UPSC CSE-English Literature- How To Prepare For Great Marks

hi guys this is harsh barrage I am doing this presentation as I received a lot of requests from you guys about how to prepare for initiative project for your UPC CSC so if you've based in my videos a lot of students have made up their minds to pick English oppression as optional because I talked about why it's one of the best options to pick and can be really good in terms of scoring so I have convinced you a lot to take it now I will help you in understanding how to prepare without a teacher or a coaching guidance so this is this is a self-study preparation strategy okay and I will stress this before we move any further it is possible to do self-study with English literature optional if you have studied it at the PG level or an undergraduate level or you have some sort of experience of indigenous culture then it is very much possible and you should be able to cover it but if you do not have any experience of studying in this literature academically then it can be a bit tricky even though with whether you have an experience with English literature or you don't have an experience I highly recommend that you find a teacher or a mentor highly recommended and that can be the difference between the double-digits core and the triple digits core okay so you please think about it seriously now what is the absolute basic minimum objective of self-study for any optional will be English literature or any you got to finish the syllabus and full and by that I mean that you need to read each and every text prescribed and we not even you're not talking about the background stuff but at least finished unabridged text in full make your assumptions think about them and and make your opinions to be able to write answers so this is the number one agenda a lot of students do not finish the syllabus they rely on the summaries they just skip through some some some text which they find which was defined boring or big but you've got to read them at least once ideally twice but at least once now how will you what most of you have asked what is the study material and where are the notes and all that so the study material the best study material is the the list of texts a list of original text so I've divided this section of study method into three parts one is what you must have one is you can consult if needed and then some recommended background topics so as opposed to some people suggesting a lot of books for the background topics or or the or the conceptual topics I am NOT going to ask you to go and read big books so in the must-have section you must read the original unabridged text I will not give you which publishers or which editions Norton is good Norton worldview is pretty good if you can get your hands on them any any any any publisher or any Edition that has a forward or an introduction or the preface written by an eminent scholar so that will kind of reveal a lot about the text so any text which has a good introduction or a forward or a preface you can get any history witness to touch a text they are plenty of resources on the net but if you can get it get a book any simple book walk into a bookstore and take a feel of the language of multiple books and pick up one that you are comfortable with past your questions obviously you can get it from the net if needed if you need to consult and know more about critical theory you can get of history of critical theory of criticism or any basic book that just gives you basic definitions and applicable strategies of various theories you can also consult university summary notes if you are really stuck but do not start with these please do not start with some of the notes read the text first try to figure it out yourself and then if you must then you go to these notes because these university notes are actually really poor quality I won't name any publisher or an author but they are really bad so they only serve if you really stuck and you cannot make any sense of the text online the sources you can use topic wise background topics I would say you will need it for your GS anyway social politics of Europe 1600 1950s some background for about the British Empire and understanding of the Bible would really help you understand a lot of things so if you can do a little crash course in these topics so now what about the notes should I make notes should I note the answer is yes or no you should not make notes the way you will you are you do make notes for the GS or other optionals like those lending in written answers and you know don't do that do make you note smartly and I'm giving you the tool use Google Drive use ms word and use find somebody you can review your notes with so find it nobody so for every text or every authority we make one ms world file okay and we will say that all of them in Google Drive and ideally we will share those files with our note buddy or buddies now how do you make smart notes one solve past your questions by hand and then write them down on your word file make a character sketch plot event sketch for every text make a file make a list of terminology phrases and important codes and also do short notes of different concepts we try and figure them out in the next and the next slides so posterior questions why because past your questions I cover all possible major concepts so they cover a wide web background they also give you a feel of the question types are better asked 2016 onwards the pattern has changed so so to do look at 2016 and 2017 which is coming how do you use this first you write the answers by hand practice the word limit time limit this is very crucial then you type them in word get it reviewed by a peer or a tutor again the importance of a tutor or a or a mentor and then use this file as a go to revision file when you come back to revise so this is very crucial character plot sketch this is kind of a ready reckoner file when you are coming back to revise or this is also kind of when you read a text you want to know write down what you understand and it organizes your textual facts of the matter of the book and again it's a quick revision file it's very very handy so you make a list of major characters you add important actions done to them or done by them and you add important quotes and you write your own opinion of each character and what do you think about that character and why this is very crucial terminology and key phrases this makes your answer is very specific right and again it's separate pretty important velocity to have how you do it you collect key conceptual phrases like in Cantabria if you read Canterbury Hari katha Stull bran satyagraha Bolton versus Gandhian values these are the key specific phrases relevant to this text so if you throw in these phrases in your answers it will make it make your answers much more effective and this is where you collect your key codes as well now short note concepts is again understand because every text will have some conceptual questions three to four for example in Passage to India the conceptual is the post-colonial theory and the application of post-colonial theory so for example you need to understand what Venice is or you need to understand the romantic poetry when you're doing Wordsworth you need to understand what Elizabeth and drama is when you'll be doing the stream of consciousness when we will be doing Virginia Woolf and James Joyce so very short notes of the concepts use the Internet use the critical theory book whatever make these notes understand them while you reading the book a final tips first of all finish please please please finish the syllabus in full four to five months maintain your notes practice answer writing by hand watch your speed revise the syllabus notes once before prelims after it Williams go through notes and write all answers again no need to read text if you follow my advice so guys thanks a lot that's me and good luck for your preparation any questions please ask me in the comments bye bye

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