UPN – eeaile Undertanding cultures and literature through African American folktales

well today we're going to discuss someone to talk about culture what do you think the people doesn't want you to change the culture what do you think is this what kind of animals rooster is in the right context clues a close that they are producing the text to find the meaning of difficult word or something you can understand for a better comprehension of the Texas of the context what's the title of story what is a word from the title that you don't know why wind wind is a air moving now where comes is an old word and it means brother brother bear what up brother tiger alright so do you remember the animals I show you at the beginning those are those animals are the the characters in story in the story what kinds of big wins do you know okay so I want you to find the difference of each of its phenomena right I want you to read in silence the first two paragraphs in this place is worth any month half of the food that they can eat but one year and the Sun is like all right ballpark what does that mean we are talking about the field of evening playing that they were thinking they okay well in one place it stays up very touchy can you mention avoid you know the word but the others do they know that you know tell me what's fun about this you got right just three lines about what do you think production cruel reality the creatures go to the tree between us they share the being very hard to die the country they eat but then they done things with the picture because they yes and then I went picture go out find something gives up the great big they move Tiger legally under the great estate night and eat you up I did you come here all the creatures back off and crew to the edge of the woods and sat there with miss Ramirez it's not right for one animal to eat it all and the dressing up nothing come here come close to tell me something so inviting that you're standing there so you got to describe what you can see when you can listen and you can feel you what what do you think though Brer Rabbit represents in real life maybe there's no bear before they break kickin 13 a big shoulder and to his place and we are talking about a Bengal tiger the Northeast there so how will people also yesterday about the slavery here so we can see the mixture not natural or real that would be story on this case 14 will be fine and why do you think so as we distant future has to change for homework I wanted to develop a character you wait wait oh great we can use some of the cyclone cure for a tiger if we do that Brer Tiger will be sterile and only in that way he is going to give out food we need to very many people the biggest ones are going to produce the Sun with my rod that littles what we are like you are scared and you are going to scare to that tiny help me yeah it's great that Tiger is going to be the animal to start laying this out and retire is hard to be confused what happy as I can is gone

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