that's the point okay can I also just say I'm so happy that we actually did go long because it was it was actually great watching the discussion go through this sir I really know because you know and I know I'm adding to the show but you know sometimes when we're online we take it just that what's on the screen by them just us three sitting out here you two especially in the last 10 minutes having that discussion you know you guys just listen to each other and that's fantastic and I don't think that always happens which I do think is kind of sums up a lot of what we've been talking about today so yeah yeah I like I like catchphrases you can simultaneously respect someone and hold them to the highest standard I think that's what people forget these days is that they think if you respect someone you got to give them breaks and I think if we all respected each other and held each other to a high standard it doesn't mean we always like each other it doesn't mean we always get along but we respect each other we hold that high standard even to our friends we hold it to our enemies we hold it to everyone I think that's when you know you can't have good meaningful relationships with people and and help inspire them and help make them the best person they can be yeah I truly believe that every human being is my teacher like when I opened myself up to that possibility like everyone has something they can teach me it's it's absolutely arrogant of me to believe that I can't learn from somebody else you know it's just yeah it's beautiful it's been fun motions yeah I know I'm sorry I think meand it absolutely a dive-bomb the compensation on that no let's do this episode still but that's okay no we get like an average yeah whatever no use man you guys are killing it do alright so I want to we're gonna skip shoutouts it's way too late for all that Matt thank you thank you yeah coming on thank you for interviewing me months ago and give me the confidence to do a YouTube channel myself you did that that was that was you were a big inspiration and thank you David as always and thanks as well to Matt for everything you've done and not just with YouTube but just on the Twitter community and bringing members of the community together it's fantastic and every time we have these conversations I'm always kind of just like impressed with your openness openness and honesty and I always appreciate that about you so thanks man awesome yeah thank you very much for being on the show man yeah thank you haven't I'll never be invited back no serious talks no thanks everyone and we'll see you later thanks bye

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