21 thoughts on “Want to Know What Dawood Ibrahim Is Upto? Hear From Author Hussain Zaidi

  1. 1.31…No matter how much you are trained as a journalist, Anyone who says Annals of history you will most certainly laugh but kudos to this kid for just smirking:D

  2. RGV should lick this guy balls to get knowledge on underground mafia.

  3. Sarfaraz dhoka dega,musalman dhoka deta ha😂😁 ,,most of the terrorist underworld people are just happens to be Muslims,,Even if we look at their history its full of blood sheed betryal and all…..

  4. He is awesome… He gave every inch of details of people who got murdered and how the murder took place…. While studying dongri to Dubai….. That sabir part was thrilling enough to imagine…..

  5. abey gadhe zaidi tu bolta hai ke wo kaafir khalid pehelwan bolta hai ke Musalmaan dhoka dega lekin Hindu nahi. gadhe tujhe itna nahi samajh me aaya Islam ke baare me ke Musalmaan kabhi bhi aise dhanda me jayega hi nahi. Aur Rasool’Allah sallallahu alaihi wasallam ne khud kah diya hai ke Musalmaan dhoka nahi deta.

  6. 01:20 that car had no traffic sense. Driving on a road where an interview is being done. Stupid drivers, smart journalists

  7. Can't help but notice how much of a privileged vanilla savarna wokeboi the interviewer is. Almost a bit unfit to to interview Mr. Zaidi, who must've seen and experienced so much filth doing stories and researching about the Bombay underbelly. Go experience some intense filth, Nandu. You seem too clean, too sheltered by your affluent, liberal parents, too untouched by the ruthlessness of life.

    I know, I know no one asked my opinion.

  8. Dawood bhae ka karachi me ghar ha 1000 gaz ka meinay dhekha ha jis ko dhekna ha ahajao pakistan lekin abi dawood bhae ka pata nahe

  9. I have read Hussain zaidi’s book Dongri to Dubai 5 years back.it was an epic story about Dawood

  10. If politicians and police want they could finish whole underworld in less then a day.

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