Vegan Christmas Guide: Recipes, Poetry, Parodies & More!

Welcome to the Bite Size guide to Christmas! Get ready for some holiday guidance, poetry, and general awesomeness of the vegan variety. It’s a Christmas miracle! Okay I wouldn’t actually go that far. Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan
and welcome to another vegan nugget! With the holiday season in full gear now,
I wanted to remind you of some vegany resources for the season. If you missed last year’s Bite Size festivities,
I have an two multi-channel recipe collaborations for both Thanksgiving and Christmas dishes. Those delicious cruelty-free masterpieces
can be found linked in the sidebar and below. I even contribute a sad attempt
at a recipe in the Christmas edition. I have no kitchen skillz. My more substantial contribution from last year
was when I veganized the classic poem ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’,
with the ever-tolerant Ooby by my side. “Now Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen
are no longer slaves to this sleigh! They are free! Now isn’t that simply just how it should be?” It’s a great light-hearted video
to watch in her memory. I also wanted to share with you two gifts
of fantastic videos not made by me. Yes, such a thing exists. If you haven’t seen it already,
Kerry McCarpet made an astounding Christmas commercial/musical parody
that is just expertly executed. ♪ Happy Christmas,
fellow low-life scum. ♪ ♪ Ice your confections of death
with mother’s milk, ♪ That is linked in the sidebar
and below as well. And finally, a hauntingly beautiful
and elegantly constructed poem by my dear friend Martin,
aka Vegan Geezer, which for the British means
“every day kind of guy,” not “decrepit old guy”
as it does in the states. Just an FYI. Martin is the father of the adorable JoJo,
who is featured in my kids interview series. Martin’s channel is full of great content
with his family and he’s currently in the tail end of his
“12 Days of Vegan Christmas.” For day one, he shared
this incredible poem that turns the whole concept
of Christmas cheer on its head and shows the reality
in a very poignant manner. It’s not “graphic in your face,”
but it is the hard truth delivered with powerful words. “If these are the elements of ‘Merry’
then we’re sadly deluded, as a true Merry Christmas can only be
when this death is excluded. A Christmas where our consciouses
haven’t been sedated. A Christmas where life is truly celebrated.
You only did it this way before cause everyone else did.
You ignored your own nature that’s been there since you were a kid.
But now you finally embraced your nature and it feels so good that you’re finally
experiencing this day as you should. You embrace not contributing to death
with such pure elation. You celebrate the relief
of your mind’s liberation….” So check it out and subscribe to that man.
And to Kerry. They’re both doing important work! So that’s the Mini Christmas Guide.
Be sure to also check out my last video guide on how to stay vegan during the holidays,
particularly around non-vegan friends and family! Everything is linked below
and as much as I could fit in the sidebar. Always check my video descriptions
as I link everything you need there, and sometimes things you don’t… Now go live vegan, have happy holidays,
and I’ll see you soon! ♪ Have fun at all costs and forget
all the grace that you’ve lost ♪ ♪ And lose sight of what’s wrong,
what’s been plaguing your soul all along ♪ ♪ And everybody have a Merry Deathfest,
murderous chums ♪ Subtitles by the community

34 thoughts on “Vegan Christmas Guide: Recipes, Poetry, Parodies & More!

  1. Hope you enjoy this mini 🎁🎄Vegan Christmas Guide🎄🎁 Tasty vegan holiday recipes, awesome poetry and parodies and more! Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you enjoy the remainder of this week 🙂

  2. Haha that sarcasm is the best. I just got my families cook book that has been in family for over 3 generations and I'm having to redo almost every recipe to fit my vegan consumption. Looks like I'm have years worth of cooking because the book is about 2 inches thick.

  3. Great guide Emily, thank you. Vegan geezer's poem sounds so heartfelt, will go and check it out now. 😊

  4. I'm genuinely NOT looking forward for Christmas thisyear:(( It's my first vegan Christmas

  5. Счастливого Рождества и Нового Года!)
    (Lets see how much subs are from Russia)

  6. Thanks for sharing this Emily, and of course for clearing up any geezer confusion! It feels good not to be a decrepit old guy . . . yet 🙂
    Love your 'Twas the night before xmas', so good and will always work each xmas 🙂

  7. I'm going to spend my Christmas at my aunt's who runs a cattle/dairy farm. Kind of hard to enjoy it knowing what's going on 25 meters away. Beautiful beings, some condemned to a life in slavery, others with only months or even weeks to live :*(
    Makes it kinda hard to celebrate anything. Thinking on bringing a boom box and blasting the music from Kerry's video through the whole dinner.
    I've already promised I'll go, but if I'll feel the way I'll expect I'll do, this will probably be the last time I'll agree to attend a Christmas dinner, aka flesh fest.

  8. Happy Holidays Emily. Thank you for your video. The clip of your with Ooby brought tears to my eyes (the poem helped to) I'm sending you a psychic, grandma kiss, upon your left cheek.

  9. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and many blessings to you for the New Year! Vegan for Life!

  10. Hey! You are good to me – thanks so much! Great to know more people might see and share the vegan song with non vegans! Really appreciate it and all the ongoing work you do – your channel's such an amazing resource! Hope you have a good holiday and don't have to slam the tofu/ fork combo down in front of too many stubborn relatives, hahaha! xxx

  11. Growing up in my home Christmas was not really centered around a specific food. I attended my building's party, told the hostess I do not eat meat or dairy. Made a big bowl of vegan mashed potatoes as my dish. There were vegan candied yams, salad and munchies also available. But no I didn't accuse my neighbors of being mass murderers.

  12. Thx so much for the links in this video. They are really awesome as your videos are. Merry christmas.

  13. Thankfully my aunt is making some vegan friendly roast vegetables. I also made some vegan red velvet cupcakes with vegan 'buttercream' and candy canes. I think I'm set 🙂

  14. Not trying to spark a debate, just a genuine question: It seems like advocating for humane treatment if all living things is a huge piece of veganism. Why are not more vegans advocates for pro life? Thank you for your videos! So helpful for newbies like me. 👍

  15. I'm happy not to have to celebrate Christmas with my family this year. All that foie gras. Obese people celebrating around dead animals parts, 6 months after my father died from precisely that, fat liver disease. Too heart-breaking, made me ill.

  16. Love this video! This year is my first vegan christmas. Not looking forward to sitting round a table while the rest of my family eat animal products :(.

  17. Oh perfect, my holiday was in need of some creative vegan poetry thank you! Merry Christmas Emily 🙂

  18. You are in my latest video, featured for a few seconds but its overall worth watching 😀
    Hope you end up watching it, it is only roughly 4 minutes 🙂

    Keep it up Bite Size Vegan 😀

  19. I'm 14, vegan, and it's currently Christmas Day and I'm so grateful for this channel. You've educated me so much and your more than half the reason I became vegan,I'm currently cooking a vegan Christmas dinner and its gone be just as delicious as meat ( which will sadly still be on the table because my family aren't vegan :/ ) but yeah, decided to comment because i hope it encourages you to keep doing what your doing because you are influencing people to become vegan and your helping change the world:)

  20. You should make a video on the idea that if the meat industry didn't exist neither would all those animals, so how is veganism "saving" those animals. Just want to hear your thoughts

  21. This was my first vegan Christmas and to be honest (apart from the horrible non-snowy weather xD) this has been one of my best X-mas's in quite some time.
    While I did had to make all my Christmas dinner foods since even the bread wasn't vegan, I manged (With the help o my non-vegan mom who stayed up late to help me even though she was tired, Thanks mom!) to get a considerably amount of food and it was one of the best Christmas dinners I've had, and I probably ate more then any of my meat-eating relatives. xD
    As for being interrogated, I wasn't. The vegan topic was hardly brought up at all except from EXTREMELY well meaning and kind pointers about nutrition and even those were there few of.
    As for gifts I got the normal stuff plus a whole bunch of yummy vegan chocolates and a huge frickin' vegan cookbook! :O What more can you ask for?

    Just thought I'd share, among all the Christmas horror stories out there! xD

    (Aslo sending lots of e-hugs to you Emily, know that we think of you! <3)

  22. You're wonderful, and I will even go as far to say you are my sole inspiration for my switch to a vegan lifestyle. Im having a difficult time trying to cope with that fact my family members who are all non-vegans will not make the switch. Its hard to watch the people I love do this to themselves. My dad has high cholesterol and some other health problems and I am afraid it will be to late. Do you have any advice on talking to your own family about making the switch?

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