Untapped Motivation: A Poem by Ashlee Haze

When is the last time you chose YOU? Gave yourself permission
to say yes and mean it? How many times have you
told yourself “No?” Explained how you could never do it? Yesterday in algebra? Last
week at basketball tryouts? Whenever it was that you last doubted yourselfand said it just wasn’t worth it… let that be the last time. Let today be the day
when you say “Yes.” Let today be the day when you say, “Look at this survival and
how I am still here.” “Look at me and how I am not my
past and or my surroundings.” “Look at this rose that has
grown from the concrete and is still beautiful
despite it’s thorns.” I have known the feeling of
thinking you’re not enough or thinking that this
is as good as it gets. I used to tell myself that no one
wanted to hear what I had to say. But look at me now. And look at this voice and how it is
more than I ever I thought it could be. Did you know that you are a poem? Have you seen the
feet of a ballerina? Have you seen how much bending and
bruising it takes to be graceful? Choose the hard work. Choose the road less traveled. Choose the people who love you
even when you don’t feel lovable. You want to know what I think? I think that you are what
makes this world go round. I think that you have the power
to be your own masterpiece. I think that you have
loads of potential. I think it’s just UNTAPPED. So look inside yourself
and tell me… What will you be today? What will you all be today?

60 thoughts on “Untapped Motivation: A Poem by Ashlee Haze

  1. loved seeing myself in this amazing video 🙂 will semi finalists still receive the finalists email today? 

  2. I loved this, I wish I could've been a part of it. Although I probably got the email

  3. I sent about 8 pics of me. I didn't see them in it tho. It's ok I loved the video❤️

  4. Saw my self as well 😀 I really cried. I'm never going to stop dancing, never.

  5. This is amazing. Thank you for your hard work. Wow. And thank you for featuring my photo. <3

  6. Found myself multiple times. Thank you for this inspirational video, can't wait to share with friends! 1:16 💜

  7. I saw me (: this is an amazing video , love the girl speaking. Thank you for including us !

  8. I didn't get a close up but I did see my picture, this is so inspirational and it is great that you included real people!

  9. Great work!!!! What day will the semi-finalist receive their emails regarding the 20 finalist? 

  10. Awwww this video is sooo inspirational! Toood bad I didn't see myself there I sent about 5 pictures. Oh well, but really really great video!!!!!

  11. Loved the poem. Very inspiring! So grateful to be apart of it. Can't wait to see the movie! ☺️

  12. WOW. What an amazing video, what an amazing poem. Seriously, what. an. amazing. poem.

  13. Amazing poem and video! Greetings from a dreamer, dancer and inspirational girl of venezuela 💛💙💔

  14. I am just blown away!  So powerful, so true, so heartfelt, so inspirational, so needed.  Thank you, just… thank you. 

  15. Such an inspirational video, my daughter is on that board somewhere.  She is very small for her age and that can be hard on her self-esteem at times.  But she loves dance and puts her heart in it. She was beyond excited to be chosen as a semi finalist and no matter what the finalists’ outcome is Untapped has ignited her love for dance even more. Thank you!

  16. Beautiful Poem. Ashlee Haze said everything perfectly. I loved seeing my photo in there! Made my day! 🙂

  17. Such an amazing video,so inspiring. Going to watch this everyday! Thank you for using my picture!! Thank you!

  18. I was little confused about which picture to send and now i missed it.. 🙁

  19. I cannot get over how much this moves me and the beauty of loving and encouraging yourself. I get choked up and teary eyed every time. This poem has so much love and heart and I loved her delivery. Self love is the most important. I have listened to this at least once a day since I heard it days ago. This will stay apart of my morning listening routine as I prepare to make myself and my day great. I will be great today! Much love to you Ashlee from Nashville, TN!

  20. hi guys i didn't quite get what ashlee said at 1:39 "did you know you are a ????" hope you don't mind explaining to me. thank you and good work, brilliant.

  21. How can I contact someone involved in the movement? I have a story I need to share.

  22. Wow. This poem was the most inspiring, most beautiful thing I have watched and I have showed it to everyone I know coz this poem needs to be recognised, so thank you

  23. I love this video.  My daughter is 7 and saw this video with me that her tears came down.  Thank You @untrappedmovement

  24. I found this poem a while back and showed my teachers. They we immediately in love with it, so much in fact that I am now in a trio where we will be performing a spoken word piece to this poem. The dance has brought tears to not only the parents of dancers at my studio, but also some dancers. Thank you for sharing this poem with the world.

  25. I saw this video 3 times, and I can't stop crying , thank you untapped for this amazing video

  26. I love this u inspired me so much to continue my dancing after my friend made fun of me dancing. Thank you so much

  27. i just wanted to say how inspiring this poem is. i recentley overcame a eating disorder and i bawled when i first heard this. this gave me the strength to beat it and i just wanted to say thank you.

  28. This poem is the story of my life. 💞✌🏼️🙏🏼💁🏼🎀💜

  29. This inspired me to be louder in cheer leading because I was the quiet one but now today I will not be known as the quiet one but I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration

  30. 😥so inspiring. I chose this song for a dance that I have to do t school it's lyrical

  31. Thank you forever for the movement you've created. I am a dancer…was a dancer. I lost my change to dance 13 months ago when a career ending injury hit me in the face. I finally started to take dance seriously, as something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. After the injury, 2 surgeries, and countless hours of therapy, I just wanted to quit dance as I felt that it was taken away so suddenly and unfairly. But now, I'm working on gaining what I want so badly back, and that's to dance again. I WILL get it back, I will train for the rest of my life if I just get the one opportunity to step into the studio again that I so desperately want. Thank you for your movement, as it inspires me and so many other girls. I appreciate it dearly.

  32. Can anyone tell me the name of the song song playing at the back?

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