[Video Poem] To The Woods

I ran away today,
to the woods, to the trees, to the nature that had beckoned me.
It is here I plan to stay for a day, for a week,
possibly eternity. I see the vastness of the world
in its beauty, and its splendor, and regard it with an admiration so tender.
I can feel how tiny I am, how little, how small,
and I know I don’t have power over it all. And yet I am significant
as a creature, as a being, in this wonderful world that I am seeing.
I was created with a purpose, a goal, a meaning,
and it is here, in these woods, in these trees,
that I intend to find it.

12 thoughts on “[Video Poem] To The Woods

  1. great job Makena, so beautifully written, u have a talent, please keep writing, i`m inspired

  2. This is my FAVORITE video that you have ever created. This particular video deserves so many more views, thousands. When I am feeling down, I come to this video. This is so amazing Makena. Keep doing videos like this with your creative poems that are so beautiful.

  3. This is so beautiful <3 you have a great talent. I love your videos so much.

  4. I really love making short films they are a lot of work… I've made a few myself… but I haven't pursued to make more… I really hope you do. you create a lot of emotion in your work… though improvements can be made…. the potential is very strong plzz keep making videos!

  5. This is beautiful… I feel like this when I am surrounded by trees .. I wish I could run away to the woods .. you capture all my feelings in your words .. .

  6. That was wonderful…. nature is the only place in this world that i feel like i belong… everything is connected, the trees with the the dirt and the water and the air….. and we humans have been so detached from each other, and everything around us. Sometimes the only thing you can do is run to the woods. I hope you'll create more poems! 🙂

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