US Senator from Arkansas Tin Cotton authors Sacred Duty

hi I am Valtor bTW I am the host and the visionary of that celebrity interview why thank you so much for joining us and I want my audience to know that Senator Tom cotton is the United States Senator from Arkansas he served in Iraq and he's here to talk about his new book senator cotton thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to talk about sacred duties a soldiers tour in Arlington National Cemetery give us some details give us some details about the book well thanks Felder and thanks for your interest in sacred duty sacred duty is the story of the old guard of Arlington the 3rd US Infantry Regiment the oldest Regiment in the United States Army going back to 1784 for 160 years it fought in all of our country's major conflicts like the mexican-american war in the Civil War and some of our most iconic battles like the First Battle of Bull Run down to the Battle of Gettysburg but for the last 71 years the old guard has been stationed at our most sacred ground Arlington National Cemetery where it performs military honor funerals and guards the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and performs and world famous ceremonies like presidential inaugurations and I served in the old guard in 2007 and 2008 between my tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and I used that experience as well as my time back at the cemetery in Fort Myer last year researching sacred duty to tell a grateful nation what these young men and women do on their behalf inside of Arlington as we have a generation who really don't know all of this is that why you wrote the book what do you want us to know about this well one thing that I've seen when our Kansans visit me in Washington they tell me that Arlington is their favorite stop in our Capital Region and as I travel the country so many people ask me about my time at the old guard not my time in Iraq and Afghanistan somewhat surprisingly but there's never really been a good book that tells the story of the old guard and what those young soldiers do on their behalf so I wanted to share their story to the American people on whose behalf they act because I think it's a great story to know and it's truly inspiring and it reminds of all the things that we hold dear and in common even while we have a lot of disagreements about politics or viewpoints or what-have-you your book talks about honor and sacrifice those words or past say is what I read on on Facebook why do we believe that we need to know more about honor and and commitment and sacrifice day in time they certainly aren't passe in Arlington or even among our military serving around the world these are the very finest young men and women our nation have and they defend our freedom they keep us safe and sadly some of them lay down the ultimate sacrifice you can see that when you go to Arlington no matter one's viewpoints no matter one's political parties in Arlington the air of reverence respect and even love it is palpable and that's what I write about in sacred duty is how a unit like the old guard our place like they are our place like Arlington National Cemetery helps remind us of what we all have in common and what we all hold dear as a nation things like honor and duty sacrifice and service I want to thank you for talking about it I want to thank you for bringing those words into our view because I think they need to be heard more it's not a part of our daily language and it needs to be a part of our daily language you were in a military you told us that what type of person did the military help you become well I'm much better for having served in the Army as any young man or young woman will be much better for having served nur and our military it teaches you tangible skills to be sure many people leave the Army as pilots and go work as pilots or truck drivers or fuel handlers or computer specialists but more than that it teaches you intangible lessons things like discipline and mission focus teamwork attention to detail in making decisions with high stakes and ambiguous information that's one reason why so many employers prefer to hire veterans even if those veterans have no experience in their particular line of business because they know the quality and the character of young man and young woman who comes out of our military your senator from Arkansas you we are at a point in our government where it's really really challenging what do you bring to the role of being a senator from Arkansas if you would briefly share that with me the Senate's an unusual place there's only 100 senators too from each state it's the one place where a relatively small state like Arkansas can have an equal voice with very large states like California and New York so I try to bring the voice of Arkansas to the United States Senate to make sure that the voice from the heartland from working men and women all across our state is well represented in Washington DC in some ways the United States Senate is the one place where their voices can be heard it's a great honor to be able to do that and I'm thankful for the people of Arkansas for trusting me to be their voice in the United States Senate well we're thankful were you serving because this is another form of service and I think I see the military in that you want to continue to serve your country so we thank you and we honor you for that the book is called sacred duty a soldier's tour of Arlington National Cemetery you can get it wherever books are sold senator cotton is a place online you want to say my audience well Valdres you said you can get anywhere books ourselves and go to Amazon Walmart Barnes Noble your local bookstore clubs like Sam's and Costco I think all of your audience will enjoy sacred duty if they want to pick up a copy I think we will thank you so much Senator Tom cotton I really appreciate you talking about the book and writing the book be blessed thanks Valtor hi I'm Bounderby be I host the Valerie BB show broadcast on radio and television and this is my phone pouch my phone pouch is a great invention it allows me to go hands-free pocket free purse free even belfry head on over to my phone pouch calm

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