US National Anthem with Lyrics

American National Anthem [Star Spangled Music]
Oh, Say can you see [US National Anthem Music]
By the dawn’s early light [American National Anthem Music]
What so proudly we hailed [US Anthem Music]
What so proudly we hailed [American Anthem Music] [American Flag]
at the twilight last gleaming [USA National Anthem Music][American Troops Marching]
Whose broad strips are bright stars [National Anthem of USA Music][Picture]
Thru the perilous fight [United States National Anthem Music] [US Flag]
O’er the ramparts we watched [American Anthem Lyrics][Statue at Pensylvenia]
Were so gallantly streaming? [Music Star Spangled Banner Words]
And the rocket’s red glare [Music Band US National Anthem]
the boms bursinting in air [United States of America Anthem Music]
Gave Proof thru the night [Music For Star Spangled Banner][Amrican Flag At Washington DC
that our flag was still there. [Music Anerican Anthem][Video Horses Running]
Oh, say does that star-spangled [US Anthem Music][United States Flag]
banner yet wave [Music US Anthem Lyrics][American Eagle] O’er the land of the free [Music American National Hymn][Fireworks and USA Flag]
and the home of the brave?

97 thoughts on “US National Anthem with Lyrics

  1. Hey good work on producing the Star Spangled Banner US national anthem. It is almost like watching the movie. Great work.

  2. Love the way you had produced the American national anthem. Can you produce the Italian national anthem?

  3. happy independence day and god bless america thanks to all of the soliders that helped our country

  4. Where the hell is the most important part?

    O, thus be it ever when freemen shall stand,
    Between their loved home and the war's desolation!
    Blest with victory and peace, may the heav'n-rescued land
    Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto: "In God is our trust"
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

  5. There needs to be a ritardando at the part that goes, " O'er the land of the "free", ritardando on the free. Besides that, it was fine 🙂


  7. i hope it was also 4th of july in our country..our is 4th of june…anyway…
    Respect from Philippines……God Bless America

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  9. I LOVE the American national anthem even tho I'm Canadian. I just learn the word to it.

  10. from sweden here. love ths anthem almoste shed a tear everytime singin it.. man i really want to the us of a from this hellhole called sweden..

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  14. Dude….Russia is a piece of shit country. haha. Even China surpasses you. You are on an American site watching the US anthem bitching that mother Russia is the best. We could shit on you so easily it's not even funny.

  15. At the end of the day, you won't die if you have your own opinions.
    (actually, you will, until Obama is removed from office)

  16. I shit in all USA… USA is not America, America is all the continent. you fat burger eaters are the worst trash. I spit,poop and wipe my ass with all USA 's flag. You are only junkies that cause war in all the world just to rob wealth from a country. The world would be much better without USA. You feel like a big shit but all you have is because of robbery and murders.
    Fuck you thiefs!!!

  17. your a goddam terrist jim and a freaking fagot and got hate's you bles the usa pray the lord

  18. yeah one of the strongest when it comes to corruption and supressing your own ppl, glad my family left in time (1917) before things got worse

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  22. I still know it affter 7 months and i occasionaly am just singing it . No offense but mostly on toilet o_o

  23. lol Thats like a poking a Vicious cat don't make fun of their flag or anthem unless you ready for hate

  24. lol Sucker Are You learning it in American bias history class were they think that they won the war of 1812 even thow we successfully deafened our land
    If your not American are you Canadian or what .

  25. lol like in Iraq right opps rough counry sorry lol I miss the us before 9/11 much better place no war less racist/terrified Americans ( p.s A good way to get out of your huge dept is to declare war and make jobs via makeing artillery shells and gun rounds)

  26. though you were canadian why are you learning the American anthem if you don't even live in North America

  27. Why go to the us When you could go so many places Like canada or Australia. canada is my home and Australia is my dream to visit

  28. I do not find Australia interesting …. Canada on the other hand is OK . But still my dream to visit are United States …

  29. the thing is … there was and allways will be war. Especialy now when there is the overpopulation.

  30. MY dream is to visit autrialia Canada Well ive been here to long Ontario to boring . what part of the USA becaue the northern states is the same as the main part of canada and the only thing thrilling about the states other then Florida , California and new york is the risk of geting shot when you complain about stuff im always on edge in the states

  31. american anthem is brilliant, I am from england and going to the Florida in 10days see you soon america and god bless 🙂

  32. I feel like the american anthem should be changed to 'Murica! f**k yeah! (Not really, I really like this song even though i'm not american, not the lyrics though.)


  34. I remember when this was played in tv every night when the stations went off air.I miss the good days.Cause these days are so bad.America needs help.Thats why in voting for Donald Trump.God bless America 🇺🇸✌🏻️

  35. I'm doing it for choir for my choir performance on the 16th and I had practice and pretty much every single day and I also have practice my play practice but I have been pretty busy but I love this song every time I play it just reminds me of my friends that are in their own army or Airforce or whatever it's just I feel bad people because people don't have homes and care about them so yeah I am hoping you guys are congratulating me for me singing the National Anthem with my choir thank you

  36. I hope you guys give me a good luck to me and everybody else whoever is singing thank you

  37. I feel so proud listening to the nation anthem. I'm American.

  38. What's with the question mark at the end.

    Yes most likely brave refers to the Indians.., after a dozen westerns all featuring Indian episodes, seems like the Indians called a class of their tribe braves.

  39. I have to sing this at the next basketball game, which is next week… 😓

  40. 1:19 no you didn't just put a question mark behind brave did you? That is disrespectful OH YEAH YEAH Stupid we are the brave.

  41. The US national anthem is garbage. Seriously, Germany, the USSR, and even Canada (barely) are better.

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