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hello guys and welcome so here’s another
update for my life I know that this there is a select number of people who
don’t like these videos and I don’t care simple as that life is more important
than games get over it so simply I’m focusing on what’s
actually important in my life not what is a game or entertainment you know I
mean so yeah so for all the people who aren’t subscribing don’t let the door
hit you on the way out I have nothing nice to say you’re not simple as that
and the fact that some people had the balls to even say to me I’ll used to do
great gaming content and now you’re talking about life it’s irritated like
look I don’t need you anywhere near me get away from me don’t ever come back
I need positive people I need happy people I need solution focus people near
me I don’t need whiners you know I mean so keep on sobbing I don’t care now when
it comes to my bank balance you can see it’s gone down quite a lot because I’m
trying to pay my monthly payments and tomorrow giving us now like bank
holidays this seven poem was delayed by the bank but tomorrow I pay my rent and
my loan which means that I will have barely seven hundred remaining for the
rest of the month so you can see like I said so even if it looks like I’m making
plenty of money that’s the reason why the loan and the credit card and
everything of the debt is going down so slowly is because I have very little
spare money at the end of each month because I need the rest of that money to
eat and to live you know I mean so yeah my bills are very very very high now I
have stopped my 14 videos because I’m just concerned that if I’m publishing
videos which get a hundred views each then YouTube I don’t know how the
algorithm works well this um YouTube would see it as he makes videos I got
hundreds each he makes rubbish videos therefore let’s not promote him at all
whereas you can see these vlogs get like what a thousand views each so or maybe
even more so like if it’s better for my channel to release these videos and it
is for me to release the fourteen videos I have trying different things as well
so for example you probably saw me yesterday uploaded a video saying the
top 10 tips for RPG players you know things like that so and the thing is for
that is that the reason I don’t put like gameplay footage
and stuff like that is because I don’t know about the what games would be
copyrighted and so on and also as well I don’t have the time or the energy you
know I mean because it’s a huge amount of editing a huge amount of effort for
like a ten minute video whereas if I just record my camera and
just talk what the issues are I can get them out about a lot quicker the
information is the same I just don’t have any like game characters jumping
around my screen so I mean I know it looks better if you do edit the videos
and so on but I think what’s more important is getting the information out
rather than the editing quality I don’t do this for a living I do this for a
hobby so that’s why I don’t care how its presented I don’t care if you know I’m
not gonna do what everyone else does I’m just gonna be me you know I mean people
like my style people don’t like my style that that’s just that you take your pick
if you like what I do you know keep enjoying it if you don’t like why I do
leave that’s it and when it comes to the loneliness I’m still lonely you know in
fact I’ve actually been having fights with my girlfriend lately we’re sort of
like last night we were chatting on whatsapp and we were sending like book
responses to each other so but at least we’re still working on sort of you know
relationship issues and blah blah blah so at least I still have a girlfriend in
my life I suppose if there if there is any positive to be add from it and when
it comes to the anxiety I am I feel it is slowly starting to get better a
little bit but you know what was the real test will be tomorrow morning when
I have to take the train to work we’ll see if I can actually survive that
journey which is bog that you know part of the job commute so that’s basically
where I am in terms of all the pending issues there isn’t any new ones thank
God for that but like I said I’ve still I’ve paused my uploading of 14 videos
before that reason because I feel uploading 14 is damaging my channel it’s
not actually helping now when it comes to other things which have happened last
couple of days I am still updating my food diary and I know my food diary it
looks awful but it’s an honor the count of what I’m actually eating
when I’m eating it so on so quite often I’ll miss breakfast because I’m not even
conscious you know when they’re supposed to be breakfast so like today for
example I only woke up like an hour ago so like there’s no way I could say I had
this for breakfast you know I’m not gonna have a 1:00 p.m. breakfast and I
haven’t even had lunch so I’m not eating which is just not good because I
probably am just stressed out about the money side like you know so fine I have
a lot of money now you know in the bank but you know I am very wary of the fact
that eventually we’ll go down to zero then I have to survive an entire month
on next to nothing so yeah and what I think one thing I’ve
done as well is I’ve left now my MCN so I’m no longer partnered on YouTube I’m
partnered with YouTube’s themselves but I’m not I don’t have any other partner
and the reason why is because my MCN approached me with a tax form to say
that okay it’s been more than three years you haven’t updated this tax form
they’ve asked us to re-up date and so on now they sent me a different tax form
about four years ago which I filled out and at the very top of these saw tax
forms it says things like do you not fill this in if you’re an individual do
not fill this in if you’re foreign individual whatever it says when you
shouldn’t fill it in and it says what other form you should use instead so I
felt they sent me the wrong form they because they sent me a company based
international form not a individual one so I said you sent me the wrong form can
you send me the right one and then they were their reply – that was so
dismissive and so like no effort it was kind of like oh no it’s the right form
signing anyway and I was like you know look you’re gonna force me or try to
force me to sign a form where the first line of the form says do not sign this
if you’re a foreign individual sign this form instead you know if you’re gonna
try and do go down that line I don’t want to be partnered with you anymore
simple as that so I have I’m now I’m partly with them I want nothing more to
do with them and so on now I did I have been looking the last
two three days at the effect on my channel so my videos are still monetized
because still partnered with YouTube I saw
sponsorships I still have super chat and the sponsorships are still going as well
and when I looked at the actual ad revenue like the point the old days like
why we all wanted to go onto an MCN before is because they said oh we can
serve you better ads and you can make more money on YouTube and all this other
stuff but you it’s not true at all anymore like simply my ad revenue it did
go down for the day when I am partnered but now it’s up back to exactly where it
was so I’m only exactly the same ad ad revenue I was before except now I don’t
have an MCN claiming ten percent of it for themselves so that’s literally it is
simply my MCN was taking ten percent on my channel for no reason at all they
were just stealing money as far as I’m concerned so they did nothing for me
they did didn’t promote my videos they didn’t provide artwork they did
absolutely nothing so that ten percent they’ve taken from my channel the last
four years was basically just scammed out me it’s literally there is no reason
at all to be part of an MCN in my opinion so these days if anyone comes to
you saying you want a partner with MCN on on YouTube say no it’s not needed
it’s a waste of money it’s a waste of time because they probably unless you’re
big unless you have hundreds of thousands of million subscribers they
really won’t do anything for you yeah they will just take a percentage of your
channel for no reason and they’ll put it in their pocket and they’ll just run off
laughing so in my opinion No so I’m gonna branch out on my own on YouTube
for a while I’m gonna I doubt I’ll ever join an MCN again to be perfectly honest
and when it comes to the other issues in my life I am just trying to fix like I
think the most important these days is to fix my mental issues you know my my
Forte’s you know the soiled negative force and negative spiral and so on you
know and I am still working as hard as I can to turn the list from red to green
so I’m hoping soon if I get back into the routine of work and I’m exercising
and the stress goes down then I can eliminate the anxiety and commute from
that list and eventually I’m gonna just if I quit 14 for example I would just
not care anymore if I publish the 14 videos or not simple as that
and when it comes to the loan I said when the loan the credit card are paid
off that will be the best thing ever it really will now I want to turn to one
thing about the GoFundMe that I set up so I set up the GoFundMe because people
asked me to they said why don’t you set up a GoFundMe you know I’ll donate to it
and so on and I set it up and then no one donated to it it’s got it still at
zero so no one’s even given one penny towards it and there were some people
saying you shouldn’t set up a GoFundMe because we helped you last time with
moving house and so on now the people who say this the sort of like moral
police they probably didn’t donate a penny so they do a collective we helped
you when they themselves didn’t do anything and if you guys remember
rightly every single penny ID I borrowed I paid back plus twenty percent so it’s
not like I took money from the community I didn’t I actually gave more money to
the community than I took and the that sort of sort moral police crap that
people try and do try and kick you when you’re down is just insane it’s just
ridiculous to me that we live in this old world it’s just I I’m really I would
hope we have live in a better world but I am a realist I I know that this is a
world we live in that people are just selfish and arrogant and just full of
themselves so yeah and generally guys as well I’m just focused on me making my
own life better that’s all I want to do that’s all I’m motivated to do I want to
be happier I want to have less things to think about
I want to owe no one money you know I mean and the thing is as well when it
comes to me is I am trying to think of alternate ways of making money so you
know I’ve got my job I’ve got YouTube I’ve got twitch and so on I’m always
thinking of more waste you know I because simply I don’t want to put all
of my eggs in one basket with any one of those things so I’ll never focus
hundred-percent on YouTube I never fucking on the twitch I never focus on
percent my job because it’s a risk if you put all of your eggs in one basket
you leave yourself open to like if you lose that one thing then what do you do
so I want to have as many things as many revenues coming in as
of all so that if one Falls I still have the others propping me up and yeah and
overall guys it’s been a very sort of embarrassing and also very sort of like
a few sort of life I’ve been living you know what I mean but I’m still sticking
to my guns and I’m still sticking to my way of doing things so I really don’t
want this anymore I don’t want this life I want a different life I want a better
life you know I want a life when I’m not
thinking about money everything every minute of the day you know I mean so
yeah and I like at least I have YouTube to express myself and so on like within
reason you know and I know there’s some things I shouldn’t say on YouTube that I
could just say personally to friends or whatever and yeah so sorry with this guy
a video it seems a bit rant he or whatever but that’s just where I am in
life right now I am really really really frustrated and I am working as hard as I
can to get out of this situation but you can see there’s some things I have no
power no control over you know so it’s not like I can force these all these
issues to disappear I can’t and like the people who criticize me for trying to
better my life then believe me you’re gonna be blocked so fast you know I mean
it’s like it’s off like how you know you’re down how dare you try and bring
yourself up again how dare you you know it sort of like you know my answer is
leave don’t return you’ll never be part of my life I never want to be friends
with you and I’m gonna talk to you I don’t you want to know you exist simple
as that if that is your attitude if you try and kick people when they’re down so
no one you know don’t do that to anyone this is my message to the world if it so
ever don’t kick people when they’re down bring them up you know make people
happier like if people have got issues help them it’s a very simple concept
guys help other people that’s it you know stop being a dick it’s not being
like someone who like stop trying to score points off of people whose lives
are going worse than yours you’re not I mean and
in terms of the you know the sort of attitude of oh you should know this
stuff you should have already been ready for it and so on look it’s like people
have different lives people have different circumstances you know
empathize try and understand other people’s lives before you judge you know
I mean not everyone had it as easy as you sort of think so and and even if
they you know even if they are in the opposite situation let’s say their life
was easier than you then maybe they’re not prepared for the challenges of life
so you can always spin everything to a positive you shouldn’t ever ever look
down on people ever never look down on people you know simple a case of you
could always help people out and make their lives better and also as well guys
don’t be made a fool off don’t let people take advantage of you because
there’s plenty of people who will do that to you who will try and take
advantage of you who will use you who or whatever and I did make a video ages ago
talking about ten types of people to avoid so simple as that like simply I am
still applying those rules I know who to avoid I know who to keep close to me so
while I’m going through this journey so anyway guys that’s where I am right now
thank you for again to the people who are still supporting me who are still
like trying to make sure that I stick to my plan healthy eating and so on and
exercise and stuff like that and yeah that’s it that’s just me take it or
leave it guys if you don’t like me please leave and don’t let the door hit
you on the way out if you like me thank you for being here thank you for
supporting me and what I do and how I’m choosing to live my life and I always
welcome constructive criticism but I am brutally honest that’s just the sort of
person I am you know simply some people don’t like that some people don’t like
this or brutal honesty but that’s just who I am that’s how I’ve
always been so yeah so anyway guys thank you if you like this video remember to
Like favorite and subscribe if you don’t like the video leave don’t dislike the
video just leave and never look at my videos ever again I don’t need negative
people who dislike my videos it doesn’t help
you know why would you ever dislike a video as like in my opinion there
shouldn’t be a dislike button on YouTube simple as that so anyway guys thank you
and I’ll see you next time bye bye

29 thoughts on “Warning: Click At Your Own Discretion

  1. I honestly like these videos because without knowing the day to day about somebody, how can you know that person? Keep up the videos and I'll continue to support you and your channel.

  2. Take care man love your videos and thank you I hope your day gets better๐Ÿ™

  3. I disagree with the lack of Final Fantasy videos, but only because that's how I found your channel in the first place. I was looking for information on crafting, and you had the most comprehensive and in depth guides for leveling quickly. I do look forward to future content, however, and hope to see more of what you enjoy doing.

    Be excellent, bro.

  4. Hey there! The lack of FFXIV video uploads makes more sense now. I thought it was an anxiety thing rather than a strategic choice. I hope that you can figure out this silly YT situation sooner rather than later because it sucks to not know what YT prioritises. I am glad that you are getting a lot of views for these vlogs though. It not only helps with the financial stuff but you might get a few more suggestions for fixing specific problems.

  5. I tried donating to the go fund me, but it absolutely refused to accept my payment information. I spent almost 10 minutes entering and reentering my info, but had no success. Sorry about that.

  6. I still don't understand why FFXIV are not helping you? I mean I used to like your crafting videos. People don't make craft, gathering or other no Raid content videos, so your channel was kinda unique because of that. I really wish those could come back for the current content.

  7. Great video Mithrie, work hard towards your goals because it wonโ€™t come without a fight. Lifeโ€™s a bitch like that

  8. Hey man.. I've been a sub of yours for a long time. I went through a lot of the same shit. I hear ya.. I would highly recommended checking out "12 rules for life" by Jordan b Peterson.. his self authoring program was instrumental in getting my life on track.. better than just on track to be honest. Please check it out man. You seem like a good guy.. and I hate seeing good people in bad situations

  9. I dont think games is the issue its what you do on your free time.
    I swapped my gaming time from movies/music- and im more happy for it. im not getting educated, more happy by listening to todays music or movies. With that said, I do think it might be healthy or good, to decied, you know what- im gonna take a day where I dont play any games at all. And just focus on a thing im not doing well on. Also, as some psyhologist has said, you are not really addicted to something if you can refrain from it 2 weeks.
    I tried it once, it was super hard but I did it. Also you have to think about another thing, both my siblings are in a relationship, and one quit gaming the other didnt. But if you dont have found someone, like me, your life isnt gonna be better just because you quit gaming- it might get even worse, some of the games I played/wait for is what helps me get up the next day- some people use pills, luckily I dont.

  10. I think subs just don't really want to deal with other people's problems and just want to see gaming content they signed up for. I don't mind them myself i skip these till i see crafting videos pop up again :p

  11. I agree totally with u here bro, i think most of my anxiety is owning a loan atm, have u thought about going whole food plant based foods yet (vegan) the food is cheaper than meat cheese milk stuff like that, and will make u feel alot better. Love u bro like a brother!

  12. You keep mentioning that you're feeling lonely and that you're having arguments with your girlfriend. Very few partners would be ok with you sharing private information about their relationship with the internet. Usually relationship issues should be resolved behind closed doors. Also, as a youtuber, many people see you as an entertainer. You shouldn't be surprized that they provide their preferences regarding the content you provide. The worst thing you can do is surround yourself with yes men and live in denial. Help can come in many forms. And it's not always in a pretty way.

  13. Hey love tell the haters to hate the game not the player cause even the player gets hated on by the game. Plus i think tying something new is good for the soul.

  14. I was reading your food vlog, I recommend from my experience eating 5 meals every 3-3.5h to boost your metabolism 3 main meals and 2 snacks (fruits , jogurts , dried fruits), you probably have heard about this so just trying to pitch in case you havent.Also I noticed you eat similar meals every day, why not to do meal prep for few days in row so you could have more balance in eating carbs , vegatable and protein.Water content is also very low it can cause mood swings aswell.

  15. If you want good views on your ffxiv videos you have to upload crafters tips and rotations and gatherers tips. uploading old story content that everyone done it ages ago won't give you views. you were the reason I leveled up my crafters to 50 and then to 60 and my gatherers to 70. or you could put guides of how to make easy gill. and it is totally fine to keep doing these vlogs I like them too

  16. Tho your ffxiv were great i enjoy these ones far better keep doing you and screw the haters life is to short to let haters bother you and bring ppl down.

  17. Sad to see the FFXIV content end, but I understand. Does this mean the FC is basically finished? It sounds like you don't plan on ever coming back ๐Ÿ™

  18. Real life is more important dude and f the haters. Focus on you and your finance. You are getting older not younger. You have to think like what kind of life you will live in a year from now. Cut expenses etc and budget if you can

  19. You ever try vitamins and meal supplements? I work a midnight shift and have been for 6 years and I use supplements all the time because of my poor diet and lack of time.

  20. It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there like that. I donโ€™t even play ff. Keep working hard. You can do it, man.

  21. Thanks for being an awesome guy through the years. Something I used to do for years to help with anxiety when I felt it coming on or active was focus on drawing shapes on the roof of my mouth with my tongue and it'd go away. May or may not work for you but just throwing that out there.

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