Vocal Coach reaction to Nightwish (Floor Jansen) The Poet and The Pendulum

hello welcome to Beth Royce where we look at your favorites and yours to find out what makes them then back before we start you can find me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram my handle is at Beth rauch also please do check out my website Beth bras calm where you can book a singing lesson from me and last but not least do check out my patreon which is patreon.com slash Beth drawers where you can get some more exclusive content now this is actually a request from one of my patrons Demetri hey Dimitri thank you so much for this I have reacted to nightwish before I love them I love all the sinners that they've had but what I'm particularly impressed about with Fleur is that she can switch between Styles very very quickly I'm sure we're going to hear a little bit of that [Applause] my color is terrifying creepy whispers you Wow she sounds like a choirboy it's so ethereal there's no big vibrato I know you can hear this but it's not that op percent it's more towards folk and really early magical music or folk music in that it has no vibrato this is really pure and thin so you've got this that's the right scale no regrets rather than Oh with a big vibrato I I mean I'm not not proposing I'm definitely more towards this sort of style if I had to do it but it works so well with us like a now it hasn't got that remove legs over thing at all which makes it pierce through where the similarities lie with opera is that it is more head voice so if we're talking technical you're getting a tell of the larynx you're getting a little bit more of that CT muscle the front muscles the muscles at the front of the lyrics are activated here and that is where the similarities lie but it doesn't have the lowering sound of opera which gives it that warm kind of beefy sad Wow I just love the orchestrations they use the strings I want to see it with an orchestra and the visuals is so good it's so building so now she's more in this kind of rock mixie place nananana she was lovely little swells a little bit of vibrato it's through cord closure it's not got that kind of booty round Airy head voice you sound great still see Christ I like that bad decision of that [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this stuff is quite high to get this punchy sound that punchy sound is hired it's got that forward musk placement but she's also warming it by having a nice warm vowels now away that will help you get onto that is by using a new set yeah if you use that that will find that mass placement and then bring down the legs a little bit nanana it will just make it a little bit warmer so that you don't [Applause] I like department so she's singing really on the bus I love I remember she just gets into it a contact Oh [Applause] it's so strong on this topic [Applause] [Applause] what's interesting about the whole instead of going oh oh you know she's adding a bit on there oh it's just making it a little bit easier so it's kinda like an app but then you shape your mouth with the front like an old kind of trick the sound or to trick that vowel placement and the listener into thinking it's more of a No [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] – you can tell them No I feel like this is gonna take me on a journey no it feels sad she's gonna fall in her hair she's a mermaid again so easy much more haired voicing so you must be remind that earlier she was doing this in a more chess by a place so she's using different muscles so she's able to switch between these different tones by more by tempting her larynx more or less so she's getting that more punchy sound by using a bit more of the TA muscles at the back and the CT muscles these muscles at the front that tilt the larynx help her get this lighter sort of sound I'll enter their home to some of the and then softer consonants as well as more about the beauty of the sounds unless about the words I suppose it makes the ice and look at you and smooth oh I think we go war coming oh you can tell from the brass be great again and again I know I'm dying now smell very nice to find yourself screaming doesn't matter all the story I feel like this they must be based on an actual story figure it random to add that end to the south I just wish the tide of last this is terrifying this is a really stupid comment you're gonna hate me for it but it reminds me of that James Bond James Bond song it reminds me of that James Bond song view to a kill with a sigh you can tell us war because it's got a swinging reading I thought [Applause] actually I was learning about this the other day about making that noise and it's all about forward placement in the mask and about the energy that you put in so the way I was doing was with that in the outside yeah adding it in there and keeping it forward that is the key I love it how it's a real contrast to floor and that beautiful ethereal stuff and even her really punchy yet clean rocks and it's so easy that was cool the effect on his life oh that was good I love how she goes it hey hey it's almost a little bit in spec and his warm hey so if you want a little bit of her a sign she kind of does that and then she goes into that really forward place hi mix man as a complete opposite sound placement she just switches her placement whenever she feels like it and it's awesome [Applause] [Applause] the court rest of their voices are silly Knights but she's not pushing her chest she is mixing today she's relying on residents on Ilan's forward placements but she is not pushing up that chest voice at all because you just never reach it me I'm on an emotional journey I have to say come after the story the drums are almost like a shrimp pop and then you've got the oboe it's such an unusual combination and then back to this I haven't heard your switches quickly you know and they does I want to hear a little mess that I'm sure she will even in our head voice I'm loving how she's doing she's adding a little bit of those pop nuances those scoops and slides to hint at what she was doing earlier in the rock she kind of mixes and matches when she feels like it it doesn't keep a hundred percent true to each tale which is nice I think it makes it feel more consistent and this British again unusual to put that breath penis through it's harder to get that and maintain the pitch often what happens is your leg and it kind of falters but she's just doing it perfectly keeping just enough cord closure to keep it there but also adding the breath very very good Oh see there she did really quickly sir Oh search for liberty and then she flipped back up but then the second time she just kept it all in that fuller mixed place the mixing of it is just to roust such such such really our mouth i helping her get up there I don't feel like I've heard a note go wrong on this and it's such a long piece well what a beautiful way to end that was incredible I was on such an emotional journey I don't think there was a no role in that it was so one place it's such a long piece it's so demanding vocally and she was just spot-on thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed if you did please do like and subscribe and I'll see you in the next one

28 thoughts on “Vocal Coach reaction to Nightwish (Floor Jansen) The Poet and The Pendulum

  1. One of my favorite songs of Nightwish, is so emotional! The lyrics is just magnificent! I cry everytime I hear it (jajaja)
    Tuomas is a genius!

  2. You should read about the story behind that song and watch it with lyrics and as a whole without pausing. You will cry a little…maybe a lot.

  3. It's not an actual story per say…. Tuomas Holopainen (they guy on they keyboards), the songwriter of Nightwish was expressing his fears and worries about the bands future in this song. It was the first song he made after they lost Annette Olsen (who initially replaced Tarja Turuunen, but that didn't work out so well) and had her replaced by Floor Jansen. He, as the songwriter, felt the weight of the bands success loomed over him like a bladed pendulum, threatening to cut him (his mastery-piece of a band) in half if he fluked up.
    By the way, there's this line at 10:49, "Now I only have 3 minutes and counting" is precisely 3 minutes before the final blade slashes at 15:14 (at least in the time marks of your videos)…. Goes to show how meticulously well planned his songs are.

  4. So much beauty. The arrangement, Floor’s voice, Floor, and of course, you. Wonderful song, great insights. 😍

  5. Great video! Why do girls wear white nail polish? It looks weird.

  6. Matt Barlow deserves a reaction, Iced Earth – Dracula at Metal Camp 2008 is a good showcase

  7. Sorry Beth, but a really good idea is to read up on the lyrics of this song first. It deals with the firing of the band first singer and the overwhelming criticism that Tuomas (the main composer of Nightwish) received from this. This song is his musical suicide instead of an actual one.

  8. Hello, hellooo Beth!
    This is a gift to all Nighrwish fans! I enjoyed your reaction and comments so much ! 🎊

  9. IMHO Probably the most beautiful song in music history sung by probably the best female singer(Floor) made by probably the best song-music writer in metal (Tuomas).

  10. Emotional journey???!!!
    You're like a parrot who can't stop blabbing even for only one bar.
    Somebody please tie her arms to the chair……..oops………parrots love to flap their arm………wings LOL

  11. The intro is coming from a playback. There are two boy sopranos at the beginning. Guy Elliott and Tom Williams, if I remember correctly. For a moment it does sound like something that Floor could do though.

  12. Finally you did it!!This is the most special song of Nightwish, Thuomas wrote the song when Tarja left the band, it's very sad and painful, but also kind of sweet, an emotional roallercoaster. Thanks so much!

    Can you react to Spiritbox – Belcarra (Courtney LaPlante Live Performance)?

    Keep doing some Nightwish too, they're awesome!

  13. The start of the song reminds me of some of the music in the Lord of the Rings films. Very fantasy folk sounding.

  14. It is a choir boy at the beginning. It’s tracked. I understand the confusion.

  15. Beth can you please react to teacher teacher by jinjer please 😁😁🤘🤘

  16. Finally & thank you! 🙂 Great as always. Please do something where Marco shines maybe Phantom of the Opera, High Hopes or Song of Myself.
    Edit: This is basically the composer's (Tuomas') metaphorical suicide due to the fall out after the Tarja fallout. He also borrowed a lot from Stephen King.

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