Vince McMahon Should Be Blamed For It ALL, Not The Writers || WWE IS WRITTEN FOR AN AUDIENCE OF ONE!

hello what's up people your boys are x-man I'm gonna make this one quick first off thank you for watching like the video and if you want more subscribe and click that Bell alright let's talk about you at the title I let me say is I will always always respect Vince it KT McMahon no matter what I had to say about him in this video in particular it is because of Vince McMahon that the wrestling business is what it is today what it was back in the 80s the 90s the 2000s and going forward no matter how things are nowadays you cannot take away the fact that if this McMahon never existed wrestling would not be what it is today it's as simple as that say what you want about him being crazy and senile and out of touch nowadays which yes you're right yes he was out of touch in the 90s but at least he admitted he was advertised in the nineties nowadays it's ridiculous but we'll get to crazy events in a second mr. McMahon the character will go down in history as one of if not the greatest villains in TV history not just wrestling history in all of television history when bismuth man was in his prime wrestling was at his best when bismuth man is allowed to be himself is allowed to go out there right here you know its power his arms bring up that gravelly voice it says your are ah he can make even the most casual of casual viewers want to see his butt get kicked easily one of the best performers to ever do what he does I can never take that away from him and on top of that amazing businessman one of the Great's of all time in terms of business he was able to take let's call it like it is wrestling which was yeah it was making money but it wasn't seen as something mainstream he was able to take something that essentially was a circus act I hate saying it but it was back in the 70s and 60s and 50s it was a circus act he was able to take that and turn it in to where it is today a conglomerate a million dollar billion dollar industry that's made all kinds of money across the world in different ways other than WWE so we owe our Lots events so I just want to say thank you Vince thank you for everything that you've done but that's time to go it's time to go Vince you're about to be 80 years old I know a lot of people around you won't say this because you're paying them a lot of money and they're insecure about whether they can get a different job but let's call it like it is Vince you're out of touch buddy you're senile and honestly even you would have to admit you're out of touch because in 1997 during that infamous promo when you assured in the Attitude Era you admit that you added touch so if you are at a touch in 1997 what makes us think what makes you think you have your finger on the button in 2019 when over two decades ago you admit you were out of touch guys's let's pump the brakes for a second before we even talk about the report that influenced this video let's just look at it the way it is right now this McMahon is about to be 80 years old I don't even know how old he is let me just look that up real quick let's look at uh let's look at how old Vince McMahon is real quick well regardless he is way too old to be making creative decisions to be telling people 73 years old okay that's still that's still pretty old 73 he looks good for 73 I'm not ever gonna pick a fight with piss McMahon in real life if this McMahon was standing right beside me I would most likely not be saying this again it's easy for me to say this over the camera but in person I'd be like you know what I'm saying but hi that's the area for you I'm pretty sure he looks great for his age but still I know a lot of people don't want to him this because he pays their bills well you have a billion millionaire and for someone like me who has bills to pay you kind of eat a lot of crap and like the taste of it well people are getting sick and tired of eating his crap real sick and tired of eating his crap but again this is making my point here you don't need you don't need to read the reports to know that this man is out of touch if you listen to his interviews if you saw the Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast back in 2014 15 14 you don't need to hear anything else Vince is not what you would call a normal person his mannerisms the way he thinks it's not how do I put this it's not something conducive to a massive audience what Vince McMahon likes is not what I like Oh what you like what many others like he has a weird taste a weird taste for things so what he finds funny I guarantee you will not be funny for everybody else and that's okay sometimes you need to be different to make a mark on this world you need to cut your own path make your own way to the top and that's something I admire about Vince McMahon he is someone and if you look at my wall here one thing that I do every day is I wake up and I say Adler affirmations about myself and one of my affirmations I say every day is I persevere Vince McMahon is the living definition of perseverance this will push he will bulldoze he will run you over if you got in his way to get what he needs to get and that's something to admire about him but I'm not trying to be one of the WD workers I'm just calling it like it is with that said though it is it is one of those things where just because you were able to make this company does it mean that you're great everything and since people don't have balls to tell events that he's not good at creative I guess we not have to say it you're not good creative anymore events and events like man is stubborn he's one of those people that stubborn to the point where he refuses to step down other positions because it's his company and it's one of those things where he's gonna run the company into the ground he's the captain I'm dying with the ship I'm going down with the ship brother if you don't go down with the ship you can get out you can get off the ship unfortunately you can't get off the ship because when you try to leave or get off the ship he restrains you basically telling you that I'm not releasing you from your contract and I'm extending it so never mind I guess people who are on the ship is going down with the ship but it's very sad when you see what's happening with this man again this has always been crazy this has never really been very kind to the WWE product I think the best thing that he ever did back in the Attitude Era was step away from creative he literally just said okay I want nothing to do with this whatever you guys want me to do whatever you guys want to do okay but I had to approve it and I thought that was the best thing he could do only nowadays when he decided to stick his neck back in to create this thing suck again and I just think that's not fair but let's get to what inspired this podcast and why your boydle x-man is at the point now where I just want him to step down I'm not saying this has to completely leave WWE but step down from creative give power get control over this son White House Triple H but let's go – lets go – no DQ calm this is a favorite new source of mine Aaron Rex is always good with the news he always goes to people that are trustworthy which I appreciate like the source of this report comes from PW torch calm very strong source here's what it says I'm going to read it word for word and then we'll get into it there appears to be some real-life frustrations from Triple H of the gala and other people within WWE a close friend of three WWE writer recently called in its a B P W torch coms post raw podcasts and discussed the WWE creative process I think that's way too Keller way Keller's a podcast which by the way way Keller ain't someone that just allows people to talk if it's not legit he ain't gonna deal with it the like skiing a little weird but let me continue reading this while I trying to like give me one second alright here's what the caller said let me know if you guys can't hear me but we should be good no one should rip on WWE creative they have some of the most brilliant unbelievably cool ideas that I have ever heard where we are willing excuse me sorry alright way back way back can you guys see me how I look thank you look good okay we're riding for an audience of one pause where have you heard that before where have you heard that before they're right for the audience of one that's right from your board elects man but that's what it is we're writing for an audience of one and never forget that and if not you're out of here that's what it is I've been saying that definitely we've nowadays it's not written for you it's not written for the masses it's written for one man only miss McMahon everything on that show is written to entertain this McMahon and not the masses only a few a select few who are you know willing to pretend they like it eat the crapping like it tastes a bit or they actually had the same humor since if you were and taste as Vince McMahon which is very very rare I'm just saying but continuing the most frustrated person in the back every single night is Chapel H are we shocked I mean this man basically gives him stars to work with and he kills him continuing he'll always take especially the NHC guys under his wing he looks like he's consoling them it looks so much like he was the most frustrated person in the building every single night and here are some additional notes he talked about so I'm just gonna just wrap these off I'm just gonna just talk about him and then you know at the end we will break this down so here's something that he mentioned in the podcast he says the wild-card rule oh Jesus that but wildcard rule was not in the script on the morning of the show which shocks nobody it was listen to this it came from the mind of Vince McMahon so this is Vince this is all events there's no writers that are coming up with this this is this is all events this man is crazy here's another point the superstar shake-up changed week to week and it didn't pan out how it was originally laid out months prior everything changed because Vince McMahon just decided to change it shocker shocker anybody else shot who shot this man is really killing his own company remember that NWO promo who he remembers the n.w.a promo from 2002 one of my favorite promos miss Nick man I'm cat I'm gonna inject the dummy w/e with our late don't us hug poison anyways gonna kill my company I'm gonna kill it me John I'm sorry my bad but yeah well it feels like it's coming to life now let's continue it says here's Smackdown and Raw riding teens are now writing both shows oh my god so the bracelets dead right there you don't even eat the bran split to be officially be dead that confirms it both raw and smackdown writing teams are writing for both shows now they used to be separate but that changed recently after the shake-up dang the color emphasized watch this emphasize that the problems in WWE are not creatives fault and this McMahon is the one person who deserves all the blame yeah it's this company doesn't he approve everything before he goes on there it is his fault we all knew that I think some of us didn't want to blame him because it's Vince we love Vince for everything that he's dumped in the business we don't want to blame it on him but guess what it is his fault moving on this wants suggestions oh I hate this I know this is true this wants suggestions from everyone but it never gets on TV ninety-nine out of a hundred times you can come up with an idea of events and it won't be use let me add on to this it won't be used that day what happens is and I heard stories about this any time you tell someone like Vince McMahon a great idea official go at first your belt a stupid that's dumb and then Lux later he'll bring it up again and pretend it's his idea don't y'all hate that let me know if you've got that happen to you cuz that's happened to me way too many times in real life and I hate that but that's one of those things where you go okay fine no all right at least you're doing my idea but I hate that hate that so much moving on the entire creative team has pitched to have Raw and SmackDown look completely different oh no look completely different with different production new sets a different way of shooting things etc and this McMahon shot it all down they're really trying I feel bad for the writers I might need to just give you know what I am I feel so bad for the writers right now I should apologize because I always come up here on YouTube and I'm always putting the blame on the people who make the shows which other writers in a producer and the producers when in all honesty they're puppets they're scapegoats for the real problem this book men it's one of those things where as much as I hate to say it maybe roll Dogg Jesse James just a little bit not too much but maybe Road Dogg Jesse James and others you know didn't really deserve all the heat that I gave them because didn't a recent lead writer of Raw leave forgot his name don't ask me I think it wasn't the guy who managed great khali he wasn't him Ranjan singh not him there was no a guy that worked with Rajan Singh but yeah they lost a lead writer it's really bad it's really bad folks but why would they stay see that's the thing I hate you have 30-something writers right 30-something writers in the company and then you know you have these creative meetings and then this tech man just shoots them all down he's like nope we're not gonna do any of that so why you have 30 writers why are you paying all this money to these people just to tell them now we're not gonna do that or tell them no then and then wait till months later to go my idea now we're gonna do it that's pretty bad that's really really bad let's just move on man I don't even understand why anybody even go and work for this company now especially when he's there this McMahon doesn't keep track of what is going on with NXT we knew that I have to read that one y'all knew that he maybe watches takeover shows maybe watches that one I already knew based off my hockey books the NFC wrestlers you knew that look at the Viking raiders like you guys look at that and go wow like it's almost like you you never watched a single episode of NXT because you wouldn't know they've been called the war rages for half a year now and only now that he's saying nah Viking raiders that's really really bad that's really really bad alright watch this one the writers say he just watches WWE and works out and is not aware of things going on in the real world so he's trapped in his own bubble which is what we all knew we all know that we all know that bistec man lives in his own world where he thinks everything he does is right and nothing is wrong because he's a billionaire like who do you who do you that has that much money you can talk to and I'm just really trying to think like you can talk to the mic look look bro for real you're doing some things wrong how you gonna tell him that he's a billionaire it's kind of like you're he might still be talking to a wall it's like I have more money than you I'm clearly doing something right oh Jesus Christ but yeah of course he lives in his own world that that's common sense you leave you even need to tell me that that man is weird stupid Joe the stuff that we see on TV every day that there's not no sane human being that would think that's normal moving on the writers say there is no chance no chance in hell you got a miss Nick man stepping down that IRA in you – III I don't think this will step down unless he dies well okay I don't think he'll step down as the owner of the that I know well he's not giving up his position as owner of the company you can forget about that but that's not what we are asking for this can still own WWE he can still be the share like the top shareholder he can still be CEO but get your hands either they create a pot why do you control creator for just the creative alone let's just just make your money that's it you're doing so much he's bored that's the problem the problem with Vince McMahon is that he thinks he's good at everything and he's not you suck the whole point of being a millionaire is what a billionaire is to put people in positions around you to help you flourish not do it all yourself and that's the problem with people like Vince McMahon you can't tell him anything you can't tell him that he's not good at creative because it's so stupid all right oh okay Dana Brooke let's read this one apparently Dana Brooke has been the hardest worker the hardest worker for the last three years she goes to the performance center she shows up early and sets up the ring and gets in the ring so she can get better creative has pitched things for her and she gets nothing up until recently with money in the bank okay so she is being rewarded looks pretty good I don't think she said when the my end of my briefcase but that that's pretty cool I do appreciate rewarding talent for their hard work unfortunately I don't think Dana is really anything special but okay sure the writer he talked to said we're all working for Dana warrior and it's really awkward Wow so Daniel Warrior is now running creative oh no oh no oh no oh that's bad the WWE Fox contract oh god the WWE Fox contract prohibits Fox from moving the show to fs1 even if the ratings drop ouch one writer I love this one one writer is very close to quitting because he is so unbelievably unhappy and many other writers are paranoid and think they are going to be fired or very close to being fired so it's a very toxic environment that one I already knew that is very bad why would why would she want to work there why why are you there I mean seriously I am a writer if I am a writer for Vince McMahon the biggest question the biggest question I would be asking myself why am I here why am I here what seriously like I I had to ask that bitch why am I here all I'm basically here to do is just ramble you already know what you could what seriously like you already know what you're gonna do and it's it's pretty bad it's really really bad by the way um if you guys won't listen to the podcast yourself I'm gonna give you a link I think no DQ comm actually has like the full podcast is three hours long so I'm not gonna we're not gonna do a live reaction to it but it's three hours long and I will post the link to it in the description box if you want to listen to the podcast yourself but let's finish the rest of this this is just the notes that we heard of alright toxic environment we never walked out there was a crazy shouting match and he flipped out on Vince McMahon so Neville flipped out on McMahon and that was the last time anyone saw him the writers praised Neville for briea for being so easy to work with I'm pretty sure he's not the only person to flip out I'm almost positive Sascha and you know well I can't say Luke Harper flipped out but I'm pretty sure he's about close to you're saying let's do this guy you know seriously I'm pretty sure a lot of people want to flip out I'm Vince McMahon right now like Triple H moving on I deal better than that I guess big English ideas never painted that ideas never pan out as originally planned because writers will come up with stuff and then vits loses interests after a week or two he used mojo Rowley as an example which really I don't even know what they were trying to do it mojo Riley but it's clear that they they lost interest in him real quick and I'm praying that doesn't happen with Bray Wyatt the right oh please so happily Bray Wyatt but anyways the writers say Bruce prick shirt is a pleasure to work with he's a funny guy and a pleasure to work with but he's not getting through the events either isn't that why they hired him you know isn't that why Fitz brought back Bruce or they brought back Bruce so they can communicate their ideas with Vince because Bruce understands Vince maybe he doesn't understand them anymore he's not the mystic man that they knew he even says here Shane McMahon Triple H and Stephanie had tried to talk to Vince have all tried to talk to Vince but neither know the conversations have to have worked but it hasn't worked that's pretty bad the people on the writing staff this thing two podcasts and they hear fans bashing them it breaks their heart you poor things you poor things I'm pretty sure they're just like it's not my ideas it really isn't so again I apologize if it's not your ideas hey man look sorry like I I think that's not fair that you guys get this you got you get the short end of the stick for this guy's craziness this is envy announcers ear to a sentence and he gets them for tiny mistakes oh my god no wonder Mauro Ranallo stayed away from the main roster you'll see everybody blame JBL for the bullying I do think he gets some of the blame but I think most of it comes from Vince McMahon this is just hard to work with hey Mauro said I don't want this in my ear I want Triple H in my ear huh I don't feel too bad for bashing Road Dogg Road Dogg's a jerk bro dogs a grizzly losses don't matter he deserve to be bashed now do I think he gets all the heat probably not but when you say where's and losses don't matter you an idiot now on Sami Zayn Oh Sami Zayn that's not Sami Zayn's promos that's miss McMahon talking through Sami Zayn is anyone shocked about that is anyone really shocked that most of 70 days promos are basically events ripping on the audience I mean it makes sense because in my opinion those are the best heal promos we have right now and since that's coming from the best heal worker in the business it makes the most sense on July day when it's a vet's office mr. McMahon's office and axed for legit push this lifting him and said learn some English and get back to me oh my god that's borderline race I don't know that's were lying racist but it sounds like it I'm sorry I spoke some English last week and he's been taking English lessons Oh God so Nakamura screwed then Oscar screwed Kairi saying we'll be okay I think piracy might be good but if Cesaro it has a speech impediment apparently but he speaks multiple languages who cares it just really gets me ah it really just gets me how I don't even know how you describe me I don't want to call him races but he's just so prejudiced like dude really I mean when I hear stuff about bike recently on Smackdown he called Oscar and Kyrie saying the Kabuki warriors what the kabuki warrior the Kabuki warriors Oh cuz they bomb Japan okay it just really just makes me shake my head right and I can't call the races like I said I'm not gonna call them races because Kopecky says champion but it is one of those things where I go up really Vince speak some English buddy okay the Firefly fun house stuff is all Bray Wyatt's idea I knew that Bray is described as an absolute genius and he helps other wrestlers with their promos he is one of the best guys in the locker room and he should be pushed as a main event player I'm serious he should be pushed as a main event player he's way too good to not be but that I agree with that I I didn't need to read that to know that there's no way he'll pants is helping him out with that the riders have I love this the riders he talked to say they loved when there was a real branch slit but it doesn't is this anymore I mean the only you need to hear me say that to know that the bran split is basically dead and we're just waiting for events to it to affirm it this is the last bit of news that they discussed and again you can listen to the podcast on no decom I'll even post a link to it in the description box in just a second but he mentioned the revival and osos storyline being done because Vince McMahon just thinks it's funny to make fun of the revival I don't need to read anything more and I think it's hilarious that he did an interview recently where he was axed about John Oliver because John Oliver ripped on Vince McMahon for not giving the wrestlers any time off or an off season and this McMahon I'm gonna read the quote basically said I love this this is this McMahon talking he said anybody who wants time off can get time off that's easy PS that is so BS he continues in addition to that addition to that this easy to weave Italian and out of a storyline if they're getting injured you're not expecting that or if they have a family matter our characters are real people with real problems it's a revolving situation where this talent will work these dates that time will work those dates where I start the day there's so many holes there's so many holes and what he just said there one McMahon himself just told his shareholders yeah yeah I know this he told you shareholders that talent injuries were a cause of WWE's lackluster first quarter results okay it's easy again easy to handle that and superstars are interchangeable why did the unavailability of certain performers hurt your show remember when he said that the reason why the Ranger now is because of absences okay so that wouldn't be the issue if what you said is true see sometimes you just know in Vince's boot here's the king of BS you know he is and to there's so many things I can pick apart about this if revolving talent is a feature a feature and not a problem now but why can't WWE use its deep roster I don't you can tell you how deep this roster is it's packed there's so much talent in WWE but why can't they use its deep roster to plan time off for performers on a rotating basis roster rotation preserving their health re-energizing them and refreshing them give certain wrestlers time off then people like Luke Harper he won't sleep well leave you know all this talk about you know oh we're doing what's best for the talent no you're not well you're not everything that's being done on TV is being done for one purpose and that's money why we going to Saudi Arabia for the money oh we're going to you know entertain the fans over there and make a difference you are lying your tails off the reality of the situation is this the press is paying you millions to go over there and do what he wants you to do to dance and w/e is a home master we gonna go over and dance for your massa seriously he's doing it for the money he doesn't give a damn of how bad it makes him look he's a money or he wants the money and I think that's such a bad look for him it's not a good look whatsoever it's not I just I just think at this point in time basement man being in charge of the company it's just a detriment and I think we all kind of knew that but we all just kind of figured at some point this is gonna wake up and realize that all right this is not where I should be anymore I shouldn't be doing this I'm letting go do something else and I thought for sure XFL was going to do that I was listen as much as I think XFL won't be successful I was excited by it because I'm thinking to myself okay he can't ride WWE and XFL so maybe maybe he was gonna step away from WWE let Triple H or Shane McMahon Stephani all three take over that company and then he's gonna do XFL that's what I thought you know but I don't know anymore I don't know what this guy's gonna I don't know if he ever is going to realize that he is the issue because it's it's a bubble at this one don't get me we eat it really is his playground it's his play box here's the child in a play box and we have to we can't share his toys we have to just go along with him and some of these wrestlers can afford to leave Baron Corbin can't get a job anywhere else Alexa bliss ain't going nowhere this is this is it people that job might see no I don't need to be here I'm gone Luke Harper I don't need to be here I'm done the revival I hate to be here I'm done Sasha fakes I hate to be here I'm done Bailey AJ Styles Daniel Ryan they know damn well look I don't need to be here I'm gone and the only reason why I feel bright even stayed was because they gave him some creative control I think we all figured that one out Brian has I think some creative control in his contract so yeah they're they're leaving him alone otherwise he going but it's it's ridiculous now it's ridiculous seeing what's happening to the product to the company that I grew up with seeing the D tier deteriorate week by week by week by week by week by week by week oversaturation overexposure lack of creativity lack of air tainment then these wrestlers get injured left and right pushes get dropped stories don't make sense and then we come back to it every week every single week hoping that things will change and the reality is unfortunately it will never change as long as vixx is on top there is a good company in there a golden era still exists with WWE we can still make this company work but one guy has to leave this has to step away from creative I'm not saying step down from a head of the company I'm saying get your grubby hands out of the creative pot that's all we're saying and until that happens guess what the shows are gonna suck and no one should blame me any other writers we plan one person and that's been sick candy McMahon Thank You thanks for everything that you've done for the business but it's time to go it's time to go man you don't have it anymore I don't know if you've ever had it you probably never did but at least back in the 90s you admit it you never did I feel so bad I feel so bad for the company and the writers but you know what guys it is what it is it is what it is but yeah give me your thoughts do you think it's time for Vincent Kennedy McMahon to stack down do you think that the company is suffering because of one person because it's a show being written being written for an audience of one do you think the company would be better without this McMahon and if he was to sit down who do you think should take over let me hear all your thoughts down below in the comments be sure you subscribe and like the video all 193 of you like the video I would appreciate it IEW auw more than ever needs to get his butt here I'm pretty sure once a e.w starts whooping that but this is gonna go okay you know what maybe I can go do something else you know I don't know but I need to figure this out soon because aew is coming they ain't gonna be any more excuses you know what I'm saying thank you for watching I have another podcast coming up in just a bit it will be my podcast for money in the bank so I will see you guys in just a second until then this is your a boy Gillette's been signing off right here in the last minute world I love you you guys take it easy I'm out

19 thoughts on “Vince McMahon Should Be Blamed For It ALL, Not The Writers || WWE IS WRITTEN FOR AN AUDIENCE OF ONE!

  1. Anyone that’s Dug into Vince’s past knows he did /not/ have a good upbringing. He had nothing, and no one he could trust. Vince Senior was not involved in his life, his Mom’s Boyfriends used to beat the holy hell out of him (he did an interview where he admitted he would’ve liked to kill one of them, he wasn’t joking), and he himself implied that his Mother may have… advanced on him in ways no one should do to a young man.

    Why do I bring this all up? What Dalyxman said, Vince is Perseverance in a Human Body, and fuck whatever tried to stop him, whether it be the Territories, Vince Senior, his past, Ted Turner, or us. He will fight tooth and nail for his own perception of reality even when it’s wrong because it’s all he could trust growing up (this is a bad thing by the way, and it’s why I’ve made the point in the past that WWE will keep on chugging, Vince will die before he lets it stop doing so).

    So as fans what options do we have? He won’t step down for the reasons before. No one will stand up to him because he pays their bills. AEW is competition but we still need to see how well it turns out. Would love to see some ideas!

  2. Wrestling was not a circus act int he 50s, 60s, 70s….not until Vince Jr took over and made it a circus act in the 80s. Wrestling was very sport-like in the decades you listed, Alex.

  3. Telling someone to 'Learn some English' is not racist. It is obnoxious and overbearing. It does create a toxic working environment. He is out of touch with the past 20 years of reality.

  4. How the fuck is it all Vince's fault correct me if I wrong others running the company and writing the show not Vince sure he has the final say but there still other people writing the shows and produce it. Yet they have no blame in any of it but Vince does. Why? Because he owner? How do we know if any of the writers ideas are any good? Like Road dog? Sure we can talk about how He quit cause Vince kept change plans. But let face it when did he ever had one good idea? Not only that but the way they talk to the fans telling them to enjoy the shit that they got. You can't tell me HHH countable because their are ideas and thing he done that were not good for business and hurt the show.

  5. I want to see how many times the uso going to win the tag team division before they retire or quit the WWE or the WWE split them up any tag team raw or SmackDown this is a Q and A question Rickie from Longview Texas I'm not a big fan of them but I just curious

  6. Patrice O'neal said that Vince told Tiger Ali Singh to "shut the fuck up and put on the fucking turban" when he bragged Vince to change that gimmick up because his people were embarrassed and upset.
    Then he got super buried and released.

  7. Vince McMahon is a genius as far as making money and flexing power to broker great deals or whatever goes.
    As far as putting on a watchable show he's fucking intellectually deficient.

  8. Dana Brooke was so depressed after her fiancé died. She buried herself in her work and it really shows.

  9. Sorry Vince but It's time to retire.
    You know it, the fans know it and even your family knows It's.

  10. Vince McMahon can go to Hell. After his staunch refusal to retire and what he’s done to the WWE Vince can fuck right off.

  11. Vince McMahon the man is a living legend and a larger than life person

  12. You know that comic of That Cartoon Dog saying "This is Fine" in a Burning House?

    Vince is that Dog.

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