Vicent urges to court Rodelyn | MMK (With Eng Subs)

He found a way so we could
understand each other better – he wanted me to be more
comfortable around him, and to grow closer with me. Vincent! – Your room is ready.
– Alright. – Here you go.
– Thank you. So how long are you planning
to stay here? Until I marry a Filipina, Dale. So now you’re convinced about
marrying a Filipina? I already found her. Who is she? Well, my friend. You have to court her
the Filipino way. Right, honey? Yes! Let’s check the files. – I brought some snacks.
– Let me help you with that. – Thank you.
– Look at the pictures. Rodelyn, please pick up
Rafi from school. I’ll go with her,
if you don’t mind. Sir, it’s okay. I can– That’s okay, Rodelyn.
Vincent just wants to go out. – Take care!
– Thank you, ma’am. After you. Rodelyn, are you
picking up the kids? – Woah!
– I’m sorry. It’s okay. Sorry. Rodelyn, is he your boyfriend? – What?
– Is he your boyfriend? – What?
– Is he your boyfriend? Is he courting you?
If he is, don’t let him go. He’s rich. And besides,
he seems nice. Do you really think he’s nice? He could be a domestic abuser.
You know how foreign men are! My neighbor married one.
He beats her up every day. – Not all of them are like that!
– Are you sure? I’m sorry, but he’s not
courting me. Excuse me. What did she say? She said you don’t like her. – She said that?
– Yes. But I do! I like her a lot! – Rodelyn!
– I’m going to court you. I mean it. There you go! He likes you. Rodelyn! You’re a lucky girl! Give him a smile. I didn’t mean to offend you
or anything. – Hi, Daddy!
– Hi, baby girl! How was school? Hi, Mommy! Oh dear! You’re sweaty! Are you okay, Rodelyn? Why the long face?
What’s wrong? Ma’am, I’ll help Rafi
change out of her uniform. Excuse me. Vincent, what did you do? I, uhm… I just told her I like her
inside the jeepney – Were there passengers around?
– Yeah! I wanted to show her that I’m not scared of telling
everyone how I feel about her, and how hard
I’m falling for her. But she didn’t seem
to like it, though. Your friend has so much
more to learn, obviously. Tell him to take it slow
and not be too showy in public. What did she say? Wrong move, chief. Rodelyn, we talked to Vincent. He asked permission
to court you. But why me? I’m just a maid. Vincent doesn’t care about that. All he sees is just how proud
you are about what you do. That’s what he likes about you. If you want to be with him, then you should be prepared for
all the changes coming your way. That’s the thing, ma’am. I don’t know if I’m ready
for any life changes. It’s up to you, Rodelyn. We’ll support whatever
decision you make. Either way,
we’ll be happy for you if you decide to give
Vincent a chance. – Am I right, Maya?
– Yes, sir! You’ve been eavesdropping,
haven’t you? Honey? You should go to bed,
both of you. Yes, ma’am. Good night! Enough with the coffee.
It’s late. – Time for bed.
– Thank you! You’re welcome.

35 thoughts on “Vicent urges to court Rodelyn | MMK (With Eng Subs)

  1. Filipinos have this traits that foreigners are falling for but we cannot take the doubt easily.

  2. Maganda pa tong palabas nakakarelate pati boss kuntsaba sa lahat hahaha…sana lahat ng boss katulad nila..

  3. Nakita ko lng dumaan sa news feed ko sa fb, isang episode lng kilig na kilig na ako, kaya sana nmn my full episode ang hirap pag sunod sunurin dto sa youtube, nakakakilig ksi sila sobra😍😍
    d ako nakapanuod kagabi, wla kmi tv nasa kwarto lng ng mga amu ko,

  4. Diba maya? Kanina kapa dito eyy,nakikinig din.hahaha Kala ko silang tatlo lang nag uusap.may isang katulong papala.

  5. kung ganyan nmn ang magiging amo mo ang saya db… 😁😊

  6. Yung amo na supportive at yung lovestory na ganito.. Mapapa Sana All kna lng talaga..

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  8. Ang galing talaga ni Rafael ang gwapo niya..sana magka love team sila ni yen Santos.

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