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hi today I'd like to show you a voice dream writer it's an app for the iPad and iPhone that helps support writing made by the same developer as voice dream reader so here's the main screen I have a document already up in the app and the great thing about it is it has so many different ways to help support a writer so with a document that you've already started writing you can start by proofreading it so you can do that you can set it up in this menu and you have the voice settings and a bunch of different customization options for the proofreading the words will eventually the voices will eventually sync across voice dream reader and voice dream writer so you don't have to purchase them multiple times a few on both apps so here I have it the proofreading settings and I'll say to read it in a detailed manner so that that means that I'm not reading for content I'm reading for grammar and spelling punctuation things like that and then I cannot say announce misspelled words speak capitalization and spell homophones I'll turn that one off for now and then when I'm ready to start reading I can press this red button voice dream has become well no name there I found a mistake and I can go in and I can just correct the mistake like that and continue reading voice dream has become well-known name in writer and you can skip to any point in the document just like you don't try that and pause now that that alone would be very helpful but that's not the only thing that voice dream writer can do you can also change the proofing style to natural and this will read it like you'd expect a text-to-speech voice to read it and that helps you read and proofread for content not so much the grammar and the spelling so I'll let you hear how that sounds now voicedream has become a well-known name in the assistive technology community because of voice dream reader so there you have that it also has the options to give you voice feedback as you type so I have that on and I'll just make a new paragraph to illustrate how that works and you'll hear it speaking on speaking back so I can say hello and then you hear it speaks on the word how are now the text input on the iPad is a little bit difficult so it would really be best to use it with a Bluetooth keyboard and there are shortcuts to make that experience even better keyboard shortcuts for use with Bluetooth keyboards so there are some of the features for reading and proofreading there's also you can change the text size make it bigger make it very big make it smaller change the spacing and the theme that's good high contrast if for someone with low vision and here are some of the coolest features that I think if you press this button you get the right sidebar and you can let's say you look up a word so let's say you want to know the definition of people and you can Y you can tap on it have a red human beings men or women or children collectively they're you know people at least 200 people in the audience let's stop that and then the other two are really cool I'm really helpful especially for people with dyslexia I think this one is the spell word phonetically and it helps you find the right word so let's say I'm trying to spell receipt but I think it's spelled like that well a regular spell checker may or may not recognize that as receipt but if you do an invoice streamwriter you press search and then it gives you suggestions based on the phonetics so here's I can hear that that's not the word I wanted we see that's the word I wanted and then I can receipt insert it into the document I can also search by the meaning of a word so let's say there's a word on the tip of my tongue that I really want to use in my writing I know what it means but I can't quite remember what the word was I cannot type that in here type the meaning in here and hopefully the word will come up so let's I want to use the word philanthropic but I can't remember what that word is I can say donate money and search and then here are the things that it comes up with and here's this one that's the word I was looking for I can insert that into the document as well so that's really helpful especially especially for people who struggle with spelling and who need help remembering words now on the other side bar you have an outline view so here I have paragraphs I can edit and rearrange the paragraphs just like an outline I can see the headings I don't have any headings right now so I can go through like that and it's also worth noting that voicedream writer um uses markup so that means instead of highlighting something and making it italicize you have to put special characters in front so I believe for italicize it's put on an asterisks so now that wouldn't be italicized and you can see it becomes italicized there's no way to format it like you would in Microsoft Word so this can be helpful for people who use voice over because it reads asterisks dream asterisk so you know that that is you know that that is italicized whereas if it was just an italics font that might not be read and then you might not know that's that it's italicized so I really like this outline view I'm just going back to that because it helps you organize your writing which is a another very important part of writing as well so you can also um once you're done you can export the text as a Word document of pages file HTML or rich text in addition you can import from you you can import from an external location so in this case I can do iCloud and Google Drive that's what I have set up but you can do Dropbox and other providers as well you can also view all the documents that you have so I really think that this voice dream writer is a really great tool because it have something for everybody really for spelling for for spelling for proofreading for a bunch of different steps along the writing process it can help support you with that so it also supports dictation with the built-in dictation so that's just another example of how many things that can do to help support um different types of writers and there's one other thing I want to show you really quickly and that is on the really cool system that this app has put in place for voice-over users to select and edit the text so I'm going to go ahead and turn voiceover on and if you're not a voice-over user you still may be interested in this technology community because a voice dream reader devices so what you see here is um overall iOS devices what you see here is you have three buttons on the bottom of the screen there's the cursor there's the selection button and then in the middle there's one that allows you to change how much is selected at a time so if I go to the cursor button cursor button adjustable cursor position full sentence even without these features waste our dream stark cursor writer seems amazingly polished and well thought through version 1.0 lab you can hear what it says document text too important certian pointed start and I can cursor button adjustable move the cursor by word has become okay so this is much easier than the other method I can change cursor movement unit word adjustable sentence paragraph by swiping and I can also easily select like text button adjustable well no name in the assistive technology community because a voice dream reader a text to speech read or they were eyes device and I can see the text and cut copy and paste it so that's much easier system than other apps use so it it really goes to show how voice dream writer really can help people with so many different needs and different writing abilities so that's the voice dream writer app it's available on the App Store for iPhone iPod touch and iPad and it costs ten dollars thanks for watching and check out the full review on the blog

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  1. Can you dictate into this – speech to text, to get the bulk of the information into the document that way and then use the functions of the app to improve/edit it?

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