Wall Writers: Graffiti In Its Innocence- documentary trailer

remember kill royalty peripatetic GI of world war ii who was always there well he's not here now and anyway he'd never made his mark with the graffiti experts of today that's because he didn't have a spray paint can and a felt-tip pen but these are the real villains of the graffiti explosion everything was pristine one day and all of a sudden you see all these names written you wondering who were these people and the more I saw of it the more intriguing it became the dynamic of writing your name of doing something doesn't legal of having other people guess who's this person who's one of the many things that attracted me it was a sign of the times it was a sign of our youth our lack of funds and possibly the lack of paternal guidance the whole idea you had a nice handwriting and they saw your name there there there there there that meant you were their names tend to be clustered if you wrote underneath a wall the next guy wouldn't right around the corner he would probably write right next to you Daiki is a real name I've always been contacted by everyone well the first graffiti that I noticed and uh that I admired a lot and was tacky 183 take it a step to look back they took it to the max I mean I think I'm just gonna live to write his name I didn't start it but I was just the next step boy got up there's no denying that every place you look you wouldn't see tacky you could walk 40 blocks and see my name on every pole Park Avenue Lexton Avenue Madison Avenue Sutton Place all the cross streets just hit him off and your name would be there and people would say how do you write it and nobody saw that that was the big mystique of graffiti after that he was everywhere there was an explosion of taggers we were just having fun you know cops changed it was a cat-and-mouse type thing I started out as fun it was an escape route and we wanted to be known more we got into it the more publicity we kept it they could be known and don't make no kind of thing I do not recall any of them calling themselves artists we were not writing to make any political point at all will you just stand the Vandals were a tribe of people who invaded Europe in the fourth and fifth century and for no apparent reason destroyed much of what they found there sometimes it seems as if the Vandals live again and have invaded the United States of America when the peace officers learned that I was in custody all the cops stopped coming to my cell asked me for water way back then these were the celebrities they were all over everybody knew them UGA is what ground broke the rioting culture into the art world we were getting paid graffiti changed once that dollar figure came in and the first painting was sold because there was no value that is like the Mona Lisa was never important to compete we were family to each other and we made each other feel important we would just being us which ended up starting this movement there was a certain purity to what the first generation of writers did but as some would say end of graffitis innocence you

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  1. Can anyone give me the names of the old magazines, and the dates that they came out? I want to find them on ebay.

  2. Anybody knows where can I watch it full? Can't find it anywhere…

  3. looks great! can't wait for the philly premier/q & a/book signing.

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