Virtual Office Hours – October 2019

Since we’re right at 3 o’clock, I’m gonna
go ahead and get started but a good afternoon everyone. This is Jordan Foster
broadcasting to you live from NCMA’s national headquarters here in Ashburn,
Virginia. I am the Senior Manager of Marketing and Engagement here at NCMA,
so my area of responsibility is the member experience and also membership
recruitment, so it’s my job to make sure that the member services are on point, that
we’re answering your questions, and that you’re well aware of your member
benefits. And if we do have any non-members on the line today, I welcome
you .I hope you choose to join the NCMA community and please feel free to submit
any questions or suggestions that you may have. So, this virtual office
hours concept is something that we piloted a few months ago and it was very
well-received by the attendees, so we’e incredibly glad to have you here and
it’s designed to be interactive, so if you have any questions at all or if you
have observed something that you think would work better from the national
perspective at NCMA, please do submit it. You can either use the webinar chat
feature in your control panel which, depending on your operating system with Zoom, will either appear at the bottom or at the top of your screen or if you do
have a question specifically, go ahead and submit it using the Q&A feature
there in the control panel. And so, with that, I do want to introduce the member
engagement team. So they’re all serving members as we speak but I do want to
make sure that you’re aware of everyone here at NCMA whose job is to make your
member experience the best possible. So you have me. I introduced myself and my
role earlier. Then after that, we have David Resto. So David Resto is our Senior
Member Advocate. We have four, and David’s job is to help with the day-to-day
operations of the Member Services team and he also oversees Chapter Relations
Administration, so those of you who are chapter leaders likely have interfaced
with David significantly over the past six months. Then we have KwaNitria
Denny who is our Member Advocate for Certifications. And I do want to make a
point that our entire member advocate team is generalists meaning that they can answer pretty much any of your questions
but we do have specialty areas as well. So David spent some time with the
Chapter leadership when each area oversees certification so if you have
questions about submitting your application or any other specifics
around certifications, she is your lady. Then we have Alesia Robinson who is over
Groups and Communities, so if you have a question about the Collaborate platform
or if you have a question about group membership, she s…she’s a resource for
you. And Sorie Songowa and Alesia tag-team actually on that group
membership, so you may have worked with either of them if that is if that is
your area within NCMA. So I put all of our contact information here. You can
also find it on the NCMA website under “About” and then “Staff.” All of our contact
information is available there. And let’s see. I’ve already got a couple
of questions here, so I want to go ahead and address those right now. So Pamela,
welcome! And your question is “If you’ve signed up online for membership, how long
does it take for your membership information to get to a local chapter
and what exactly do you get with membership?” Pardon me. That’s an
excellent question. So Pamela, the membership rosters are
sent monthly to each Chapter president and so those
rosters are updated in the first week of every month, so you should start to
receive chapter communications within that first month of your membership,
usually the first couple of weeks dependent when you sign up. In terms of
what you get with membership, Chapter Chapter membership is part of NCMA so
you don’t pay an extra fee to belong to a Chapter like with many associations.
You’ll also get a monthly hardcopy and access to the soft copy of Contract
Management Magazine, which is our flagship publication and it’s typically
ranked among our top two member benefits. so that is going to cover a different
contract management topic area each month and that is..that is member and
subject matter expert-driven content. So if you’re a writer, I would highly…I
would highly encourage you to look into writing for Contract Management Magazine as well. Then you’ll also get access to the Collaborate platform,
which is our online forum. It’s pretty robust and I will pull it up here
actually just so you can see it so bear with me while I share my screen here. But
the Collaborate platform is our like I said our online member members only for
them and it is kind of like our social media or NCMA so all you have to do is
go to either the NCMA website under community and then click that and
collaborate or you can go and I’ll share the screen here you can go to
collaborate and see ma HQ org and you’ll come to the home page here you all need
to be logged into your NC mi online account in order to access the library
platform so I’m just going to go ahead and sign in as myself I’ll have a little
bit of a different view then you will see I have an admin account but you can
see here the latest discussions you can go in and respond to them if you’d like
to or post your own discussion you can see a list of upcoming events and
webinars you can go into different you can join different communities access
the member directory and even browse things like career resources to look up
job opportunities and things like that so that’s another member benefit you get
preferred pricing on our NCMA publications and events so you’ll get
preferred rates on all of that in addition to if you decide to pursue a
certification there are preferred member rates for that as well so uh and please
chime in anyone on the chat feature if I am forgetting anything that is my job
but members tend to tell the story a little bit better than I can
so Pamela again welcome as a new member and I hope that answers the majority of
your question we’ve got a couple others here so just bear with me so strewing hi
nice to see you on here I know we connected on LinkedIn last week so glad
to see you so your organization’s planning out a sales enablement team to
drive administrative and operational excellence for the commercial team so as
a contract manager in the legal function where creative ways that you were
the sales enablement to you so I would love to connect you with a couple of
folks it’s true and I hope I’m saying that right on our internal team here to
make sure that we answer that question correctly and intelligently for you so
we have a QA report that we get after this webinar so I will follow up with
you via email and connect you with the right people to make sure we respond
respond well to that let’s see I’ve got a couple of Jack’s here good active
group today thank you so much all right no problems to run so moving on I do
want to just let everyone know if you haven’t seen it yet we do have a chat
feature oops we do have a chat feature on NCUA’s website and so if you go to
NCMA HQ org it’ll be right there in the bottom corner bottom right hand corner
there’s this little support icon if you click on that you can either search our
help desk so there are a number of articles about things that we get
frequently asked questions about but if you’re if you’re not finding something
or if you do want to talk to someone and either can’t pick up the phone or prefer
not to and want some want just a quick live answer go ahead and click each live
chat feature and that will connect you with the member advocate team that I
just introduced to you a couple of minutes ago here so that will connect
you with one of our folks and they should be able to handle your question
within the first couple of minutes of respond or of receiving it so that’s
something that we’re really excited about since rolling out the new website
in May of this year let’s see so now I want to go ahead and so if you can see
here I’ve got a beautiful NCAA coffee mug that I drink out of every day and I
have three of them set aside for folks on this webinar so go ahead and exercise
your chat feature here but I’ve got a quick trivia question so first trivia
question today what milestone anniversary is NCMA celebrating this
year and go ahead and the first person to chat me the answer is gonna get a
nice new and CMake coffee mug and those those are those fall well below would be
a $20 a federal gift rate so so anyone should be eligible for that Oh
Cindy right on point Cindy you’re absolutely correct the 60th anniversary
so NCMA was founded in 1959 if you were at this year’s World Congress you may
have participated in our in RNC my celebrates Gallup which was fifties
themed so anyway that we are celebrating our 60th anniversary so keep an eye out
there’s lots of resources on the website where you can see how far we’ve come in
60 years and how far the profession has come in 60 years
so Cindy um we’ll follow up via email and get your best address there Congrats
on your new mug all right and sorry I’ve got one more question here so can’t
remember password and that was anonymous so I’m not sure who this is but you
can’t remember your NCMA password couple things so if you haven’t logged into the
new website yet your password is actually going to have have changed by
default so it’s just gonna be capital P so password with a capital P and then
the number one so password one and then go ahead and log in and you will be
prompted to change it if you have changed it and you can either click the
forgot password button under the sign in’ feature or if you’re having trouble
with that as some people do because firewalls and things like that of
receiving those emails just give us a call or shoot us a chat or submit a
support ticket to member services and on chq org and we’re happy to go ahead and
reset that password for you so a fairly common question thank you for submitting
so something that’s coming up here at NC made that I’d just want to flag for you
especially those of you in the DC area since it’s so local but even if not we
have government contract management symposium coming up in December so
that’ll be December 9th and 10th of this year in Arlington Virginia so right down
the street from our national headquarters
the theme is driving the future of acquisition focused on what works and
gc/ms typically has over a thousand attendees and it’s been growing
rampantly year after year so we’re really excited for this event and
they’ve got some really wonderful keynote speakers so general made
major general Cameron hull of the United States Air Force he’s the Deputy
Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for acquisition he is going to be our host
she’s gonna emcee the event and he’s a really phenomenal stage presence
we’ve got Palmer Luckey is one of our keynote speakers and he is the founder
of anduril industries and then joy white who is the executive director of space
and missile systems Center at La Air Force Base for the US Air Force as well
and we just breaking news since after I created this PowerPoint but we also did
confirm Maria grote who is the chief information officer for the Small
Business Administration so she will be a real treat so those those four
definitely if you haven’t signed up yet for GCMs you do get um preferred rates
as I mentioned if you’re a member so I would encourage you to look into that
you can go to NC mhq org and click on events and I’ll show you here because
sometimes sometimes it can be a little bit hard to find so we’ll go just on –
MS o HQ org and then hover over events and government contract management
symposium is right here so there’s a little bit of just in general
information about the event as well as the formal event website so you can see
all of the FAQ registration costs the different tracks that we have the
speaker’s location and sponsors and exhibitors there is a justification
packet that you can download if you want to convince your employer to help you
pay for it so that’s usually pretty popular and then let’s see how relevant
would content presented a GCMs 2019 be for private sector contract managers who
work with federal and state government clients versus actual government
contract managers so it’s true and thank you again for that question
that’s an excellent one so NCMA does have a heavy heavy presence of contract
managers who work directly for state and federal governments but it’s almost
equally matched by folks who work on the commercial side but support federal and
state initiatives government GCMs is going to be is going
to be incredibly relevant and again you can look at the agenda and sessions that
we have you can break it out by date look at the different workshops and
things like that to see which specific ones are going to apply to you but I
would definitely encourage you to to pop on here you’ll have a lot of folks like
you at the event okay and then one other question I don’t like how do I update my
Chester so good news and we previously required members to call to update their
chapters it wasn’t something that you were able to do on your own so now we’ve
fixed that along with the new website so if I’m logged in right now as myself so
as an admin but if you log into the website as discussed and use password
one if he needs to sorry I’m going to go down in here I’m going to go into
account so if you say I just clicked my profile and account and there’s all of
my info and then here I work for NCMA so I’m shown as the national chapter but
they’re under membership information there’s NCMA chapter and you can drag
and find the chapter that you want to belong to and just select that make sure
you click Save at the bottom and there you go so as I mentioned earlier to
Pamela that will be updated at the beginning of the next calendar month so
that will be send with the chapter roster you’ll start getting those
communications so feel free to update your chapter on your own if you need
help doing it again we are more than happy to just reach out to remember
advocate team okay back to Lupe’s the presentation so again I hope to see
you all at GCMs registration is still is still open and right there they make a
beginning of December so right before everybody heads out for the winter
holidays if you just joined us this is jordan foster broadcasting from ncaa’s
national headquarters in Ashburn Virginia welcome to virtual office hours
you’re welcome to stay the whole hour or you’re welcome to login
as your schedule permits but this is really your chance as a member or as a
prospective member to ask questions submit suggestions and just have a
discussion with us here at nationals so welcome if you are new to the chat
and let me see here okay so summer your new member and your
organization added you to corporate council welcome to NCMA we’re glad to
have you and how to login okay if you thought you had to register with a
personal email but it asks for a work email address and okay um summer I can
let me follow up with you separately on your specific login info I can look at
your account on the backend and tell you which one your membership is associated
with if you’ve been added to the organizational membership you’ll you’ll
have an active membership so I will follow up with the email that I have for
you here on the zoom and platform right after this fall so again welcome to
welcome to and CMA and let’s see okay so how do I get guidance on my career path
actually we have two questions here so one does NC may have a job forward
answer yes and two dovetailing into that how do I get guidance on my career path
so I’m gonna go back to the website here because we do have a great career path
resource so if you go onto again and see mhq org if you scroll over if you scroll
over communities for community I’m sorry you click Career Center we have an
abundance of resources here in terms of determining our career path figuring out
what contract management is if you’re new to the profession different roles
and responsibilities and levels within contract management open this in a new
tab but we’ve got different areas based on what level of your career that you’re
at so different competencies you should have
different skills and abilities and things in the levels of levels of
oversight so I would encourage you to look again it’s under community Career
Center and then there’s a few links in there for the person who just asked
about the job where today I am gonna you can find it under the career paths link
also you can just go to contract management jobs comm and here is n CMAs
job boards so we host this these are not jobs at and CMA but they are this is a
job board that we host it’s completely free of charge and as a job seeker you
can create an account upload your resume much like you would on saying it in deed
or a career but career builder but this is just focused on contract management
jobs you can also search jobs proactively and find them here if you
have a requisition that you’d like to post you can create an employer account
where I have my mouse and and then post your job that does come at a fee but
again it is it is directed specifically at the contract management community so
good resource for you there and thanks for the question let’s see another chat
here I’ve got a chat about the difference among the differences among
the certifications I’m gonna hold that because one of our other trivia
questions here so mug number two how many certifications does NCMA offer so
the first person to send me that in a chat will get the we’ll get the next mug
excited to see that oh my goodness okay we’ve got a lot of answers here okay it
looks like Angela the first correct answer at 3 so we have
three different certifications so Angela I will I will follow up with you after
the fact and we will get you your mug so congratulations just write that down okay so now for the
differences between the certification so we’ve got again some time keep going
back to the website because it’s new and not everybody is familiar with it so I
want to make sure you know where things are so here we are again NC mhq org
standards and certification and we have a compare certifications
button here that you can look at our three certifications for those of you
who are new to the organization are the certified professional contract manager
which is our senior credential C PCM and that’s based on the contract management
body of knowledge which you’ll frequently hear us refer to as the
simbook and we can talk a little bit about that if you’d like we’ve got the
certified federal contract manager C FCM which is based on the far and the
certified commercial contract manager which is based on the UCC so it’s not
one they’re not um staggered they’re not at different levels meaning that you
have to get one to get the next to get the next so they’re not prerequisites
for one another we have members who hold all three or some combination of the
three so based on your different backgrounds and in the folks that you
like on a day to day basis you can pick them one that applies the most to you if
you click on that compare certifications link it’s going to tell you exactly who
each certification applies to so again I mentioned that CPC M is our senior
credential primarily because it is competency-based so again back to the
contract management body of knowledge we have several core competencies of the
contract management professions that are covered in there and it also requires
the most education and experience so five years of professional experience
and contract management and a bachelor’s degree is required the other two
certifications offer a potential waiver for the bachelor’s degree
you see PCM does not so that is that is one thing that sets that apart also you
need to have a minimum of 120 continuing education hours to sit for the CPC M
exam the other two are 80 continuing education hours so again
certified federal contract manager and I’m throwing back to your point this
this could be for folks who are in the commercial space that focus heavily or
support the federal government work folks who are in the federal space who
who want to have those letters behind their name and that a designation or it
could be if that’s where you where you want to go in your career and you want
to show that expertise and knowledge of the barb and then see CCM again the
Uniform Commercial Code I’m losing my voice and the same it’s 80s continuing
education hours and at least one year of professional experience and contract
management and I neglected to say that for the CFC M but that’s also one year
of professional experience – down in the in the trivia questions and we’ve got
one more so don’t worry click one more quick update so we did have a webinar
and it’s our most popular every year the our D FAR’s updates and changes webinar
it was last week September 26th if you happen to miss that webinar and you’d
like to to learn about the content we are going to offer that as an online
course very soon so keep an eye on your inbox typically we’re really sports as
monthly but keep an eye on your inbox and we’ll talk specifically about this
one because it is so heavily requested all right and Sharon thank you for
submitting so as a new member with loads of hands on experience but no formal
training where would you begin formal training so excellent question one if
you’re interested in certifications that’s that’s a great place to you know
to consider it is it’s a lot of work so it’s not going to be something that’s
instant but but that’s definitely something that is recognized within the
community our contract management standard is is ANSI accredited American
National Standards Institute I think and I know my CEO is on here so I hope I
said that right but anyway so it is ANSI accredited we
are nationally recognized for that contract management standards so those
certifications build a lot of clout but at the same time I’m gonna actually
share my browser taking us back to the website to show you our course catalog
this is something that we’re really excited about within the new website and
it enables you to kind of horde your own pack so if you go to learning and
courses you’re gonna have a course catalog here and the cool thing about
this you can either look at it just as it as it sits right now with all of the
different courses listed out you can choose by modality so if you want
something that’s just pre-recorded and here it’ll show you how long it is what
the cost is of how many continuing education credits it’s worth if you are
pursuing certifications in that case you can choose live you can choose
self-paced you can go by experience level I mentioned the competencies in
the contract management body of knowledge and so we’ve got all of those
competencies listed out here if you’re interested in say leadership all of
these courses of the different modalities will come up and you’ll be
able to see how much credit you can get for those so I would I would suggest
looking at the course catalog as well as just the general learning tab all of the
live webinars that we host are worth credit and you can even have those on
your resume as well and we do offer also it’s this is new it’s a free podcast so
it’s the voice of contract management I was gonna say I think we’re four
episodes in now so if you haven’t checked that out you know that’s just
sort of a it’s not necessarily formal train
but a very interesting piece to look at as well where do we find so high any or
all done I’m sorry where do we find the events for monthly networking
environments or some type of collaboration with NCMA members in our
areas so so all then welcome to the webinar you can find your chapter in
your profile first of all so that would be part of your local chapter those
monthly engagements so you can find your chapter in your profile under account
and then under chapter so that will tell you which chapter you selected when you
joined NCMA if you can’t remember then you can go to that chapters website or
Facebook page or you know whatever online presence they have and that
usually will be listed out on their on their website if they don’t have a
website if you go under community and then local chapters and click that we’ve
got every chapter listed out along with the point of contact so say you are in
Alabama and you’re looking at Huntsville or if you’re in you know Colorado and
looking at Denver we’ve got all of those types of contact links so if you can’t
find the website or if you just want to reach out to someone from the chapter
this will be the page that you can go to and find out what’s going on locally and
how do we hi Lindsay how do we get a copy of the ansi standard I think the
the contract management standards so that is available here again on the
website and that is available far and wide so if you go under standards and
certification I’m going to my chat box out of the way I apologize right here
contract management standard publication and you can find out information about
it as well as downloading the free copy of the CMS and if we ever stay CMS
that’s what we’re referring to and there are a couple of questions here
about specific training and how it applies to the certification so Anthony
and Mike in the same way that I mentioned earlier I do want to follow up
with you after the webinar just to make sure that I’m answering those questions
correctly so appreciate them and we’ve got them here and I’ll follow up with
you sometime in the four o’clock eastern time hour this afternoon so I’m
forgotten about yeah all right let’s see back here oh yeah we’ve got one more one
more great announcement from the national side to discuss with you so
starting tomorrow keep an eye on your inbox because we are
gonna be soliciting statements of interest to participate in national
board committees for two-year terms beginning in July 2020 so we do request
statements of interest from anyone who wants to serve on that national level
and be part of the national governance structure there are opportunities on
five different committees so audit and risk governance and ethics member
engagement professional development certification and strategic planning so
you can sit on those committees and help you know help advise the national board
on upon your unique perspectives within that so we will be soliciting that
tomorrow via email and I think that’s open until early November the statements
of interest so just keep an eye out for that if that’s something you’re
interested in let’s see okay another good question here from Monica about
contract management magazines don’t flip them back to the website
Monica you mentioned that you’re having trouble accessing the magazine articles
online one thing I want to point out there are a number of there are a number
of contract management magazine articles that are members only so we put out a
couple of different preview preview articles each month just to help folks
see the benefit of the magazine as part of membership but you do need to be
logged in to see the content that is Members Only so
I just log out to show you what I mean so if I go over here and go to contract
management magazine and I go to view the the issue so first of all gonna tell me
here to login to be the member only content but if I am looking here for
example there’s gonna be articles that I can click on which are B which are the
public particles but then here’s an article that since I’m not logged in I
can’t click on it and it won’t in me it’ll say members only content but it’s
not going to it’s not going to have you click on it and then make you log in so
just go ahead and log in and then whip out load again and then that should pop
up for me to be able to view so see so thank you for that question and I’ll let
that load up and just show you that shortly about one more I in QA
the difference between CEUs CLP CME and education credit section and a two-part
question some of the World Congress credits are showing is pending those
should show up Lindsay all I’ll look at your account this should show up as it’s
completed so I’ll check on that and we can chat afterward the difference is
between the different education type credits and sorry here’s this the M
magazine so just to finish the point earlier now you can see all of the the
current articles so just make sure you’re logged in before you try to view
the articles online now we do have a continuing education guide so I would
recommend looking at that because it outlines all of the specific differences
and what it means for CPE etc I’m going to actually send that to you here some
of the paper responds and I’ll actually just put that in the chat box as well so
everyone can see so that’s going to be a goldmine of info as you’re getting your
continuing professional education anything you do through NCMA is going to
count toward one of our NCMA certifications and we do accept a number
of other institutions as well it just you know primarily in general its if
it’s business management or contract management related it should be worth
something but that’s CPU guide we’ll outline that for you in greater detail
then again you can always reach out to Quinney tria
pardon me who’s our member advocate for certifications and she can help respond
to those more detailed questions as well okay all right so third question and what
month is n CMAs largest national event each year and for those of you who may
be just joining go ahead and chat me the answer because I’ve got a beautiful
coffee mug here so I’ve got my third and final coffee mug available to the first
person who can send me the right answer via chat close Kevin not quite Lisa
so largest national event every year up Laura Kim knocked it out of the park
July so Laura congratulations via World Congress is our largest national event
so that’s somewhere usually about 2,500 plus people and that happens every July
in varying locations throughout the United States so this past year we were
just in Boston a couple of months ago it feels like yesterday and typically the
end of July so you were close Kevin and next year we will be in Grapevine on
outside of Dallas so very excited to be in Texas and hope you all can join us
for that as well but going back I do want to touch on again for those of you
who may not have been on earlier with you about government contract management
symposium coming up in December so that’s our second largest event and that
is here in the DC area so GCMs and subcon subcontracting workshops both
take place you’re in and around DC Northern Virginia suburbs and and then
World Congress takes place in different locations every year and again notable
speakers for GCMs we’ve got a major general Cameron Holt from US Air Force
I’m seeing the event that Palmer Luckey who founded anduril industries and joy
white who’s the executive director space and missile systems Center for LA Air
Force Base as our keynote speakers as well as marina wrote who we just signed
who’s the chief information officer at Small Business Administration so action
packed agenda for Shore and we hope to see you all there you Bob I see your question came in I’m not
sure if I understand so if you could just clarify clarify what you mean by
that I’ll be happy to to help respond and then Bob maybe while you’re retyping
that I got another question here from Calvin is asking about buying books
online so I’m going to again share the website to show you all where to go so
if you do want to look at books if you’re studying either for a
certification if you’re just interested in having one of NCUA’s publications
you’re gonna go hover over insights and then hit store and you’ve got our
bookstore there so again members will get preferred pricing on books and
non-members we’ll say just a general rate so we do have our newest edition of
the contract management body of knowledge the simba as I mentioned so
that’s the sixth edition and there are some updates in there so you’re
interested in that you can purchase it here we’ve got our another new
publication the desktop by the contract management terms that’s a really popular
one just because it you know things change so frequently and we all need a
glossary so we’ve got that desktop we’ve got a few different desktop guides you
can look at as well as certification study guides etc and abbreviations and
acronyms that’s another big one for those of you particularly focused than
Mia in the government space so again hover over insights on the website and
then hit store and adults I keep going over my Zoom button sorry and it’ll take
you right there so inside store and and you’ll be right there at the bookstore all right and again if you just joined
us use the Q&A feature if you have any questions specific to your membership all right and again if you want to ask
so a couple a couple of different things that I’d like to cover here just while
everybody’s all everybody’s processing so we have several new national
education seminar topics as well as a facilitators list that are available on
our website so national education seminars are one-day seminars they’re
worth seven continuing education credits and they’re a lot of times they’ll be
hosted by chapters and so if you want your chapter to host and it’s an NES or
if you are a chapter leader looking for some content I would suggest going to
learning and then hitting national education seminars because this will
give you all of the topics that we’ve developed as well as a list of
facilitators as well as instructions on how to become a facilitator and we’ve
got it we’ve got some steps and courses that you can complete to qualify to be
an NCAA facilitator so this is really really helpful either again if you’re a
chapter leader looking to do something to help your chapter members their
credit or if you’re just looking to develop expertise on a specific topic so
take a look at that and then let’s see where was it had another another point
another question here do we do we maintain attendance lists we do we do
not share the attendance lists from our events publicly you know that’s we
protect that that data but we you know we do know who’s attended year over a
year just to understand who has obtained credit all right yeah and then the next thing
here we go here’s the other thing that I wanted to point out again if you haven’t
been to the Collaborate platform I suggest it you can go under community
and you can go to collaborate with peers or membership directory and those both
live in the collaborate platform again make sure you’re logged into your NCMA
account because then you’ll be able to see all of the collaborate back-end but
you can search different members and assuming that folks have opted in in
their NCMA profile NCMA profile to receive communications and to be part of
the membership directory you can look votes us here so everything first last
company name email address but you can also go into advanced search and look
into more specific criteria either groups that they belong to or stay in
location so you’re looking to expand your reach particularly if there is in a
local chapter which is rare but if there isn’t a local chapter close to you but
you do want to find folks in your area this is a great way to do that again if you’re just joining welcome my
name is Jordan’s Foster senior manager of marketing and engagement here at NC
ma I’ll put up the slide again from the beginning of the member engagement team
so the folks who were responsible in addition to me for the member experience
so we’ve got David resto our senior member advocate whose specialty area is
chapter relations but he is also you know a generalist who can answer most of
your questions as well as helps with the daily operations of the member advocate
team we’ve got poetry at denny who specializes in certifications in
addition to general questions so she can be reached if you have specific
questions about certification Alysia Robinson and Soros Angola who’s
had team group membership and Alicia also is responsible for community um
questions so if you do have questions about collaborate or getting involved
there she is the person to ask and we again have the online chat feature so if
you are not near a phone if you prefer chat um if you you know just want to try
it out go ahead and click on the support button on the bottom right hand corner
of the NCMA website we’ll be able to look up topics so if you wanted to type
in something like certification you could type that in or events roll
Congress anything specific you could type that in and it’ll populate a list
of articles based on your search term but if you do still have a question then
you can choose that chat button and it will connect you directly with our
member advocate team so the first person to pick that up will be able to respond
to your question and again if you are interested in the
far D far as updates and change this webinar that took place last week and
you were unable to attend we will be putting that out as of course over the
next few weeks so keep an eye on your inbox for that as well as for the
solicitation for statements of interest for those of you who might be interested
in in serving on a committee that helps to advise the National Board so we’ve
got that list of committees down here there there will be details tomorrow and
an email that comes out about that but just keep an eye out because that
statement of interest period will be open for about a month after that email
goes out San Lee thank you I’m glad you were able to come and congratulations to
to Laura Kim Cindy Gatos and Angela zip full who all
answered our trivia questions correctly today so they will be getting each of
them will be getting one of these lovely and CMA mugs so we’ll try to keep this a
little try to keep these fun for those of you who are logging off just one
unless you know we will host the next office hours webinar on November 6th
which is the first Wednesday in November so I will send out in addition to the
recording of today’s call I will send out a link to that in case you want to
log in for that Cindy I will follow up with you separately to get your address
same Laura and Angela so no need to put your address here in the chat and I will
be here got about 15 minutes so I’m gonna hang
around if anybody has questions like I said please go ahead and submit them if
not you know feel free to stay or two to you know take back 15 minutes of your
day there’s no problem there there is a Q&A feature on your control panel
either at the top of the screen or the bottom depending on what operating
system you’re using for zoom but happy to to respond as best I can here Sharon I’m so glad it was helpful okay
Kevin hi I see your question here that you’re trying to change your email
address and your profile without success um I would we can talk offline I’m happy
if you want to shoot me your email address in a chat or through the Q&A
feature I can change it on the back end here and we can just get that done I
would just make sure that you’re hitting save at the bottom but sometimes you
know sometimes we have tech difficulties so if you just want to shoot me over
your email address I’m happy to to make that update great thank you I’m just going to go make that update to
your account Kevin so I’m not going to share that with the world but okay Kevin
I see that we have two different email addresses for you in here so we will
merge those accounts I’m not going to do that while we’re sitting on the webinar
just because I want to focus and make sure I get the correct information
migrated over so I’m going to put that down for again follow-up within that
four o’clock hour Eastern so as soon as we log off here
we’ll make that happen all done so happy to help thank you for being on and while we’re here I’ll just do a
quick a quick overview again of the website itself so for those of you who
haven’t logged in yet to the new website which we launched in May you’ll want to
go ahead and enter the email address that’s associated with your membership
so that would be the email address with which you receive the invitation for
this webinar so you’ll enter that email address and then password one with a
capital P for your default password so password 1 capital P and go ahead and
login it should immediately prompt you to change that password again if you
have any problems with that you can either use the support icon here and
create a live chat with our team or you can email us number services at NC mhq
org that will create a support ticket or you can give us a call at our 800 number
which is down here at the bottom excuse me over the website eight hundred three
four four eight zero nine six and we’re available Monday through Friday 7 a.m.
to 6 p.m. Eastern so we’re trying to be a little a little
more cognizant of our East Coast folks as well as the folks that are up early
in the day since we do have a heavy military presence but that’s for logging
into the website which you’ll need to do to access your membership pricing and
all of that um you know member benefits and things that are available online you
can look into the different benefit areas or if you’re a non-member and
you’re interested in joining the membership tab is going to be where you
want to live to learn a little bit more about NCMA standards and certification
information including the contract management standard download which is
our ANSI accredited standard for the contract management profession that’s
all available under standards and certification you can find our course
catalog also a list of our live webinars opportunities for practice exams
inu insieme podcast as well as a few different other education and
professional development opportunities under learning all over nationally
are available under the events tab chapter events to the extent that the
chapter sends us information about the event at the national location we’ll put
them on a chopper events calendar as well as a general event listing that
includes national chapter and national education seminar events insights is
where contract management magazine lives any press releases we have from NCMA any
legend read alerts the CM news newsletter Journal of contract
management our bookstore is here under insights and store and then we’ve got
just a few different popular industry topics that we get questions about a lot
so we’ve classified some of all of our articles and other publications by those
topics but these are just four of the many that we cover the community tab
will give you information about all of the local chapters so if you’re looking
for the website for your local chapter highly likely you’ll find it here if
you’re a chapter leader you’ve got your resources page where you can access some
of the operational resources we offer find out about facilitating and CMA
training at the chapter level you can look into our job board and the career
paths in contract management under the Career Center as well as find out about
NCAA’s Awards access to collaborate online forum for members and the
membership directory which lives in Flowery and then finally if you want to
learn a little bit about and CM a national we’ve got all of the info about
our governance and different committees so again if you’re interested in
applying to sit on one of those committees you can look at the
committees and working groups look at the code of ethics for contract minute
event I think that’s really important and then learn a little bit about the
staff academic marketplace if we have any career opportunities here we’ll post
those and again the staff page has all of our contact info by department and
you can see all of us here beautiful that’s just a quick and dirty overview
of the new website but we’re hoping that this gives you a much
better experience than previously and I do want to point out that we do also
have a working search feature which was a bone of contention on the previous
website so if you want to look about different topics feel free to use that
search feature as well we got about five minutes again if you want to submit a
questions use the Q&A feature on your control panel and I’ll be happy to
address it here I got a question in how much is it to
attend GCMs so we have different registration rates depending on a couple
of different factors so whether you remember or a non-member is one how many
days you plan to attend so if you’re getting you know single day passes and
things like that it’ll cost a different amount of money if you’re students we’ve
got a student rate so what I would recommend is and I did that kind of pass
but go to events GCMs and there’s the registration page from there and you’ll
see all of the different fees based on member non-member or if you’re at a
certain group of five or more people they remember and non-member rates for
that so anyway here is a chart with all of those different costs and so right
now we are in the 914 to 1118 the advanced category so that’s your going
to be looking at this metal category here for cost information so NCMA
members right now can register for 800 dollars for the event we also do have an
nes going on at GCMs so you can look into the agenda for more info on that
but those are those national education seminars I mentioned chapters host them
and we do boost them at the national level in conjunction with our major so
you can register for that if you’d like to as well for those who may not have seen it I do
want to highlight the course catalog again so under learning and courses on
the NCMA website this course catalog will enable you to look at all of the
different online education opportunities we offer but you can also filter them
you can either search by term or topic you can pick the mode in which you’d
like to take the course so if you want live webinars or if you want for your
recorded stuff and it will let you know how many credits each course is worth
what the price is for members and non-members how long it’s going to take
self-paced you know is another great one you can go back and access it whenever
you want to you can choose your experience level and find courses that
are based on that as well as the confidence the competency the course
applies to you so our contract management body of knowledge has seven
major competencies and those are reflected here in the in the filter
system that are interested in guiding principles of contract management or
post-award pre-award on leadership things like that you can just click that
and then maybe even click the modes that you want and see what’s what pops up so
you know if I did leadership and self-paced we’ve got a few different
options for you so I think so just looking at that if you’re looking for
opportunities to get credit or if you just need something on you know it’s a
keep stay fresh with the profession are the um sorry Kevin I see your question
here are the local chapter is responsible for longevity pins we do
have some here at national we need to on we need to replenish our stash if you
have any at the chapter level I would recommend giving them out but um but
that’s something that we’re we’re looking into it national is getting some
new ones and making sure that we can distribute those so that would typically
be a national thing and let’s see we are right here at four o’clock so I’m gonna
go ahead and log off I really appreciate those of you who logged on today this
was useful and again we will be hosting the next virtual office hours
on Wednesday November 6th at 3 p.m. Eastern Time so hopefully those of you
on the west coast can join on your lunch break those of you on the East Coast
will be rounding out the day again if you have any questions you can reach out
directly to me Jordan dot foster at NCMA HQ org or you can like I said live chat
us member services at NCMA HQ org or just give us a call and all of that
information is on the website (NCMAHQ.ORG) So really appreciate all of your
time. We will pass around this this recording and those of you who asked
questions that we couldn’t answer on the line, we will follow up with you within
the next hour. So again, thank you so much and have a great remainder of your week.

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