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Haha!! Catch it, haha!! Bunty, you better behave yourself, or else I shall tell Vir to straighten you up. You will remember for life then. All the time you keep threatening me about Vir, I will tell Mr.Kakkad to punish Vir. Sir, Vir rubbed my homework and finished my tiffin too. Vir troubles me allot. Ok, you go back to your seat, I will punish him for the entire day. Vir did you eat Bunty’s tiffin? You rubbed his homework, now go behind and stand on the bench. Sir I haven’t done anything like this, I just. So, am I lying? No sir. Go and stand on the bench, no more questions. Let me also see, how can this happen ? I will spell a magic, if anyone touches Vir, he will be ready to accept the punishment instead of Vir taking it. Hehe!! Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. Vir, why are you standing on the bench? What happened? Tell me the truth Vir, what happened? Mr.kakkad has punished me for doing nothing. How come this happen? You are a very good boy, get down. I will stand on the bench instead of you. No, I will take his punishment. He is a very good boy. No, I will take his punishment. I will take Vir’s punishment. Vir you go. Hey, what are you both doing? I will forgive Vir, but you both get down. No!! I will eat some snack’s and come, Vir is out of trouble. Oh!! I am sorry, I did a mistake by punishing Vir. I will stand on the bench. Oh! He is Vir’s classmate but they don’t get along. Wow!! It will be fun, If I get that chocolate. Bunty, where is Vir? I wish I could do something against him, to teach him a lesson. Oh! Ok, from today he will not harass you. I will teach him a lesson that he won’t forget. I promise. Thank you uncle. Bunty, can I taste that chocolate? Yes, why not uncle . Uncle don’t forget about the promise. Yes, you go and relax. I will do something. Listen, Vir needs to be taught a lesson so that he never trouble’s Bunty. Now we will teach you a lesson, then you won’t harass Bunty anymore. What happen Vir? Chadha uncle he is saying that Vir will be taught a lesson so that Vir doesn’t harass Bunty. But I have never harassed Bunty at all. This Vir is my child, he has grown in my arms. Instead of teaching him a lesson , you teach me. Then no one will harass Bunty at all. Come teach me. Or else I will call the police. Ok, take both of them together. You leave both of them or else I will call the police. You are talking too much, take her too. Leave both of them or else it won’t be good for you. Hey, Cheema give him one tight. Hey stop!! Robo boy suit on. Uncle. Instead of Vir, they have brought Mr.Chadha and Imli. Its better to stay away and be quite. Imli, where are you? Don’t know the exact place, its a broken factory. Hey you, what are you doing there? Imli keep the phone on, so that I can track it. Come here. Leave us or else Robo boy will beat you up. Haha!! Robo boy, who is he? Let him come. Hey, who are you? Friends to all the goodness and enemy to all the evils. My name is Vir, Vir the Robot boy. Leave Chadha uncle and Imli, then only I will let you go. Haha!! Bheema, Sheema and Kareema beat him up into pieces. No, don’t beat Vir, instead of him beat me. Have you gone crazy? you are supporting Vir. He is our enemy. I guess even he has become the supporter of goodness, beat him too. No, I can’t beat Vir, Instead of him beat me. Beat him too. Don’t leave them. Hey, whats going on? Why are you fighting with each other? No, we can’t beat Vir. Is these your magic? Whoever comes to beat me, gets ready to take the beating willingly. No, sorry. I going to have some snacks. Hey, what are you all doing? Why are you fighting with each other? Vir, I won’t leave you. See, this is my strength. Hey, how are you Vir? What my boss’s robot couldn’t do, my friends have done that. Bheema finish him. Boss will be very happy to see this,haha!! Gintu! These is done by you and your magic, whether you agree or not. Get the magic out. Ok boss. Why were we fighting with each other? Don’t know, may be there is a ghost here. Run!! Don’t leave me, wait even I am coming. Hey, wait!! Vir, how did I reach here? I don’t know Uncle, I was passing by and I saw you fighting with those bad guys. Oh! I was fighting with those bad guys and I made them run away? Hehe, very good. But why? Haha!! Its a long story, let it go. Haha!!

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  1. I love you too virπŸ˜—πŸ˜—β€οΈβ€οΈ

  2. 😘😘😘😘😘😘 to veer

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