Washington Poet Laureate Sam Green reads Postcard Poems

so I agreed along with three other friends to write a poem a day every day for 365 days and to write it on a postcard and send it to a friend first draft now for me this was really getting comfortable because I want perfect poems and of course I can't write her becomes but I can try but suddenly being asked to do this just on the postcard send it out like it's done this was scary I did it every day without fail it was an amazing experience I learned a lot about what I could and couldn't do and I became enormously attentive especially because I had to walk around everyday going on Connor would do it sounds really cold but what really happened is that I started paying very close attention to what happened as a result of that so I only saved 60 or at least there only 60 in this book I'm going to read you a few of these and then get to some new pumps August 26th some of these would go right past 911 in here that's when I started was that year August 26th a dragonfly lights on the tip of a dead elderberry branch from time to time it leaps to grab a nap then settles again it seems a minor thing until the Sun clicks forward one more notch and pours itself through a single tilted September 9th a nuthatch slams into the bay window the ledge catches her keeps her from the cat's mouth but she stays there stunned caught but the betrayal of air turned suddenly solid how could she ever move past this moment without the grace of necessity how could any of us September 11 the rain split plums have been falling the ground so littered now that numbers no longer have meaning September 14 light alone can't unlock the morning everything we see carries the burden of what we know until we let it be itself again walking the yard with coffee cooling in my hand I stopped at a single seed of hot beard balanced on a blade of grass except for paying attention what else is continual prayer

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