Vlotr | For making your ideas, spread like fire

It’s a magical thing, having an idea. It starts with nothing but a thought. And then.. somehow.. a little light.. ignites! In the beginning it is fragile and easily blown out. But if you watch over it and manage to keep it burning.. it might just.. grow. But in order to do so, you’ll have to feed it! So find places that inspire you. Work harder than ever. And never stop perfecting. The road is ahead, so don’t look back. And then.. when you finally come to that point of no return, and your idea is as bright as flame.. then.. you jump! And though it might feel like you’re drowning at first, if you’ve made your fire strong enough, you will emerge! And you will find solid ground. And when that happens, your fire.. will spread! Vlotr For making your ideas spread like fire!

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