Visual Overlays in Google Docs using the Add-on Pupil Pref

If you have students that would benefit
from visual overlays, there’s an add-on in Google Docs that you can use to recreate that digitally. So here’s my document.
Typical black and white contrast and if I go to add-ons and go to Pupil Pref Now this shows up on my add-ons because I’ve already installed it if it doesn’t show up just go to get add-ons
and do a search for Pupil Pref and quickly install it. Once it’s installed, Pupil Pref , Background Color You’ll Notice it generates this menu on the right hand side and I can choose whichever color is going to benefit my needs.
And as I get more proficient at this I actually do not need all these research-based colors
and I can remove the ones that do not work for me.

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