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hi and welcome to the wave maker novel writing app demo video this is a very simple and quick demonstration of it so that you can see what sort of features are in there before you install it we have a couple of templates pre-built into the system we can build more if we have some suggestions about how to do it I've been looking out for other ones that have enough detail but there's not that many I'll just pull open the better novel project template as a starting point for you so first off you'll see we have a lot of chapters listed here this is based on how it's broken down on their website if you click on one of those you have a series of note cards these are themes characters symbols probably sort of I think there's a few other things few note cards in there that explain part of their process worth reading their website before you do it but definitely worth having a look at we also have our cards organizer which is a bit like if anyone's used Trello it's a breakdown note by note now I could decide I want to introduce my character in chapter 2 and just move the card over there the card will then appear in that listing which makes it easy for you to work through your novel so you can actually start in this bit and build your novel up by writing little cards that will remind you of scenes that you need to do in each chapter or in each section of your novel we also have the timeline tool which is a fairly straightforward tool used to help you organize the events in your novel adding a new card is easy you can either click the big add new card button which is fairly obvious or you can if you want to insert a card before a previous card just do that on the symbol on the logo if you click on the logo it creates a new card above the card that was attached to now its if it's in the wrong place that's no big deal you can drag and drop and reposition them this will give you a nice timeline of your novel especially once you've added quite a few extra cards to it all the way down working through maybe seen ideas or events that have to happen that maybe happen off-camera if you like so that's another useful tool I've skipped over the snowflake tool so I'm going to come back to that in a second we have a basic settings option which gives you a light theme and a dark theme ideas for those are welcome obviously adding fonts will be a new feature want to add as well if you want to disable some of the extra windows so that you can actually have a much neater rind view just use these little arrow keys at the top of the screen and you can bring them back like so they are also draggable so you can resize them to be however you like so if you're writing and you want your cards to be a bit more visible you can do that cards can be tagged as done and you can toggle them away if you need to now I'm going to jump back out again and I'm going to open a project file as you can see I am using Windows so I'll just choose one of the ones I've created there and this one's called captain stu pendous what I'm going to do is I'm going to jump straight to the snowflake section now this is one of my favorite ways of beginning to break a novel the novel idea down you start with a very simple summary a down look down this looks superhero fans are getting minions to help and that means he needs to turn to crime to make ends meet once you've written a small summary of your novel you can then click on the snowflake button and it provides you with three more cards now this will create three more sections in the editor when you've completed it so you can break it down into saving a lot again Pires helped him and third on is villain captain sir to crime to fund minions as a very basic rundown novel click that button it'll ask me if I want to replace the card I click replace it and it does that I can then break the cards down further if I so wish adding more and more detail to a specific card till it's done now this is a great little tool and it is a great way to start for me I'm because when you jump back to the editing when you're actually starting writing you'll notice that your cards actually I didn't give these titles middle and all this one ends just for now when I jump back to the editor you'll notice I have three sections here all of which have a bit the text from the card in so you can build your novel up that way quite nicely and rearrange and if you're about snowflake they rearrange here so it all ties together quite nicely is a simple little tool that will just give you a great start personally I would recommend using the snow folks sorry about the dog he doesn't like me recording he's been parking inside all the way through this it's taken seven goes so this should give you a good rundown of just the basics of it I will try and get a much more detailed video up in the future so I hope you enjoy it

10 thoughts on “Wavemaker novel planning and writing app

  1. There is so much promise in this piece of software – it is excellent already for planning and writing a novel. It is responsive, has an attractive screen and has some helpful features. For me, where it needs more work is in extending character development (so glad that already I can include a character picture!), and add something similar for location description and object description. Such things as notes are already handled brilliantly. I'd have no hesitation financially supporting the software if it had the features I mention. I'd suggest checking out what has been done in the (somewhat similar) applications Bibisco, Freewriter (which truly is free now!), and WriteItNow. (WIN is a little strange with its character building, but still is useful.)

  2. Hey I really love this app though I am wondering if I clear my browser data with a software like CCleaner will it delete all my progress if I have not saved with google drive or anything or does it save the document directly to my computer somewhere?

  3. I have started using it with Chrome OS. I do not understand everything yet as I have never used any other novel software before. I'll watch the videos. Thank you and much success.

  4. Great stuff. Planning to start writing with this app soon on my chromebook.
    I would love to see a reference/bibliography/footnote tool build in for non-fictional use. Other than that, great initiative! Thank you.

  5. Wow
    This is the best novel writing app I have ever seen. I have Grammarly working flawlessly on this software and this makes wavemaker better than Scrivener.

  6. This app has helped me out so much! Do you mind if I use your app for a school presentation novel I been in the middle of making? @Iain Wood

  7. Im having difficulty opening the app on my chromebook. it shows the sign in page and I sign in with google. yet nothing. how do i open the app? thanks!

  8. I recommend this to a friend. Any chance you'll be making that more in depth video soon?

  9. This is a great planning tool. After watching a bunch of youtube videos of different 'free scrivener alternatives', this struck me as the most competent one. I found that the editor function itself is a little lacking, due to the limitations of having only one layer of sections. But all the other functions make this a really great planning tool for sorting out scenes and characterisations and when anything should happen and summarising events. And then could be used in conjunction with Word (which does have layers of headings) to effective levels.

  10. Finally, a writing app that gets it. Using this on my chromebook!

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