Vasily Torpaev “Look at the sky”

Look at the sky
V. Torpaev Prologue – Vasily, look at the sky now. I turned my head, glanced through the window
at the dark sky covered with rain clouds and said:
– I see it: it is dark and cloudy. – But you know that now there are stars beyond
those clouds, don’t you? And in the daytime there is the sun behind
them, isn’t there? – Yes, – I agreed. – There is no need for you to believe in it,
– he continued – no need to guess if it is the sun behind the clouds or not, – you
simply do know that the sun is there, don’t you? – Yes, I do – I replied – that is true. – And so, Vasily, many people merely believe
in me, believe in the fact that I exist, however, you, Vasily, are talking to me! Chapter 1. My Life Before Birth Recently a moment from my childhood has come
back to memory. It took me back to long ago stagnant eighties
of the last century. How old was I then? Seven…or eight. I recalled a thunder-stormy night, huge dark
clouds were looming over the houses and were darting thunders to the earth. First I was standing behind the door at the
balcony and gazing at the threatening darkness but then I wanted to open the door and say
to those clouds: – Wo-o-h clouds! Come on, let it thunder stronger! You are so high above me and I am so far! I am not afraid of you! …And at this very moment there was such
a deafening thunderclap that I got frightened and immediately ran out of the balcony, closed
the door and stood wondering if…if it…had been the clouds…which attended my words? Or is it my imagination? After all, it would be strange to think that
a cloud can “hear” a man…The thunder-storm already ceased but I still could not calm
down. I was afraid to simply look out of the window. Finally, I took courage in my hands and returned
to the balcony squinting at the sunset light and inhaling the fragrance of the freshly
squeezed clouds. “No, certainly not, – I thought – the
clouds cannot take offence at me, it must have been a mere coincidence”. At this very moment I’ve had a feeling that
someone poked me in the chest with an invisible finger threateningly: do not you dare joke
with such a tremendous power… As a child, I used to love books. First I would look them through. Large colourful pictures illustrating fairy
tales for children and curved lines of letters, especially of capitals. Later, however, when I learned to read I would
spend a lot of time scanning the lines and drawing in my imagination the cloudland pictures. Once when I was housecleaning I came upon
a book which was there behind the bed. It was a big heavy book, not like other ordinary
books. Seemingly it differed from all others I’ve
ever seen in my life by its impressive size. “What might it be about?”, I wondered
leafing through the book. It turned out that among other things the
book talked about the so called thought broadcasting and the belief that objects, plants, animals
and people are capable of exchanging information. The book gave some vague explanations of how
all this was possible and what kind of exercises a reader was supposed to do to verify its
reliability. To be sure, I wanted to study all those schemes
and pictures in the book to understand how the reader could get it right. I tried to reproduce some experiments that
were given in the book but none of them brought the desired results. I continued reading till I reached a chapter
which kindled my interest notably. It talked about the possibility to communicate
with one’s subconsciousness (it was claimed by the book’s author) by getting information
from an instrument called pendulum (an object suspended from a rope held in a hand). I read about how to ask questions to the pendulum
and receive answers from it – from “yes” or “no” to simple questions to full explicit
sentences to be made by connecting separately standing letters. I remember a picture which illustrated a sequence
of those letters. The picture resembled a hand fan with its
each segment having a written letter on it. The pendulum was supposed to show (swinging)
which letter is to appear next in the answer. I made a pendulum as implied by the book,
bent over the picture the way a graphic man was bending in it and asked my question…Nothing
came of it. The pendulum did not even swing. I reread the chapter again and again to consult
about how precisely a hand should be held and the subconsciousness should be turned
to, but… nothing came of it… “Ha ha ha, – I laughed to myself – well,
of course, it is impossible. The book is a bluff which the author created
to attract readers’ attention and make money off it”. Yet, I have looked through that book a few
more times rereading the pages about the pendulum…What was there that I liked so much? Why could I not tear myself away from those
pictures with a focused man in them? Years later I would read many other books
where authors described the “communication” with the subconsciousness through a pendulum. Some of those authors would say that one could
“make a deal” with a pendulum, that a pendulum was kind of a guide to the “Earth’s
field of knowledge”, the “forces of light” and would describe how one should ask questions,
thank for the received answers and many other things. Looking back, I can say: at that time all
those things seemed to me unusual, contrary to the rules of nature, and I liked reading
about it indeed but over time since I failed to gain any results in practice the interest
I had in books dealing with the pendulum has dissipated. Let me tell you a moment from my “past”
life, from my job. Many of us tend to remember moments relating
to job with a tinge of sorrow. My memory of that period of life is sad: I
used to work in one of ordinary research institutes earning a small salary. Laboratory, research instruments all around,
microscopes, clever people, specialists…Day after day. The same things. My colleagues believed that the job they were
doing was pretty interesting but I was beginning to get sick of it. I wanted to find some creative job implying
communication with new people, wanted to do the things that I really loved instead of
boring researches, or at least to earn as much money as to afford to bring my interests
into reality. It is true that many people would like to
change their jobs but very few of them are ready for the real changes. For a variety of reasons. I had a reason not to change anything too. And a day has come – a usual day – a day
when I finally reached the boiling point inside me, so to speak. Accidents happen, don’t they? That very day a peculiar man came to our laboratory. I did not see him entering, but I knew that
he had come to our chiefs, I was sitting in the room next door and could hear through
the wall the way he was talking to them. His voice sounded to me pretty confident,
such a distinct speech of his I have never heard even in the radio or television advertising. It seemed as though he knew in advance what
he would be asked and therefore his immediate answers marched like soldiers on a military
parade. I could not help popping in the room where
they were talking. The mysterious guest looked impressive and
his appearance delighted me: an ideal suit, perfectly cleaned shoes, a strict and a little
bit severe look. In front of me I saw a well-dressed fashionable
gentleman in his fifties. What on earth was he doing in our one-horse
town?! How did he end up here?! From where?! After a short conversation with the bosses
this gentleman summarized the results and was already heading to the exit. I…don’t know… I can’t explain what came over me but like
under sweet hypnosis – though I guess that from the outside it might look indecent and
I have never done such kind of things before I, nevertheless, was determined to stand up
and catch the stranger before he left and if possible even try to talk to him. But how could I, a usual laboratory assistant,
interest him? What would I say to him? On the way out of the institute, on the stairs,
I apologized and called after him. Introducing myself to him, I expressed my
admiration of him for the way he carried himself and the content of his speech and let him
know that if I had a chance to meet him again during his future visits to the bosses I would
like to learn from him. He wondered: learn what? I replied: don’t know, at least, to speak
confidently like you and if should You need an assistant (oh gosh, what nonsense I am
talking about?! – I was thinking at the same time) I will
be ready to learn and help You in your affairs. The reply astonished me more than I expected:
Alexander (that was his name) replied in the positive and even joyfully. I remember Alexander told me that he had always
known that I would turn to him with a request… From that moment my head whirled with happiness. “How did this happen? – I thought. – How could a timid laboratory assistant
help such an unusual person?”. Can time change its course? The fact is that from the moment I talked
to Alexander all around started to seem slow and dull. “Why do all look like being asleep? – I thought – Waste their time and make
do with what they have and do not strive for more, do not use their capacity?”. Yes, I did meet in my life what I thought
of. I got an opportunity to change my life. At least I believed so. Several days after meeting Alexander we were
already discussing the future plans including the development of our own business. He had so many ideas, themes, variants to
realize that I lost my mind and spent all my free time satisfying my hunger for creative
thoughts by listening to him and absorbing even more than my mind could absorb. I asked him questions and got clear answers
to them. There was nothing that could remain unclear
to me. All the ideas were in plain view. Alexander told me about talented people, scientists
who lived and worked in various cities and each of them had their own designs which we
could and needed to unite and implement within joint projects. My task which Alexander offered to me was
to think about what projects could be developed. In fact, he allowed me to fully participate
and help him to bring to life formidable ideas and consult him on how to govern those interesting
projects cost effectively. I was so inspired by this opportunity that
I never asked myself why such large-scale ideas were entrusted to me, to Vasia. Yes, this is Me name. Yet, back home with a new portion of information
in my mind, I had doubts. I did not believe in myself and was not absolutely
sure of what was happening yet. Then I would ask Alexander:
– Why? Why did other people not agree among themselves
earlier and thus did not do seemingly evident things ?
He laughed and said exactly what I was thinking of:
– All around are living like in a dream but you, Vasia, has a great chance to “wake
up” and do interesting, courageous things, embody the newest scientific, engineering,
financial ideas, settle all the family issues, of course, and thus make your life happier…But
to get a better life you need to take efforts. I understood: in order to completely dedicate
myself to my new job I needed to leave the scientific-research institute where I worked. Psychologically, mentally (in fact, by quitting
my job I was going nowhere) it was not that easy because though none of your relatives
would ever understand you, you needed to do your best to explain to them that from scratch
you could build another world, a world which lives by other rules and in other scales. Is it not what I was thinking until very recently?…How
was I supposed to tell my wife who was on maternity leave of my intention to leave a
“good” job for the sake of ideas of another level? I never forgot of my responsibility to my
family and always knew that whatever I planned to do would be for the good of my family and
future. Will try to explain to her… Skipping some moments from my life I’d like
to stop and look back. Several months are already passed since I
left the scientific-research institute. I am all engrossed in studying new materials
and meeting new people – Alexander’s words are coming true. Right now I am in a big beautiful office. Alexander and I have just come to visit a
well-known professor Butanovich who is specialised in studying and searching new oil and gas
fields. There is a lot of equipment, printing machines,
computers…I am standing in front of the professor’s room. I almost got used to the fact that each new
person I met possessed a particular personality, but a real surprise was waiting for me ahead. The professor’s room was almost empty: a
huge table, spread out pieces of wove paper, pencils, highlighters of several colours,
a snuffed candlestick. On a nude wall there were several icons and
bending over the table professor Butanovich was drawing contours and lines on the wove
paper. From time to time he whispered to himself
something, put aside a pencil, and…Then I noticed something in his hand that impressed
me immensely. It was a pendulum, that same pendulum which
was there in my books of my childhood. Alexander was pleased with that pleasant surprise
he had prepared for me and said that he wanted to meet me with the professor long ago so
that I could emulate the secrets of his mastery. I decided, by all means, to learn from the
professor everything regarding the pendulum: in what way the pendulum helped him, how and
whom Butanovich asked for information, if someone else (hoping it could me, of course)
but for him could handle the pendulum? It turned our that long before the professor
had given birth to an idea to find on the map all the existing but yet unknown fields
of oil, gas and fresh water. And all that was possible he claimed without
complex geological exploration equipment but simply asking questions to the information
filed of the Earth. – Look, Vasily – Butanovich said spreading
a contour map of Norway on the big table, – right now I am going to ask for information
on whether there are any gas deposits in this region. The professor started to make preparation
for the inquiries: he lit a candle, whispered some sentences, took the pendulum and began
to slowly direct it over the map. After a while the pendulum began rotating
over one and the same area of the map. – You see, the pendulum is rotating on its
own and showing us where gas is? I saw the pendulum rotating indeed but from
the outside it seemed as though Butanovich was merely whirling it with his own hand. – How can a pendulum rotate on its own? – I asked. – Don’t know precisely – the professor
replied – but right now I am feeling like somebody was guiding my hand and by asking
questions I am receiving a feedback. I can ask any kind of question regarding the
deposit I am looking for: about the seam depth, volumes of the deposit, the contours of an
oil pool or fiery seam in depth section, chemical composition, etc. I was looking at the professor. The pendulum in his hand seemed to be a universal
informative tool. Butanovich continued asking the pendulum for
information with regard to another object on the map. – Does this seam contain oil? The pendulum drew a vertical line in the air
which meant “yes”. Putting aside the pendulum the professor wrote
down the reply on the paper. – Does this oil pool contain sulphuric impurities? Once again, the calmly hanging pendulum swayed
steadily. And now, he needed to learn the percentage
of the sulphuric impurity in the oil pool. – Is it more than 1%? – “Yes”. – More than 1,5%? – “Yes”. – More than 2%? – The pendulum said “no” and swayed
horizontally. Then the professor sectioned the paper and
attributed digits to each of the sections: 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. He asked the pendulum to indicate the number
of the tenths of the sulphuric impurity percentage and positioned the hand over the digits. The pendulum swerved in between 5 and 6, closer
to 6. – You see, the percentage of the impurity
ranges from 1,5% to 1,6%. We could further detail the percentage till
per mils – the content professor said. I liked watching the professor working for
long hours. During his work he was very concentrated,
he could work for long hours and not sleep at night, he would sleep for only a couple
of hours and then again got down to work. It seemed to me, however, as if he was in
a hurry, was afraid not to make it in time to ask for information and was glad that his
topographic maps, digits, notes – all this will not be but will benefit the mankind. It turned out later that the professor’s
capability to get information from the pendulum had actually made him leave the oil research
institute: he could not bear any longer to see his colleagues “sleeping” and using
old-fashioned, to his mind, exploration technique which resulted in the ecological destruction
caused by drilling hundreds of poor oil wells. Strange as it may sound, the professor, a
respectable man, practically had become a hermit. He had spent almost all of his money for computers,
plotters, office rental and now I he was ready to collaborate with Alexander (and with me). Alexander convinced the professor that he
could attract the investors and sell at a profit his projects on oil and gas. No doubt that if one of the professor’s
assumptions was confirmed and at least one new previously unknown deposit was discovered
we would get many investors line up for collaboration with us. Our joint business would become kind of “engine”
for all of us and we agreed that by investing relatively small amounts of money into the
drilling of wells in the given areas our investors would be convinced that our new company had
true information about water and oil reserves all around the world. On the other hand, it could prove to Alexander
and me that the professor was really capable of “seeing through the earth”. With every passing second my desire to touch
the magic power of the pendulum was growing. I asked the professor:
– May I learn to work like you: to ask questions, get the answers, or are only the chosen ones
capable of handling it? Whom are You talking to? To my surprise I did not get a precise answer
from the professor who, I believed, had kind of a master key to all the questions. The professor believed that he had an access
to the Earth’s information field where you could find all the needed answers. However, he did agree to teach me his job. The professor showed me how I should hold
my hand and asked me to try to talk to the pendulum and see whether it would get in touch
with me or not. He said to me: draw a vertical line on the
paper and put under it “yes” and a horizontal line with “no” and then ask a simple question
to the pendulum: “Pendulum, may I receive information from you, am I allowed or not?”. Of course I never lost my common sense, yet
I was interested to see what the result could be: either I would fail and nothing would
come and I would admit that the professor was a unique person, or, though I did not
believe it, I would somehow feel a reply from the pendulum…hit or miss. I took a rope with a pointed piece of metal
suspending from it, stretched it out, closed my eyes and asked mentally: “Pendulum, may
I work with you?” – in a while I felt my insides undergoing some changes. It felt as though short scarcely perceptible
electrical impulses rushed from the head through the shoulder and arm to the hand with the
rope and the pendulum started to steadily sway along the vertical line which indicated
“yes”. Both Alexander and Butanovich were glad to
see this, and even started congratulating me on the success but I, however, could not
believe my eyes, and decided to repeat the experiment. I stopped the pendulum, outstretched my hand
again, closed the eyes and repeated my question. This time the impulses were much stronger
and the rope once again drew in the air a vertical line. My inner feelings at that moment were so unusual
to me that I did not know whether I should rejoice or if it was just hypnosis. How was I supposed to react to what was happening
to me and around me?..Inspired by new emotions I continued asking questions and with each
passing hour I was getting more and more questions inside me. What is that force that makes my hand swerve
the pendulum? Does that force exit after all? Is it allowed to ask serious questions and
should I have trust in the answer of…the pendulum? All the things seemed to be on the right path. Alexander and I were approaching the turning
point when we could step out of the shadow and with our results assert themselves and
prove to those who did not believe in us that working on another level was possible. Very recently one more talented scientist
named Vetrov from Tomsk joined our team of like-minded people. Being acquainted with Vetrov and his ideas
Alexander, as ever, confided the task of studying his designs for their future use to me. One of the remarkable inventions of the scientist
was machines of new generation which separated the services by fractions by means of high
speed eddy: thus, the machine could dry and clean the air, for example, at industrial
plants and also clean the gases and separate liquid and liquid-gas mixtures. He developed machines which allowed to heat
houses without tubular heating elements by separating water into cold and hot water and
letting it pass through the intricate constructions – as a result, the water acquired a velocity
of hundred meters per second and changed its features. It was a new approach, environmentally benign
and very simple indeed…The scientist showed me the drawings of the future apparatus designed
to separate associated petroleum gas into pure gas and hydrocarbon fractions, to purify
wastewater, to air condition…I was just enjoying all these novelties and those opportunities
that were awaiting me ahead… On a sudden, however, I encountered the first
disappointment in our job…A catch that I did not expect. Once we had a dinner with the scientist from
Tomsk and there was a lot of liquor on the table. We were drinking toast after toast and very
soon I saw my “partner” Alexander in such an awful state in which I would never expect
him to see. I did not expect a person to drink so much
and to transform from a “generator of ideas” into a beast…I did my best to help Alexander
finish the dinner and the evening without any incidents. Since I myself did not drink alcohol to see
Alexander’s metamorphosis was not that easy…It is a moment that I am not able to forget. I have never seen a man changing so dramatically,
180 degrees, and transforming into his complete opposite. In front of me I was seeing a ferocious aggressive
man swearing like a trooper and threatening to kill everybody around him including me
unless I fulfilled his wish and provided some more booze for him… In that state I had to deliver Alexander from
Tomsk to his home and in parallel hear him swearing at me and all the people around him…He
was trying to pry the steering wheel out of the driver’s hands and was threating to
throw all of us out of the car…I was almost going to lose my temper and was ready to get
out of the car right in the middle of the way just not to see and hear him. At the same time, I understood that I could
not leave Alexander even in that state. I totally depended upon him and could not
break off relations with Alexander right now, quitting our business halfway. Upon courageously delivering him to his home
already at night I heard Alexander telling me to shove off since I did not want to listen
to him… The middle of the night. I am approaching my house. On the one hand, I was almost indifferent
and calm. On the other hand, I could not resist to the
feeling of incomprehension inside me. How come? You do a man so much good, engross yourself
in the work and the thoughts about the work, do your best and is that all to finish in
a jiffy? Because of what? Because of alcohol?! And Alexander? Who did he allow himself to turn into?…I
felt like yelling and crying…How many inconsistencies I had in my head!…It seemed strange indeed,
Alexander had always told me that he was pious and went to church and all that was supposed
to help us. Though, I must admit, I was skeptical about
religious traditions and rites but since it helped Alexander, very often I would also
attend worships with him and even fast to be on the same page with him…And now all
of a sudden you were falling from that page and hitting the ground, it hurts…Is this
fair? Today is warm and sunny. I am standing on the bank of the river and
looking into the distance. Several days have passed since we returned
from Tomsk. I did not call Alexander on principle because
actually I had no reason to explain myself to him. I waited till a genuine and kind man with
whom we had been striving for our success for half a year already would be reborn in
Alexander. The telephone rang – I could not hear Alexander’s
voice at first. He apologized to me, saying that he himself
did not know how that could have happened to him. He said that he had gone to church, had a
talk with the priest and that the priest had forgiven him for that bad behavior (!) and
added that we should proceed with our affairs… It seemed that the call was kind of salvation. I agreed. Though thoughts like flies continued whirling
in my head. “Ha-ha, – I thought – is it possible
indeed that an ordinary priest in a church can forgive a man for bad behavior? Even not knowing what that man had actually
done? If so, then such kind of behavior is acceptable,
isn’t it? Not clear” Gradually I was forgetting that incident and
we continued working with renewed vigour. I wanted very much to get my labour and time
spent bring results. For all that time I could not forget professor
Butanovich, the way he worked with the pendulum. From time to time I conducted experiments
with the pendulum at home. The professor as well as the books and the
Internet told me that it was not allowed to ask the pendulum (or the subconcsiousness,
or the “information forces”, or the “Earth’s poles” – still I did not whom I talked
to) about whatever I wanted. I was not allowed to ask questions which had
obvious answers, or to use the received information to cause harm to anybody or for profit. And I asked questions about the future, asked
for permission to undertake some actions, wondered about the prospects of my and Alexander’s
project. The pendulum did give me answers. It seemed to me that every time I talked to
the pendulum the impulses making the pendulum sway in my hand became more and more sensitive
to me. Sometimes, however, the replies differed from
those that I expected from the pendulum, or over time they even tended to change. How was I supposed to explain that? It seemed as if either the future events were
inclined to change depending on the present or it was just a big delirium of mine associated
with the way I lived, saw and heard…I did not know why but right now the pendulum did
not give me “yes” to the question about the eventual success in my and Alexander’s
affairs. I never told Alexander about my experiments
and the answers I got from the pendulum. Let me skip some moments from my life. I am in Moscow now, in the capital of Russia. One more thing has been done. One more coin was dropped into the moneybox. I am holding the documents in my hand: a charter,
a certificate, a bank statement, a tax statement. Yes, our dream seems to have come true! We have officially registered a commercial
enterprise! With an office in Moscow! Two founders – Vasily Torpaev and Alexander
Smelov. 42% of the authorized capital stock belong
to me. For me it was like a holiday! Alexander and I had been living in Moscow
for a month already and nothing reminded us of that unpleasant incident form the past,
but…That very evening, however, when we were invited to celebrate the successful registration
of the enterprise that alcohol-involved incident repeated with a much stronger effect. It happened in the presence of our future
partners – well-known and esteemed people. Alexander’s metamorphosis from an intelligent
man into the “state of nothing” took him only half an hour from the beginning of the
event. For half an hour Alexander managed to get
drunk and already was off to the races: he swore, crashed into the tables with dishes
upon them, pestered the people around us, shouted obscenities at those people on whom,
maybe, our future activity and the realization of our projects depended…A sound of a broken
glass and the imminent scandal were enough to get us kicked out of the restaurant. Throwing us out they threatened us not to
appear there ever again and promised to tell others of the incident just to warn them to
keep away from us…Within thirty minutes all what we had done so far was practically
cancelled: tremendous efforts and time spent for the project’s sake. “Why?…” – I asked one and the same question to myself
recalling the answers the pendulum had given to me a month before. “Quit it all and go back to your family,
– I thought, – right now, rush to the airport…” I felt that I had no power and opportunities
left. The exasperating point was that I simply could
not tell anyone why all of a sudden everything had got ruined – neither to my family nor
to my friends. The emotions were inside me, but in public
I had to look as though the things were good. And they were, indeed. Until then… The middle of autumn. The weather in October is unexpectedly warm
in Perm Region. I still could not understand what all those
events that were happening to me could mean. The talented people whose acquaintance I was
lucky to have made continue to believe in me and Alexander but it seems that the rumours
about the incident in Moscow had reached their ears too. Alexander called me once and told me that
it had been his fault and he was sorry and promised that nothing of the kind would ever
happen again… My attitude towards him was not the same as
it was when we had started our cooperation, and he is well aware of that, but at the same
time Alexander knows that it was not easy to me either and that at his “invitation”
I had left my former job. Yet, I do not know whether he cares for my
life, for the lives of those who believed in us?…All of a sudden Mr. Smelov has put
forward a new idea: – Let us, – he says – go to the professor
and ask him using his skills in geology, topography and the capabilities of the pendulum, of course,
to search on the map for, say, old hoards, lost caches which could be hidden not too
far from here. We would find, say, a small pot of gold or
silver and use it as a seed capital. “Where would such a mad idea finally take
us, I wonder” – I thought. We called professor Butanovich and told him
of our idea. It turned out, however, that for weeks professor
had been marking on the map the places of hidden old hoards asking the pendulum to tell
him how much and what exactly was there in the hoards, what kind of coins they were – golden
or silver, how deep in the earth they were buried, whether they were accessible or not
in case the territory of burial had been turned into a private property and, say, a house
had been built on it, etc. I understood that searching for buried treasures
was not quite what Alexander and I had always planned to do but considering the desperate
situation of mine I could not back down: either I had to go till the end or to publicly admit
that I was a complete idiot to have committed myself to a crazy alcoholic-hermit. So here it is – we are in the professor’s
office. “Well, – I thought – since I have come
to the professor I should get some points clarified regarding the pendulum”. I told Butanovich of my home experiments with
the pendulum and let him know that whenever I asked questions to the pendulum I always
felt feedback and that those were natural feelings that could not be compared to anything. The professor smiled and, perhaps, by that
smile he admitted that those feelings were no longer something individual. – Well, I see now that I am not the only otherwordly
one, – Butanvich said, – let us try to find some hoard together then! The professor and I bent over the map. Everything was going well. Irrespective of whose hand it was to hold
the pendulum – mine or the professor’s – it showed the same precise results. First, the professor asked the pendulum a
question and then I verified the received reply. We needed to find the simplest but not very
remote place for searching treasures. The process was happening just in front of
my eyes: like an understudy I felt and practically foresaw even without the pendulum those places,
which the professor was trying to find out on the map with the help of the pendulum. A couple of hours later we already had a map
of the suburb with the marked coordinates of the potential hoards and their brief description:
the year when a hoard was buried, the circumstances of its burial and its contents… Our attention was caught by several hoards
located almost next to each other. The professor learned from the pendulum that
several centuries before near the modern city a road of rich merchants with caravans had
passed and the merchants used to stop there to spend a night. Because of the fear of being robbed some of
the merchants sometimes buried their money, precious jewels, silver utensils next to the
stopping place. Some part of the treasures, however, was never
claimed. It seemed that the professor wanted to make
the most of the pendulum: how many coins were there in the hoards, what they were put in
(a jar or a pot, wrapped in a mat or packed in some other way), under which circumstances
the hoards were buried, if some murder had ever been committed because of the hoards… Finally, everything was ready: maps, GPS coordinates,
laptop, metal detector, shovel and our pirate mood, of course! We went there the following day at dawn. The bus stop was eight kilometers from the
place and it took us two hours to reach there. A clearing that we saw in front did remind
us, though remotely, of the old stopping place of merchants. We set to work immediately. The professor had already got the pendulum
to clearly indicate the area where we were supposed to dig. Having turned the metal detector on, we walked
all over but the device was silent. – Nothing, – Butanovich said – perhaps,
the hoard is buried too deep and the instrument is not able to detect the signal… We dug till the evening, first – together,
then – in turn, we felt exhausted and we dug a hole about two meters in diameter and
more than a meter and a half deep. There was no sense to dig deeper because we
supposed that even if a merchant had wanted to bury, say, a pot of silver, he would have
to do it fast and quietly so he had no time to dig a deep hole whereas we already dug
almost a well… Certainly, we did not find anything. The professor, however, did not seem frustrated,
he supposed that the hoard might have been bewitched and that was the reason of our failure…”Oh
gosh, what a ridiculous idea… – I thought – Why did I get into that? We are all sane people, why do the things
go wrong then?” It was obvious that Alexander himself was
getting disappointed at the professor’s skills. On returning to the office Mr Smelov seemed
earnest and strict. He ordered us to put ourselves together and
help him to make his idea real: we needed to believe one another and try to find not
a mere pot or some antique but something, he said, of a greater value, something historically
significant. I told him that it would be our last chance:
we agreed that the professor and I would find the place on the map, define what was buried
there, and then take some people to help us and actually to ensure the secured access
to the place. In case, I said, we failed to find something
I would not work with the professor any longer and go back home. To my surprise, however, the professor did
not approve of Alexander’s idea: he, too, seemed to have lost his patience, become peevish,
he said that we had promised him a lot of investors ready to invest in the oil fields…In
the end, the things got messed up because of mutual distrust and failed ideas… Sometimes we do not want to look at ourselves
and to listen to the opinions of people around us, do we?…I remember, my wife worried a
lot then, she understood that something was going wrong, in my face she could read that
a happy carefree life which I told her of so much a year before was passing us by. But I always assured her that we should follow
through on the plans and that she should believe in me. Since the professor Butanovich was not in
Alexander’s circle of trust any longer, all the operations of finding a historically
significant place were automatically confided to me. While Alexander searched for assistants, I
was asking the pendulum for some interesting, large scale place for search and excavation. First the pendulum brought me forward tremendous
and “clamorous” hoards indeed such as Kolchak ’s gold, Genghis Khan’s treasures,
Mackenna’s gold in America, sunken ships…”Is not there anything less significant that could
be found in Russia?” – I asked the pendulum. And such a place was detected by the pendulum
indeed, though it was too far away from our house – Kursk Region. Alexander easily found people who were ready
to supply us with accommodations and help us to arrange the prospecting works. In return, he promised to share with them
the eventual finds and in future recruit them on our joint projects. I understood that it was rather a bluff than
the reality but I did not care much for two reasons. Firstly, I kept in mind my promise to myself
to fully verify the trustworthiness of the pendulum’s answers. Secondly, I felt that the connection I had
with the pendulum was intensifying and practically becoming kind of a new sense to me, and day
by day I was curious to find out the mechanism of interaction or feedback which seemed to
exist between a thought (I asked questions silently, inside myself) and an answer that
was in the form of a swerve of a small metal piece hanging from the rope in my hand. My curiosity was so intense that it even made
me borrow money for my planned trip and thus get into debt not knowing how I would give
the money back…I hoped that we would manage to find something and then sell it…A throng
of thoughts did not allow me to concentrate on the object of our exploration. I would rather ask the rest of questions on
my way in the train, I thought… The trip was not an easy one, we had to change
trains in Moscow. We had bought the cheapest tickets for a couchette
car and unluckily, we had been given the lateral berths next to the platform’s door. Because of the unbearable hot air in the carriage
and permanent draft from the platform I caught a cold and when we arrived in Kursk I was
in a serious condition: I felt bad both morally and physically – I had a fever of around
forty degrees Celsius. It took us two more hours on an old car to
reach the house. It turned out that due to the lack of money
they had rented for us an old country house with a well, outhouses, and firewood heating
and the firewood was yet to be chopped… I did not have a desire to search for anything. In my then condition I needed peace, warm
drinking and care. I looked sadly around the cold rooms which
were frozen stiff by winter cold…I felt like crying. At the same I understood that I could not
just pull out at the last second and let the people down. Our assistants understood my situation and
I was grateful to them for having taken care of me: they borrowed some firewood from the
neighbours, heated the house, gave me to drink tea with jam, and a couple of hours later
I felt much better. For the exploration of the target places marked
on the map we went to a village five kilometers from our “headquarters” in order to look
around and take pictures of those places. In the evening I set myself up for decipherment. The pendulum helped me to detect precisely
what and where was buried. It proved that our visit was not in vain. I detected two potentially interesting places. Regarding the first place the pendulum told
me of several wooden boxes full of important documents, kind of archives, which had been
hidden deep inside a cellar of an old house during the war of 1941-1945. According to my interpretation of the received
information the documents were still there and that was confirmed by the pendulum which
was swaying in my hand. But the problem, however, was that in place
of the old house a new brick house surrounded with a high fence had been built and it was
impossible to get there without a permission of its owners. As for the second place, pendulum said that
it was not far from the village, in a field. I was told by the pendulum that in that field
there was a burial which contained a weapon, a flag and…a fallen soldier. I do not know what happened there during the
war, but the important fact was that the burial was one hundred meters from a house in one
of the villages and easy of access. In the afternoon I took a picture of the field,
opened it on my laptop and putting the screen in the horizontal position I held my hand
with the pendulum up to the screen in order to feel where precisely we should search and
dig. On the table in front of me there was a large
sheet of paper divided into sections (thirty three letters of the Russian alphabet from
“A” to “Я”) with two lines – the horizontal with “no” reply and the vertical
with “yes”. The pendulum gave me replies and I, in my
turn, deciphered them with the help of the letters trying to find out what the name of
the fallen soldier was, how he had defended his motherland, i.e. had saved the standard
and weapon lest they should pass to the enemy. I remember, my hands were trembling when letter
by letter I put down the phrases on behalf of the fallen soldier, as though he himself
was talking to me: the soldier was asking me to follow through on our job because, he
said, his relatives considered him missing and now, after so many years with our help
he would finally uncover the truth by letting us find his remains and then pass them to
his relatives for reburial. I looked at myself attentively in the mirror
– no doubt, I was of sound mind indeed, not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. All what I was saying was true words of the
soldier…How did I manage to feel the soldier’s request to be unearthed and how did the pendulum
actually transmit that request to me?! Though I could not understand the mechanism
of information transmittal I was determined to fulfill the task. In the morning, however, when we planned to
proceed to work, it was frightening to think that we would find the remains of a man and
a weapon and end up being arrested by the police at least or encounter some other unpleasant
problems of the kind. It was drizzling. The range of vision in the field was less
than 50 meters and it meant that even from a nearby house anyone could hardly see us
through the mist. Though I was ill and still felt weak I actively
assisted the workers in digging. We dug carefully so that not to damage the
possible remains or to hit an old shell with a shovel. After three hours of digging, having spent
a lot of energy under the increasing rain, dirty and tired we left the field with nothing
but the soiled clothes and a bad mood. Back in the house all kept silence. While Alexander tried to appear as though
the things were not going wrong, our assistants did not conceal their disappointment. All those people who had helped us in our
business practically lost their trust in me and Alexander and I lost my determination,
hope and belief in whatever we had planned before. “I did not invent anything – I kept on
thinking – what is happening to me?”. We were to leave Kursk Region to return home. In the morning I woke up earlier than the
others and decided to ask the pendulum (But who else was I supposed to ask?) about the
incident in the field and how I was supposed to go on living. To my surprise, whenever I asked a question
again and again I felt my hand making the pendulum actively swerve towards the letters
which connected gradually to form words (I put those words down on a sheet of paper). At a certain point, however, when I was continuously
putting aside the pendulum to write down a new word, my hand with a pointed forefinger
started to move from one letter to another on its own without the pendulum and gradually
pointed to the letters needed. If I read a whole word correctly then in some
manner unknown to me I understood that the received information was true – I felt as
though somebody was calmly making my head slightly nod and that meant “yes” inside
me. Then I took a pen and wrote the words on paper. “What is going on? Am I dreaming?! Who or what is making my hand point to the
letters? Who or what hears the questions in my mind
and replies to them?!” I felt a chill passing through me because
that was not a dream at all and I could not explain to myself what exactly was happening
to me… I told Alexander and the assistants the latest
information on “Why did we not find anything in the field?”. I let them know that we did not have the permission
needed to carry out any exploration of the kind, that we had never thought what we would
do with the finds and that it would dangerous after all to find an old shell, let alone
the remains of a man. I explained to them that the law-enforcement
authorities would ask a lot of questions to which we had no answers at all, that the finds
would bring us much more negative consequences than positive moments. I did my best to explain to my partners the
things the way I myself understood: it was obvious that being aware of a risk of explosion,
on the eve of our excavation I persistently “compelled” the pendulum to give us the
precise coordinates and information. And that was not allowed to do. The assistants reproached me wondering why
we had needed to arrange a trip then if in the end I (supposedly, I was regarded as the
leader of the team) was telling (referring to the pendulum) them that it was dangerous
and we should not have done that job… We and our assistants from Kursk separated
in an unfriendly manner but their grievance did not bother me then a lot. On my way to the railway station I was thinking
all the time of what was happening to me. I felt morally destroyed because all our efforts
taken when we worked with the map and in the field seemed to have been in vain again, but
this time, however, it was not the professor but me to assume the responsibility for the
job, it was me who held the pendulum in the hand, wrote words down and drew the coordinates
on the map. And the worst thing was that again I could
not share with anybody but Alexander my feelings and everything that was happening to me. I understood pretty well that if I tried to
tell someone of the “letters”, “words”, pendulum, they would not take me as a sane
man…At the same time I firmly felt that all those things which were happening to me
were like links of one consistent and logical chain and, perhaps, I needed all that indeed. In the train we were in a couchette car, of
course, and I had an irresistible desire to continue my “conversation” with the pendulum. But how was I supposed to do it in the presence
of other passengers? There are “normal” people around me – what
will their reaction be if I spread a large sheet of paper with letters and begin to sway
the pendulum? “What if not use the pendulum, – I thought
– and write on a small piece of paper the alphabet in several lines and next to them
draw two small squares with “yes” and “no” and try to ask questions and see
which letters my forefinger will point to like it already did a day before?”. I waited till the passengers next to me fell
asleep and calmly draw the alphabet letters on paper. My inner sense told me that it would be better
to put the paper on the palm of my left hand rather than on the table. Having prepared myself, I asked for permission:
“May I attempt to talk right now in a moving train?”. But I did not know yet who or what I was going
to talk to. And then the unexpected happened: shortly
after I asked my question in my mind the right hand forefinger like a magnet started to be
drawn to the letters on the paper lying on my left palm and I spelt the answer: “Yes,
you can” and then “You can talk to me” …
A thrill went up my spine…At that very moment all of a sudden it came to me that I was talking
not to something, to some “unknown forces” or the “Earth’s information field”,
but to the Creator, who created all of us and all the things around us, the Creator
of life, the Sun, planets and galaxies, the Space, I was talking to God…Now I understood
it. I understood that something great had happened,
something that I was not able to explain yet. My conscience had undergone such an enormous
change that none of those people who were near me could ever imagine. All my weariness, all my bad thoughts seemed
to have evaporated out of me, in a jiffy! And I felt new, unknown yet pleasant feelings
overwhelming me. Night, a train rushing in the darkness…All
around are sleeping whereas I am feeling a real joy inside me! I understood that God had “planted” in
me like in a prepared ground a seed of something absolutely new and unusual and watched whether
that seed would behave: whether it would settle in and start growing or it would simply die. It was unbelievable indeed: thanks to a sense
unknown to me via thoughts transmittal I was able to ask questions and hear answers to
them…I understood that there should be some meaning in all that. I understood that my life was likely to change
though I had no idea in what way it would change…Neither the fact that I was in the
couchette car nor the unfriendly atmosphere could somehow affect my joyful mood. I mentally wished the Creator good night and
fell asleep. The next day in the train time passed very
fast to me. I already knew clearly who talked to me and
who my questions were addressed to. The first piece of information which I could
perceive consciously and meaningfully was…the wishes which the Creator sent to me. I heeded the words being formed by the letters. The yesterday’s method of getting information
was suitable for application in the train because it did not attract the passengers’
attention to me. The paper was in my left hand and the forefinger
was drawn from one letter to another. The speed of “reading” the letters slowly
increased and I tried to remember what the Creator was “telling” me as precisely
as possible. I wrote all the wishes down in a notebook
and I still have all those pieces of paper with my first handwritten notes. Though I did not understand the whole meaning
of the wishes yet, what I enjoyed most, though, was the way the information in those wishes
was delivered, an unusual sequence of words in sentences. Here it is how it was going:
– I know only one thing for sure: you need not to talk to me. You were born to live an honest life. If I wanted, I would make you forget everything. In order to talk to me you should ask questions
to the point… I tried to imagine the enormity of the affairs
done by our God, how much tremendous work he had done and continued doing every single
moment. And now, of course, I understood what he felt
whenever people asked him fiddle-faddles. For example, I remembered asking the pendulum
(in fact, it had always been Him to hear me) to bestow material goods on us for no reason:
to show the place where golden coins were buried so as to let us get them easily with
no efforts at all or not having any idea what we would spend those goods on. It was obvious that by no means was I allowed
to act like that. Despite those past events including my requests
for gold and silver, however, here and now I was having an explicably conscious and pleasant
conversation. “What for? – I thought… – Why is God not rebuking me? Why is he not punishing me for all the things
that I have done?”. Getting more and more immersed in the marvelous
state of conversation sentence by sentence I wrote on the paper a text as follows:
– I wish you to terminate your “terrestrial” life. I wish you to quit your “terrestrial”
life to start a new life. I wish you to think of it yourself today. I wish you, Vasily, to live a “divine”
life. I wish to warn you that the “divine” life
will not be that easy. I myself wish you to live such a life, so
let us start living it then. I wish you to make your choice”… Though there were a lot of people in the car
around me, I was sure that my conversation was on one-on-one basis. A lot of questions were running through my
head at that moment…What could “to quit your “terrestrial” life” imply? Maybe, it means “earthbound” life? How am I supposed to understand the wish to
live “a “divine” life”?…At that moment I did not doubt that I should put down
and remember those phrases the way they were delivered to me. I understood also that I had nobody to confer
with on that issue and had to make a choice on my own. All those things that were happening to me
were the most unbelievable things I had ever known or felt in my life before, they were
not a dream and I had no reason to doubt it. I told God of my choice with a mental reply:
“Yes, I am ready to make the choice and to start living a “divine” life”, – though
I had no idea at that moment what would be awaiting me ahead… – I want it too, – God continued the conversation
– I wish you a “divine” life too. I believe in you and know: if you decided
to choose a “divine” life then it means a lot to you indeed. I wish you happiness, I wish you only well. I wish you to remedy the errors of your terrestrial
life. I wish you to start remedying them tomorrow. Remember: you yourself should wish to remedy
your errors, and know: I will help you. After those wishes I felt as happy and joyful
as never before! By the way, it was easier and more comfortable
for me to address him as the Creator. The main reason was that the notion “God”
had so many different associations among people that I decided that it would be much easier
to address him as to a real interlocutor, a real Creator, and he did not mind at all. I did not know how I was going to “remedy
the errors” yet, but I was pleased to know that the wish to get the errors remedied came
from the Creator himself. I thanked the Creator for his kind words. Outside the window of our train trees, railway
stations were alternating, inside the car passengers were walking around, but I did
not care about what was going on around much – I was entirely engrossed in the communication. The train was gradually approaching my native
place and I was becoming a little bit nervous of the thoughts how I would tell my family
of what had happened to me… As if guessing my future questions the Creator
continued talking. Another wish concerned my father. I knew pretty well that we had not been talking
to each other and had not seen for a long time. Listening to the Creator I absorbed each of
his sentences and put down the following: – Your father, Savely, is living a “terrestrial”
life and that life is devastating him. Such a life deprived of your love is like
a hell to him. I wish you to decide on your own: if you wish
him happiness, then go and hug him, give him a cuddle. Certainly, I wish it too. And tell him that you love him. I wish him to find happiness in love. It is you who can give him that love. I wish you to be first to give birth to a
word of love and wish you to pass that word to your father first. I wish you to tenderly hold your father, Savely,
by his hand and I wish you to wish the same on your own and I will make you wish come
true! I wish your father Savely to live a “divine”
life. I am by your side right now. I wish you to hear that from me. I know – I am always there for you. I wish happiness to all the people who are
near you. I put aside the paper and started to pack
up my things. We were approaching the final station and
I already imagined how I would start doing the things “correctly”. Very soon I was at home already, reunited
with my family after being away for several days. The day of my return home was coming to an
end, it was late in the evening. I felt joyful and tired at the same time. I took the train paper with the “keyboard
of letters” and asked the Creator if we could continue our conversation. The forefinger slowly pointed to the answer
of the Creator who told me to “thank” the letters which were on the paper and sit
at the computer: – Put aside the paper, you have the same letters
on the keyboard of your computer. I thought that it would be much more comfortable
indeed: the letters on the keyboard were bigger, and there was no need to hold the paper on
the palm. I noticed that my fingers were being drawn
to the letters on the keyboard of my laptop like under the influence of a magnet as though
somebody held my hand and typed for me, and I was watching the sequence of the letters
on the screen transforming into words and sentences…Having mentally wished my wife
and daughter a good night I was going to wish a good night to the Creator too and then go
to bed with pleasure and in happy mood. I addressed the Creator with the words of
gratitude for that way he had allowed me to go through, wished him a good night and was
ready to type a reply. But all of a sudden the things which I could
not expect or suppose started to happen. Yes, it was true that my fingers were being
drawn to the letters. My inner feelings, however, were not the same
as they had been a day before in the train…I felt that kind of storm or strong thunderstorm
– an emotional thunderstorm was going to explode. Shortly before that for a couple of seconds
I felt cold inside me and then I felt my body getting numb and I could not make a move… – “A good night”?????????…????” – my
fingers typed. – How can the night be good? How can you sleep a good night after those
things you and Alexander have done? I frowned and felt that the back of my chair
was pushing me towards the table with the laptop so strongly that it felt as though
I was chained to it. – How are you feeling? Are you not ashamed? Do you not feel sorry for the time which you
spent distracting and misleading other people – intelligent scientists, bankers, assistants? Are you not ashamed for addressing questions
without permission to the “pendulum”, “Earth’s information field”, “soldier
buried in the field”, i.e. to anybody and anything but not to me, to the Creator, and
thus doing evil though you were not aware of it?…Do you remember asking the pendulum:
“Pendulum, tell me the exact coordinates…” “What a shame!” – I thought. I imagined how hurtful it might have been
to the Creator to watch me, with the pendulum…In fact, all that time the only one who could
hear and reply to me was the Creator. I understood it and felt ashamed…It seemed
as though the Creator and I had changed our roles – and it was the Creator to hold the
pendulum then: I was to reply the questions put forth by Him. To be honest, I felt like a defendant during
a trial in front of the jury. – Why did you leave your good job and why
did you let your colleagues down? Why did you never consult your father about
your plans? I replied that father and I could not find
a common language regarding ordinary life’s problems, not to mention those of work. – But you father loves you – was it not
your father to help you out and support you in difficult moments? Was it not your father to call you when you
refused to reply to him, was it not your father to wonder how you were doing, to help you
and your family at the moments when you lied to him saying that you were engaged in some
very promising projects but in fact you perfectly knew that the things were going downhill as
fast as an avalanche?… – Yes, it is true, – I answered, – forgive
me for my mistakes. But sometimes my father offended me, scolded
me with many offensive words… – Your father did not offend you, he loved
you. And still loves you! Perhaps, he is not capable of expressing his
love for you in a simpler manner and could not find proper words to explain it then,
but believe, you have always meant a lot to him. Remember the way you listened to him – you
always had a stone and smug face – how was he supposed to reach you? He wanted to show you his love but you did
not help him to do it…You merely needed to accept a small piece of his love and it
would have brought him a big relief, if only you had been more attentive then. Was it that difficult to do?.. I felt ashamed and could only whisper: “Forgive,
forgive me, Creator”. He replied:
– No, I can’t forgive you. Tomorrow you yourself should go to your father,
ask him to forgive you, take his hand as a friend, hug him, pat him on the back and tell
him that you love him. It will not be a problem for you, will it? Overwhelmed with emotions, in a trembling
voice, I promised: – Of course, it won’t. Tomorrow I will definitely go to my father. Immediately I imagined what an unusual conversation
I was going to have for the first time after so many years…My heart sank because I did
not want to upset my father by telling him the truth about myself…The Creator, however,
continued: – Come on, hurry up, be in time to bestow
love on your father and ask him for forgiveness because you have only one day left – tomorrow. I whispered:
– Why? – Because since you did not call your father
and never asked him how he was doing for more than a year, first he felt bad and then worried
so much that in the end he practically lost his health. Call and tell him that you want to visit him,
he is truly sick. It is night and late already, you’d better
call him tomorrow, in the afternoon. Remember: if you do not call him in the afternoon
he will die of grief without your love… “Terrible! – I thought, – What am I to do? What a stupid fool I have always been…” – Forgive me, Creator… It was three o’clock at night, and I had
no desire to sleep because all my sleepiness had already disappeared and I felt like crying…I
remembered the Creator’s wishes regarding my father which were revealed to me in the
train and sobbed because of understanding and recognition of my own folly, wasted time
and anguish that I mindlessly brought to the dearest person in my life…My fingers unyieldingly
continued typing a shameful text: – When did you last meet your granny Liuba? You used to come to her very seldom, sometimes
just for the record, and tried to find some excuse to leave her as soon as possible. Sometimes when you passed her house by you
found excuses not to drop by your grandmother. Do you not understand that she is always waiting
for you, looking through the window to see if you are coming or not. She loves you so much and she spent so much
time on bringing you up with all her love just from the very first day of your life… – Forgive me, forgive me… – I said. – I am not supposed to forgive you, you yourself
should remedy your faults. The Creator told me a story about a hard life
of my grandmother: – When my Liuba (yes, “my Liuba” – that
was the way the Creator referred to the granny) was a child, because of an injury one of her
legs remained shorter than the other. As a result, from the very childhood and throughout
her life my Liuba limped and thus, had to stand the humiliation and a lot of inconvenience. Has she ever complained of that? She did not have an opportunity to learn to
read and write, though she had always wanted to become a teacher. Yet, she gave birth to several children, bestowed
her love and care on them, gave them education, and, of course, helped you. And what are you doing in return now? My Liuba, my assistant saved you on many occasions
when you were a child. But you, however, do not wish even to gift
her with kind words, do you?… I cried and begged forgiveness… – Now you know everything, now you are ready
to understand everything, do you hear me? Hurry up, go to your grandmother today in
the morning, hug her, take her by hand, talk to her, she will be pleased…you have to
do it prior to 10.30. Then the Creator started to tell me about
my studies and first earnings: – Do you remember earning your first money?
– he asked – What did you spend it on? Bought cigarettes, liquor and had fun, didn’t
you? I said that there had been no that much, only
30 rubles. – Ok, why did you not share the money with
your mother? I said that my mother earned a lot more then
than my earnings. – And why did you not share the earnings with
your grandmother? Why did you not share your happiness with
those people who raised and brought you up? Go and ask her to forgive you! Now! I tore myself away from the laptop – an
invisible force first straightened me and then dropped me on the floor on my knees – and
crying I was begging forgiveness, it hurt me a lot to hear the fair words from the Creator:
he was absolutely right – my parents did raise, feed, and “watered” me, put all
the best inside me perhaps hoping that one day I would start to “bear fruit”… The Creator reminded me of many other deeds
and my weak-hearted inaction and all of a sudden I remembered going to confession once
and said to the Creator: – Very recently, about half a year ago, I
went to church and talked to a priest and you know the priest forgave my sins, I received
communion and even got baptized…Why are you rebuking me for that sinful period of
my life though I was forgiven? – Who forgave your sins? A priest?! Who does he think he is? He is just a human being, an ordinary stranger
to you. What gives him the right to forgive human
sins?! To offer to replace a grief with a “joy”
and take even money for that?! Only I can decide to forgive a man or not. Do you really think that in order to get forgiveness
it is enough just to go to the church and talk to an unknown man who promises to forgive
you for something that he is not even aware of?… Indeed, people go to church and tell their
sins to an absolutely unknown man and for the sake of forgiveness for money they agree
to undergo some kind of spiritual procedures and get… But what do they get? Obviously, nothing. We went on talking:
– Do you remember your school days? There was a boy who used to offend you. Sasha? – Yes, – I said, – I remember him. – Do you know that because of that behavior
Sasha’s life did not work out?…I know that you had already forgotten your grudge
against Sasha but I will not be able to forgive him his behavior until you forgive him. Could you help him now by letting go of the
old grudge? It would help him a lot since from the very
childhood with his offensive words and cruelty he had been poisoning his subsequent life… I was shocked by what I heard and said:
– Of course, I bear Sasha no grudge and wish him all the best… – Thanks, Vasily, for having forgiven him,
now his life will improve because one should not keep in his memory grudge or bad thoughts
with regard to anybody’s actions. People may forget about the offence they have
given to anyone but I never forget it, but, however, if a man fails to forget the offence
then it will keep encumbering his offender’s life with difficulties… The day was breaking already, and though I
was almost washed out I understood that all those things that were happening to me were
priceless to me indeed. The Creator, however, continued the conversation
making me recall some other episodes of my past life:
– You remember the time you dated a girl, the time when you felt happy about having
a comfortable sex with her, don’t you? You did not need to care about it because
the girl used chemical contraceptives… – I remember it, – I replied. – Do you know that the girl is suffering health
problems now and perhaps she will not be able to have children at all because of those chemicals,
she will never become a mother?…How are you feeling now, Vasily? Are you feeling happy? – No, no, I am not – I said with my heart
aflutter – I am not feeling happy, I wish that girl could have children…Can you help
her now? Do I have a chance to remedy the situation?…She
must be far away from here, in another country. How can I… The Creator said:
– What you can do now is just to wish. Wish her that. Wish her to have children, to become a mother… Step by step we were recalling the events
of my past life. Sometimes the reminiscences made me feel so
bitter in the throat as though I had some disgusting stuff inside me. I fetched a rag from the bathroom because
it felt as if something bad, evil was coming out of me and I had to spit it out on the
floor and then wipe it away. It happened every time when I recalled and
then let go any grudge against people or events – the grudge like “evil” was coming
out of me physically in the form of liquid, or slime and afterwards I felt better. Believe it or not, that was true. In the morning despite my sleepless night
I felt cheerful and was looking forward to starting a new life, to fulfilling the things
about which I had talked to the Creator at night. For the first time after so many years I was
looking forward to seeing my relatives (!)…First I went to my granny and gave her a cuddle. What a joy I was feeling inside me! I understood and knew then how much she had
been longing for my attention. I held her dear work-weary hands in my own
hands, told her of my family, my daughter, of how she was growing up and that everything
was ok. The granny was looking at me in surprise continuously
nodding and then she asked: – Are you not drunk, by chance, grandson? – No, of course, not! – I replied with a smile. – I have not seen you for ages, I missed
you so much. I love you very much! We talked and drank tea…Two hours later
I went home, feeling happy that I finally “awakened” and began to understand how
simple it was just to give somebody joy and happiness and I even felt like singing for
the emotions that were overwhelming me. It was high time to call my dad: having got
hold of him on his mobile I almost shouted: – Hello, dad, how are you doing? Could we have a meeting today? Come to our place! Or I’ll come to you, if you want? I miss you, and I need to see you today. – What has happened? Are you ok? – my dad asked with concern. – You sound strange to me. – Do not worry, dad, I am ok! I just miss you and I am glad to hear you,
to hear your voice, – I said and felt tears running down my cheeks for joy, for ordinary
human joy that finally I was hearing my dad’s voice and was feeling that he was not angry
with me at all… In the evening I went to my father, gave him
a hug and again could not hold my tears back. I told him that we had not seen each for ages
– and that from now on we would meet more often…We talked a lot, and while talking
I was holding his hand and did not want to let it go free. I told him about myself, begged him to forgive
me and dad only repeated in surprise: – Well…ok, it is good that you understand
now – my dad felt embarrassed by such a “sudden” attention given to him by his
son… I returned home late in the evening and was
pleased to have been in time to fulfill the wishes of the Creator and that fortunately
no one died of grief. Yet, at the same time I felt a little uneasy
– the things seemed to be going too chaotically… My mother called me to ask if I had made a
visit to the granny today? I answered in the positive and said that I
had been at my granny’s, we had had a good talk and drunk tea. Why? It turned out that the granny thought that
it had been her son not me to come to her, the son whom she must have not seen for around
two years. My mum told me that the granny was almost
incapable any longer of understanding what was going on around her and who was talking
to her, she could not clearly define who came to her and what was actually said… I felt cold sweat running down my back, I
sat at the laptop and heard the Creator’s voice:
– You see, Vasily…you had had enough time to express your love to the grandmother but
you never took the opportunity to do it, you always found excuses to avoid talking to her. And now when you have taken the opportunity
to improve the situation (when you “awoke” at last) it is too late already! Weep the mistake you failed to correct. Alas, it is impossible to bring time back. Your granny will never be able to “hear”
you… I buried my face in the pillow and sobbed
with remorse for my past behavior because I understood that the Creator was absolutely
right in drawing my attention to my errors and he did it in such a manner that no one
else could ever repeat it!.. I was getting scared. I said to the Creator:
– You always wish people well, provide them with all the best conditions for living, give
them warmth and comfort. But some people, however, do not appreciate
what you do for them because they are rude, joyless, cruel. What do you feel when you see their ungrateful
behavior? And, why do you not interfere and stop those
cruel people from acting so? – How do you think I was supposed to do it,
Vasily? Yes, you are right, I do have knowledge and
now you have the same knowledge too, but I do not have a capability of doing anything
immediately. Do you think that I am able, say, to displace
a wall in a jiffy or prevent somebody with my own hand from getting involved, for example,
in a car accident? No, I am not. Physically I cannot be there and it means
that in the human world I cannot change anything as instantly as a human does. – What will happen to me then? – I wondered. – You are giving knowledge and I have begun
to understand many-many things, it is true, but I cannot change a lot of things. What do I need that knowledge for if it does
not enable me to change anything? – You remember, Vasily, that in the train
you chose to live a “divine” life, don’t you? That was your choice: to remedy the errors
of your “terrestrial” life, to end the “terrestrial” life and to start living
a “divine” life. Right?.. “What a shame”, – I thought guessing
where the thing was going… – Yes, I do, I do remember… – Look: you have not been sleeping for three
days already, right? You will not be able to sleep any longer,
like me you will not manage to just fall asleep, I never sleep. You do not feel hungry, do you? In fact, this is how my mechanism of tearing
you away from the “terrestrial” life works. The process is already launched. From now on you will feel disgust at the terrestrial
food, your body will not be able to consume it any longer, without food your body will
gradually weaken and in a couple of weeks when the body is exhausted… – Wait, wait, hold on, please! – You made your choice. – Ok, you’re right, I did make a choice
and I am not renouncing it. But what about my wife and daughter? Are they going to live alone, without me? – What good have you done to them recently? They have already been without you all this
time. What do you need such a “terrestrial”
life for? – No, I love them very much and have always
done my best to support the family and for the sake of the family. It has always been this way!!! – You should have thought better before making
an immediate choice in the train, you did not even think what my words could actually
mean, and just made a choice in favour of a “divine” life. The same was the case when you had to immediately
choose between a steady job and an illusionary (the so-called “world-class” job) one
– you never thought what your choice would bring to you in the end. Here is a life lesson and knowledge for you. I sat at the table in front of my laptop trembling. I was scared. No, not for myself. I was scared for my family. Certainly, I have understood my mistake. Yes, I have done it though it is too late. I have done it in an unbelievable manner. What am I going to tell my wife? That in a couple of days I will die slowly
of my body’s exhaustion because I cannot eat any longer? How will she feel? Why should she suffer too? And the Creator said to me:
– Well, if you have thought it over and decided to remedy your errors and never repeat them
in future, if you love your family, your relatives I think I could give a chance. Tell your wife, Olga, all the things that
happened to you. Now. Tell her everything: how you have brought
your family to the brink of a tragedy by having got involved in the affairs with some dubious
people, how you could die and not return from the trip for the sake of hoards and others’
projects, how you had not appreciated the significance of your role in the family being
caught in the crossfire…If she manages to understand you and if she can forgive you
then I promise you that you will regain the ability to fall asleep and then when you wake
up you will be an ordinary “terrestrial” man again. You will feel hunger again but…however,
you will lose the opportunity to talk to me. You will forget all the communication that
we have had so far. Instead, you will become an ordinary husband
who loves his wife and a kind and attentive father to your daughter. Do you agree? I thought of the last three days which had
been useful to me indeed. For that marvelous period of time I learnt
much more than I have learnt for my whole previous life. If not to change anything and retain the opportunity
to communicate with the Creator and at the same to continue to physically fade away,
what is the sense of my life then? But, if, however, there is a chance to be
useful to my family in the “terrestrial” life, though I am to lose the opportunity
of talking to God and even forget that I already had a practice of talking to him, this choice
seems to me worthy and reasonable. Understanding that I had passed an incredible
“purge” of the evil both in my consciousness and in my life, I was ready to “fall”
back to the earth and become an ordinary terrestrial human being. – Yes, – I said trembling in tears – I
thought it over…if there is a chance indeed I…I agree then. – Ok. I am giving you the chance. – But how will Olga know that I want to talk
to her now? She is sleeping now with our baby in another
room… – Do not worry, she herself will come to you
in a moment, I will tell her that you are waiting for her. “It is strange – I thought – how will
the Creator call Olga? He is not going to tap her on the shoulder
and say: come on, wake up, your husband is calling you, is he?..He himself told me that
he was not a human and did not have hands…” To my great surprise, however, I saw sleepy
Olga enter the room and wonder why I was not asleep yet and why I had made her a call on
her mobile at three o’clock? I said that I wanted her to wake up indeed
but did not call her and did not intend to do so. I asked her what the incoming number was? Olga replied that the number was not detected,
she said that the same was the case when I usually called her via IP telephony from a
business trip and, therefore, she was sure that it was me to having phoned her. – It was God himself to call you! – I said smiling. – Are you ok, Vasia? What is going on? – Olga asked. – You have changed a lot for the last several
months, what is happening to you? I am afraid for you… Crying I began to ask her to forgive me, forgive
me for all that time, all those days that I had spent “working” and going on trips,
for not having had enough time to be with her and our daughter… Olga listened to me, stroked my head, tried
to reassure me saying that she understood me though she was worrying a lot. However, she was not able to understand my
story about the latest events that had happened to me, about my ability to “hear” God
and about how I had received new knowledge from Him. Olga kept on saying that I had had a good
job and that she did not know what would happen to me and the family then…I was trying to
convince her to merely forgive me promising that the things would improve then. I just wanted you to forgive me otherwise
I would die, I said to her…And Olga said that she believed in me (though, I guess,
she might be thinking then that I had gone insane…) and forgave me. Then she stroked my back and said:
– Go to bed, Vasia, it is too late already. She went to sleep. My inner sense, however, made me sit at the
laptop and the following thing happened. The fact is that for all the latest three
days I had been typing on the keyboard and then saved as a Word document all the things
that had I talked to the Creator of – my behavior, my attitude towards the granny and
dad, the choice of another life and the necessity to remedy the past errors…And at that very
moment I felt as if someone tightly took my hand and with a great force made it press
the buttons to open the document. My finger seemed to have been stuck to the
“Delete” button – and in a couple of minutes all the text, all the things that
had been typed disappeared, only the screen like a white sheet of paper was left…Only
after that I managed to get my finger off the button and then exhausted I lay on the
sofa and fell asleep. Chapter 2. A New Life The morning of a new day became the morning
of the first day of my new life. I felt like newly born, like a small blind
kitten. I felt like that because I looked at all the
people and things around me with new eyes reviewing what I saw and thinking through
each single step I took. It seemed as though I was a small child having
the knowledge of an adult man. I even started to perceive the life in a more
emotional way, just like a child. It is much easier to make children laugh,
or to upset them, because they react to life differently than adults do. I felt exactly the same way. The first “new” day I looked at my smiling
two-year-old daughter with a similar joyful smile, a big smile of a sincere genuine joy. Or, for example, when I watched a news reportage
on TV which told of a car accident, or a turmoil, or a murder, a sorrow filled me – I empathized
with other people’s grief and cried not being able to hold my tears back. My conscious adult shield which consisted
in non-expressing the emotions seemed to have temporarily stopped operating. Usually such a psychological state is considered
normal for “mentally-challenged” people and that fact, of course, couldn’t not bewilder
my wife Olga…I understood that pretty well but unfortunately could not change anything. Now I knew that in their adult lives people
forget the true emotions and I was glad to have acquired the opportunity to remember
what it felt like to experience natural emotions: tears, sorrow or a sincere laughter of joy
– not of a foolish anecdote but of a true genuine joy. It seemed to me that I started understanding
my daughter at her own level, at the level of a two-year-old human. We used to spend almost the whole day together
rolling and crawling on the floor, playing various games some of which I myself invented
on the fly and I was absolutely surprised to discover that I had such hidden “talents”. As if by magic short stories were born in
my head and I immediately told them to my daughter Nastia. She too was taken aback by her father’s
playful and tender behavior but all the same she accepted my games with pleasure. Playing with my daughter I felt my happiness
and joy triple! In the evening I thought: “Now I understand
what the Creator intended by those wishes in the train – when wished me to end the
“terrestrial” (or old, earthbound) life and to start a “divine” (it meant a God-assisted)
life. Only now rereading those lines which I had
written down in the train then, I began to truly understand the meanings of the wishes. “Well – I thought – in some mysterious
way I did pass that kind of “exam”, I did it here, on the Earth, but why do I still
remember the latest events, why did I not go mad (!), rather I am enjoying my life and
feeling happy with my family. It appears that the Creator has not deleted
the information and let my memory remember all the things that had happened to me to
date (evidently to have something to compare with and be afraid of). Did He save the opportunity to talk to him,
I wonder? Or were our dialogues not real? Did all of that happen in my subconscious? Kind of a waking dream?…” Engrossed in such thoughts I sat at the table
and mentally wished the Creator a good evening and, lo and behold, my fingers started to
move towards the keyboard. I asked in surprise:
– Creator, you told me that I would forget the thing as soon as I woke, did not you? Please, tell why did you give me the opportunity
to talk to you first and then why have you decided not to take it away from me? Now I know for sure that it was not done to
let me search for hoards, treasure or any other kind of wealth, or bother you with silly
questions, what for then? Why did you gift me with that opportunity? It should have some reason, shouldn’t it? The Creator said:
– Thank you, Vasily, for having tried to understand the things correctly. – and apologized for
having made me go through fire and water. He let me know that he had decided to organize
such an experiment at that moment when I was on the brink of my past life, caught up in
the lies of other people and had been living an aimless life and he believed that he had
succeeded at it. And now, I had to go further. My inner sense told me that we would keep
on talking for sure, but I did not know how our dialogue would actually develop. I spent most of my time listening to the Creator
exactly the way a small child listens to his/her parents. Actually, the Creator dictated while I listened
to him and typed on the laptop: – I want to kick all your past transgressions
out of you and ask you, Vasily, not to commit any transgressions in future. There is only one way for you to have your
transgressions forgiven: you need to ask me to forgive you. It’s me who can forgive all your numerous
sins you are obsessed with. Your sins are enough to fill a whole sea. All your sins must be redeemed. I begged his forgiveness of many of my sins
that night from time to time detracting myself from the laptop and then immediately returning
to it. Then the Creator said:
– I wish you to find happiness with me. I want you not to take “tripwear” off
for one year. It meant that from now on I was supposed to
fully dedicate myself to my family, be a good father, at all costs to help my wife in all
her affairs, to be a rock for the family, not to pursue a new job or new projects and
therefore not to ask the Creator for help either in the scientific or in the research
activity. By the “Wear” the Creator intended a type
of behavior, an image or character with which one is supposed to go through their life. The “Year” meant a period of time equal
to one affair. In terms of calendar units, it could be equal
to a year, or two years depending on how fast this or that affair or task was fulfilled. – Do not forget: should you take your “tripwear”
off, it would be advisable to keep it around still. It meant that should I go to some place of
necessity but not for family affairs I was allowed to act and to appear in accordance
with the circumstances, but once I returned to my ordinary affairs I was to resume my
role as a family man. Each subsequent day of my “new” life reminded
me of days of happy joyful childhood. Giving all myself to my family I received
new portions of knowledge in return. It seemed as though I studied at a school,
at an extraordinary school, I would say. It should be noted that as a rule I communicated
with the Creator only when I was free of family affairs – I could not spend a lot of time
sitting at the laptop though I felt hungry for new information all the time (such behavior
can be compared to that of a growing child with a continuous interest in all the new
things). I tried to find some alternative ways to keep
in touch with the Creator when I did not have the laptop at my fingertips. I wrote the alphabet in small letters on a
piece of paper and stuck it to the back lid of my mobile phone in order to spell the answers
with the help of a ball point pen. I was afraid to commit new mistakes and therefore,
each time before proceeding with something I asked the Creator for approval. Gradually I understood that I did not need
detailed replies regarding my actions but rather simple short instructions: “yes”
– for a positive reply and “no” – for a negative one (I was growing, developing,
learning and therefore I did not need to be told the things that I already knew and accepted). The Creator allowed me to use other methods
of conversation not implying “yes” and “no” replies on the paper. And, in order to get an answer I used various
things: for example, my mobile buttons – the “green” button for “yes” whereas the
“red” was to mean “no”. Even the things around me could be used: thus,
when walking in the street I could receive a clear answer to my mental question simply
having a look at two buildings of different height: a “high” building was for “yes”,
whereas a relatively “low” one meant “no”. Sometimes when I had nothing around me at
all, I used fingers (long-short). Progressively I learnt to feel even the slightest
changes in my body and feelings. In order to get an answer it was enough to
feel: if a reply or a reaction to my action was positive or approving, I felt my head
nodding approval noticeably enough (it seemed so to me, of course) as though someone was
slightly tilting my head forward. If, however, the Creator replied in the negative
or did not approve of any action of mine, my neck and the head, of course, started to
shake almost unnoticeably from side to side. Sometimes I failed to formulate questions
in the “right” way, in a way as to get simple “yes”-“no” answers, therefore,
the Creator introduced some additional kinds of reply: for example, “put your question
in another way, or better, think it over once again” – in that case my head shook from
side to side, of course. Sometimes, however, I felt that I already
knew the information, which I intended to ask the Creator for – in this case, I only
needed to “dig” into my available knowledge. There was one “computer-free” method of
receiving a reply: either there was no answer to my question yet or I was supposed to expect
some action to occur in future. And when I had the laptop at my fingertips
I talked in the traditional way. i.e. with the help of the keyboard. All the same, there always was one single
condition that I was obliged to fulfill: before setting to the conversation I had to make
sure all the family and household affairs were done and no more urgent or important
things were left. The Creator always reminded me: if, say, the
dishes were not washed or the floor was not cleaned yet, I was not allowed to spend my
time on communication. Despite my great desire to talk! In fact, that desire was kind of incentive
for me to do some useful housekeeping as fast as possible and in the best way possible. Our desires (mine – to ask, the Creator’s
– to share information with me) were mutual indeed! In a pleasant surprise I kept on learning
about new abilities which people had always been able to get and continued getting from
the Creator, about new knowledge and new ways of getting it: how a man could (if the Creator
wished it) receive a help, which “instruments” were needed to do that even if that man was
absolutely unaware of it. In fact, the Creator can share any kind of
information with people at will: knowledge, thoughts, ideas, poems (or inspiration for
poems), music (or a theme for music or a composition), images. For example, if a boy attending an art school
learns about such instruments as a brush, paints, colors from his teachers and if he
draws with pleasure then very soon he will be interested in painting on a canvas to express
his mood by means of paints more vividly, the Creator gradually opens up various opportunities
to him: He can “prompt” him what theme or color combination to choose for a picture
or even guide his hand with a brush when painting an image. It happens slowly and mutually: first the
Creator oversees whether the boy “hears” his prompting signals – if yes, then he
keeps on assisting him in a more active and effective way. But the Creator will never whisper to the
boy: “Listen, it is me who helps you to draw that picture” – rather, he will simply
arrange the things in such a way as to make people say about the boy: “He is a talent,
look at the way he feels a brush, he manages to convey his mood in a picture…”. Or another example: a composer, who composes
music, has good knowledge of notes, knows the rules of arrangement of the notes, the
combination of tonalities, sound. Using the composer’s good knowledge of notes
the Creator can try to deliver his ideas to him: a chord to be used in the “right”
place, a theme for composition, a melody…The composer may get a clue in different ways:
in a dream where he might catch a sudden melody mentally, or it might be put in his head directly,
or it might be transmitted to him by a singing bird, or he might simply feel it when playing
a melody. The Creator oversees whether his clue-idea
has reached the composer or not, how the clue has actually contributed to a piece of music
and after all if people like the live performance of that piece or not… Talented people, such as a composer, poet
or artist, seem to “guess” or “hear” the clues and in such situations it is usually
said that “a muse visited him” or “he had an inspiration”. I wanted to learn something which could be
useful for me. We had a small abandoned garden. It was abandoned after the lake which constantly
remained filled with water from the springs and was used by the gardeners to water their
plants had dried. One of the springs feeding the lake outflowed
to the surface on the garden patch of one of my neighbors and he, for some reason, thinking
that the spring belonged to him personally locked down it and thus stopped water from
falling in the lake. Shortly after that, the lake shoaled and the
notable fact, however, was that the neighbor’s spring dried or, I’d say, “hid” shortly
after it had been locked. I couldn’t help but ask the Creator to show
me if it was possible to drill a borehole to one of the underground springs and if so,
where and how deep I was supposed to drill. I asked him if he could help me to do a good
thing and to carry water to my patch. To my surprise the Creator showed where and
at what angle a borehole should be drilled. But he would help me only if I agreed to accept
his condition. That condition was that the water had to be
used not only for my own needs but also of other people. The Creator told me that he would like to
let other people use that water too. I agreed of course: let all the people use
the water as much as they want. It turned out that the Creator was ready to
show the coordinates of a place where water had excess pressure which would allow it outflow
without a pump: – In that place the water will have a powerful
outflow. I wish pure spring water to be piped along
the patches so as to enable every garden to carry pure water to their houses. I said:
– What a good idea! Let the people have water! The Creator continued:
– The underground supply of water which I am going to give you is much more than will
be needed to all the gardeners, it means that the water will have a surplus. – Great! We could fill the lake with that surplus water
– I answered. – The outflow much more powerful than one
would expect. The lake will be filled within a couple of
days and then will burst its banks and flood the patches of the gardeners. – Yes, it is true – I said – and it is
bad. What to do then? – You will need to dig canals from the lake
along the patches so as to let the surplus water pass along each line of patches and
thus allow the gardeners to get the water needed for watering the plants just a few
steps from their houses rather than go to the lake itself which is a long away (the
owners of the most extreme patch had to go up to 500 meters with watering cans to reach
the lake). Then, from the garden, the canal should be
continued along the road till the nearest river for around another three kilometers
so as to let the surplus spring water fall in the river. Only in this case my water will be peaceful
and bring people use and happiness not problems. Only under these conditions I am ready to
help and let you know the coordinates of the spring. I wish to give people water and do it as comfortably
as possible. “What a great idea indeed! What an extraordinary way of thinking!” – I felt excited. The overwhelming emotions made me feel like
dancing! I took a map, drew a circle around the garden
patches, indicated how the pipes would be drawn, how the canals would be dug around
the gardens and how the canal would be carried to the river… How was I supposed to implement such an ambitious
project requiring the enormous financial means and agreement? I perfectly understood that I would not manage
to do it on my own and therefore, each gardener should invest some amount of money in the
realization of the project. Certainly, I supposed that it would not be
easy at all to assure the people that their money would be used for the acquisition of
pipes and canal digging and, to be honest, I doubted that anyone among them would believe
my words. It meant that I needed to start arranging
and implementing the things on my own first…On the other hand, I had neither money nor an
assistant who would help me. It looked like a vicious circle…I felt disappointed
because it was almost impossible to realize the project the way it was supposed to be
done, i.e. on a global level for all not just for me. – Do not worry about it – the Creator said
– there are lots of other things you need to do. Mine was just an idea, a reply to your request
for some project which could bring use to people. Now you should spend your time with the family,
do you not remember? Do you remember that I told you not to ask
me for help in affairs of a larger scope? Stay with your family, do good things which
are in your power and which will bring use to your family. Later as a follow-up to the “water” subject
of our conversation, the Creator “showed” me that, for example, in the United Arab Emirates,
deep under the deserts, there were large supplies of fossil cold fresh water which could be
gathered by drilling the boreholes and then used for various needs of people. In an explanatory picture I saw the way the
water circles worked on the Earth and the way fossil water was actually generated. The Creator was worried by the fact that the
locals desalted the ocean water and thus, let plankton – the food of the ocean inhabitants
– die, and that, in its turn, led to the increase of salt in water. As for the locals, however, by drinking expensive
desalted and artificially mineralized water they fail to receive a number of vitally important
minerals and this in future might affect their health, which would result, for example, in
the deterioration of the tonicity of the osseous tissue of children to be born. Likewise the garden, the Creator wished to
give the people the coordinates for drilling fossil water so as to let them get an access
to pure fresh water, to let spring water rindles flow along the desert and to let people use
that water for irrigating their lands…Though the Creator shared this idea with me, yet
he underlined again that I should aim all my attention and efforts at my family whereas
all those mentioned issues would be settled in future. I had another evening free of household and
family affairs. For a very long time I had wished to learn
about a mystery man – about the scientist Nikola Tesla. It is well known that in his lifetime he made
a number of clamorous discoveries, carried out numerous experiments, invented tricks
involving electricity. I had watched a lot of TV programmes and read
miscellaneous articles about this genius. I just wanted the Creator to tell me if He
had assisted Tesla with his inventions. The Creator informed me that then he wished
to deliver people knowledge about alternating current. This was the invention the then society was
ready for (by that time direct current had already been discovered). It was the alternating current to secure a
breakthrough in the development of mankind: thanks to the alternating it became possible
to transmit current from an electrical substation to its consumers. People were prepared for the alternating current. To implement this project the Creator chose
the most talented, to his mind, scientist of that time – Nikola Tesla. He revealed the idea of the alternating current
to Tesla in one of his dreams. Subsequently he “showed” the scientist,
partly via dreams, the ideas of creating AC generators. It could truly be regarded as a revolutionary
invention of that period! Responding to me questions and telling me
of Tesla the Creator very often did not use the letters on the keyboard but rather “took”
my hand (I did feel it with my inner sense) to draw explanatory pictures on sheets of
paper. It seemed as though I was just an outside
observer witnessing my hand drawing schemes, figures which explained how this or that mechanism
worked…No doubt, the story about Tesla was interesting indeed but what impressed most
was a new method of replying – a graphic one! Thus, I learnt that the Creator was able to
send me his knowledge or information in a graphic way by means of a highlighter or a
pencil too. Day by day I learnt about new abilities used
by the Creator to give people only good things. Once he decided to “show” me a method
of rendering musical information. I have always liked music: when I listen to
music, I set my mind on a creative job and it helps me to get in a good mood. Certainly, the music is always born with the
help of the Creator. He told me that it had been him to “prompt”
the themes for prominent classics of music and help the true composers to create their
masterpieces and he added that some composers had “heard” his clues and followed their
inner voice. At the same time, he said, there had been
some “composers” who just viciously tried to liken themselves to the talented composers,
but their music had always appeared boring and uninteresting. I was lucky to hear some melodies in my head
too, sometimes I heard even whole pieces of music! Once I even happened to feel like not just
hearing a beautiful melody in my head but rather singing to myself a song written especially
for that music! The lyrics of the song were so tender and
they were about peace, about something wonderful…In fact, the Creator had wished me to discover
one more way of communicating with him – to hear melodies, and he was glad that I had
managed to “hear” them. Of course, I understood that a method of this
kind was intended primarily for gifted poets and let them think that they compose rhymes
on their own – it does not mean a lot, the important point here is that those poets who
do not reject their inner senses always give birth to magnificent poems. Certainly, like musicians, not every poet
is a talent indeed, among them there are the so called rhymesters too who for the sake
of money, fame and out of envy towards true talents are ready to persistently look for
rhymes day and night sometimes using computer programmes and hammer out verses…The Creator
opened up the ability of “hearing” rhymes and writing verses to me for two days only
just to show me how all that worked. Then the medium was “closed”. The Creator explained to me that the goal
of his decision to show me the ability was not to persuade me into giving up other important
things and starting to look for rhymes, it was done merely to let me see it for myself. It is good to be a poet, but it is not for
me. I have other goals and tasks:
I asked: – It appears that you have always been by
my side and you could have prompted or “opened” up something to me before and thus got in
touch with me. Right? – Yes, – he answered – I have always been
by your side and, as you can understand, not by your side only. The fact is that before you were not ready
yet to come into contact with me and was not able to feel that it was me to talk to you,
therefore I just waited and watched: what you were interested in most, what you studied
and what you actually did. When you were a schoolboy you studied music,
were interested in computers, heard about a pendulum and letters for the first time. You studied and you were driven by your desire
to find some unusual way of receiving information, but of course you did not know then whom or
what that information came from. Later, as you watched other people using a
pendulum, for example, professor Butanovich, I decided to give you the opportunity to make
sure via your experiments that there some feedback does exist – I wanted to prepare
you by means of training with illogical replies regarding, for example, the coordinates of
hoards and maps. I knew that your time would come. Remember. It looks like learning to play the piano:
when you first approached the instrument and pressed down the keys you heard a chaotic
collection of sounds. But once you learnt the notes and the rules
you already became able to play serious pieces of music. A good artist can receive an assistance from
his/her instrument – a brush, and a talented composer who knows the notes can get music
or information written in the notes’ language respectively. The pendulum was kind of instrument for you
which you had learnt to play by the time when I gave the feedback. I used your skills to try to build a conscious
contact with you. Perhaps I would have never come into contact
with you like I never do with many other people if you had lived a normal life and if it had
not been for the necessity to rescue you from that abyss to which you fell because of another
man and which gradually alienated you from your family. At that moment I felt my heart sinking. It hurt and it was difficult to breathe… – You are feeling, aren’t you? Your heart is in my hands. I gave you a chance to continue living but
you should never forget what you had to go through to live further. – Yes, I remember, I have remembered your
words! It is unbelievable! Creator, tell me if you have ever tried to
talk to anybody the way you talk to me? There are some other people like me, aren’t
there? – Actually the way it is happening now, not
in the heaven but here, on the Earth, in the form of a bilaterally conscious friendly talk,
as two equal interlocutors, with no distortion or falseness – a unique case. There is no one on the Earth but you who I
have talked in such a way as to get a feedback. I do get a feedback from you. You try to understand me and do what I advice
and wish you to do. In reply I am pleased to open up for you new
knowledge and opportunities. Now I know that I will manage to build the
same bilateral contact and to conduct a similar dialogue with other people too. – Thank you, Creator! I still cannot believe that such things have
really happened to me. Well, Creator, it appears that such people
as musicians, artists whom you have always assisted and do assist in creating masterpieces
are aware of you and your assistance. Right? – Yes, it is true, among musicians there are
those who do guess that “hear” me through their inspiration or dream and thus create
music – I help them to deliver the beauty of sounds in their melody. The majority of music classics are the result
of composers’ “hearing” me. Some of such composers endeavoured to reproduce
what they “heard” from me as fully as possible in the very same way as they actually
understood it just slightly modifying the original theme, and this, by the way, made
the final piece pleasing to the ears… (Indeed, when you listen to some pieces of
music you get goose bumps because of profoundness and heartfelt beauty of those pieces). – …some composers, however, believed that
it was them who produced music…I did not mind it. I share music with them and I am pleased to
see the result! And there have always been and there are still
the “composers” who just tried to liken themselves to the true composers out of envy
– they merely wrote lookalike music, but that was nothing more than trash, a bunch
of sounds…And there are a lot of such “worthless” pieces and all of them are easy to recognize
by ear. Of course, among the composers past and present
there are those who create music on their own using the laws of the musical scale and
organizing needed sequences of sounds and as a result, beautiful music appears indeed. To make good music is not an easy task and
it takes the composers a lot of time to match the sounds in the desired way. And people like those pieces, and to be honest,
I like some of them too though they were not inspired by me. In the same way I have always helped some
artists to “hold a brush” and guide it on a canvas in the “right” directions. I help scientists to discover laws, detect
causalities, invent new constructional designs – and it happens gradually as all the people
gets prepared and ready for those discoveries and inventions. But I never claim a copyright, I simply share
my knowledge with people and give them everything gratuitously. “How interesting and great!” – I thought. Having found some classics of music on my
laptop I began listening to them wondering if this or that piece had been inspired by
the Creator or not. Nearly all the pieces that I liked originated
from him, I could feel inside me that this or that piece had been “played”, “sung”
for a composer by the Creator himself very long ago. And today the music sounded to me in a somehow
new manner and in tune with it I gave myself over to that piece with my eyes closed… Day by day I spent more and more time on family
joys and concerns. “Not to take the trip clothes off for a
year” – to do good and useful things – now I understood this wish of the Creator revealed
to me at the time in the train better than ever. This wish, however, was becoming more difficult
to fulfill (especially from the moral point of view) as my wife Olga’s pregnancy was
coming to an end and less time was left for her to give birth to our second child. I’ll explain. The fact is that Olga did not work, neither
did I, at least officially – and people around us, especially Olga’s parents, wondered:
why, what, how? Though it was difficult to me I understood
that I should put aside all the opportunities, interesting affairs which the Creator had
told me about for the sake of the most important case that is to get ready for the birth of
my son Grigory, support my wife Olga and to bring up my daughter Nastia. I had accepted the wish and as a result to
my surprise I did learn a lot of good and useful things! One of the greatest moments of our life which
brings us a tremendous joy is the birth of children. For us, humans, it is a way to continue our
life, the life of a multi-billion organism called the mankind, and every time each is
given all the needed keys and opportunities – to help one another, not to repeat the
mistakes of the parents, to teach children love and joy, to develop them and ourselves. Olga’s second pregnancy appeared to me different
from the first. I was always by her side and that was good. To my infinite surprise, I discovered that
prior to his/her birth, the date when he/she officially came out to the world, a child
required a particular attention, care and joy from the side of the parents and thus
day and night made them get ready to expect the birth at any time. I was happy that with the help of the Creator
our future son Grigory could hear me, talk to me and assist me in the family affairs. During our talks I wondered, for example,
if he felt comfortable in his mother’s belly, if he liked the food she ate (imagine that
there were some products that Grigory did not like – especially those containing preservatives). I remember, Grigory always “got through
to me” first and usually at the end of the day. Before wishing me a good night the Creator
said: “…and now Grigory wants to talk to you”, and then I started a dialogue with
him as with an equal interlocutor in one and the same language and all that seemed to me
unbelievable, amazing and very useful indeed. Grigory wished a lot to help me and he supported
me morally especially when occasionally I felt tired of “infinite routine of family
and housework”. I’ll explain: despite that great potential
and energy charge given to me by the Creator (not every future father would ever manage
to reverse his consciousness and give himself over to the family affairs) on some occasions
though I dedicated myself to everyday useful activities I did not get the comprehension
on the part of my parents and of the parents of my wife. On the one hand they were happy that the things
were going well at our family, on the other hand, however, their “usual”, traditional
perception of life restricted them from understanding me entirely. They were irritated by the fact that I never
told them how and when I was going to find a job and simply pretended that the things
were ok with me and that one day I would understand where to go and what kind of job to choose. From time to time I felt my potential getting
exhausted and I asked the Creator: if the things were going well indeed, if there was
anything that I might be overlooking – and maybe, it was high time to rush to the employment
office to search for a job? – The things are ok – the Creator usually
replied, but once he told me a parable as follows:
– Imagine that there is a spring orchard in May and in that orchard there are blossoming
apple trees. All in good time, Vasily. No matter how eagerly people wished what they
did, how carefully they took care of and how abundantly they watered those apple trees,
people would never see apples on the trees in May. All the same no one doubts that if to continue
taking care of the tress further then in September they will bring happiness to people with a
juicy and sweet taste of the apples. The message of this short story by the Creator
was crystal clear. At the same time I understood how it “did
not fit” the traditional consciousness of the people around me. Hoping to help my parents to comprehend me
better I retold them the Creator’s story but it did not help: “You are simply philosophizing,
aren’t you?” – they said. Thanks to the Creator I learnt that our tiny
son Grigory being in his mother’s belly felt everything: our every emotion, every
phrase and I even could see and hear by his reactions that some of our actions or inactions
offended him and vice versa, some good actions gave him joy. Of course, it was much easier for me to help
Grigory by means of his feedback though I consciously understood that he was not born
yet. In the evenings Grigory told me fairy tales,
created verses and sung encouraging songs. Such a support from the son always put me
in a cheerful mood and filled me with new energy. In order to support me and all my useful efforts
for the family the Creator revealed another tip to me. With the development of Grigory and the progress
of Olga’s pregnancy her body was undergoing some changes like the body of any other future
mother: an increased pressure on her back, spine and muscles. And once I heard the Creator telling me that
Olga needed my physical help and he advised me to give her a massage to relieve the tension
and relax the muscles. I had never given a massage before therefore
I did not know how actually to do it, did not know the structure of the muscles, where
they were located, where nervous and muscular tension appeared. But when I first set to fulfill the Creator’s
request, I remember, my hands started buzzing and I felt as if there were “micromotors”
in them. The only thing I did was bringing my hands
close to Olga – then the hands “knew” how strongly and where exactly to push, where
to relax, how deep to plunge into the body…Step by step I massaged her neck, back, small of
the back, legs for about half an hour. Later on giving a massage became much easier
and clearer, gradually some new body areas for massage were added and the force to be
applied changed. My massage did bring Olga the desired relief! It meant that all my actions during the massage
were carried out in the right way. Olga wondered in surprise how I knew where
exactly in her back or legs she felt tension. I simply asked her to relax and rest, letting
her know that all the needed information was on the internet and that I got it from there. In fact, I was smitten as usual: I knew for
sure that I did all that only thanks to the “tips” and I felt how exactly they were
supposed to be done. I must admit that after massage I never felt
weariness in my hands. Rather, after that “job” when Olga fell
asleep the Creator gifted me with some amazing state. He said:
– Vasily, outstretch your arms and bring your hands together, in such a way, as if to fill
them with water to wash your face… I outstretched my arms, brought my hands together
and felt as if they were getting filled with moisture. Then I brought the hands close to my face
and head and “poured” the content over me and thus “washed” my face. Shortly afterwards for several minutes I felt
as though a cold shower was falling upon me. It felt as if the shower penetrated through
me. It is difficult to describe in detail those
feelings but I can say that it seemed as if kind of energy or an enormous flush passed
through my entire body from the tips of my hair through internal organs to the nails
of my feet. I was shivering but that was a pleasant feeling
and several minutes later, though I had worked all day long and was tired and it was already
midnight, after the “shower” I felt so cheerful as if I had slept for several days
in a row!!! No coffee can provide such an effect! I think it was a gift that the Creator gave
me for my endeavours to understand him and do my best to be useful for my family. A two-way communication. Finally, after a long wait full of conscious
preparations for the child birth, our son Grigory was born. After Grigory was born first I thought that
I would never be able to talk to him again as before, when he had been in his mother’s
belly. It appeared, however, that it was possible
to talk to Grigory…when he slept. It was another new and pleasant discovery
for me. Again Grigory could share useful information
with me: for example, he asked me not to worry that he, as it seemed to me at the time, cried
loudly and too much. – Simply a cry and only a cry is the only
way for children at their early stage of development to express nearly all their emotions, – Grigory
said to me. At the same time he taught me to differentiate
a usual cry from a cry caused by stomachache because of the food his mother had eaten. I asked him which products he did not like
in that ration which he received through his mother’s milk and which products he would
refuse to eat (for example, he did not like sweets and he agreed to eat fruit in small
portions). It appeared that not only Grigory could talk
to me in his dream – so could Nastia who was two years and a half then and shortly
before had started to pronounce first words in her real daily life. When she fell asleep, however, I could hear
my daughter complaining to me that sometime I yelled at her falsely and undeservedly. Nastia said that she did understand everything
she was told and asked me not to raise my voice to her, not to offend her but rather
explain. Let me explain: although I always tried to
be attentive and moderate, yet, sometimes it so happened that I got mad and raised my
voice. And then it was Nastia who always told me
of the wrong behavior and unfoundedly anger of mine. I remember, during one of our night dialogues
Nastia made me feel ashamed reminding me of how I had sworn at her that afternoon that
she had been afraid and cried. I felt very-very ashamed and asked Nastia
to apologize me and the daughter told me that she apologized me if I would never repeat
those mistakes. Besides, she asked me to come to her in the
morning when she wakes up, give her a smile, stroke her head, ask her to apologize me truly
and ask her not to take offence at her father in her “normal” real life. Later the Creator commented on my dialogue
with the daughter and reminded me of the stress that I had had when he had rebuked me for
my past wrongdoings and though he was not pleased about it, he had no other choice at
the time. The Creator’s severe behavior towards me,
an adult with a steady psyche, was justified but a similar behavior of mine towards a little
girl, my daughter Nastia, could by no means be accepted. The Creator noted that I managed to understand
many things by myself, yet I committed some small mistakes too. For instance, I had raised my voice to the
daughter but the Creator, however, did nothing to me for that behavior, he did not say a
word (in fact, he intervened in a man’s life very-very seldom) to let Nastia do it
on his behalf and that, of course, was much more effective and even useful to me. (That is true, indeed). The Creator gave me a lot of recommendations
and wishes. For example, he recommended me not to use
a deodorant wherever possible. Certainly, such a suggestion might sound weird
in our modern life, yet there was a sense in it: the fact was that the use of a deodorant
could lead to the occlusion of the natural ducts through which the body got rid of sweat
and as a result, the so-called “48 hour protection” affected the body. I heeded the recommendation and tried to take
a shower several times a day and preferred this option to remain clean to the use of
a deodorant. Over and above, I spent the major part of
my time at home or went to a shop, or to the market, or simply for a walk – in other
words, I was not in contact with people that much. The Creator also told me to wash my hair not
with tap water but meltwater or rainwater. There was a sense in it too. Actually such an idea had come to my mind
earlier but I understood that in a city it would be very difficult to fulfill that wish…The
rain or melt water in the city would be much dirtier than the tap water. One more wish – to spend more time on walking
with Nastia first and then with the family altogether. Besides the precious moments of spending time
together in talking with one another those long walks would bring some practical use
too – thus, they kind of provided heavy cardio exercises. I remember a moment when I learnt about the
death of Valery, an old good friend of mine who had worked at a radio station as a sound
technician. Besides his work at the radio station he also
had written and recorded music. I learnt that sad news from his son whom I
met in the street quite by accident. The news was just so out of the blue, not
so long before Valery had turned 42. Unfortunately, for the last several years
my friend drank a lot and very often borrowed money from me and to be honest, I did not
like that at all and told him of that many times. I even quit replying to his calls because
I knew that the only thing why Valery called me was to ask me to lend him some money…It
so happened that I did not hear from Valery for the last six months. I was displeased at seeing my friend drunk
and therefore I decided to keep myself apart from him in the hope that he would manage
to be off the booze by himself. But the things turned out far differently. The news upset me a lot. I wanted to support my friend’s son but
I did not know what to do. And all of a sudden I “heard” Valery as
clearly as though he were talking to me on the phone. I felt that I could talk to him mentally. – Forgive me Valery – I begged – for not
coming to you, not picking up the phone, for resenting you because you borrowed money from
me and never paid it back…You cannot imagine how all that sound senseless to me now…I
wish I had done more then… I heard a reply:
– Vasia, I felt bad then, awful headaches made me suffer unbearable pain…I did drink,
yes…I do not take offence at you, no way, you did the things right…Now I can take
a look at myself from outside. – No, not, I cannot forgive myself for the
way I had treated you – I continued apologizing. Valery said to me:
– Nothing can be changed now, Vasily. However, you can help me. Do you want it? – Of course, I do. But how am I supposed to help you? – I have a son left alone who grew up not
knowing my love and care, I swore at him very often, undeservedly offended him – and now
he is left all alone and there is no one who could help him. I wish I could remedy my mistakes, but unfortunately
I cannot…But you could help me if you agreed to assist my sixteen-year-old son till he
grew up by treating him as your own son. Please, I am asking you this favour because
I had always considered you my friend… At these words my eyes began to tear up…With
no hesitation I agreed and promised Valery to take care of his son and support him and
Valery said to me: “Thank you”. I wanted to fulfill my friend’s request
with all my heart but how was I supposed to explain to his son that sudden care and help
that I was going to offer him? I could not waste time for reasoning on that
point and therefore I decided to tell him the things as they are. I said:
– Listen, I know it is not easy to believe in but I must tell you that your father had
always loved you. The son nodded his head insecurely. – Moreover, – I continued – he is talking
to me right now and wishes the things to be good with you and wishes me to be your friend
to support you. What do you need right now? Tell me, feel free! The son looked at me suspiciously:
– Ok, then, – he said – give me three thousand rubles. I gave it to him and said:
– Please, phone me at any time you want, feel free, I will be glad to fulfill any request
of your father. That same evening Valery thanked me for having
respected his request and helped his son and…I heard a beautiful melody in my head…But
that melody was very sad. Then I heard the words and started to put
them down. It turned out that it was a present for me
by Valery, kind of a story in the form of a song in which he told of his hard life,
of how bad he felt, how he suffered and drank. The song was so sad indeed that every time
I sang it over in my mind again and again the tears could not help falling from my eyes. Now I understood Valery and the life he had
lived. I understood that only naturally inspired
pieces could put a man into the state of so profound sadness and I already started to
think what to do with that “present” in the form a sad song. And then the Creator asked me:
– Do you like this song? I said that I had never heard such an incomparable
song in my entire life. It was magnificent and at the same time so
tragic. The Creator continued:
– Actually all the sorrow has been expressed via that melody and lyrics for you, how are
you feeling now? Now you have understood Valery entirely and
would you like other people to listen to this song and subsequently feel upset and sad too? I said:
– No, I do not know why but I do not want to share sadness with people… – You see that I can do these kinds of things
too, don’t you? But I would not like this song to acquire
a further “life”, there is enough sorrow out there…If I can give sadness, then I
can give joy too. Delete the notes of the melody, delete the
lyrics, leave all the sorrow in the past, and in the present do the things which will
leave you with only positive recollections… Shortly afterwards I did hear another melody
which was slow but not tragic; smooth but not sorrowful. Valery’s son never called me and he even
changed his number. Probably, he might have thought that I was
sick in the head and it would be better avoid me…How should I have expected him, unprepared,
to behave?…I understand him pretty well. Now it is difficult for me to imagine my way
of life in the past. How had I lived before without the lessons
of the Creator, without the knowledge that I received from him? I got accustomed to a new way of thinking
so strongly that I began to take my everyday dialogue with the Creator for granted. We talked and communicated under any circumstances
– no matter whether I was sitting or lying, was travelling in a bus or walking in a park. I reflected a lot on various matters and once
I wondered what the Creator thought about the people’s tradition to go to temples
for worshiping God: churches, mosques and other places. From outside it seemed that people attending
such places got just an illusion of talking to Him. Besides, I wanted to know what the Creator’s
thoughts were on a cross (I have had it for about a year after I had been “baptized”
in my past life). I wore the cross on a rope but I never understood
what that cross was intended for. Many people wear such crosses: some of them
wear simple ones, others – golden crosses…For the Creator these crosses do not mean anything
and actually, have never meant. He said to me:
– You may wear a cross if you wish, and you may not wear it if you do not wish. It has nothing to do with me. It does not do and does not mean anything
to me. At the same time it does not do anything against
me. It is useless. It meant that the cross had nothing to do
with nature, with the Creator. – You think I have nothing better to do than
hang the crosses on the necks of my children, don’t you? – the Creator said. – Is a bear or a dog born with a cross?… Continuing our discussion I asked him about
a fast: – Tell me Creator why should people abstain
from eating and even drinking? – Is it not me who created such a variety
of vegetable and animal food? – the Creator replied. – Do you think that I would force people
to refuse what I myself created? Yes, I do understand those people who consciously
limit themselves to some certain portion of food in order to avoid the obesity or because
this or that product is simply contraindicative to their health. But the Creator himself never reduces dietary
diversity of people and never promulgates the abstinence from food and water – the
things vitally important for a mere existence of a man. The Creator gives us food, but does not forbid
us to eat it. – Well, – I said to the Creator. – then there is no difference between “sanctified”
and usual food, right? – If there were such a difference indeed,
– the Creator answered – then those poor animals like cats, dogs, tigers, who eat “non-sanctified”
food should all be regarded as sinful. But it is not so. – What to do then? The things you are telling me now are very
simple and easy to understand but people will not be able to accept this information immediately. What useful things can I do now? – Nothing. Right now you cannot do anything against such
a large number of misguided people. They are misguided historically and their
misguidedness passes from one generation to another. Because the majority of adults are already
not able to change… Nevertheless, the Creator hopes that gradually,
perhaps through several generations, the major part of people will finally change their attitude
towards the dialogue with God. And the fastest way to reach the change of
consciousness, that way of thinking is to use the help of those who are ready to comprehend,
who are mostly apt to believe and listen, i.e – our children. Who better to adopt experience of their parents
listening to them than children? Growing up and communicating, the children
will gradually pass their knowledge to one another and to their children, share their
experience – and this will keep on going from one generation to another. Mankind is a big one living body (like a huge
anthill) who will stop existing if each member separates from it. The modern society’s tendency towards egoism
and introversion is harmful to the mankind. And the Creator hopes that one day a Man will
manage to overcome that “disease” in him. The Creator “hears” each of us wherever
we are and there is no need to go to some special places such as a church, a mosque,
or a synagogue because there people are offered a unilateral conversation. People are not taught that they can actually
get replies to their questions, that they may talk to God in plain language and on an
equal footing, not “bottom-up”. – I have never compelled anyone to kneel down
in front of me, invoke me and thus make them feel inferior to me. I do not divide people into “lords” and
“commoners”, the “distinguished” and “slaves”, – the Creator said to me. The Creator never wishes to intimidate people,
rather, the Creator gives and transmits to people all the best – kind wishes, words,
music, paintings, poems, inventions, natural goods… – Tell me about the ten commandments. The religious sources say that it is you who
have revealed them to people… – I suggest you decide by yourself which of
those ten commandments are true and which are not. Use the logic. Would I ever say: “DO NOT WORK”?!. Look, the cells of your body continuously
work day and night, and day and night blood keeps on running in your veins, why should
I tell your heart: “Do not work on Saturdays” – it would be a great sin to say so, wouldn’t
it? Can you yourself tell you heart such a thing? I guess not. Then how was I supposed to wish that for people
who are a part of Me?! Stop, the Earth, do not rotate on Sundays
– do you think I could say that?.. The Creator does not forbid, He cannot say:
“DO NOT DO”. Certainly, now I understand that those “ten
commandments” were written by people themselves. No doubt, some of those commandments do have
a common sense which by all means should be put into the consciousness of a man. One of them is “Thou shalt not kill…”
which is the closest to the Creator. – They say that you, Creator, are aware in
advance who and when is going to die twenty thousand years ahead! If it is a baby to die then they say that
God has taken the baby because he knew about the day when the baby would die long before. – Where is the logic?! What for would you live then? What would you give birth to new generations
for? In order to let me kill, say, one in four,
ten or thirty-four children? When you plant, for example, apple trees in
spring you never write in a notebook that some of them, say, a second or a ninth one
will be cut down in June and one more in January, right?..No, that is not why you plant apple
trees – on the contrary, you expect each of those trees to bring you juicy fruit. The same is the case with children. I have never wished to “take children”
from you according to some schedule and I do not wish it now either. I wish a happy life to every child and every
man. The first year of my new life has passed quietly. Day by day, I spent my whole time on daily
concerns and useful affairs and in between times on discussing various vitally important
issues. Looking backwards at the very beginning of
my new life, I would like to wish happy changes to all those readers whom this book has helped
to find replies to their questions and acquire harmony in their lives. Never be afraid to try to rethink all the
things that surround you from the point of view of your inner self and nature. At first many things will seem illogical,
paradoxical because they will surely “break” our human stereotypes which we bear in ourselves
from the very childhood…Do not withstand your natural desires, needs, do not condemn
yourself for your natural feeling no matter whether it is joy or sorrow. Be honest with yourself, with your body given
by the Creator, do not clutter it up, do not ruin your health…Try to accept any action,
information “through the prism” of nature. It will not be easy, of course. It will make you feel sick, incredibly ashamed
of yourself and the people around you…Yet, it will bring you joy too! Everything in the world is composed of smallest
things, of separate fragments. And each of those fragments or moments is
special per se. Just take a less significant one – for example,
why not leave a leaf on a branch rather than tear it off and rumple in hand? Why should we treat the leaf so unfairly if
it was not created by us, why not just let it continue living and doing its job: to provide
photosynthesis for a tree, oxygen – for the atmosphere, and oxygen for all living
beings… The Creator gives us warmth, light, fresh
air, water and takes nothing from us in return. The Creator gives all those things to us because
he considers us a part of himself. Money had been invented by people. Money has destroyed people, has made them
“proprietors” of lands and their subsoil. Do you imagine how ridiculous this concept
seems to the Creator overall? Do you know what he thinks when people-“proprietors”
attempt to divide among themselves what equally belongs to all people? It is advisable to look more often at how
things are arranged in nature. Just take a look at an anthill or a beehive! What would happen if one of the bees in that
beehive suddenly said: “Wow! Just look at how big that meadow full of honey
plants is! This meadow will be MINE!”? Would that bee become the proprietor of a
whole meadow? And what if another bee from the same beehive
would say: “Stop, guys! From now on all the nectar collected from
the flowers of the meadow will be mine!”. Would those two bees manage to survive in
the hive living alone? No! Of course, not! Because each bee is a part of one big body. To those of you, however, who do not agree
with arguments of the Creator and did not believe in any single word of this book I
want to say that it is normal. No sorrow will be sent to you for that, your
karmas will not be affected for sure, nothing of the kind will ever happen to you! Just know that. Even though you do not believe in anything. There I have another wish to those of you
who still have unanswered questions, who did not find answers to their questions in this
book or the answers given here are not complete. Those who wish to sort their lives out or
simply to change, I think, should refer directly to the original source of knowledge that is
to the Creator. Just find an instrument of communication,
you may start with a “pendulum” and if you feel that there is a feedback indeed then
keep on developing your skills. There is no need for you to be a “distinguished”
or “chosen” one, no need to go to a church or a mosque, no need to pay tribute or make
a sacrifice. There are a lot of ways for communicating
and I have learnt only some of them. Talk to the Creator, ask him questions, be
a friend with him, search for new ways to teach yourself and your children. Very recently the Creator asked me:
– What is easier – to give or to wait? I thought and replied:
– To give. What is your answer to this question? Besides, the Creator said:
– There is no need for you to BELIEVE in me – I exist and that is what all should KNOW! But I will keep on BELIEVING in you, people
– believing in that one day you rethink and melt the ice that resides in your hearts
and start loving all the children like your own and loving each other like dearest people! To wait is always more difficult than to give,
therefore start giving what You have – smiles, joy, kindness, use! You should treat the Creator as your friend,
female friend, sister or brother because he treats us the same way as we treat him in
case we are nice to him, of course. If, however, we are not nice to him, he will
treat us as a true friend all the same: forgives us many mistakes and takes care of us…I
remember his phrase: – The mountains, water, trees, clouds, oil,
gas, minerals, rivers, water springs belong to me, don’t they? I reply:
– Yes, they do. He says:
– Right, all those things are mine…And if they are mine then they are equally yours
too, because I am a friend of yours. I will never forget a moment during one of
our dialogues with the Creator which left an everlasting impression on me. Once in the evening I was feeling sad, and
at that moment the Creator said to me: – Vasily, look at the sky now. I turned my head, glanced through the window
at the dark sky covered with rain clouds and said:
– I see it: it is dark and cloudy. – But you know that now there are stars beyond
those clouds, don’t you? And in the daytime there is the sun behind
them, isn’t there? – Yes, – I agreed. – There is no need for you to believe in it,
– he continued – no need to guess if it is the sun behind the clouds or not, – you
simply do know that the sun is there, don’t you? – Yes, I do – I replied – that is true. – And so, Vasily, many people merely believe
in me, believe in the fact that I exist, however, you, Vasily, are talking to me! Knowledge is more valuable than faith. 2016
Author: Vasily Torpaev Editor: Olga Redkina
(Translated by Raviddin Shamilov)

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