We Are Scotland | A Poem By Erin Boyle

Oh, we’re
dominant Scotland Full of passion and
full of pride We’re just a wee nation,
under these saltire skies When Jane Ross’s goal hit the
back ae the net We’re set.
Scotland We dared to dream.
We gave it a chance. The lads are hame
and the ladies are off tae France.
Across the globe, young girls will be
shouting at the telly, legs like jelly,
jerseys at the ready Cos this game means so
much to so many And in radio stations,
poor French translations commentary in streets,
buses and trains. It’s strange These girls will be
household names Motivating and inspiring
through this beautiful game Flags hanging out windows,
bookies taking bets Crisp packets wi
trophies on them Shops doing their best,
to sell ye the dream We’re history makers,
record breakers Inventors, dreamers,
believers We’re myths and legends.
We’re destined Get excited,
Scotland! It makes a change! We’ve actually qualified,
on an international stage tae empower a nation,
inspire new generations This is Scotland.
Embrace yer tartan veins. Paint yer face
Gee the weans a party, crisps n’ sweeties in bowls.
Kim Little scoring all the goals Ye see when we were wee
we were told you can be anything you want to be.
But boys get football boots and girls get
Barbie dolls from the age of three, ye see.
But perceptions are changing in Scotland.
It’s time for us to lead the way.
No men in suits or football boots
on a ten million pound wage. We are Scotland We’re women and
we’re proud with women representing us,
and record-breaking crowds This is Scotland in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

4 thoughts on “We Are Scotland | A Poem By Erin Boyle

  1. This sexist drivel – "We are Scotland. We are women" wasn't, eh…actually any good.

  2. Great work, get another referendum!Too great and inventive a country to be dragged down by its neighbors.
    (I’m English btw)

  3. I hate the way the dirty separatist bastards, who believe in Apartheid schooling,hide behind our flag and preach their hate of our brothers in England. Scotland is a great country but never forget that our greatness was produced by the Protestant enlightenment and our education system that produced great men in every field.

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