Urs Fischer for Miss Dior – Love N’Roses Exhibition Shanghai

I was looking for an image that can be altered Rather than starting with a pure like a block of material like in this case, a block of plaster thing You start with a thing we all know and that thing gets altered and undergoes any changes So everybody that interacts with it in any form You could heal it, You could destroy it You could make it your own But it becomes a flexible thing and there is no beginning, there is no end This is just always the state things are in I do like represent almost like an icon of intimacy in Rodin’s The Kiss And once all the people enter this intimacy you make an outdrive mess out of it Scent is the most mysterious of all our senses Perfume that very much is there as to communicate It’s kind of like, you know, people used to recite poems You could think of a perfume in this way I always enjoy tradition and craftsmanship and connoisseurship and quality I think the house of Dior is one of the few big traditional fashion houses I like their places where people don’t stop till it’s as good as what they can do

2 thoughts on “Urs Fischer for Miss Dior – Love N’Roses Exhibition Shanghai

  1. Love Rodin & Camille Claudel 🌺thank you Mr Fischer thank you DIOR 🌺

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