Voice Coach Reacts to Nightwish The Poet and Pendulum Live at Wembly 2016

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Now let’s get started. Well, I have enjoyed interacting with Nightwish fans
in the comments of my last Nightwish video. I am going to have to tell you
that I have to change the way I do my videos because of copyright law. I’m
going to have to break things up with my commentary just like everybody else.
Please let me know in the comments what you think below. Without further ado,
let’s dig in! Is that whispering? Spooky! Sounds like a child singing… Definitely like the little boy soprano. A
little bit out of tune, a little bit precious. Just so sweet! Nightwish are so epic!
The film score nature of their orchestration is just beautiful.
Okay, let’s keep going. Here comes the drummer. So beautiful! Oh my goodness! I so want to see them in concert! That is so cool… …with movie screens behind them…oh my
gosh! Yeah! Can you imagine how amazing it would be
to sing with this band? It would just be so incredible! She’s so lucky to get to
have this gig!! I just…I’m amazed! Amazed by her and just amazed by the whole
process. They are so creative. I just can’t imagine what it would be like to
see a whole show of these epic songs that they do. I have such respect for
them. Okay, let’s keep going… I love his voice too! Oh, that’s so
awesome! This is killing me having to interrupt. I’m so sorry. Yuck! I know it’s awful. Let’s keep going… Yes! She’s the best! Wow! That is so funny to me!
Being married to a musician and having musicians around me all the time…the guy
who goes up to the keyboard player as if to say, “Can you believe we get to do
this for a living?” What do YOU think he’s saying? Leave a comment down below. I’m looking out over my kingdom saying, “Yes!
This is what I get to do!” The song seems to have a lot of straight
tone in it. So, even as she’s up at the top of her belting range, it’s all
very straight. That’s a really hard placement to sing in, no matter what
dynamic you’re using. She’s doing it so well. I mean, she’s just so consistent
all the time. And I really do love their voices together there. It’s powerful and
right on the money. It’s just incredible Okay, let’s keep going! That movie screen! Wow! That is so
cool! An obvious shift in mood… Please tell me this man is scoring
movies. He needs to be. No! She’s amazing! So you can hear the difference in tone,
but again, straight tone. It’s a difference between when she’s belting it out and now
this very light, airy straight tone. It’s a little unstable…because I think she’s
adding some emotion to it. Their songs are stories. This one is just epic. It’s
like a multi-act play. It’s beautiful. Moving on… Yet another tone quality… So I’ve talked about this before with other
singers on this channel. You can use your voice to actually have ‘colors’, and she
definitely does this! She has so many colors in her tone. It’s almost like
she’s singing different genres all together in this in this one beautiful song.
Her capacity to be able to do that, her artistry in doing it, she’s just stunning!
Okay, moving on… Another shift in the mood… Okay, that’s intense! Wow, I was not
expecting that to be part of the story. Interesting. Okay, where do we go from
here? I’m little afraid. Here we go… Can we just talk for a minute? They are
so tight getting all those hits, all the different moods. It’s very impressive.
Very, very impressive. I love it! Moving on That movie screen is killing me with the birds
flying across! Just the music alone would be enough but
then they have so much for their fans with the lighting and film. Oh my goodness! Oh no! We have a screaming part. It’s
so hard on your voice. For those of you who watch this channel because you’re
trying to learn how to sing, please be careful. Because basically what you’re
doing is just making hamburger out of your vocal folds.
I love his singing voice. I don’t want him to hurt himself. But, I mean, obviously
he’s a grown man. He’s an adult. He can do what he would like with his voice. But
wow, be careful. Okay let’s keep going. This composition gives me chills. And he’s just playing that bass and now he’s singing again…
no worse for wear. now she’s got a little vibrato
there at the end of that phrase. Gosh!
Oh my goodness! Okay, I was not expecting that. I’ve just got cold chills. They use
their lighting to their greatest effect. The lighting and the film behind
them… it’s just amazing. Where do we go from here? Okay, here we go. I have a
feeling we’re heading into another act here of this play that they’re creating. Totally different feel now. It’s an interesting feel after so much
intensity. It’s kind of giving you the chance as a listener to have a breather. Now you’ve got another tone quality,
another color, and another straight tone Very reminiscent of the child voice at
the beginning of this piece. And obviously showing emotion as well
because of the death that happens in the last act of the song. She’s just unsurpassed. She’s so good! Now bringing more strength into her
sound. She’s singing in unison with the bass
player. Cool! I really love how he writes his string
lines as well. They are so tasty. Really nice. So now it’s kind of echoing from the
beginning, the child voice. Floor takes over here now. Very difficult to do that high straight
tone. She’s right in the pocket. It’s just so
supportive. Gorgeous! Nice! Oh my goodness… Wow, okay let’s talk about it. I am so
stunned by Nightwish and their musicianship, the tightness of their band,
the incredible symphonic sound that the composer writes, and the stories that
they tell through their music. Floor is amazing. Just so many colors in her sound
that are gorgeous, and she shows such range as a singer to be able to handle
the rock vocal as well as the much more tender high notes that she sings in this piece.
I would love to be a fly on the wall during their rehearsal process!
It would be so interesting to see what their process is and how much time
they put into this. This is no joke! They deserve all of the accolades
that they get. I loved this. I absolutely loved it. So interesting. A little
unsettling and concerning at times. Especially to write a piece about your
own death. I thought that was really interesting. Maybe you can leave me a
comment below to give me a little more insight, you fans out there, on what this
piece is about and how it affects you. I’d love to hear from you. Well, that’s it
for me today. Like if you liked it, subscribe and don’t forget to share with
someone you know loves Nightwish. You can ask me any question about your voice in
the comments down below, on my blog at voicelove.co, on Instagram at The Voice
Love Co., and now on scaleabout.com You can get all the details in the
description box below. As a professional musician, it is such a joy to see
musicians like Nightwish operating in such excellence at such a high level
of capability. It’s really a lot of fun! And the most fun for me when I think about
this piece was seeing the guitarist step over to Tuomas and just revel in the
moment. I don’t know exactly what he was thinking or saying, but he sure looked
like he was thinking, “This is GOOD!” It’s so much fun to be in that
space in LIFE!! I want to keep encouraging you to find your voice and make your
sound in whatever sphere of influence you travel in. The world is waiting for
you to show up. And remember: you are LOVED. Bye bye!

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  1. Community Contributions are ON for this video. Thanks in advance for your translation. 😍 http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=peDc8kdO8WI

  2. Great to see professional get so excited about a song and performance. <3

    The Nightwish band is just a well oiled machine with a world class composer and musicians.

  3. Loved your reaction to this and have been waiting a long time for you to do it. Ever since Ghost Love Score in fact. I somehow felt that you would love this song by your original reaction to G.L.S.. If you listen to it again sometime you may pick up that there are 3 minutes from the poem by the boy which states "now I have 3 minutes and counting" to when Tuomas commits suicide. Having written songs myself in my youth when I was in a band, that just blows me away. Trying to fit that in smoothly and accurately is an incredibly hard thing to do. For another epic Nightwish song which I am sure you'll like too, you might want to try The Greatest Show On Earth live from Tampere 2015. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45brzDJKZ3o

  4. If you want to hear what a versatile voice Marko has the check out While Your Lips Are Still Red from this concert..beautiful and mellow
    Or if you’re a Floyd fan try High Hopes for a tastes of his full vocal range
    But my favourite has to be The Islander from their Tampere show

    He and Floor harmonise So well,you might be interested in a Dutch show that’s running at the moment,Beste Zangers where a group of singers take turns each week to sing songs to one of them that mean something to that person…Floors on it and has already sung in Dutch,German and Spanish..it’s a surprisingly good show

  5. Screaming always sounds really intense and painful, but there are safe/healthy ways to do it. (not saying that marco is necessarily using the healthiest techniques, as I can't tell for sure, but it's possible.)

  6. So glad to see this!
    I would love to get your thoughts on a female-fronted band called Cellar Darling. 
    They have official live videos on YouTube for their songs "Death" and "Insomnia", recorded at YouTube Space London.

  7. You're married? Oh dang 😉
    I didn't mind your pauses, because they were informative. Great reaction.

  8. From the comments you made it is clear that you did not do any research on the background of this song. Normally that is not a problem but in this case you miss a lot of the content of this song. Basically the song is about the firing of their very first vocalist Tarja Turunen that has been a part of the band from the start. Tuomas and Tarja have been close friends from childhood onward and he was also the person who asked her to join. So firing her from the band was a hard thing for him to do. Because he knew he was also loosing a dear friend. But ever since she met, her now husband and manager, convinced her that she was the star of the band and would be better of solo, the atmosphere in the band deteriorated. Although it was decided that she would record one more album with the band before going solo things got so bad by the end of their last tour with her they decided to make a clean break after their last concert of the tour (The end of era was the last show released as dvd). I think you can kind of see the tension in the band if you take a closer look at it. They fired her directly after the show was done by handing her a letter. To be clear to the fans on why they thought this was necessary they published the letter on-line at the same time (not the best way to handle this). Although they had expected some critique they were totally surprised by the enormous backlash they received from the press and fans. The biggest brunt of the backlash was directed at Tuomas directly who was thrown in to a depression because of this. He also did no longer see a future for the band he had worked so hard for. He considered suicide but knew this would hurt his close family and friends so he decided to commit suicide artistically by this song. At one point he even moved back in to the house of his parents (mother and father) who put him back together again and this gave him the strength to make a new start.

  9. Hello from Austria,

    if you want to check out more from Marco Hietala (the growling bassist):

    Nightwish – The Islander (Live at Tampere)

    Nightwish – While Your Lips Are Still Red (Live at Wembley Arena)

  10. Music is subjective and people like who they like. But there is nobody like Floor Jansen.

  11. Tuomas would love to score movies and indeed it's a big shame he is not (because he is not known in Hollywood I guess)… Has only wrote one song for a Finish film sang by Marco the bass player (While your lips are still red https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kmiw4FYTg2U). He has also done a solo project "Music Inspired By The Life And Times Of Scrooge", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWwSVOo5K_k you should check those for sure. EDIT: Indeed, there is also the Nightwish movie "Imaginaerum" (Official trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMhwh0-xcLo

  12. Thanks for your reaction. I am a senior citizen, a musician, and have been fortunate to go to many great concerts in my lifetime. But seeing Nightwish in concert in 2015 and 2018,
    was definitely among the highlights. I look forward to seeing them in 2020 when they probably will be on tour after their new upcoming album. They are amazing in person and Floor is so brilliant and versatile. .In this particular selection, is one where it is often helpful to know the story line ahead of time. But you certainly picked up on the themes and you “got it.” Like many of us, you might like it even more after you find out what it was about. The info is readily available, and I can see that some of the other commenters are mentioning it. When Empuu and Marco walk towards Tuomas in this, It is a sign of support, because he finds this piece difficult to play in person. It has gotten less difficult over the years, but they actually don’t perform it live very often.

  13. Hey hey hey. You again. Finally you come back to Nightwish. I haven't heard yet but I paused to thank the reaction. Now excuse me I'll see your reaction.

    Ok. I paused now because I remembered that following Marco will sing and you didn't know there is another singer in the band.

    I will continue and see your reaction. I'm curious.

  14. Watched the reaction of Ghost Love Score 50 times perhaps because I loved it. Now is the turn of The Poet and the Pendulum. Loved that one too. Glad you like Nightwish and hope for more.

  15. I really enjoy your take on their talent as a whole and your personal reactions, not just to the music and composition but as a fan. The link attached gives a sneak peek into the additional genius behind Nightwish.

  16. This was the best reaction to this masterpiece from someone who was not aware of the story behind it.
    This is my favorite song, for all the reasons you can think of.
    Big kiss from Portugal.

  17. Marko is the oldest 🐱‍👤 He was in a eighties hair metalband called TAROT, but he alsoo does a mean Phantom of the Opera together with Tarja Turunen with Nightwish 👀😍👍

  18. Hello Christi, great Job Hun, Christi please read on for my request, and my opinion of your review, it will really help you to do the best Nightwish reviews that you can do Thank You. My request Christi is for you to Review The biggest Nightwish Masterpiece to date, ( The Greatest Show On Earth) You are now ready to be taken to a place you just will not believe but, in an Amazing Way. Three very Important points to Know before you do a Review of this Masterpiece. Point 1 The song is 21 mins long + a further 2 mins for the Amazing ending, It all needs to watched TO THE END to fully understand IT. Point 2 The concept of the song is All About the creation, and Evolution, of the world, IE All the Amazing fire works at the start of the song Represent the big bang that started the process of Evolution. Point 3 As well as watching and listening to the song, Keep your Eye's on the Amazing Video Backgrounds that also tell you the Story of the creation and people's destruction of our world. Toumas got the idea for this song and all the last Nightwish Album songs (Endless Forms for Beautiful). Toumas, was inspired buy a book he read written By Sir Richard Dawkins a renowned professor of Evolution at Oxford University hear in the UK, hear is a link to the song which was performed at the Tampere stadium in Finland in 2015, there were 20.000 people in there. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45brzDJKZ3o&t=774s ). Toumas is so clever, if you listen carefully to the last keyboard rift that Toumas playes, he fits in some borrowed notes from J.S. Bach, And Mozart, and the last Guitar rift is borrowed as well, it is, inner Sandman, this represents also the evolution of music, total Genius. The voice you will hear doing the spoken narrations in the Song, Is Sir Richard Dawkins himself, Amazing. MY Review of the P&P, The whole concept of the song Poet and the Pendulum Is about Toumas Holopine, The Keyboard Player, Song Righter, and Band Leader taking his own life, in the song only, instead of doing in real life, when he was at the depths of depression in his life after having to fire the first Nightwish Singer Taria. It is great pity that you did not turn on the Subtitles text in the Review, as it shows all the words of the song, And IT also shows you all the five separate sections of the song and what each one is called, IE Dark Passion Play, Last section, Mother and Father who talked Toumas round and told him all about the good things in his Life, IE, Be still my son you are HOME. But still you did a good job Christi ❤ THANK YOU. Quick point Christi, when this video was done At Wembley SSE Arena in the UK in 2016, there were 12.000 people in there, And Floor was three months pregnant with her fist child, That is why she did not head bang so much and bounced around a lot, now you know why. The UK-Dude 😎 and Mega Nightwish fan of 20 years. A very quick PS there will be a New Nightwish Album out early spring 2020, and they are also going to be doing a big world tour, they always do a 30 or more gigs in the USA so keep your eyes open. Cheers.

  19. Kudos for one of the best reactions to this performance.This song was just great when Anette Olzon first performed it on their 2007 album "Dark Passion Play", but now with Floor Jansen on live vocals it's just out of this world, truly amazing. Marco, the bassist, is also a great vocalist, which you can verify by listening to the demo version of this song in which he sings all the vocals: Nightwish – The Poet and the Pendulum – demo version (Marco) + lyrics https://youtu.be/2oECYCV5-5w Or if you want to do another reaction to them live: Nightwish – While Your Lips Are Still Red (Live at Wembley Arena) https://youtu.be/5V7PKv493Ic with Marco on lead vocals.
    P.S. Emppu, the guitarist, went to Tuomas and asked him: "Do you have any Nightwish wine left in that bottle you have placed in your keyboard stand?" And yes, they have their own wine labeled Nightwish & Tuomas also always has a bottle of that or some other wine under the keyboards.
    P.S:S. I bet that you didn't notice that it took exactly 3 minutes from when the boy spoke the words "Now I only have 3 minutes and counting" to the point when the pendulum figuratively kills Tuomas and he makes a hand gesture of cutting his throat.

  20. With all due respect to the people who doesn't want interruptions in the song , I think this format is more organic as if a thought pops in your mind you can immediately blurt it out. You don't need to wait for the end of the song and may also forget a lot of what you want to say. This type of reaction feels more natural.

    Edit: You should hear Marco(bassist) in their other songs. He shines in Ever Dream and Phantom of the Opera (cover).

  21. Hey if you like the males vocals, you should check out Phantom of the opera by Nightwish with their first female singer. It i believe is one of their best performances. Please check it out

  22. The next step is to do The Greatest Show on Earth by them… You want to see what a masterpiece sounds like and Nightwish has many, this is just another level in my books!

  23. At beginning and later on : "Lead boy soprano: Guy Elliott, 2nd boy soprano: Tom Williams, courtesy of the Reigate St Mary's Choir School" There is a version with onscreen lyrics, really help as this is an autobiographical piece. One that pre-research is a must to thoroughly understand this epic presentation. The play is in 5 parts so could time the breaks there. (again, onscreen lyrics would help)

  24. You must check out Floor Jansen on Beste Zanger 2019. Weekly show of best singers in Netherlands, She blows them all away – sings opera, ballads, salsa, more and in German, Dutch, Spanish.

  25. I saw them at a pretty small venue, and while i didnt hear this song or The Greatest Show on Earth, they were just stunningly amazing. Floor is a powerhouse and the whole room just resonates with the music and its awesome Edit: I also love the fact that, because the whole performance and band as a whole is so strong, its impossible NOT to talk about everything and not just the singer and their technique 😀

  26. Wow! I had to look at YOU and not at the embedded screen for the first bit and then later on during some parts (not that looking at you is a bad thing … I just can't do flashing lights, so going to their show "live" is out for me, but your channel is a great way for me, and others, to be exposed to this AMAZING musical talent!). I can watch FOREVER the screen with the waves. I totally share the "oh my word!" on the screens behind. Those waves! And her voice is just out of this world. (I'm less of a fan of the "hamburger out of the vocal cords" … Thank you for that apt description, it is EXACTLY what slam-and-rub the cords can do!). This was an intense performance. A journey, really. A story of death (or near death? depression? trauma? suicide attempts? I'm not sure but it is goes deep and goes there without apology). I love your reactions throughout (even though I can see that you loathe having to interrupt the performance to avoid CR violations, it does not disrupt the reaction aspect, so to me that's not a problem at all!). Again, thank you so much for providing a platform to productions that otherwise many would not know they are missing. This. Was. Fantastic!

  27. Nice reaction from this masterpiece, a rollercoaster of emotions song that always got me especially at the end part. Thank you.

  28. Yeees, fantastic reaction video! I love this song and what you had to say about it, you picked up on a lot of details! The whole band is amazing and Floor is just the cherry on top with her vocal abilities.
    The things Marko does with his voice are basically just as harmless as singing, he's using techniques well and therefore he has been able to do this for literally decades and never fails to impress.
    Ps, I think you're ready for The Greatest Show On Earth. 😉

  29. WAY too much talking during the music. Pause by all means but to continue talking while it plays is just… I'm usually a fan of your reactions but this was frustrating. At least you still have the view. The sub on the other hand… unclear. Researching the meaning of the song would have offered a more emotional reaction to this masterpiece.

  30. You might want to consider easing back a bit on the lipstick. (Sorry, couldn't resist – it's nice really). Anyway, about Emppu going up to talk to Tuomas. This is a really difficult song for Tuomas, as it brings back all the trauma of firing their first singer, Tarja, and the amount of hate he got for it. He wrote this piece as an alternative to committing suicide. Anyway, he needs a bit of emotional support while he plays it, and that is what Emppu was giving him.

  31. Also because I've thought of this just now, I'd love to see your reaction to some acapella groups, or even solo singers recording themselves for the different parts, that especially is so interesting to see one person take on so many roles to make an entire song. Some of my favorites include pentatonix, home free, solo artists who do all the parts usually do tend to add a bit more effects to their voices which might make it a bit harder to hear them purely but Peter Hollens has some fun songs (i love Baba Yetu which he performed with Malukah all the parts) and of course there's plenty of others out there

  32. The greatest show on earth should be next on the list! Very overwhelming as well with music and visuals!

  33. Marco is a fantastic singer. You should check out their cover of Pink Floyd's High Hopes.

  34. They dont do this live anymore,its to emotional for Tuomas,often he would have the words turned off in his headset.

  35. I am so very impressed with your reaction. Without knowing anything about the story behind the song, you have recognised ALL of the facets that make this such a very important song in the lore of Nightwish. Tuomas commits artisticl suicide in this song, and you have recognised the death, the child and the fact that it is a (Dark Passion) play. I am also so very impressed that you are the only 'so-called' vocal coach who has recognised that the opening passage is sung by a 9yo choirboy. Floor adds the necessary emotion to convey the angst that Tuomas must be feeling when this song is performed. Both Emppu and Marco offer supportive solace to him during the performance, and it always kills me when the camera briefly catches him singing 'try to save them all' in the final section. The lyrics in that last section are the words his parents said to him at the time. Thank you SO very much for this excellent and intuitive reaction.

  36. Here are some short Nightwish videos from the studio and from rehearsals:

  37. Marco has been doing this since the early 80's… He isnt going to be losing his voice.

    You should react to Kiss while your lips are still red live at Wembely 2015 to hear Marco's clean singing.

  38. Floor is on a Dutch TV show, Beste Zangers. A group of singers from different genres singing each other's stuff. 5th episode is this weekend, she sang on 1st 3 episodes and was sung to last week.

  39. They are starting their world tour and I do urge you to visit a show. It changed my life! I saw them last year in Amsterdam and since then……. Floorgasms each day!

  40. this song is so depressive for Tuomas he basically killed himself in this song to not doining it in real life that's why Emppu checked on him then in the end him and Marco stood by his side… i see you liked Marco's voice so please react to Nightwish -High hopes Pink Floyd cover Marco as the lead singer in this one

  41. Hi Christi, loved your reaction to this masterpiece !

    I think their performance of Phantom of The Opera would be a great followup to react to, because it features their original singer Tarja. That way you can experience what a devastating loss she was for the band at the time. Here's a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kjmjkKjXo8

    On another note, I have to mention another band called Epica. Pretty much on par with Nightwish as titans of Symphonic Metal. A good introduction to them would probably be Sancta Terra featuring none other than Floor Jansen as guest singer! Oh and did I mention this performance features a live Orchestra and Choir ? Here's a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx22Yuj2nzg

    We'll be waiting for your future videos 🙂

  42. Quite a heavy song to react to!
    I like both styles of reaction, during and after…
    You observe quite sharp and have a contagious smile and enthusiasm, it is a pleasure to watch always.

    The song has a foundation from Edgar Allan Poe his short horror story "the Pit and the Pendulum"

    And their talks happen often during performances, or one or 2 just walk from the stage etc.
    The sadness and them talking to Tuomas is both real and also became a tradition and part of the performance…. like they are having more fun at "I want my tears back" where floor "fights" Emppu always. At "storytime", floor also walks to Tuomas often at the part where she sings: "I am the story that will read you real" etc etc
    (Both seriously worth a watch btw)

    And this is from the end of 2015 btw.

  43. Yes Floor is lucky to have this gig BUT Nightwish is lucky to have her too maybe even more so. She is ridiculously gifted. Thomas & Floor are a match made in musical heaven. As others have stated, please react to the Beste Zangers show.

  44. I think Empuu is talking to Tuomas about what and where they are going to eat after the show..!

  45. ty for great review;1 note Tuomas ask sound tech to put lyrcs of by him
    ,Beouce its a real painful and emotional song for Tuomas

  46. I'm so glad Nightwish are getting all this recognition since getting Floor Jansen in the band. Tuomas Holopainen is my music idol in terms of composition and his attitude. If you watch him in an interview, he just has this aura about him and he sticks to his own inspiration rather than let popularity dictate what he should do. I love how he can change the arrangements during songs, the timing, one Nightwish song can have about three or four different movements each with their own texture & feel, they can veer off into completely different places and have multiple choruses.. His Scrooge album is full on soundtrack music and his other recent project 'Auri' with his wife singing, that does some beautiful stuff i've never heard before. Genius! His work deserves all of this.

  47. Great reaction video Your take on Marco's combination of screaming and clean vocals was curious – there are plenty of examples of rock/metal vocalists who do this well and over long careers too. Marco is one of the better examples, but the best one might be Devin Townsend, whom you may find quite interesting. Great talent, great musician, sort of Tuomas and Marco in one, and a long career doing things vocally that are awe inspiring, but frequently wince-worthy too. One of the better example of his clean vocals, just to see what he can do is "The Way Home". The great examples where he combines the two are "Kingdom", "Grace", "Supercrush", the latter two having the bonus of featuring another remarkable Dutch singer, and Floor's career starting inspiration, Anneke van Giersbergen. Finally, if you like great composition and musicianship, check out a song where he brings together the vast breadth of what he's all about, "Genesis" and the less vocal, but equally awesome and epic "Truth".

  48. Definitely one of Nightwish's masterpieces and it showcases Tuomas' brilliance in composition. Also as you enjoy Marco's vocals, check out either The Islander or While Your Lips Are Still Red by Nightwish. Marco composed The Islander as well. And another song showcasing Marco's vocals and Nightwish's original vocalist, Tarja, would be The Phantom of the Opera (live at Hartwall Arena 2005). It would also give you a taste of Tarja's vocals as well.

  49. Great reaction! Just a side note in regards to harsh vocals. If done correctly then your voice should be placed either in your false chords (above your vocal folds) which is basically what you do when you give out a hard sigh, or in your soft palate and nasal cavity. You shouldn't feel it at all on your vocal chords themselves. I'm not too sure exactly what technique Marco is using so I can't speak for him but plenty of vocalists have used harsh vocals spanning their entire careers, sometimes 50+ years. Ronnie James Dio would be a prime example, his voice was still in perfect shape after 50 years even when he was dying of cancer. Devin Townsend would be another.

    Of course the chances of you hurting yourself are much higher with harsh vocals if not done correctly so it's really important that you seek advice from a vocal coach with experience of that style, be safe.

  50. Why thank you beautiful woman for this reaction !! Yours stops are to the point and short . I liked how you talked about Tuomas and how “colourful “ Floor ‘s voice is , I’ve never heard it that way before and it makes a lot sense. Please please react to Ghost River official live at Wacken 2013 as I so enjoy you and Nightwish together lol 🤘🏼Marco and Floor sound amazing together 🤘🏼

  51. Thank you for a great and interesting reaction to a magnificent performance by Nightwish 😃🙌🏻

  52. You ask if Tuomas scores movies… Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kmiw4FYTg2U – it's a Theme song for the 2007 Finnish movie "Lieksa!" The title of this song is "While your lips are still red" and it is sung only by Marco.
    I wonder if you could do some reaction for the songs when only Marco Hietala is singing? He is an outstanding vocalist but for certain reasons he doesn't wanted to be the lead singer of Nightwish when Tarja was gone. Here is a song called "High hopes" (a cover from Pink Floyd): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IClqCyS4IRY It is from the last concert with Tarja, after that show she was fired.
    And a bonus – you got a close up on ALL MALE MEMBERS and how they play their instruments. I like this video very much. Greetings from Poland 😉

  53. Emppu and Marco are literally making sure Tuomas is ok at the end of the song. That's why they are standing next to him. Look up the history of this song. You will appreciate it even more.

  54. The band members came to check on Tuomas during the song because of the deep emotional meaning of the song. You can look into that. My only suggestion would be to use the lyrics video. Good sound quality, a full lyrics to get a more accurate idea of the songs meaning. But still 👍

  55. My dear what Emppu is sayint to Tuomas is "lets have a beer at bar since she can take the show alone from here" 😛 great reaction one again 🙂

  56. If you feel amazed by the changes in her voice, the different emotions she delivers in every song and within each song, you haven's seen anything yet. Check out the BESTE ZANGERS show, on Youtube. It's happening now, between august and october, and there you have operetic Floor in german ( Vilja Leid ), more melodic still strong Floor with " Mama ", latin melodic full of power Floor in spanish and today, the sweetest song I've ever heard from her, " About love I don't know a thing".
    Believe me, you'll love it.

  57. Check out Romanticide and Phantom og the opera(with original svinger Tarja, from 2005), to hear more of the bassist Marko signing.

  58. if you wanna listen more from marko (the bassist), i recommend nightwish – high hopes (pink floyd cover , amazing song) or while your lips are still red (live at wembley 2015) ((sorry my bad english !))

  59. While your lips are still red … also Wembley concert .. written for a movie iirc. Oh and Marco (the bassist) is main vocals.
    Definitely worth a reaction.

  60. At the beginning it is a boy choir singer singing. Floor Jansen probably could have pulled that off but they kept the original backing track from the album version. Nightwish is the band to see live. Probably the best live band of our time. Also Tuomas the composer was going through a really rough time because he had to fire the original singer who was his childhood friend from the band. He killed himself in this song so that he would not do it for real. A really serious stuff. Something I hope Kurt Cobain could have learned from. This song is the reason I am also alive today. I can effectively say this song has saved lives.

  61. This is a masterpiece, and Floor gave it everything it needed, emotion, tenderness, power… you should check Floor's performances in the show Beste Zangers, see how different she sings there

  62. Your missing out, Floor is on a Dutch TV show all about celebrating music by having 6 singers of different styles. Each week one is highlighted while the others sing songs of theirs or have special meaning to them, Beste Zangers 2019 – lots of tears be ready 🙂

  63. I've never enjoyed a video with this many pauses before, this was an excellent reaction, one of my favs for sure. I appreciated the cut & edited analysis of your comments as you went along so not to lose the momentum of the song too much.

  64. You really should check out the islanders or while your lips are still red for more of Marko (the bassist) singing with clean vocals. He is fantastic on his own. What I love is him and floor are such strong singers they can both go all out together and one doesn't drown out the other. They harmonize so beautifully. Its just such a shame they are not bigger in the states

  65. Nice reaction from this amazing live performance. I wish I was there bcos I've heard that was the last time they performed The Poet & The Pendulum live.

  66. You have to see her videos from the Beste Zangers show from the Netherlands. She has sung songs from 4 different genres and made them her own. She has sung in 4 different languages.
    This show has 7 different singers from the Netherlands. They sing a song to each other that they have sung or mean something to them. Last week they sang songs to Floor. The singer who is being sung to sits on the center couch with the MC. Even if you don't react it is really amazing to watch. Denise Hofs is translating the shows and putting them on her channel. I think you will find it interesting because of the variety of singers.
    Floor is not well known in her country because she sings metal. The looks on the other singers faces are priceless. I think after this the country will know Floor.
    Tuomas is a genius……… 🙂

  67. Amazing reaction, you should check out Nightwish Kiss While Your Lips Are Still Red. Marco sings that one

  68. Hello Christie:
    Hope you are well. I don’t like metal except symphonic spiritual mystical metal. Nightwish one of my favorites. Gloor amazing vocals! Great analysis.
    Wait till you hear eivor. The one similar to Nightwish but to me more spiritual is “ free falling” ( the one that’s 6:47 duration) and I pray that since she’s from a small island in maybe Norway ( population probably under 1000 that it won’t be blocked. You will love her and her band. It’s on the island but inside I believe a restaurant seating capacity ( when the camera panned the audience) probably 300 lucky lucky souls to witnessed this beyond amazing performance. She put it on YouTube about 3 years ago and it only received about 20,000 views and 400 likes. If she was popular and performed it in America , 50,000 insanely rabid fans would be screaming and yelling for a long time after.
    The strobe lightening, editing, her otherworldly vocal is beyond belief. At the end she hits notes that are so celestial so mystical so heavenly that even the great Dimash couldn’t execute with the emotional impact and purity that Eivor does. And a band member on drums was really into it! is a sight to behold.

    Next, Eivor Palsdottir Wake me Up” ( 7: 11 duration) also in English and she kills it with celestial high notes and emotional impact. Spiritual ecstasy. She wants to wake up from this dream life and Longs to experience her true nature. This vocalist has already become in my favorite top 8 female vocalists of all time! Of all time!!! And I just discovered her less than a month ago. How on God’s earth did i ever overlook this world class vocalist. You will love her and her band. Watch the drummer go crazzzyyy.
    Now for the one similar to Diana Ankudinova with enchanting mystical primordial vocal in her native language. It’s hypnotic—starting off banging the ethnic drum. “Eivor palsdottir trollabundin” ( first vid 5:44). ( from the Faroe Islands and ‘trollabundin’ meaning ‘spellbound’ and all who watch this amazing.video will be spellbound.). Wish I was there outdoors sitting with the audience. Great tribal primordial vibes. Atmospheric mesmerizing hypnotic. And the backdrop island’s natural scenery breathtakingly beautiful!They deserve more visibility! She has a website with about 20 songs ( a mixture of live and MV and most over the course of 5 years got very few responses but all responses were OMG, WOW, NOW MY FAVORITE FEMALE VOCALIST , INCREDIBLE , BEYOND AMAZING .
    Excuse my excitement but whenever I discover a new amazing vocalist I can’t control my emotions.
    I was one of the very first to discover and highly recommend (before the masses reacted to): Morissette, Daryl Ong, Dimash, ( best pop-op vocalist in the world), Diana Ankudinova, , Park Hyoshin ( best ballad vocalist in the world) , Park Ki Young ( one of the best female vocalists.. as good as or better than So Hyang ), Forestella ( best male vocal harmony group in the world). Lara Fabian…
    All love as always,

  69. Hi it steve in uk again huge nightwish fan .love ur reviews .please please react to nightwish sleeping sun live at tampere. Thank u it there slow ballad what a song what a voice by floor.it a slow song but wow .

  70. I much prefer that reactors stop the video when they have an impression to convey. I can watch it straight through on Blu-ray or YouTube any time I want. If you hear them building up to something, let it play out – that's the only thing that will really annoy people. (the iconic ending of GLS, for example)

  71. I think Emppu the guitarist only asked Tuomas the keyboard player: "Where do we play next week?", and Tuomas said: "Can't remember! Probably somewhere in North America! Ask Ewo!" (the manager).
    With orchestrations Tuomas get huge help from the master himself, mister Pip Williams, arranging and co-composing the partitures to the different instruments, because Tuomas has no knowledge to which instruments is needed and when, and how they will sound together the best way. Tuomas only has the orchestral melodies in his mind and mister Williams write the notes to all the instruments which needed. And they also have best players of all times, London Philharmonic Orchestra.

  72. Very perceptive take on the song for a first listen. You noticed the boy soprano at the beginning – a lot of people think it's Floor. The operatic bit in the middle of the song was actually done by a boy on the album, but Floor took that on herself.

  73. Please react to the songs with their first singer Tarja, Phantom of the Opera is highly recommended, and there are a lot of Marco's vocals too (this song is about Tarja by the way, a poet losing his muse).

  74. Great reaction! As people already said, you picked up on everything important in this song. Nightwish is going on a tour in 2020. so stay tuned 🙂

  75. Christi, I couldn't possibly agree more!!!! Tuomas definitely needs to be scoring massive, sweeping big-budget films. Trevor Rabin (of YES, etc.) has done it; Tuomas certainly could…perhaps better!

  76. She shows her upper range near the end of this live version of Romanticide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz_7OCCQlXs …and somehow I don't even think that's how high she can go. Marco is an insane vocalist. Check out While You're Lips Are Red and Phantom of the Opera, High Hopes and The Islander live.

  77. I like what you said about vocal “color”. That’s something I’ve mentioned before and really appreciate about Floor’s singing. She sings with the full spectrum and can so subtly flavor everything she sings with such nuance. I’ve never heard anybody who can sing with as much breadth as she does. Possibly Billie Holliday did, but I can’t think of anybody else.

  78. I don't believe Floor is lucky to be in Nightwish. I think Nightwish is lucky to have Floor. Considering where they were as a band at the time, if Floor had not entered the band, this band probably wouldn't exist anymore. Many reaction channels would not exist without Nightwish, specifically Floor's era.

  79. He's saying: "Are you holding up there, buddy?" (because it's a very personal and emotional song for the guy in the keyboards)

  80. Would love to se you react to Aurora – Life on Mars cover live on NRK. Really special singer with an ethereal quality that I would love to hear your reaction to! Love your channel, spreading positive energy 😀

  81. It works two ways. Floor is lucky to sing with a band like Nightwish, BUT ,the band is lucky to have a singer like Floor.

  82. Someone said Marco unmutes Emppu's guitar at 5.14 by stepping on some pedal. Is that true/possible? Dont know anything about stage technology myself but that would be awesome teamwork there if it's true 🙂

  83. When this was recorded Floor was pregnant, I think about 5 month, could you ask for more? No because she out does any expectations

  84. Floor is taking part in a Dutch singing show, Beste Zangers and her latest performance, as with all four of the performances on the show so far, brought me and the people watching her live to tears. See Floor in a totally different light. please check it out. Floor is a Godess.

  85. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahykaAPHhs8&list=FLUadVObjOvg_P62PcsE – About Love I don't Know a Thing- Floor Jansen

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