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We are known because of our paunch Sir.. Sir, has arrived – Sir! Sir. – Hail of lndia! Hail of lndia! Wow. East or west, this place is the best. The wise have been right.
There’s no place like home. This is where l always feel like home. Sir, l think you love this place. The only difference in maternal and
paternal uncles is the way they think. Yes One’s your mother’s brother-in-law
and the other your father’s This is how differently
you and l think You think this is a jail. Whereas l think of this as my home. Think about it. lf even after getting paid such lucrative
salaries you think of it as jail.. would those innocent ones feel
who have been in there since ages. Being a jailer,
you love your prisoners so much l have always seen the
violent side of the police. This is the first time l
am seeing their affectionate side. Bahadur Singh. – Sir. A mother keeps a child
in her womb only for nine months. And see how much she loves them. l have kept them here for 19 years.. So think how much
attached l am with them. They are rotting in
here and not being released. l am sure there might
be other officers like me.. ..who love their prisoners,
but they cannot show it. Because this is what everyone
is taught during the training.. ..that you have to even suspect your
wife even if you bad intentions for her. Anyway, l don’t have a wife. Hence, l give my wife’s
share of love also to them. What? – Yes You too should love these so-called
prisoners like your cousins – Okay. Sir, one of them is my real cousin. l had told you about him. Oh, very good. And you two too. Get all your cousins who are
in different prisons transferred here. So that we can make them feel at home. Yes sir. – That is great, sir. Sir, if we take the population
into consideration.. ..mothers should first
of all stop giving birth to sons But if they do,
they should give birth.. sons like the great
jailer Jolawar Singh Johal. lt’s not easy to give birth
to sons like Jolawar Singh Johal. l know what my mother had
to go through to give birth to me. My mother went to every
possible temple, mosque, church. My mother waited for 21 years
to have a child. 21 long years Then, sir? When she turned 22,
she got married to my father. And that’s when Jolawar
Singh came into this world. Shut up. Work during working hours
and joke during your free time. Never forget these three things Jolawar Singh Johal. Sir, you keep an amazing balance
between affection and strictness l don’t think any prisoner
has every escaped from your prison. Tulsidas,
l sometimes like what you say. You are talking about running away? Forget about running away.. After their sentence is over,
l have to request them to leave. “Please leave, brothers.” lf we start keeping ex-prisoners
here the number will increase.. appoint where we will have divide
this place into PUDA approved sectors Some time ago, prisoner number 107
made a few failed attempts to escape. He came back the same
way he went and said; “How are you doing?
Please forgive me.” “l bow before you.
Now this is my home.” “l surrender my life to you.” Tarseen, what were you putting to dry
over there under this scorching sun? l go for a walk after lunch. Great. l cannot believe that
l am talking to the same person.. ..who tried to run away from
here a couple of times, 15 months ago. He has given up on all his bad habits
and has become so health conscious. ..that he has accepted this
place from the bottom of his heart. Jailer Jolawar Singh Johal
salutes you, unofficially. What are you doing? This is nothing, son. l feel like bowing before you. No, please don’t do that. l agree that you haven’t done
anything crazy in the past 14 months. But l cannot ignore
the fact that once.. ..a person is infected
with the escape virus.. came became
active in him anytime. That’s true. – What? l mean you are right. One more thing, Never get this filmy
feeling in your mind.. “There is no prison in the world
that can keep Tarseen Lal inside.” So my brother, this isn’t a prison. This is an unfortunate place.. ..which you need to make
fortunate with your presence. Now you are embarrassing me. This is what l want.
l want you to be embarrassed. So that you don’t embarrass me. This uniform has always been spotless. And l always want
it to remain ultra clean. As far as facilities are concerned,
l am here to provide them. l need Fleet boots, size nine. – What? To go on walks. Size nine, no l will get you size ten. We will build a running track for you. You can run on it day and night. l don’t care whether
or not you build a track. But l will accept whatever you say. Now the prisoners will run from there. Jarnail! Jarnail! A girl has come to meet you Me? – Not even a man
would come to meet you. She has come to meet
the other Jarnail. Jarnail! Jarnail! A girl has come to meet you Aman! Jarnail! ls everything all right? My marriage has been fixed. Your marriage has been fixed? l tried convincing my father,
but he didn’t give in. And you gave in? l’ve been fighting with my
family ever since you were arrested. Relatives taunt my father that he
got a drug peddler for his daughter! And you too joined the crowd You very well know that l am
not involved in this. l was framed And you also know who framed me. Till when will you
keep suspecting my brother? People keep talking about you How do l make them shut up? You don’t know the condition l am in. And me? What about me?
Jarnail.. l spend each day in
this prison thinking about.. ..getting out of here
and starting afresh with you. l am already enduring a punishment.. And you are giving me another one. Please forgive me. l won’t. Go and talk to your father again. lt’s too late, Jarnail. l am getting married tomorrow. And you are informing
me about it today? What would have you done
if l would have told earlier? You would have eloped with me? No, right? You would think about it in
the prison and die a little every day. You are not leaving
me alive either today. Think of me as a bad dream. You are cheating me. Why did you commit if you
didn’t want to carry through? Answer me. You cannot marry anyone else. You cannot make my life difficult. Now we both have a difficult
life ahead of us, Jarnail. lt’s difficult for
you to live without me.. ..and for me to live
with someone else. “You go away,
and it gets difficult to breathe.” “All the dreams that
l had start to shatter.” “You go away,
and it gets difficult to breathe.” “All the dreams that
l had start to shatter.” “A never-ending..” “A never-ending sorrow
is what you have given me.” “You have given my eyes
the reason to shed tears.” “You have given my eyes
the reason to shed tears.” What’s the scene here, sir? He is a lover. He is being sacrificed
because of love. He has a very short story. Come on out. Hurry up. Coming, What’s the hurry?
Are you getting married? Yes l am going to
meet my future wife. l am running late. Tell me, which intermediary
is getting the ring? Aunt Bachno. You should have told me.
All l get is milk. And Bachno gets the ring. She has found a very beautiful girl. Forget a ring l would
gift her an entire sector. Anyway.. Bye.
Bless you. He looked at her photo
and gave his consent. Now we are waiting for your consent. How much do you make, son? Around Rs 30000 a month l have five buffalos
They gave 50 litres of milk l drink around 2 litres of that. And then 50 litres is sold But, if you drink 2 litres then
it should leave you with 48 litres How do you manage to sell 50 litres? Well.. l adjust. No matter what he
does but he is honest. He is a gem of a person. He might be an orphan
but he does not have any vice. And then,
l am here to clear all doubts Son, do you have any demands? Don’t embarrass me. l won’t even let you
spend a penny on the wedding. Bachchan Kaur, l like him. – Then get the sweets.
– Of course, right away. Balbir Kaur. – Coming! Mummy, you couldn’t
find anyone better for Aman? The match that l told you, was it bad? One druggie is enough is this family. You want me to marry
your sister to a druggie? How do the drugs harm her?
He owns 7 acres of land This one won’t even
have seven milk cans Satwinder! -Coming. Move back – Come fast. Coming, l came. – Balbir, l like him. So should we fix the marriage? Yes, of course.
l like him. Here son, eat some sweets – Congratulations, sister.
– Congratulations to you too. Jarnail, if you want to talk
to the girl in private then go ahead. ls it okay? Yes. -Yes, of course.
Why not? By the way, do you like me? Not at all. You know what is arranged
marriage and love marriage, right? l don’t want to go
for arranged marriage. The boy l don’t know anything about.. The boy l don’t love.. How can l spend my life with him? People get married You fall in love after marriage. What is the guarantee? l can give guarantee for myself. l am sure to fall in love with you. l don’t know about you That’s why l don’t
want to get married. When l’ll fall in love,
l’ll get married Please, can you say no to my father? Please. Even my relatives know
that l had fallen for you. ..just by looking at your photograph. l.. – l don’t know. Just gather yourself
and say no before you leave. But son, you just said yes to us. What happened in five minutes? l like your daughter a lot. And l don’t want to lose her. A priest had told me that
my first marriage wouldn’t work.. ..but the second one will. So l was wondering, l should
first get married to someone else.. ..and then marry your daughter. So, tell me. Take this crazy boy away from here.
You found such a boy for my daughter? Brother, listen to me. l don’t want to listen anything.
Take this boy away from here. Listen. Hold this. You came Jarnail. You had gone to meet a girl.
So did you fix the marriage? No. Things didn’t work out. Why? Who ruined it? Yes. -Who? The girl. What? Don’t ask too many questions
l am still in shock Bye. Bye, uncle. Madam, this is a good
service you have started. ..of teaching English to senior
citizens in the evening in the school. l shall learn Punjabi later. You should first teach me
how to read and write in English Next week my grandchildren
are coming here from Canada. l cannot stand in front
of them like a dummy. How can l teach it so quickly? l don’t want to become
a scholar in English.. Just teach me how to
take my grandchildren’s names. What’s so difficult in their names? Tell them. Sylvester and Suzanne. l feel giddy when
l try to pronounce them. Fine. Fill the admission form.
You can join the class from tomorrow. l’m running late for my class. – Okay. Okay. Let’s go, son. Okay, let’s go ahead now. M for Monkey. Monkey means. -Cat. Not a cat, a primate. Come what may,
you guys will never learn English. How are you doing, dear? Good? Hello. – Hello. You are here. -Yes l thought a lot after we met. You are right. One should go for love marriage.
l am with you. Thank you. Bye. – Hold on. Are you doing around with someone? What do you mean? l mean do you have a boy
in mind for your love marriage? You don’t go looking,
you just fall in love. So you agree that
it just happens, right? lt happened to me. -What happened? l think l am in love. Are you feeling all right? What kind of things are
you discussing with me over here? Let’s go sit elsewhere and talk. Let’s go to your house and talk. You should better get yourself
treated by a doctor of your village. My village’s doctor is on the verge
of commit suicide because of a girl. How will he treat anyone? Look, l am done beating
around the bush. The truth is, l am in love with you. Look, l am not that kind of a girl. 365 facets of women doom the men. That day you said that
you want to go for love marriage. Today you say that l
am not that kind of a girl. What happened, son? Nothing.
We were just settling the bill. Do it. You should stick to your story. -Yes l will do love marriage
with the one l will fall in love. Then fall in love with me.
l don’t sell curdled milk. Madam, are you facing
any trouble from the students? No, ma’am. All the students are good. Good. – Principal madam, have you
started milk service in the school? No. Why? There is a milkman outside. What is he doing here? l am here to learn. l too want to learn English. Welcome. But before we teach English,
we teach Punjabi. Punjabi runs in my veins After l was born,
the first word l uttered was ‘Udha’. l spoke the mother tongue
before l said mother. Fine, l will register your name. What is your name? – Jarnail.
– Jarnail, please have a seat. Ok Hello. Madam, what do we call
a milkman in English? l tell you. Lover. – Good,
now l learnt this as well. A milkman is called lover in English. Aman! Aman! Aman! – Please listen to me.
– l don’t want to hear a word. l don’t want to go for either
love marriage or arranged marriage. Please leave me alone. Talk softly,
don’t get me expelled from the school. You don’t want to go for either
love marriage or arranged marriage. What’s the third kind of marriage? Let me know.
l shall make arrangements for that. lf you have,
any brains then try to understand. l don’t want to marry you. – But why? – What is wrong with me?
– What is right with you? You are not educated
You don’t have any brains. Madam, from where
do l get brains like you? You want to put 500 ml
of milk in a 250 ml container. – This is how rustic l am.
– l don’t want a rustic. Who is standing there
with your sister? l want to.. Who is he? No matter how much ever a dog runs
after a car, he can never ride it. Get this straight.. lf l don’t get married to Aman, you will
have to arrange for your own drugs. Yes, brother? Lovers tend to get beaten
up a lot in our village. No village has ever respected lovers. By the way, l didn’t go there to
romance. l had gone to resolve an issue. Let me resolve your issue. Do you know who he is? No. – He too doesn’t know you Let me introduce you. Binder.. he is the boy who
had come to get married to my sister. And he is the boy my
sister will get married to. Get going.
l don’t want to see you again. Kick and leave. l told you to kick-start the bike. Sorry, l thought you
asked me to kick you This is a self-start bike. J for.. -Jug. Jug means.. jug. Don’t you think our language
is close to English? Yes, l think so. K for.. – Kite. Kite mean.. – Kite. L for.. – Lover. Lover means.. – Milkman. Madam, the lover didn’t come today? That reminds me,
my buffalo fell ill today. She wasn’t giving any milk. – Really. When l went to the
dairy to get some milk.. wife asked me to go to school. She said she would
take milk from a lover. Then did she? Why didn’t you come
to school for three days? Yes The teacher isn’t good. She gets angry at the drop of a hat. l had come to deregister my name. Sorry. l was a little
harsh the other day. No, you weren’t harsh. You just verbally abused me a little. l didn’t verbally abuse you. l just said that you have less brains. This isn’t rewarding either. By the way,
l have sworn to increase my brains. l have spoken to
a few people about it. l am really sorry.
l do not like this. Please forget it. l memorized it with great difficulty. But if you insist, l shall forget it. So are we friends now? l forgave you, isn’t that enough? Why do we need to be friends. The other day you told
me that you wish to marry me. That is the thing of the past, madam. When the milk curdles overtime,
it turns into cheese. And cheese is expensive. Now l have curdled.. ..hence l have become expensive. Now you won’t be
able to get hold of me. Son, didn’t you settle
the bill as yet. lt is settled. Everything is settled Okay then, bye. Bye. l said bye. A friendship with a Jat is an.. ..unbreakable bond. What say, madam? So what’s my status now?
ls it arrange marriage or.. “My heart has stopped beating for,
it now belongs to you.” “l love you more than my life.” “My heart has stopped beating for,
it now belongs to you.” “l love you more than my life.” “l always pray..” “When death beckons you,
l should die instead.” “When death beckons you,
l should die instead.” “When death beckons you,
l should die instead.” “When death beckons you,
l should die instead.” “There shouldn’t be even
a breath’s distance between us” “You should dwell in
me and l should dwell in you” “There shouldn’t be even
a breath’s distance between us” “You should dwell in
me and l should dwell in you” “We should have just one shadow.” “When death beckons you,
l should die instead.” “When death beckons you,
l should die instead.” “You are my companion.
You are my wealth.” “You are my beloved
from the previous life.” “l am your companion.
l am your wealth” “l am your beloved
from the previous life.” “l will be your beloved
and love you forever.” “When death beckons you,
l should die instead.” “When death beckons you,
l should die instead.” “When death beckons you,
l should die instead.” “When death beckons you,
l should die instead.” Brother, this was just a mischief
between the girl and the boy. That’s why the alliance
didn’t go through Please forgive me. Son, it is my daughter’s mistake.
Why are you apologizing? Guri, go inside and get anew towel. Let us perform the tradition. – There is no new towel in the house.
– lt’s okay, son. Then go and get a clean,
washed towel. Go on. Don’t worry.
Try getting her married to him. l’ll teach him a lesson. Son, you are about
to begin a family life. You should stop being mischievous
and concentrate on your work inflation is high And your expenses will
increase after marriage. No matter how much the expenses
increase, water is always free. What do you mean? Marriage means adjustment. And l will keep doing it. Earlier48 litres
of milk turned into 50. Now 40 litres will turn into 50. Adjustment. Son, there are many expenses
to consider when getting married. Will this much money
be enough for you? Yes, l will manage. Just be ready to attend
the wedding on Sunday. Later don’t blame me
that l didn’t inform you. What are you saying? We will come even
if you don’t invite us You are like Baljeet for us, son. -Yes. Here, Jarnail. Rs 50,000. Let us know if you need more.
Don’t feel shy. Thank you, brother. – l will return it soon.
– Not a problem. Bye. Stop. Stop. -Yes, sir? What’s in these cans? Milk l have sold most of it. l have some left if you want it. Check it. – Okay, sir. What happened, sir? -l will tell you. Sir! l got it, sir. Look at this. -Give it here. What is this? You are carrying it around.
Don’t you know what it is? Opium. l swear on God, l don’t know how.. You must have brought it.
Or did the milk turn into opium? Arrest him.
Take him to the police station. Okay, sir. – Take him along. Let’s go. l.. Police has arrested Jarnail. What happened? – They found opium on him.
– What nonsense! lf you don’t believe me then
go to the police station and check And you say you don’t want
to marry your daughter to a druggie. And the one whom you
have found is a saint. Trust me,
this drug doesn’t belong to me. Someone has planted it. Jarnail,
we thought you are a nice boy. Thank God, we learnt
the truth before the wedding, Let’s go, Aman. -Aman.. Trust me. l have been framed. Who will frame you? l don’t know. But l am innocent. When the law states
that you are innocent.. ..we will believe
that you are innocent. Aman, didn’t you hear me? Let’s go. Aman! Aman! “You go away,
and it gets difficult to breathe.” “All the dreams that
l had start to shatter.” “You were the one
in a million for me.” “But you didn’t value my feelings.” “You were the one
in a million for me.” “But you didn’t value my feelings.” “You killed me and then
asked me to stay alive.” “You have given my eyes
the reason to shed tears.” “You have given my eyes
the reason to shed tears.” Jailer told me your story.
l feel sorry for you When is Aman getting married? Her name’s Aman, right? What will you gain by knowing that? The jailer asked me to ask you. lf he might be able to help.. Tomorrow. The jailer won’t do anything. You only will have to do something. Run away from here. l am already very sad.
Please leave me alone. l am telling the truth. l am.. l have dug a tunnel to escape. Let’s flee tonight. You have tried to flee three
times earlier as well, right? What happened? You turned your 6 months
term into a two years term. No one refuses a
free ride to anywhere. They say, “Why refuse it.
We just have to sit.” You are getting a readymade
tunnel to escape from the jail.. And you are having attitude! Shame on you. l am running away. You can do that right away. Good that she is leaving you Stop. l wouldn’t have offered you
if you hadn’t suffered like this. l know what it means
to be away from a dear one. You will yearn for her
like l yearn for my son .. ..if Aman gets married
to someone else. – l won’t. She cheated me. Tarseen, for God’s sake,
please leave me alone. Ok. Then get lost. l didn’t come to you
You have come to me. Listen to me, brother. Think about that girl as well. People proudly boost
about their sons-in-law. “My son-in-law stays abroad.” What will they tell about you?
“My son-in-law stays in prison.” Look, everyone has a reason. Only fortunate ones get love. Don’t miss the chance. Why should l follow you? You have a habit of running away. lt’s not a habit. l run away to meet my son. After my wife passed away,
l am his mother as well as his father. ‘l had a small business of toys’ Here you go. Thank you Bye good. Toys on sale! There are dolls with hair
and monkeys with bells.. .. keep them safe from kids,
and you get 100 years’ guarantee. Toys on sale! Bhuggu? What happened, son?
No. Don’t cry. Mr. Tarseen? -Yes? You don’t pay attention to your son. He is in the third grade
and he still cannot Punjabi. This is wrong. You are in the third grade
and you didn’t even tell me. Well done, my boy. Well done. Scold him. He cannot read Punjabi. lt’s okay if he cannot read Punjabi.
But you should never scold him to study. But how will he succeed
if he doesn’t study? You know how educated am l? l have attended first grade,
that too only for half the year. But l am running a
successful toy business. l am very sex-full. Daddy, successful. You say that he doesn’t know Punjabi.
But he is so good in English. – Did she teach you that?
– l have learnt it from television. School doesn’t teach him.
He learns from television. We are paying the fees
for no good reason, son. Next time we will give the
school fees to the cable operator. What can the children do
if the parents are like this? Let the children do
what they want, sister. But l know that l cannot see
tears in this motherless child’s eyes. He was crying when he was born.
l slapped the midwife because of that. “No, l cannot see you cry.” “No, l cannot see you..” Come on, sit in the shop. Daddy, how much do you love me? Less on Sundays and
more on every other day. Why less on Sundays? Because of getting up late. – l get up at 6;00am.
– l am talking about myself. Daddy, you will never stop loving me? lt’s not a scheme that
will come to an end, it’s love. Don’t leave him before you get
Rs.5000. Do you understand? Watch out! -Are you hurt? Can’t you see? How dare you slap a police officer! Can’t you see? Why are you staring at me?
l didn’t appear out of thin air. You should have looked at
the person before slapping him. He hit a child with his bike.
You call him a person? How can he be a person? Okay, fine.
You should apologize to the SHO Bheemchand, he hit him with his bike.
He should apologize. And l will forgive him. He is done for. You have slapped the SHO. You will be in prison
for around 5-6 months – Daddy..
– They are just blabbering, l have seen so many
cops slapping people. But none of them was imprisoned.
No, right? l too will come back. Like they scare to make the kids study..
They are scaring you. You should study. Okay. You didn’t let his mother
live in peace when she was alive. Now at least let him live in peace. Let him know the truth. Son, you should learn
to live without your father. He will keep leaving you like this.
Let’s go. Where are you going? Take me along. Brother-in-law, l would
not mind to trade places with you. Then do it. No, the judge will
decide your term in prison. l will be staying here? How will he sleep without me? They will have to release me. My son cannot sleep without me. Forget about your son.. You just see how we
give you sleepless nights. l slapped you, right? You should slap me in front of the
kid. And our score will be settled. Settle down. l’ll make sure
you stay imprisoned for long. Daddy.. – Son, you got scared again. Whose son are you? Mr. Tarseen Lal’s. That’s it.
So you don’t need to feel scared. lt’s just for today.
l will be out tomorrow. You just drink milk
and go to sleep on time. lf you feel restless.. can ask your uncle to remove
all the toys from the cycle. He will stand on
a stool and remove them. You can play with all the toys.
We will buy more toys to sell. Till the time you are done playing,
l will out of here. ‘l was sentenced six months’
imprisonment for slapping the SHO.’ Daddy! Give me a kiss. Come here. Daddy.. Yes, son? Now you will be staying here? Who told you that? Everyone is saying so. That they won’t let
you out of here now. No. There is no prison in the world
that can keep your father locked in. He was out all these years, wasn’t he? lf would have been inside
if he was ever imprisoned. Why are you crying? Well, l have cold Stop lying. Your nose leaks when you have cold. My nose is blocked
hence my eyes are watery. – Promise me that you will come out.
– l promise. l will come out soon. Promise. ‘l couldn’t make a
false promise to my son.’ ‘Hence l tried to
escape from the prison.’ – Catch him.
– Let me go. My son is waiting for me. Let me go. Leave me. Let me go. Let me go. How must my son be
surviving without me? l will get out of here. And if we get caught? Our term will be extended a little. A little? A little more. Look brother, if you don’t flee,
Aman will get married to someone else. And if you succeed in escaping,
then you will have at least some hope. You might be able to stop her wedding. You need to decide. When are we escaping? We will get into
action after moonrise. Tonight. Barracks are locked at night. You will break the
lock with your slipper? From where did you get this? lf Tarseen Lal can
dig a 30 foot long tunnel.. Then can’t he make a 3 inch key? Made it with hard work. Not one but four. So many? There are four barracks. You never know which barrack
is locked with which key. Hence, l made four keys. One would open my barrack
and one would yours. So my brains work, doesn’t it? Yes, it does lf you were in love, it wouldn’t have. Yes l have always sold toys, brother. – l never played with them. Life has been..
– Gather here everyone. Hurry up. Come on. Jailer wants to talk to everyone. Come on. Respected prisoners.. We are grateful from
the bottom of our hearts.. ..that you gather around
after blowing just one whistle. My dear brothers,
as you might or might not know.. ..that tomorrow is 13th April. And today is 12th April. You should have
started from 1st April. We are not here to teach
them how a calendar works. Get to the point. Coming to the point,
like every year, this year as well.. ..we will be celebrating
Vaisakhi in a grand scale. My dear brothers. Even if someone is dying
at our respectable jailer’s house.. ..he cannot breathe if he doesn’t
celebrate any festival with you. Hence, tomorrow, on the
auspicious occasion of Vaisakhi.. ..our respectable jailor will.. ..present an entertainment program. l am just going to arrange it. l am not the one going
to jump and dance on the stage. And what do you mean by entertainment?
Sunny Leone is coming here? Ranjeet Bawa is going to perform. lnstead of entertainment program,
say a cultural program. You don’t even know
how to make an announcement. Sir, then why don’t you make
the announcement? – Move back My dear imprisoned friends.. We very well know how important
Vaisakhi is for Punjabis. Good news is that tomorrow
on the occasion of Vaisakhi.. ..our local MLA Mr. Satpal Mandher.. ..will be joining
us in our celebration. There more good news. On the occasion of Vaisakhi, he is going
to give a big gift to all prisoners. Long live Jailer Jolawar Singh Johal. Long live Jailer Jolawar Singh Johal. Long live Jailer Jolawar Singh Johal. Glory to him! Glory to him! Pump it up! – Glory to him! l didn’t hear you! -Glory to him! You are turning me into God now? What’s the big gift you
are talking about, Jailer? Have patience.
Can’t you wait for a day? My mother waited 21
years to have a child. 21 long years. This is how you make an announcement. Sir, l am not an announcer.
l am a sub-inspector. And do l make announcements
at the railway stations? “Jhelum express from
Jammu will be arriving..” “..on platform number three
instead of platform number seven.” Prisoners don’t fear us
because of such behavior of yours. Please listen to me, sir. Why should l listen to you? -l.. Shut up. Who is it? Take a deep breath. We need to stop a vehicle. l too am eager to meet Bhuggu There’s one coming, Stop it. Would you have died
if you would have stopped? We won’t be able to
stop any vehicle like this One of us will have to
lie on the road like a dead body. That’s how any vehicle would stop. First, decide, do you want to
go to meet your child or his mother. Someone might run you
over instead of stopping. You hide, okay? Hide or they will
think that you killed me. Shut up, only then will
you look like a dead body. Keep straight your handle. Are you awake? -Yes Stay awake. l have given
this cycle to in good faith. l won’t break your trust in me. As soon as you break my trust,
our bones will break lt’s not going to happen. Still, if l nod off then let me know.. lf that happens then
a truck driver will tell you. Or the newspaper headlines Ride it carefully. You killed a dog! -What happened? Not a dog? l am a human being! We are in deep shit. Can’t you see a person
sleeping on the road? Please forgive us, sir. lt was too dark so
we couldn’t see anything. Couldn’t you put
a light on your cycle? Light? Do you want us to
install a generator on the cycle? You are asking us to put alight? We barely have enough money
to pump air into one of the tyres. There are many who are
ready to hurt a poor soul. But there are only
a few who help the poor. Enjoyed lying on the road? Let’s take their cycle and leave. Brother! Please don’t take the cycle. The two of us share this cycle.
We will be on the streets without it. We will drop you
off wherever you want. How will you manage
to seat four people in it? l still don’t understand
how you two sat on it. lt’s a piece of junk No, sir. We are Paledar only in name.
We have nothing on us We have shrunk by carrying
sacks on our backs We haven’t slept since three days. Please don’t take our cycle. Fine, we won’t take it. -Thank you. We need to stop a vehicle. Lie down on the road like a dead body.
Go on. Lie down. Okay. -They say they haven’t
Slept since three days. l didn’t they haven’t
talked since three days “My eyes are red today.” “Tell me if you want to kill someone?” “Dead bodies
– Tell me if you want to kill someone?” Dead bodies! – This is wrong, They are real dead bodies – Who are they?
– That’s what l was saying. Get down. Dacoits? -Get down. We are not dacoits.
We are helpless people. And we are so helpless that if
you don’t get down we will shoot you. Brother, he said they will shoot us But they don’t have a gun with them. lt’s okay. l will talk to them. Okay. -Get down. Come on. Brother, you say you will shoot us
But you don’t have a gun with you. Then who killed them? Remove your clothes,
l will show you my gun. Remove. Brother,
we are not that kind of people. – Remove your clothes.
– We are of that kind. – Brother..
– Brother, please forgive us. Please listen to me. We accept that you have a gun. l have a wife, brother. Brother, the dead bodies are snoring. They haven’t slept since three days They will die after they have a nap. “The black thread.” “The black thread
got stuck in the latch..” “The brother-in-law fought
with his brother’s wife.” “Oh boy, she has come from far away.” “Don’t fight her,
she is your only sister-in-law.” “The black thread
got stuck in the latch..” “The brother-in-law fought
with his brother’s wife.” “The white roosters
crows in the courtyard.” “The white roosters
crows in the courtyard.” “The one with sky blue veil,
the boy is crazy about you” “The one with sky blue veil,
the boy is crazy about you” “Oh beloved, listen to what l say.” “Open up an umbrella,
l will sit under its shade.” “Open up an umbrella,
l will sit under its shade.” “Oh beloved, these are fragrant.” “Oh beloved, these are fragrant.” “These flowers bring
joy into our lives” “These flowers bring
joy into our lives” “You can take my life away. – Oh.” “You can take my life away. -Ah.” “But don’t say anything
against my beloved” “You can take my life away..” “lt’s time to celebrate. -Oh” “lt’s time to celebrate. -Ah” “Let’s all enjoy the sweets,
it’s time to celebrate.” “Our girl is ready to leave.” “Our girl is ready to leave.” “The train stopped at the station.” “And the brothers’ eyes
were filled with tears” “The train stopped at the station.” “And the brothers’ eyes
were filled with tears” This is it. This is it? Take care. Bye. -Yes Who can it be so late in the night? Coming, You? How did you come out? You still have six
months of term left. l ran away. You escaped from prison?
Didn’t you feel ashamed? l felt ashamed hence
l escaped at night. Bhuggu. Why did you have to
escape from the prison? Couldn’t you wait
for another six months? You are getting angry
as if you lost on interest.. ..because l broke the Fixed
Deposit six months before term. Where is Bhuggu? Bhuggu! Daddy! You have grown taller. Bhuggu! Come here. Come. Daddy! Bhuggu! Bhuggu! Grandma, daddy! Don’t worry, son. l am here. Why is my son scared of me? Because he knows
that you are a bad man. Look son, he ran away from prison. Why did you run away
from prison, daddy? Because of you, son. Let’s go. No, l am not going with you Now l will stay with
grandma and grandpa. Don’t say such foolish things You want to stay with them? We don’t
even know when they will drop dead. Daddy, you ran away from prison. What if police arrests
you when you get out of here? Then l will lose both, my
father as well as my mother’s father. What did you feed my son? He used to always chant my name. Because now he knows
the truth about you. What truth does he know? Son, whatever l did, l did it for you. l ran away from prison for you. Let’s go. Come on. Let’s go. Tarseen, you should leave
or l will call the police. Call them. l am not scared. l have come here to take my son.
l have the right to do so. Let’s go, son.
l think you should call the cops. Go ahead. Let it be. Don’t involve
the police in a family matter. Disconnect it. Disconnect it. l am ready to do whatever
you want me to do, okay? But don’t hate me. Daddy, l don’t hate you.
l hate your stupidity. lf you hadn’t tried to escape
from the prison 18 months ago.. ..then we would have
been together today. Go away from here.
Go away. Now l’ll leave with you only after
you are released from the prison. Bhuggu, listen to me. You have taught him all this nonsense. Your knees don’t work
but your brains work overtime. Leave or your mother-in-law
will shut you up. Leave! -l won’t leave. Leave or l will.. Disconnect it. Disconnect it. l have a small request. At least tell him to give me a hug. Why don’t you tell him? How did you come out of prison? Through a tunnel. l cannot believe that
you ran away from prison. Many in the prison
won’t believe it either. But l cannot help it. lt was very difficult
to live without you. Now no one can separate us Neither your parents nor
your brother nor anyone else. Police. They can. Hence, we will have to run away. Will you run away with me? Aman! Aman, where are you? Mummy! Come fast. Mummy! What happened? -What happened? What happened? Aman ran away. Oh God. Look at this. Sir, is here. Congratulations, sir.
Congratulations, sir. Thank you. Thank you You finally got your
favorite prisoners released. l think everyone read the Vaisakhi
List printed in the newspaper? Yes, we read it, sir. Sir, you have proven
that no one in the world.. ..can think about these
prisoners like you do. There is no doubt in that,
Bahadur Singh. The effects it took
me to get them released.. Either l know about
it or l only know about it. Even if l got everything
done over the phone.. But still l busted my knees. Why are you whispering?
One prays on his knees. Today l feel as if my kids
have got a new lease of life. My mother must be
feeling so proud of me. Your mother waited
for me for21 years. What nonsense!
Not you, she waited for me. You turn an emotional
feeling into an adult feeling, Sorry, sir. Sorry. Did you inform the prisoners
who are being pardoned? No, sir. This is like kissing a sleeping child. lt pleases neither
the child nor his mother. Go and call Jarnail and Tarseen. l’ll go and call them, sir. Sir, you have got pardon
for your two favorite prisoners. But what they don’t mend
their ways after being released? As if there won’t be
another moonless night. We will arrest them again. Bahadur Singh. -Yes, sir. Have you made all the arrangements
for the Vaisakhi function? Almost done, sir. – We need to sprinkle DTT..
– Why the DTT? Have we invited mosquitoes?
We have invited the MLA. What else do you need to do? Sir, when MLA will felicitate you. ..there will be a shower of flowers. We need to just put that balloon up. Do l have to do that? l will do it, sir. – Then
why haven’t you already done it? So that it doesn’t burst before time. Then we will have to put it up again. This is how much they respect me. They cannot put up another
balloon worth two rupees. l doubt you will manage to
give me 21-gun-salute after l die. Sir, it’s not that.
The balloon has flowers in it. They will scatter everywhere. lt won’t be right for me to
ask the prisoner to up your flowers Oh, shut up. l know my prisoners love me. But still, do talk to them
on my behalf and tell them.. give a huge round of applause
when l am getting felicitated. Sir, l will go and
tell them that right away. l’ll cuss them if
they refuse to applaud. There is something called
as the fear of the police. You will never use that.
You will always be ready to cuss them. Get lost from here. Sir. Brother, send less Punjabi
newspapers from tomorrow. Nobody buys them. Did you read this news? Does a confectioner
ever eat his owns sweets? There’s news about
your brother-in-law. What? He ran away again? No, the government is
releasing him on Vaisakhi. Show it to me. Look at this. Tarsenlal son of Pyarelal will be released today. Brother-in-law is
being released. -Yes Jailer Jolawar Singh Johal speaking, l am the PA of the
prison minister, Jeeta. Mr. Garewal, order away. The minister’s niece
wants to interview.. ..the prisoners who are
being released today. Strange. The one who is getting them
released is not being recognized. This is like honoring the chorus
leaving the singer Hans Raj Hans aside. Anyway, she is MLA’s niece.
l cannot say anything against her. Mr. Garewal, make sure that
you and MLA sir reach on time. We have sprinkled DTT everywhere. But still we don’t want the
mosquitoes to arrive before the MLA. Fine. Bye. Sir.. Tarseen and Jarnail are missing. Do they have an upset stomach? No, l even checked the toilets
l couldn’t find them. Strange. America were able to found
Laden in a foreign country.. And you guys cannot find Tarseen
and Jarnail in our own prison. l am telling the truth, sir. l have searched the entire
prison with a fine comb. Really? Check with the boys who
have come to erect the tent. Some prisoners have a habit
of sharing a smoke with outsiders. Okay, sir. Aman. l wanted to talk
to the jailer on phone. What? Have you lost your mind? – You ran away from prison, Jarnail.
– That’s why. A nice man will suffer
the consequences The least l can do is call
and inform him why l did it. Hello? JJ speaking. Hello, sir. lt’s me, Jarnail. Jarnail, where are you? l asked Ranjeet to go and get you. That idiot is making
you talk over the phone. Sir, l want to talk to you. You can talk later.
You have a lifetime left to talk First, let me talk.
lt’s more important. The good news l am about to give you. lt will make the ground
below your feet move. – Sir, first listen to me..
– Let me finish. Government has pardoned
Tarseen and your prison term. You two are going to being
released at the Vaisakhi function. Damn..! Didn’t l tell you that it will
make the ground below your feet move? This has been possible
because of Jailer.. ..Jolawar Singh Johal’s
personal pursuit. Now you tell me,
what were you saying? Now what do l say, sir? Now if l say it,
the ground below your feet will move. l am so happy that my feet
aren’t touching the ground. How much more do
l have to lift my feet? Tell me whatever you want to say. Sir, l have already
escaped from the prison. Oh no. When? From where?
l mean how did you escape? Sir, Tarseen has dug a tunnel. And we managed to escape. Tarseen is with you? Yes. He won’t dig a
tunnel only for me, will he? You ruined everything l did. Sir, if you knew that
we were being released.. ..then you should have informed us. l wanted to give you both a surprise. l didn’t know that you
two would shock me instead. This is like a girl eloping with
the guy she was supposed to marry. Read the Vaisakhi List
printed in today’s newspaper. The news of your release
my great deed is printed on it. Now l will surely be felicitated. Sorry, sir. Sorry? l know how l showed them
that you two have a good behavior.. ..and got your prison term pardoned. This is as if the child came out before
the midwife could show her moves Your eagerness has doomed me. The seven-months ones
couldn’t wait for nine months.. They freed themselves before time. Sir, now tell me what should l do. Listen.. You are going to being released at
the Vaisakhi function in the evening. l want you back in the
prison before that, at any cost. Sir, we don’t have the
prisoners’ uniform either. You don’t have a uniform.
l won’t be left with one. For God’s sake come
in whatever state you can. You can even come in your knickers What are you saying, sir? You are reacting as if l’ve asked
you to come without your knickers on. There are anyway 8-10 black knickers
gang’s members in this prison. Two more won’t make a difference. Okay, sir. l am coming, What do you mean by “l”?
Bring Tarseen with you. You can call him up and tell him. l am not getting my son married
that l’ll invite everyone personally. You will get him with you. Sir, he is not with me.
l left him in his village. l don’t know where he must
have gone with his son by now. Oh God. They are going on holidays
with their children. Here l will have to
go on a permanent holiday. Sir.. if we cannot find him, at
least let me get released with honor.. Why are you stopping me? -Very good. The stain on the uniform will be the
same whether one prisoner escapes or two. Get this straight.. lf l get into trouble then
l won’t let you get released either. lf you want to come back to prison.. Then you’ll have
to come back with him. Jarnail.. What happened?
Why do you look so sad? Vaisakhi List. On the occasion
of Vaisakhi government has. This is what l was thinking about!
For how long will we keep hiding! You ran away from prison for me. l respect you even more Jarnail. But l wanted you to
be released with honor. – With honor.
– l guess God heard you But what will we do now? What else. l’ll have to
go back to prison on time. That too with Tarseen. Jai Hind, sir. -Jai Hind, sir. l have asked all the prisoners
to applaud in your honor. Now they will applaud
when l will be humiliated. They should applaud whether
in honor or in humiliation. Humiliated? What do you mean? – For God’s sake, don’t..
– Jai Hind, sir. Sir, l think Jarnail and
Tarseen ran away from the prison. You don’t have to think. lt is true.
They have really escaped No, sir. Prisoners cannot escape. We have such tight security. Our security is tight? When our neighbors bang
their head to the wall we yell.. “Keep it low, we can hear it.” They dug a tunnel right
under your nose and left.. ..but you all didn’t even realize it. They dug a tunnel in the prison? Then what,
should they have dug it on your house? That’s strange.
We didn’t even come to know about it. No, sir. l heard strange noises. But l thought it is due to the
new earthquakes that we are having. We will face an earthquake now.
That too in all our lives. **On lndra Richter Scale. Sir, what will we do now? What can we do, Tulsidas? They have done what they had to do. Now you should prepare to
remove your uniforms and sit at home. lf you want to do something
then keep your mouth shut. No one should know that they ran away. Sir, what do l do about what l told
to the prisoners about applauding? You are still thinking about applauds! Stop them. They cannot be stopped
l have cussed them.. l asked you to use police fear. Sir, if everyone feared the police.. ..then these two prisoners
wouldn’t have escaped. We had to cuss them. – Back off! Bhuggu! Tarseen? You still haven’t left? Bhuggu, look at this. Chandigarh, 13thApril,
this time Punjab Government.. ..has decided to pardon the
remaining term of those prisoners.. ..who have been arrested for petit,
insignificant crimes As per these orders, two prisoners
from Bussi Pathana police station.. ..Jarnail Singh, son of Mr.
Gurbax Singh and. ..Tarseen Lal, son of Bhairav
Lal will be released today. My son has started reading! l went to prison for 18 months
and my son learnt to read Punjabi. l’ll happily spend the
rest of my life in prison.. You should become a Doctor. Tarseen, only we know.. we took care of this
tearful child after you were arrested. Hence, we tried to keep him detached
from you so that he doesn’t suffer. Don’t misunderstand us Coming! Son, l’ll be right back. Daddy, l love you a lot. Sir, all the other
prisoners are asking about.. ..Jarnail and Tarseen’s whereabouts. Tulsidas, such words
always add insult to injury. Anyway, forget about it. Tell me, did you find out
where did they dig a tunnel? No. – Then find out. Okay, sir. Bahadur Singh. -Yes, sir? We will go and tell the prisoners.. ..that Tarseen and Jarnail
are getting released today. Hence they are busy
doing the paperwork. Okay. JJ sir? l am not as smart as you are. But if you permit,
can l say something smart? Tell me. The problem is that
we want both the prisoners.. ..two show up doing
the Vaisakhi function? They will be here. – How? We will postpone the
function for two days. Now are you even greater
than the Nanak Shahi Calendar? Dimwit, Vaisakhi is usually
celebrated on 13thApril. This isn’t like Navratras that
if you are unwell on the first day.. ..then you can fast on the ninth day. Sir, l told you l am
not as smart as you are. Then why do you mess with me? Let’s go. – Sir. Hello, sir. -Okay. Sir! Sir! Sir!
You didn’t recognize me. Recognize you? Do l owe you anything? Try to put some pressure. Pressure? Am l sitting in a toilet? Not down there,
put some pressure on your brains. ln which barrack were you held? No, sir. l have come from outside,
and not inside. l am Bheem, sir. – Bheem? Bahadur Singh. -Yes, sir? What kind of Mahabharata
takes place these days? Sir, you didn’t recognize me. Tarseen Lal, the one who you are about
to release, l am his brother-in-law. l have come here to congratulate him.
Can l meet him? Son, l would have but at the moment,
they are bathing him. Bathing him? Sir, are you releasing
him or hanging him? No, l mean he is having a bath,
as it is his last day in prison. That’s good, sir. Let me meet him for
just two minutes, please. For God’s sake,
you can meet him in the evening. He will be going home at night. They he will be all yours
You can do whatever you want to. Well, we have kept an entertainment
show to celebrate his release. But l had a desire to meet
him and offer him some sweets. But son, these four boxes
will be consumed by the staff. Sir, you can keep these three boxes. Let me keep one box. l have
purchased it from his favorite place. His favorite place? Yes, l know all his favorite places. When l used to come
to meet him he used to say.. “Bheem, when l get out of prison,
we will go there and have Samosas.” “We will eat Jalebis from that place.” “Bheem, we will go
on road trips together.” Sir, l know all his favorite places Bahadur Singh. -Yes, sir. Bheem knows all his favorite places. Yes, sir. – Should we cuss him? No, let’s play. What, sir? Let’s play. You mean.. You mean my.. ran away? What do l tell you, Bheem Singh? l have seen many sisters
and daughters run away.. But here the brother-in-law ran away. No sir, it’s not like that.
Once my sister too had run away. Oh damn. Did she return or is
she running cross-country? Sir, the one go runs
towards God never come back. You mean your sister is dead? No. lf your sister is
no more then to meet.. ..whose sister has your
brother-in-law dug such along tunnel? He is laughing? Oh, he is crying. For God’s sake go and
talk to your brother-in-law.. ..that he should stop exploring
the country and come back to prison. Otherwise,
we are going to lose our jobs.. ..and he will be stuck
here for another5 years No, sir.
Please save my brother-in-law. Don’t cry, my brother. The circumstances are such
that even l feel like crying, But we cannot cry
wearing this uniform. Control, Bahadur Singh. Control. Sorry, sir. Bheem Singh -Yes, sir. You said you know
all the favorite places.. ..where your brother-in-law
used to visit. Yes, sir. Then you should go
to all those places.. And a very capable officer
of our office will go with you. Sir, you should such
duties to me as well. ldiot, l am talking about you only. Thank you, sir. – Thank you, sir.
– You two have only four hour now. To save your brother-in-law
and to save your job. Sir. What kind of a place is this? This is Sage Crow’s Abode. This is where he used to come. Anyway, what better
place to hide than this? Yes Sister, what is police
doing over here? We had given their monthly share. Then he must be here to spend
Let me go and check. Yes, sir? Call the sage. Many sages come here. Which one are you looking for? Which animal’s name did you take? Crow. -Yes. Call Sage Crow. We peahens didn’t get along with him. He gave him another
place and got rid of him. Tell me, how can we help you? You cannot help me, sister.
My house is already on rent. See where your sage crow kept pecking. Your brother-in-law
is following such sages? Not just my brother-in-law, everyone
is following sages these days. – You follow me.
– Okay. Come on. Hello? JJ speaking. Hello, sir. lt’s me, Jarnail. l have caught Tarseen Lal. Caught? -You caught him?
l knew you would save me. l am proud of you. We are coming there.
Please keep the gates up. Are you an escaper
or the prison minister.. ..that you wish to enter
through the main gate? There are huge cannon sized
cameras in front of the gates. They can even count all mosquitoes lf tomorrow someone finds
out that you had left this place.. What will you say? You had gone
to get immunization against dengue? Then how will come inside? Come back through the
same tunnel you left from. That’s fine. Then we will come through
that tunnel. Okay? Tell me. Sir, we found the tunnel. – Good. lt gets better, sir. We filled it with sand
and filled it up permanently. – So that no one can escape again.
– Tulsidas! Oh Tulsidas! Now what do l tell you! This is what was missing!
You ruined everything. What do you mean? l mean we should keep a prayer
meeting for all the prisoners.. ..who were hanged in this prison. Only then will our
troubles come to an end. What’s the new trouble
we are facing now? The mother of the
tunnel you just closed..! Those two fathers were supposed
to get inside through that. lt’s not a problem, sir. l will use 5-7 workers
and dig it once again. Oh God. My mother must be
feeling so embarrassed. “l waited 21 years for this animal?” “Being a jailer is getting
tunnels dug in his prison.” Then l think arranging a prayer
meet for you would be perfect. Not me, for the prisoners! Sir, what do we do now? Do one thing. Don’t do anything. ldiots, they had only one way
to get inside and you have closed it. l’ve heard of prisoners planning
schemes to get out of jail.. These are the first prisoners
who will plan to get back inside. Now you will have to accept,
my tunnel will come in handy again. Think about it. lf l hadn’t dug the tunnel
then how would we go back inside? lt’s all thanks to you. lf you hadn’t dug the tunnel, then
we wouldn’t have been in this mess. Right? You ungrateful being. Henceforth, l will never
do good for anyone. – Oh God. – lt happened in 2009..
– Let’s leave. l gave blood to a sick
person in my locality. He wasn’t grateful. He comes over every
month to complain.. “Tarseen Lal, from the
time l have taken your blood.” “..l catch Malaria every month.” Did l add mosquitoes
in the blood for you? There’s more! l go to Goddess’s abode on foot. But l offer water
to the one riding a mule. l also offer water to the mule. lt’s okay. lt’s a mule,
but it is going to a holy place. When l greet the same person in Katra,
he refuses to recognize me. Forget the person even
the mule doesn’t recognize me. Say, hail Goddess! Say it. Say.. Have you seen her anywhere? l too am looking for her. She is my sister.
Where did you see her? Tell me, where did you see her? l saw her in the movie ‘Sholay’.
She is Neeru Bajwa. That movie had Hema Malini in it. We haven’t come here to
increase your general knowledge. We are here to find my sister. Don’t dance in front
of these dogs, Bholi! Why didn’t you tell me? – Hey! How old are your parents? 50 years old? There is still time,
you can get a new sister. But you’d better
take care of that one. There are many songs made on sisters But no one lets the sisters live. “The flowers,
the stars, everyone says so.” “My sister is one in a million.” Hello? Son, did you check
with all her friends? l still need to visit
a few of her friends Go and check then. lf we don’t find her
there then she must have.. ..gone to Bussi Pathana
police station to meet him. l will call you up. Meet you there. Okay. l think he is crazy. Ramu, get the firecrackers out. – Okay, sir.
– Look over there, what is he doing! Great. – l had suspected
it when he was talking to himself. Let’s go. Your sister got separated
from her mother, right? l will unite your mother and sister. lf l start attacking you,
your entire family will gather here. Get lost. Hey! Where are you going! You are only looking for your sister? l am also looking
for your brother-in-law. We escaped We are trapped. Now we cannot keep Aman with us But where will l go now? There is a place where
no one can find you. You can forget to take a few gifts.. ..but don’t forget to
keep the liquor in the car. Okay. – Go. Hello, uncle. – Hello.
Jarnail, you? These arrangements? Baljeet is getting married. Can you call him? -Yes, of course. The wedding procession must
be about to leave the groom’s house. l don’t understand, Balbir. What will we do? lf the wedding
procession reaches here.. ..we will be humiliated
in front of the villagers. l suggest we should call
up and inform the groom’s family. What do you say? Congratulations, brother. Jarnail, you? The problem was such that
l had to run away from the prison. Aman is getting married today. Son, it’s your father-in-law. Excuse me. Yes, daddy? Actually, Aman has left the house
in the morning without informing us. She still hasn’t returned, son. l have a request to make. Till we don’t know where Aman is.. should not leave the
house with the wedding procession. Can you tell me why
are we running away? This is the boy l was
going to get married to. Baljeet? -Yes. He is my friend. You are eloping
with your friend’s babe? Excuse me for my
language, sister-in-law? Both friends want to
marry the same girl? This is a case of betrayal. But l don’t understand
who is betraying whom? No one is betraying anyone. l will talk to him. You won’t dare to drive back there! l am about to get
married to him today. He won’t listen to you, Jarnail. Hey, he is all set to get married.
What will you go there and say? “l am taking your bride with me,
you can marry someone else?” Sir, MLA’s niece is here to meet you. Tulsidas, you. Yes. -Why are you staring at me? Escort them inside. Look, there they are. Welcome. – Hello.
l am Navdeep. She is my colleague, Mani. – Hello, sir.
– Mani. That’s a very small currency. Just kidding, Sit down please. Order me. l am sure you must have received
a phone call from uncle’s office. Even if l hadn’t, l wouldn’t
have been able to get rid of you. l mean who can stop news reporters! Order me. Quickly call Jarnail and Tarseen. Then we will start the interview. What’s the hurry? l will call them.
But first let them dress up. They don’t need to dress up. We have come to take their
interview for the newspaper. No one has ever come here
to find how they are doing,. ..and you have come here
to take their interview. They are bound to be excited. Forget about them,
even we are excited Actually, only a few people
understand a cop’s humor. You have come here for the first time. lt is my duty to serve you well.
l should offer you some sweets. Tulsidas -Yes, sir. Go to a confectioner who
is very far away from here.. ..and get piping hot Jalebis for them. Won’t that take a lot of time? Please ask him to get
them from somewhere close by. The shops close by don’t
give us things on credit. We used to order
food 5-7 days a week.. And they stopped giving us credit. Tulsidas. -Yes, sir. You don’t move from your
place when girls come here. Get going now. Listen.. – Sir. Also get some wafers and Parle
biscuits – Not Parle, it’s Parle G. We cops never even
address our father as “Ji”. How are these Parle
guys related to us? We will give the
money and get the goods. Even if we take it on credit. Tulsidas! -Yes, sir! Take your time. – Make sure the Jalebis don’t cool down.
– Yes, sir! l’ll send you to prison
till the Jalebis arrive. l mean give you a tour of the prison. This is Bussi Pathana prison. This is the historical
spot where Shaheed Bhagat Singh.. ..and Sardar Udham
Singh used to usually sit. Sir, l have done masters in history. And as far as l have learnt these
two martyrs never came to this prison. Miss, you might have forgotten
to read a page or so. Let me give you insider’s information. Englishmen.. They were devils in disguise. They always feared that
if their friends find out that.. ..boththe revolutionaries
are in this prison.. ..thenthey can get
him released anyhow. Hence, they used to inform something
else and keep them somewhere else. Sir, you are proving
a history student wrong. Really? This means the government
has been lying to me. l specially got myself
transferred to this prison. l said, l don’t mind if
you pay me 5000 rupees less. ..but Jailer Jolawar Singh
Johal will only serve this prison. Mr. Johal, your thoughts are amazing, But l pity your lQ level. l pity those whom l have been.. ..askingto bow before anon-historical
spot since the past 19 years. Now will you let us
meet Jarnail and Tarseen? Yes, of course. Why not? But first let me offer
the Jalebis l ordered for you. l don’t want them to become straight. Come on. That’s our car. The thief is riding it. – Follow them. Let’s go.
Drive. – Let’s go. Stop. Drive faster! Stop! Have patience. Stop. -This jeep’s owners! Look behind! They are riding our jeep
and wearing our clothes Wait we are coming. -Jarnail! l thought it was Baljeet
and his men. But l guess people
value the jeep more than the bride. Oh please? – Shut up. Nothing will happen to you.
– Drive fast. There is no salt in the snacks.
There is no sugar in the tea. Ask him to add more sugar. We don’t have much time. Let’s
go and find my brother-in-law first. Will l drink bland tea till
you don’t find your brother-in-law? No.. – Brother-in-law!
– Catch him! – Stop! Stop!
– Come on, hurry up. Just one Jalebi? l avoid sweets What do you like to eat?
l will order that. Actually we are dieting
hence we don’t eat. You are on dieting? This is not an age
when you should diet. Eat sweets and be healthy. You will be getting married
in near future and will give birth. For your kind information,
sweets don’t help in giving birth l know one eats sour and tangy things. What are you saying, Mr. Johal? Please! Call for Jarnail and Tarseen. Oh sure. Why not! Why not! Excuse me. Hello, JJ speaking. -Jai Hind, sir. Sir, l stayed hungry
and thirsty and found Tarseen. Jarnail too is with him. Why are informing you? You can never hide
a pregnancy from a midwife. l knew an hour ago that both
the fishes are coming to prison. Sir, if you had received a call then
you should’ve informed me as well. l would’ve to starve here. Bahadur Singh,
you can tell me your complaints later. Try to understand Ok, sir. – Quickly get both
the fishes here safe and sound Sir, we don’t want to fish – Okay. Quickly get both of them here. Hold on. What do l do with
the junior Bheem, sir? What can we do? He can do us no harm. Bring him along, He will hang around here. You should have told him
that bulls are following them. Whom did you address as bulls? Not you sir,
l was talking about that cop. Then what am l, a postman? No, sir. We have been addressing
them as bulls since l was small? You are smaller than this as well? Forget about him, let’s
follow my brother-in-law. – Come. Come and get us
– For God’s sake, stop our jeep. Listen to us. Look they are speeding away.
Get them. Move aside,
we want to get that stolen jeep. – Stop the police jeep. Catch them! Stop!
– Stop! – Brother-in-law!
– Why are you fighting? Why is he stopping us? Get out! – Get out! – Let go of me, you idiot!
– Okay. Move aside,
we want to get that stolen jeep. Why do you want to get it, brother? Because l am a police officer. Nowadays there are
many fake cops here. -Yes Show me our l-card. l-card. Your l-card is fine. Thank you. Now can you show me your l-card? But newspaper vendors
don’t have an l-card. He is talking to me. My l-card? -Yes – Wait, l will just show it to you.
– Show it to me. l-card, l.. l think my kids took
it to school by mistake. Fine. Now don’t waste
our time and let us go. How can l let you go? Who knows l make be
a fake police officer. l believe that you
are areal police officer. Please let us go now. One police officer
should understand another. A relationship is a different issue. Mothers and daughters
keeps their own accounts. You should check his l-card. Blind-faith is what gets you killed l will make you check my l-card today. Even if l have to
send junior Bheem home. He is very strict. He doesn’t let his wife
enter the bedroom till.. ..he doesn’t check his
wife’s marriage certificate. Mr. Johal,
we need to report to our office. Please call them. Ms. Navdeep, l want your advice. l have a distant cousin. He has a child. l don’t know whether
it’s a girl or a boy. Did the child complete high school?
May be will complete it this year. The child will become
a graduate in three years. l need your advice, if we make the child
do post-graduation in journalism.. ..and make him or her a reporter
just like you then how will it go? You don’t know when he
or she will become a graduate. You don’t know when he or
she will do a course in journalism. You don’t know when he
or she will become a reporter. You have two reporters
sitting in front of you.. ..but you are not helping
them with anything. Mr. Johal,
if they are not here in five minutes.. ..then l will make a call to my uncle. Really? lf you had explained
it to me so sweetly earlier.. ..then l would have made
the arrangement long back. Strange. l will bring them right away.
Right away.. Sorry, l forgot the baton. Ranjit Singh, what will we
do if we really lose our uniform? What will we do? l have it planned.
You think about yourself. l will work for you Sir. The girls are threatening me now. l don’t know what to do. Sir, keep them busy in
a conversation and kill time. ln the meanwhile,
the prisoner will return. Tulsidas,
what else should l talk about? l have gone way beyond my capacity. Sir, heed my advice,
tell the truth to the girls.. ..andtake them into confidence. l myself have lost all the confidence. So how do l take them into confidence? l don’t know how should l
get Jarnail and Tarseen right away? One trouble follows the other. l don’t know what will they return. Tulsidas -Yes, sir. The five prisoner who
came here last month.. Who were charged for murder
and sentenced life imprisonment.. Don’t two of them have the
same names Jarnail and Tarseen? They have the same name. That’s it. The girls have said that they
want to meet Jarnail and Tarseen. They didn’t tell us that they
want to meet Jarnail and Tarseen.. ..who are going to be released. Okay, so you are Jarnail
and you are Tarseen. Tell me, you two are being
released today, on Vaisakhi.. How do you feel? Lady, is this some
new kind of third-degree? No, you are really being released. The government is pleased
with your good behavior.. ..and hence has pardoned
your prison term. How do you feel? Feel? l think the government
has lost its mind. This is what we feel. We have come here for 14 years. You are mistaken. You haven’t been
imprisoned for 14 years The local MLA is her uncle. He has pardoned your prison term. What’s today’s date? 13thApril? 13thApril? And you are fooling
us as if it is 1st April. Lady, if they joke with
the feelings of the prisoners. ..then tell me how will
we spend 14 years here? Forget about the
pardoning of our sentence. You get us hanged. – That’s it. We don’t want to spend 14 years here. 14 years for what? Tell me that which law states
that punishment for possessing .. ..2 kilos opium and
slapping an officer.. ..will result in
14 years’ imprisonment? They are so cruel. They have left a mark
of their fingers on the face. The government is releasing
them for good behavior? Let uncle come, l will tell him. Why did you slap that girl? We killed someone with
such great difficulty. And she said that we were
arrested for slapping someone. She is the MLA’s niece. Who knows,
she might be telling the truth? The truth?
You got fooled by her? Tell me, in which country
does the government pardons.. ..someone who has committed
a murder in just one month? Such leaders need
dangerous people like us. Someone who can do anything. Who knows, that MLA might have
pardoned our sentence for a reason. You might be right. You can be right. Listen.. ..isn’t it better to be MLA’s
henchman than rot in this prison? You are right. But you have slapped this girl. What if she informs her
uncle and cancels our release? We suffered a bigger loss than
slapping someone than killing someone. He slapped you? -Yes. How is that possible? They are very decent prisoners. They even seek respect from
the senior prisoners every morning, They have a school
like atmosphere in jail. How can he slap you? Do you think she is lying? Look at his fingers’
mark on her face. – Oh no. Ms. Navdeep, please don’t
tell your uncle about this. He belongs to the other party. He will get angrier
if he sees this symbol. What? – No. l know. lt is not their fault. lt is Salman Khan’s fault. – How? He had once raised
his hand on a reporter. Now everyone wants to copy him. Sir, MLA sir is here. Tulsidas, l am already worried And now you have come
here with more worries. He is here before time. Come. Come here. -Sir. You should open the door sooner. lt looks bad if bigwigs
open their own doors. Okay, sir. Sir, it’s good that you
came in a beacon less car. This is the trend these
days in the political market. l only know about the family market. My wife wanted to go to
her maternal house in a hurry. She took the beaconed car,
otherwise l would have brought it. The opposition will object
if they find out about it. They will say that you use official
vehicle for personal purposes. Try reasoning it with your wife, sir. l understand that it
would be easier to reason it .. with the opposition than my wife. Because there is no greater
opposition than my wife. Let’s go, sir. The devil and our
death stand before us. Tulsidas. -Yes, sir. Send a few prisoners
at the gate to welcome him. And gather the others in the barracks Sure, sir. -l think minister
was thrown out of his house. Hello, sir. Welcome.
Happy Vaisakhi. Happy Vaisakhi to you too,
Jolawar Singh. See, l am releasing the
two people you had recommended. Are you happy now? l am happy. But you don’t look happy. Actually sir, l love the prisoners
you are about to release so much. That now that they are about to leave,
l am feeling emotional. Otherwise, it’s not an issue. For how long will you be sad? Consider them to be your daughters. All daughters leave one day. Sir, if all daughters leave one by one
then this place will look deserted. l will be left with only a
few daughters who have life sentence. lf you are so sad then
l will cancel their release. You can keep your daughters at home. Sir, you are talking about daughters.. the status of the
father is also not confirmed. That whether he will be leaving
this place or not in the evening. What do you mean? Sir, l mean come home.. welcome. Sir, they are here to
welcome you from a longtime. Hello. – Hello. How are all of you?
Are you facing any problems? There is just one problem. Hot water is causing
everyone’s intestine to burn. Please arrange for a water cooler. But we had installed
coolers last year. Those were air coolers, sir. They give cold air, right? -Yes. Then make them drink hot
water and stand before them. The water will become cold on its own. l have noted it down. l also need to go to home for widows Begin the function quickly. Sir, we cannot start the
function right away. -Why? Because they will have
to share their feelings with you. They have been waiting
for you since morning.. sisters-in-law wait
for their sister’s husband. l mean they will get
angry if they don’t vent out. So sir, l request you to
try to understand my helplessness. Uncle! l am your distant uncle. But that doesn’t mean that
you call out to me from a distance. Come here and talk to me. Let’s go. How was the interview? That is what l wanted to talk to
you about. – l have already told him. That our prisoners
get angry sometimes. Please forgive them. Forgive them?
How can l just forgive them? There were ill-mannered People are bound
to get angry sometimes. Prisoners often become
of irritable nature in prison. Let me calm them down
before they get angry. Okay, leave only after
they are released. Okay? Not the release, they will leave
after they watch us getting ruined What? Oh sorry. l thought you were Tulsidas. Did you order flowers from
outside to welcome the minister? l have ordered many things
from outside. lt’s on the way. You came 15 minutes early. Really? That’s enough Dear prisoners. ..first of all let me
wish you a very happy Vaisakhi. Jailer told me that all of you
wanted to share your feelings with me. Speak without hesitation. Minister! -Stop! Hold on. Let them come here. Tell me. Sir, we apologize for our mistake. Please forgive us Look, it’s human to err. What’s the use of keeping someone
who has mended his ways, here? You have accepted your mistake.
l feel proud of you for that. Minister, you are not canceling
the release scheduled today, right? Why would l cancel it? lnstead, l will do release
them with my own hands So that it encourages
the other prisoners. lf the government is releasing two
prisoners today for good behavior.. Then in the near future,
it can also release four more. Long live the minister! Long live the minister! Enough. Enough.
Very good. They already began the function? They didn’t even wait for the
people who brought back the prisoners. l think l might be
getting a promotion. But no one is even bothered about me. Jai Hind, sir. Thank God you are here. Sir, where are the two prisoners? That’s what l was going to ask.
Where are they? Sir, we saved them from
the police and sent them here. Then where did they go? Couldn’t you bring them along? Sir, we stopped on the way
to a garland for brother-in-law. You needed to make
sure that he is here. Only then will you
be able to garland him. What happened, Jailer? Sir, we have brought
a garland for you. What such a rush for this? lf it was late,
you could have couriered it. l would have worn it at home. Come on, begin the function now. Sir, now that you are here,
do us another favor. Plant a sapling with your own hands What is this plant a saplings issue? Actually,
l just uprooted a few at home.. ..because they kept
obstructing my path. Sir, does this mean you
are against the ‘Go Green’ moment? What is that? This is a planting department, sir. Please don’t issue statements
without giving it any thought. Say a few words in
favor of planting trees. And plant the sapling which
you have uprooted in the morning. Really? l had heard about what
you sow is what you shall reap. Today l have learnt that you will
have to plant what you shall uproot. Okay, get the sapling, Bahadur Singh. – Sir. Get a sapling. A sapling? We don’t have any sapling in prison. Uproot an old one and get it. Get just a sapling, anyhow. Let me see. Give way. You found it? Sir, l have brought a sapling, Where did you uproot it from? l have never seen it in prison. Sir, it was kept in your office,
on the desk You idiot, it is fake.
lt is made of plastic. Sir, no one will
know it is of plastic. Look, l have hidden
the roots with soil. People do makeup on
top and he did it at bottom. Won’t he find out from the fragrance? Sir, l have used an incense
stick to give it fragrance. You can arrest me if anyone finds
out that it is fake. – Oh shut up. Get it here. Get the sapling
here quickly. Okay, sir. – Go. Give me. Get it here. Do you want to grow it in your hands? Here you go, sir. The plants of my country. Even an incense stick fails
in front of their fragrance. Actually, he loves plants
from when he was just a kid. Trust me, l saw the movie,
Shaheed-e-Mohabat Boota Singh.. ..because l thought
it is based on plants. But it’s a pity that
it was based on a person. Sir, please plant it. Come on. – We are getting late, right?
– Yes, sir. Water it. Sir, this plant
doesn’t need any water. lt is waterproof.
But if you insist then please. Dear prisoners, today l promise you. ..that before it becomes a tree,
l will get half of you released Then all of them
are bound to die here. Come on, let’s begin the function.
Let’s go. Sir, l wanted do discuss
something personal with you. Now what? There is a small request on behalf.. ..of the prisoner
we are about to release. They said it would be
better if you release them.. ..on 1st May Labor day
instead of today, on Vaisakhi. Why? Both of them are wageworkers They relate more to the
labor day than the harvest day. Jolawar Singh, official
work doesn’t follow such rules Sir, make an attempt.
lt would be great. We will release devotes
during Navratras. During Diwali we will
release confectioners. And release dyers during Holi. Very good. Next you will say release
all husbands on Karvachaut. They will see the moon and come back. Are you starting the
function or should l leave? Sorry, sir. Actually,
l think a lot about my prisoners But they don’t think about me. Jarnail, Baljeet. Jarnail.. Are you asleep? Baljeet! l haven’t stolen anything.
l will talk to him. You should heed our advice, brother. My son has already lost his mother. Don’t make him lose his father today. l will be right back. Listen.. listen to me, brother. Baljeet! You should feel ashamed. l had come to talk about this l don’t want to hear any excuses You are playing with my honor. Shame on your friendship. Baljeet, l didn’t know that
Aman was getting married to you. Now you know, right? Yes, but.. She is the same girl l was engaged to. l would have been married
to her if l hadn’t gone to prison. But you didn’t get married, right? That’s what l am telling you. You didn’t get married, right? Let Aman be where she is happy. And what about me? Everyone in the village knows
that we are getting married today? People will talk for a few
days and then forget about it. Aman loves me. Think about this what
if even after you get married.. ..she won’t be yours from her heart. l need to reach jail on time.
Let me go, brother. Fine. Go. But Aman won’t go with you. Aman will go with me. lf l had to send Aman with you.. ..then l would have sent
her with you 18 months ago. What do you mean? l love Aman more than you. Tell me. You had gone to meet a girl.
So did you fix the marriage? No. Things didn’t work out. His proposal is cancelled.
You like girl. You send marriage proposal. Aman is happy with Jarnail. But that didn’t work out. Jarnail hadn’t given
his consent earlier. But now they have
decided to get married That’s why l had planted
opium in one of your cans l got it, sir. What happened with Jarnail was bad lf you want, my proposal still stands. You betrayed me! Stop. You shouldn’t fight.
Brother, you will get hurt. You don’t look good fighting
like this for a girl. Get him. Coming, brother. The one who took the girl
is going against just one. And four will beat the one
who had nothing to do with this? Where is he? Leave me! Jarnail! Leave me. Leave her! -Jarnail! Let’s go! Let’s go!
We will take care of him later! We need to reach the prison on time. Get in. They will leave! Keep driving! Don’t stop. Stop! Where are
you going? – l am right behind you Caught you! Now there’s one guy behind us! Now there are two-three
more behind us! Leave me! Keep holding,
Don’t let go. – No problem. l’ll stop ahead. Brother, l don’t even know him.
l just took a lift from him. You guys are so stubborn. No one will ever try
to go after your daughters – You..
– Damn you. There they are, uncle. -Yes Jarnail.. Hit them, uncle. Get him! My cycle! Move aside! Fulfill our demands. Fulfill our demands. Long live the workers’ union! He took our banner with him! May his soul rest in peace. What happened to him? He owed a lot of money. He got a heart attack last night. Good, he got rid of the creditors. May his soul rest in peace! Stop! – Get him! May his soul rest in peace! – He took the dead body with him.
– He stole our dead body! – He took the dead body with him.
– Stop him! Catch him! He stole our dead body! Father, creditors never spare you. Look, they took his
dead body with them. They will sell his kidneys
and recover their money. Get down, l have goons following me.
They will beat you up as well. Stop. Stop. Make him lie down. You are back. -Yes, brother. Please forgive me, you have
to suffer a lot because of me. What are you saying? l will stand for you
wherever you want me to. Just don’t ask me to sit. Why? Keep driving. l’m fine. “After selling off everything..” “After settling all dues..” “All dues.” “All dues.” “After selling off everything..” “After settling all dues..” “After stitching new clothes..” “Ready with his musical
instruments oiled..” “He decided to go ahead with a smile.” “He decided to go ahead with a smile.” “With a roar..” “The care free Jat went to the fair..” “The care free Jat went to the fair..” “The care free Jat went to the fair..” “He is the handsomest
in his group of friends.” “Look he roars like a lion.” “He is the handsomest
in his group of friends.” “Look he roars like a lion.” “He uses his strength
to break the ground” “He changes the color
of the field with his harvest.” “He always gathers
a good crowd around him.” “His friends are always
ready to support him.” “He plays a different tune.” “He plays a different tune.” “With a roar..” “The care free Jat went to the fair..” “The care free Jat went to the fair..” “The care free Jat..” “The care free Jat..” “The care free Jat..” “The care free Jat..” “The care free Jat..” “His music speaks in many languages.” “Jats celebrate Holi in this season.” “With all the fights.” “With all the fights.” “They will suffer in courthouses “They will suffer in courthouses
if they fight daily.” “They will suffer in courthouses
if they fight daily.” “His music speaks in many languages.” “Jats celebrate Holi in this season.” “All preparations are made,
the drums play.” “Everyone gears up to roar.” “Gleaming body in sugarcane oil.” “They jump in to flex their muscles” “For someone who has experienced
hard work first hand..” “For someone who has experienced
hard work first hand..” “With a roar..” “The care free Jat went to the fair..” “The care free Jat went to the fair..” “The care free Jat went to the fair..” “The care free Jat went to the fair..” Dear prisoners, l would first like
to give my best wishes for Vaisakhi. Now is the time everyone
has been so eagerly waiting for. Prisoners being released
before term completion. l would request our Jail minister Mr.
Satpal Mundair.. come on the stage and share
his thoughts with these prisoners And begin with the
process of the release. Mr. Satpal Mundair. Let’s go, sir. lt is closed What kind of a tunnel did
you dig that filled up immediately? Do l dig tunnels
with guarantee on them? And this didn’t close on its own. – Someone has ruined my hard work.
– Now what? Dear prisoners,
l don’t know what to say. l don’t know.. what to say. Oh sir.. l really don’t know what to say. Now l have the speech in my hand.
l mean now everything is in our hands. Now all of you can talk freely. l know it is very difficult
to spend your life in prison. So our government will
try to one by one release.. ..prisoners who have
good behavior at the earliest. l feel sad that your
husbands are not more. Your uncovered heads
and white clothes haunt me. But don’t worry,
our government is with you. lf any of you wish
to get married again.. ..then the government
will find boys for you. Boys? After all,
one man should help the other. l know you are very brave. l can see the queen
of Jhansi in each of you l can see Mother Teresa. l can see PT Usha! God has blessed you with a boon.. ..of carrying a child
in your womb for nine months. God has blessed you with this boon? l know this is not true for you. But brothers, please listen to me.
Don’t get me wrong, Whenever you are
released and you go home. This is what you have to say to
your mothers, sisters and daughters. ..on behalf of the government. No one will cry when
this idiot minister will die. l wonder how people voted for him. He became a minister
on companionate grounds What’s that? Through sympathy quota. Like you got a job
after your father died. My prisoner brothers,
l won’t take much of your time today. Even though l know that
you have nothing else to do. Now, l would request
the jailer to bring on stage.. ..the two prisoners who
are getting released today. Jarnail Singh and Tarseen Lal. This won’t work! Jarnail Singh and Tarseen Lal. Let us go, inspector.
He is announcing our name. We are being released today. Which father of yours told
you that you are being released? Not our father, that mother told us. Ask her. -Yes Did you hear that? He is announcing our names.
Jarnail and Tarseen.. -Shut up! Do one thing,
call me back when they come here. Get up. Respected Jail minister
and my dear prisoners. Before everyone learns the truth.. ..l want to present my
clean record to all of you. A few years ago there used to
Ramayana play enactment in our prison. On the day when Laxman faints.. The prisoner who had become Hanuman.. ..made such a big jump
to get the cure-all herb.. ..that even after Dussehra
was celebrated he didn’t come back. Then to correct the
track record of our prison.. ..we decided that no matter
what happens to Laxman.. ..the Hanuman won’t leave the
prison to go get the cure-all herb. Like the minister was saying,
he doesn’t know what to say.. l know what l have to say,
but l don’t know how to say it. ln 20 years of service, l have always
tried not to stain this uniform. But it’s as if as soon as
l had a bath, the fly left a spot. How do l express my
feelings and share my pain? ln the ending what it comes down to.. that l loved these two
prisoners like my own children. But these ungrateful beings
treated me like a stepfather. My uniform doesn’t
allow it otherwise.. ..l would have cussed them so badly.. ..that their family
would have begged me. “Here, settle it between yourselves.” “You don’t need to involve
mothers and sisters into this.” These sticks won’t help.
l have already tried it. We cannot jump across
the wall using them. Everything is over. Nothing is over. We will jump. Jarnail, we will have
to find some other way. Have you ever heard anyone making,. ..such a big jump
with such a small stick? No, l haven’t heard But l also haven’t heard.. ..that a girl ran away with the boy ..she had refused to marry. But l also haven’t heard that
a father makes multiple attempts.. flee from the prison
in order to meet his son. And that even after every unsuccessful
attempt, he doesn’t give up. Did you give up? Tarseen Lal,
we have done many firsts in our lives This wall which no one has
ever been able to jump cross. We will be the first
ones to do that as well. Your son has just
learnt to read right? He will also learn to laugh,
play and live. Without you. And you too get married to
someone else and keep crying for me. lf we want to get out officially
then we will have to go back inside. lt’s upto you. Or your fear might
kill your son’s happiness. When the law states
that you are innocent.. ..we will believe
that you are innocent. Now l’ll leave with you only after
you are released from the prison. Risking my job, l did so many things
to get the two of them released. But they have ruined my reputation. Hello. Well done, my boys. Today you saved Jailer Jolawar Singh
Johal reputation from being ruined. Better late than never. Brothers, my mother must have not
eagerly waited for me for 21 years.. much as l eagerly waited
for you in the past 4 hours Minister, they are so stubborn. Since morning they
have been saying that.. ..they want to show their
gymnastic skills to the minister. They want to put up an act. l tried talking them out of it.
l told them; “Brothers, he is jail minister
and not a sports minister.” But they didn’t budge. They did it. Yes ldiots, you ended up at his feet. A little misaim and
you would have killed him. Anyway, now l would request our
respectable minister Mr. Satpal Mundair.. release these two prisoners
on this festive occasion of Vaisakhi. A huge round of applause. l don’t know what to say. Thank you – Thank you. l really don’t know what to say. Our prisons are so full of talent. The prisoners performed
a magnificent jump. What talent? The prisoners came
inside from outside. The prisoners have
to run to make a jump. There is no place
to run in the prison. Hence, the prisoners run outside
the prison, jumped and came inside. Very simple. The prisoners were not in the prison. They came at the last moment. Didn’t you notice how
scared the jailer was? What is the evidence? l will gather all
the evidences you want. But we will be blamed. The jailer might
have recommended them.. ..but we are the ones
who passed the order. Try to understand
– Why should l understand? l have kept smart
people like you with me.. understand and explain,
Mr. Jeeta. l do my job,
the rest will be handled by Jeeta. Let’s go. Your father got released. Now will you come with me? Daddy. Please forgive me, son. We misunderstood you l should be the one apologizing. l too suspected your
son unnecessarily. But then l had this doubt that
if he had 2 kilos of opium with him.. ..he wouldn’t have
framed me with all of it. He would have consumed most of it. Forget it, son.
All’s well that ends well. -Yes. Right. But if your daughter had
agreed to marry me at the first go.. ..then this would
have ended two years ago. Let’s go now or do you
want us to marry in prison? Tell me. Sir, why did you lied to us and
introduced us to the wrong prisoners? All’s well that ends well. – What do you mean?
– l mean forget about it. And if one lie can
help someone settle down.. ..then that lie is
greater than the truth. But you were you
trying to settle down? My mother waited 21 years
for a child and l for you. What? l mean how do l explain it to you? l have loved these prisoners a lot. But they took undue
advantage of my love.. ..hence l have decided that
l will take my wife’s share of love.. ..back from these prisoners
and give it to a deserving candidate. l didn’t get you. lt has never been easy
to marry an intelligent wife. That’s why l like you Uncle! Such decisions are not made by uncles. Such decisions are
made by our parents or us Why are you looking at her?
ls she your mother? You Mr. Johal. -You Mrs. Johal. “After selling off everything..” “After settling all dues..” “All dues.” “All dues.” “After selling off everything..” “After settling all dues..” “After stitching new clothes..” “Ready with his musical
instruments oiled..” “He decided to go ahead with a smile.” “He decided to go ahead with a smile.” “With a roar..” “The care free Jat went to the fair..” “The care free Jat went to the fair..” “The care free Jat went to the fair..” “He is the handsomest
in his group of friends.” “Look he roars like a lion.” “He is the handsomest
in his group of friends.” “Look he roars like a lion.” “He uses his strength
to break the ground” “He changes the color
of the field with his harvest.” “He always gathers
a good crowd around him.” “His friends are always
ready to support him.” “He plays a different tune.” “He plays a different tune.” “With a roar..” “The care free Jat went to the fair..” “The care free Jat went to the fair..” “The care free Jat..” “The care free Jat..” “The care free Jat..” “The care free Jat..” “The care free Jat..” “His music speaks in many languages.” “Jats celebrate Holi in this season.” “With all the fights.” “With all the fights.” “They will suffer in courthouses..” “They will suffer in courthouses
if they fight daily.” “They will suffer in courthouses
if they fight daily.”

100 thoughts on “Vaisakhi List | Latest Punjabi Movies 2016 | Jimmy Shergill | Sunil Grover | Jaswinder Bhalla

  1. Vaa ji kya movie aa ekk jail cho ee sari filmm bnatii va ji directore sahib

  2. I love the beats & lyrics of this Punjabi Song..

    Toori tand sambh haadi vech vat ke
    Lambran te shahan da hisab kat ke
    Pag jhagah chaadra nava savayi ke
    Samma vali dang uttey tael laike Kachhe maar vanjali anand cha gaya ho..
    Maarda damaame jatt..
    Maarda damaame jatt mele aa gya Maarda damaame jatt mele aa gya Haaniyan di tahni ch laada sajda Bagh bagh bagh vekho sher gajjda

    Oh heere nu addak naal hunja maarda
    Oh sehnatan de nal raa nu vangardah
    Changi jehi sadh laa de.. balle belliyan
    Tumba zaara khol khan..
    javaa belliyan
    Sarhon vangu jhool vanjali suna geya.
    O maarda damame jatt..
    Maarda damaame jatt mele aa gya Maarda damaame jatt mele aa gya Maarda damaame jatt..
    Tumbe nal bhaant bhaant bol boliyan
    Haad ch jattan ne manayiyan holiyan
    O rarke rarke rarke
    Tareekan bhugtan ge
    Bhugtan ge jatt larhke, Tareekan bhugtan ge..
    Tumbe nal bhaant bhaant bol boliyan
    Haad ch jattan ne manayiyan holiyan
    Shinjh di tyari hoyi dhol vajde
    Kas ke langot aaye sher gajjde
    O lishkde pinde gunne hoye tail de Maarde ne shaalan nale dand behl de
    Kishu nu narayna pehle halle dha gaya
    Maarda damaame jatt..
    Maarda damaame jatt mele aa gaya

    Song:Jatt Mele Aa Gya Artist:Ranjit Bawa Album:Vaisakhi List Category:Punjabi Movies

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