“We” – A Spoken Word Welcome (Poetry & Music)

We Open.. We Build.. We Create.. We Share.. We Work Together.. We Listen.. We Learn.. We Teach.. We Assist.. We Help.. We Rise.. We Explore.. We Reach.. We Look Inward.. We Collaborate.. We Inspire.. We ASPIRE.. We Make a Difference.. We Make an Impact.. We Have Patience.. We Have Compassion.. We Share Empathy.. We Create TOGETHER.. We Bring to Life.. We Build a World.. We Share Vision.. Ideas.. Creativity.. We Build Bridges.. We Work With.. We Welcome Others.. We Bring Happiness.. We Share Joy.. We Don’t Ask Permission.. We Arrive. We Don’t Wait for Others, We LEAD. We Trust.. We Believe.. We Assist.. We Help.. We Give.. We Share.. We Rise.. We Lift.. We get UP.. We Raise the Bar.. We Go For It.. We Stand Up.. We Stand Tall.. We Understand.. We Feel.. We Trust.. We BREAKTHROUGH.. We Awaken.. We Channel.. We Integrate.. We Release.. We VIBRATE.. We Explore.. We Construct.. We Style.. We Paint.. We Colour.. We Weave Magic.. We Reach.. We Seek.. We Sing.. We Dance.. We Play.. We Open.. We FLOW.. We Laugh.. We Cry.. We Feel.. We Trust.. We Scream.. We Sing.. We Be.. We Look.. We Connect..

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