Unused Transformers Characters & Concepts w/ Writers James Roberts & Nick Roche

I have two questions the first one is if you had had more time to continue are there any other characters or concepts or settings that you would have wanted to work in no no I feel I've ticked a lot of boxes just from an art point of view I got to design my favorite characters I got the design hot rod twice and got the Grimm Larkin and spring her and cup and and so kind of I feel like you kind of got to draw everyone that's gone away oftentimes I was away from transformers looking to do other things because they're sort of like sort of scratch the itch I mean I could write them all forever but sometimes when people do a good job you don't want to write those things anymore because you sort like I like they've done it it's not like they've done what I've wanted to do but they've done something I'm happy with especially the last few years with James and John and Mary great they've sort of the desire to sort of go I wanna I should be writing Transformers it's kind of left me a little bit because I'm sort of like no I wanted to write transformers when I felt you know I could do it better than other people and this is so much so much cheaper than the therapy session isn't it yeah but I think it's gonna cost me a lot more and I didn't I don't you know I don't necessary feel that one kind of the guys I'm there so I think I'm going out happy I think I've kind of ticked everyone off though I would like not it yeah I took them off I also take that one off and there was there was a few projects that were or yeah a few projects that never really came to be for various reasons some people in the room will know more about this but yeah there was there was a one stage discussions around a sort of miniseries like like it was a series of standalone stories set within certainly IDW universe but but specifically the you know more than meets the eye storyline past present and future and got a spirit as far as the pitching stage and it would have been stuff like there would've been a skids and get away storyline that would have been and possibly some notwithstanding what I just said some some other some alternate universe stuff there was even talk of like um like a you high school with certain characters like that and there would have been what else there were no means no not directly super heroics but you just just playing with the playing with the concept because that point the characters were well-established enough to be able to be a bit more durable close to home I've talked about season three or season full stuff that didn't happen darhk's Arbitron rewrote some storylines and in particular how brainstorms arc was gonna play out not the time travel travel stuff that was always there but um they was going to be running with the loss light was gonna be impounded by these characters by the improbability police who and this is this is unashamedly sore Morrison desk but and it would have annoyed some people cuz it would have been to matter but basically this would have been post time travel and the the the charge would have been you know essentially in layman's terms the stuff you're doing is just too contrived and they would have so they would have stood trial for that and I watch Magnus would have argued they'd have been accused of unusual crime of unlikely crimes and misdemeanors and Ultra Magnus would have would have got them off by arguing that the charges themselves were too far-fetched so thanks and then sort of little concepts that never extend beyond the notebook you know such as like just like a an arms race but with teleporting weapons and things you could teleport into other people and stuff it's just yeah so little things that you never really could work up into anything and my other question is what do you think happened between crankcase and his dire wraiths boyfriend after they parted ways cons forever well you've got a lot of fun think about that when you that's my regret that cons forever never got sort of to come back so and kind of finish his arc they lived happily every well yeah let's do in touch they stay in touch no they'd yeah that we get because these shack up with wind sweeper [Laughter] you

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