Uploading Questions to Blackboard

to be in writing questions off the line
but with a spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel or Google sheets to work
through a browser for the purpose of this tree I’m using Google sheet which
is very similar to using Microsoft Excel I will explain in some detail any minor
differences as they occur as we progressed through this screencast you
might also when you began writing your questions offline upload want to create PDF files released
on Black word we just title blackboard upload question or nets and have it
handy as a reference as you create questions so lets you can wear on our
streets and the file but we want to create should not change so will begin
entering tested in cell one now and sell a 10 percent were going so well in all
caps afterward that what follows is an essay
question was redone tight we’re going to press the Tab key on your keyboard which
will tap us to sell be one once we’re there we begin typing the verbiage for
our essay question the court now when I’m done typing I want to tag yet again
to sell see you want but this now say I am finished with this essay question
that three steps es por si tab tape verbiage of the question and to say
let’s do it let’s go to sell a two and now we’re still in question so a tumor
in the Type F I E fill in the blank we’re going tab and we are now in the Burg fill in the
blank question to you is under that blanket there is a huge students that’s
where the selected answer I’m gonna tell again and now I start typing my possible
answers when I hear another possible under one more in tapping again when I
finished now I have the auction entering up to 20 potential answers to
this question let’s do one more questions to go to 83 and now we’re
gonna do a matching so we begin by taking a.m. et it now we enter our match
in question which car model to continue sure and I tap again now with a
one-to-one relationship to answers which must match to be correct so it’s
important when you’re creating is that you typed answers why they’re so that black world knows
that the relationship has been established for example I’m going to
take Forester Subaru so they’ve been entered one after the other showing that they are correct I tap I
could put in another choice tab for when I finish I began to complete the
creation of this national question now again I could enter up to 20 possible
combinations as potential answers now going to my Google spreadsheet idle it just as you would sell now if
you are using Excel when you go to see this I you’re going to go I’ll just say
that and it’s very important that you choose File Save as type which free
texts and in parentheses tab delimited so again using Excel you must save the
file type text tab delimited here on Google sheet I have to download as a tab
she so that’s going to put it in my download and we have now finished
repairing this sample sheet so we’re going back into black word we’re going
to locate the test where we want these questions to be present we are going to
choose the Chevron side that test and edit Xtreme launches we now are going to
choose the option to upload questions when I’m on the upload questions
greenest important things I have to do first is to browse for the file now my
my town / there is she was it so you’re gonna do the same thing on your local
file select it and it should show right here on the set an important thing I
have to hurry to do is to assign the quite possible question if you do not
value in this field blackboard will by default said it’s
zero and then you can manually corrected later on the tests can you want to fill
in for you right now it’s a little bit so when those two things are done gonna
click Submit banner which clarifies that the question upload was successful I’m now on this test can I scroll down
to shoot see my essay question my fill in the blank and my match yeah it’s very
important to point out to you that you can still these questions so if there’s
something that I want change I would simply click the Chevron and get the
questions I can also delete it questioned if I wish simply by selecting
it scrolling to the bottom of the test cram
selecting Delete I will need to confirm the deletion and that question has
remained so what should become familiar with the parameters creating question
I’ll uploading the questions is relatively simple and can be an easy way
to create custom test where this concludes our story or uploading
questions to Blackboard test assessment

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