US drunk on power heading for trouble in Iran: Writer

this latest ruffle in the feathers of the Trump regime is interesting not sure how much it means that first surface color Venezuela that he was mad that Bolton was trying to you know get him into a war in Venezuela which is what exactly he's trying to do and now it's happening with Iran on a much larger and much more dangerous scale the question is why you know why Trump wouldn't have known that he hired the two craziest people in the whole Imperial stable to run his foreign policy you know and it's um he's desperately trying to do two things you'll please his base which is America is great we're the best military everyone does what we say and like common sense which is these these foreign wars are costly and dangerous and regime changes is stupid policy but you know he doesn't it really doesn't matter and I've kind of long ago given up the idea of analyzing Trump's behavior as a human being you know it turns out he's just another puppet like all US presidents it's just that he's yanking kind of clumsily at the strings whereas Obama kind of you know turned of sprinkling into a neat dance and you couldn't tell who was who but the real real important thing here is whether it's a good cop bad cop routine Trump says oh you better call me or my my advisors are going to go crazy I have no control over them or if an actual policy debate it kind of underlies the fact that there is no actual difference of opinion in the whole spectrum of the imperial elite on both sides of the political aisle both fake capitalist parties all the candidates running for president none of well except Mike Gravel is the only one who actually thinks war is bad it's an it's incredible how how stupid and dangerous the American political elite is and how out of touch Americans are this is you know from Venezuela to Iran this idea of white supremacy gone crazy that nobody has the right to challenge us exceptional power and the this also leads into the revival of the Yellow Peril another racist trope against China this clash of civilizations and all that you know this this old old racist rhetoric that just won't die because the system is ruled by this 10% you know and they absolute absolutely cannot tolerate the 90% getting any control or any dignity or any power at all and so they are doubling down on us hegemony the the real problem is that Americans don't suffer from the wars that they initiate and prosecute there's an interesting statistic about you know Russian generals is was in the Battle of la miskova the Russians lost 70 generals in one day in world war ii and on the US side since the beginning of world war ii all throughout all these wars only something like 20 or 25 generals on the US side have died in action it just doesn't hit americans and so they will keep doing it and it's it's quite scary but i think that the world is waking up to it certainly are in it can't do anything doesn't deal to be had they don't they haven't done anything except assert their sovereignty and at some point Europe might be itching to get away from the yoke of the United States Spain took back its destroyer one British general said this this is crap there's no threat but you know the bottom line is I leave it at this and when Trump is the voice of reason you know we're in pretty deep shit

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  1. Please put a vdeo out on Israel bombing of Damas yesterday Friday May 17th 2019 at 10 pm. Thanks

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