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100 thoughts on “Walking Walking + More | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

  1. seria excelente que le colocaran los subtitulos en ingles a las canciones, para practicar la pronunciacion con los niños 😉

  2. Where are you from, Super Simple Song? And what is your first song? Please answer me!!

  3. My sister loves this so much! She watches it everyday🙂 thanks Super Simple Songs

  4. Thank you that your walking songs are exicted too my 7 month old brother he wants this everyday.

  5. do this LIKE US!!!!!!!!!!!! and hope you enjoy in one of your videos

  6. my daughter absolutely loves these videos she always has, I think they helped make her super smart shes way ahead on the learning curb and she even sings along to these songs too she's one. Thank you.

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  10. my son loved your videos since he was 1 yrs old and under, he's now four years old and soon five

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