Vignettes & Poems (A Poem) || Kenneth Clayden

So I wrote a little poem, and this is that. *Sounds of a drawer closing and a camera focusing* I like vignettes and poems
Because they are short. They do not rely on stories with backs,
Nor have they multiple roads leading to the same ending.
They are short and concise, And that’s why I likes
Them. I needn’t worry what page He or She got into
trouble Because there’s no time in vignettes:
It’s a moment, designed to exist alone. A poem too is standalone,
Often being as long as a short story Or maybe even two.
And it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t rhyme. It’s not a rule
I like to follow. I have tried to write a novel,
But that didn’t work out right. I have little imagination, you see.
I’m definitely limited. But I needn’t write the next canon classic;
I needn’t tip my pen to the greats that wrote before me,
Because I write my way as they write theirs. Maybe I’ll be remembered for my vignettes
and poems That was very short, and hopefully very sweet.
If you enjoyed this poem, be sure to do all the things you do with videos — and if you
didn’t….well this is awkward.

6 thoughts on “Vignettes & Poems (A Poem) || Kenneth Clayden

  1. This was so lovely, Kenneth! I absolutely adore poetry myself and I love the overall uniqueness that was hidden behind everything here! Please, write more in the future!!

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