50 thoughts on “Watchmen – Official Graphic Novel Trailer (:30 version)

  1. Still the best superhero movie ever made imo

    Yes, I like it more than the Dark Knight and original Superman.

  2. As long as DC keeps Watchmen in print Alan Moore is unable to reclaim ownership of the property!

  3. imagine the actor Michael B. Jordan interpreting the green lantern with an illusive green black suit plus the green eye.

    Hello DC, call the guy.

    💓DC Fan of Brazil👾

  4. So, Watchmen and The Killing Joker both will be released via Black Label. Now we need V for Vendetta, another masterpiece by Moore!

  5. Here in my country the comics are very expensive😣 specially Watchmen

  6. Well, someone's been watching Mad Men in the creative office for this clip.

  7. Does this has the whole story?
    Coz I was planning to buy the 125 USD (I think this the price) the one with 12 book in a box what's the difference between this and that?

  8. What's the point in releasing the exact same thing yet again? Is there anything different about this version?

  9. What will be different about this cover than it is being released under the DC Black Label? Since I already own several versions, a new logo of the label won't get me to buy another.. By the way, I made a Watchmen tribute remix a while back: https://youtu.be/isnB1Zgylsw

  10. The people will look up and shout "Save us!" And I will look down and whisper "No".

  11. This tone sounds better than the one they used in the zack snyder movie

  12. I should buy the watchmen comic before the tv series comes on hbo can't wait for the CHAOS! #HaHaHaHaHaHaHa🃏

  13. But I already got the Watchmen Deluxe Edition 2 years ago…. sigh, opens up wallet

  14. Wow something else out of the Black Label that I don't already own what happened to the I don't know original content That was supposed to be coming out you let a little commentary from some comedian scary all into holding off on some possible great books

  15. Well I'm A Big Of The DC Extended Universe… But I'm Also A Big Fan Of The Transformers Cinematic Universe And The Star Wars Cinematic Universe

  16. Are they going to retroactively censor the backlog Black Label books too, or are they safe?

  17. If you have good characters an story's so make them on movie not comics. It's time for cinematography.
    For DCEU Watchmen may be the game chnger.

  18. Still think they should have kept the name Elseworld rather then Black label

  19. In all our years of comic reading I've never read The Watchmen… I guess I'll have to pick this up for Christmas 🙂

  20. Tonight, a comedian died in New York. Somebody knows why… somebody knows.

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