VT2 literature review v5

welcome to the series of video tutorials on how to carry out effective research hello my name is Aftab Dean and in this video tutorial we'll be looking at how to undertake a literature review we need to start off with what do we understand by a literature review if we were to define a literature review we would probably say it's trying to identify what other academics and practitioners have identified as being important in the topic the next consideration when undertaking a literature review is to ask yourself how many articles should I become familiar with this is a fairly subjective question and what we would recommend is that you read some modern and contemporary articles from the last three to five years to identify what are some of the key issues and themes that have evolved and in terms of numbers how many articles should you review we recommend that for a small project anywhere between fifteen and twenty articles should suffice and for a dissertation at least 40-plus articles in terms of identifying sources of information for your literature there are a number of secondary sources that are available to students to access journal articles the most popular being emerald full-text business source premier and EBSCO full-text when selecting an article from any one of these academic databases we recommend that you observe the following four rules number one how recent is the article that's been published on the research topic secondly does the title make sense thirdly does the abstract which is a summary of the article makes sense and fourthly is the article available in PDF format if the answer to the above for meet the literature requirements we recommend that you download the article and include it in your literature review other sources of reference for secondary data are government's statistical publications published findings from consultancy firms and in terms of online resources students have access to articles written on the BBC Google Scholar and electronic newspapers when carrying out a literature review we recommend that students create a tally chart to identify the most common themes and ideas that emerge so that you may gain an understanding of what are the most popular views on the subject finally it is a good idea when writing up your literature review to discuss where researchers agree on common ideas and where they disagree thank you for listening to this video tutorial on how to undertake a literature review

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