Unlikely lines from a romantic novel | Mock the Week – BBC

50 thoughts on “Unlikely lines from a romantic novel | Mock the Week – BBC

  1. Amy's eyes lit up as Marcus dropped to one knee; the poison was working.

  2. Fuck me I dread to think of what this show would become without Hugh Dennis and Milton Jones

  3. I demand a melodramatic novella. The sailer, The Pirate….And The Light House Keeper!

  4. The thumbnail looks like a family game of Charades that Glen wasn't expecting, but Kerry and Ed are completely deaf to their Dad's fucked-up guesses.

  5. I'd like to hear more of Milton Jones' "Chronicles of the Lighthouse Keeper"

  6. ''He thought that he had found the love his life until she said ''I used to be man''

  7. ''He took her out to dinner. He wasn't sure whether or not to ask her the ultimate question that he'd been dying to ask her for months. He finally plucked up the courage and said ''Would you like to try anal?''

  8. ''Come runs lets runaway together he said. She said that's a great idea but the police will eventually find us and you will become a convicted paedophile''

  9. I see they’re copying “whose line is it anyways” …great show tho

  10. when you find out there is not a romantic novel about a lighthouse keeper:
    reality is often disappointing

  11. I gripped her hand, tightly. “Now” I said, “Where’s the rest of your body gone?”

  12. 2:30. "Our relationship is on the rocks…" Hahaha!!! Perfectly delivered.

  13. Absolutely top-notch clip, everyone was in particularly fine form – especially Kerry and Milton!

  14. That bit about the light.
    I was like how is a light funny?
    Then the punch line

  15. "The Lighthouse Keeper," the new romantic sensation from Milton Jones.

  16. What is going on? A full clip without the BBCs usual leftwing BS. I bet they were dying to through a Trump insult in there somewhere

  17. Why do they pretend it's ad libbed when the whole show is obviously scripted.

  18. Man, that lighthouse keeper should really try to date someone else

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